AEW Dynamite Results – 11/4/20 (Final show before AEW Full Gear, Moxley and Kingston)

AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results
November 4, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Dasha Gonzalez interviews Chris Jericho and he congratulates Jake Hager for winning his MMA fight last week. MJF interrupts him and says that he thought they had a little tension last week and doesn’t want to have that. He says he’s glad that Jericho will be doing commentary tonight because he will have a great view when he proves that he belongs in the Inner Circle.

Jericho says that the Inner Circle have the “killer instinct” and are willing to do anything to win and he doesn’t think MJF has that. He says he thinks he might be a little soft. That pisses MJF off and he tells Jericho to watch what he’s about to do.

MJF & Wardlow (0-1) vs. The Inner Circle (Ortiz (11-11 overall) & Sammy Guevara (13-12 overall))

Ortiz uses his speed on Wardlow early on but then Wardlow lays him out and tags MJF in. MJF misses a knee drop and Ortiz rakes his back. Wardlow hits Ortiz from behind allowing MJF to beat him down in the corner. Wardlow and MJF continue to beat Ortiz down in their corner for several minutes. MJF Hip Tosses Ortiz into the corner and gets a nearfall.

The beat down on Ortiz in the corner continues until Ortiz catches Wardlow with an Enziguri and makes the hot tag to Sammy. Sammy hits a Flying Knee and an Enziguri followed by a Pump Kick to Wardlow! MJF blind tags Wardlow but walks into a knee from Sammy. Sammy then hits a Springboard Flying Cross Body onto Wardlow and MJF.

MJF and Wardlow roll to the outside and Guevara hits a Fosburry Flop onto MJF and then a Spinning Tornillo on Wardlow on the other side. Guevara gets a nearfall on MJF and then he and Ortiz lift MJF up to the top rope. They attempt a Double Superplex but Wardlow knocks Sammy to the outside. MJF then hits a Diving Stomp to the arm of Ortiz.

MJF whips Ortiz into the ropes but Ortiz clotheslines Wardlow to the outside. MJF ducks a clothesline from Sammy and then flips Sammy but he lands on his feet and MJF pokes him in the eyes. Sammy comes back with a Flying Knee and then he hits the GTH! 1…2…NO Wardlow breaks it up! Inner Circle whip Wardlow into the ropes and hit a Knee/Bulldog combo. Sammy hits a Running Shooting Star Press followed by a Senton Backsplash from Ortiz!

Sammy and Ortiz lift MJF back up top again but Wardlow breaks out the Tower of Doom! Wardlow drags MJF back to his corner and tags him. Wardlow hits the F10 on Ortiz but Guevara Frog Splashes him to break it up! MJF tags himself but Sammy sends him to the floor. Sammy hits an insane Springboard 450 Splash onto MJF on the outside! Sammy flips off Serpentico on the outside and he then throws the chair in Sammy’s face and takes off his mask revealing that it is Matt Hardy! MJF locks Ortiz in the Salt of the Earth for the win.

Winners: MJF & Wardlow via submission (Salt of the Earth)

After the match, MJF Spears Jericho through the backdrop that was set up behind the announcers. Wardlow pulls MJF to safety before Hager could get to him. Jericho was smiling as Hager helped him up.

Earlier today, Tony Schiavone sat down with Kenny Omega and his dog. Omega says that he relocated temporarily to Jacksonville to focus on the tournament. Omega mildly complains about his matches being changed and talks about how AEW brags about being “sports oriented” but suggests that he would have gotten a bye in other sports if his opponents could wrestle.

Omega says he thought Wardlow was going to beat Page last week and arrogantly asks who Tony would bet on between he and Page and says that he is “destined” to win the tournament and become the next World Champion.


“The Best Man” Miro (2-0 overall) w/Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford vs. Trent Beretta (0-2) w/Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

Miro runs Trent down on the microphone before the match until Trent dropkicks him. Trent goes for a Tornado DDT but Miro blocks it and pulls Trent into a beautiful Belly-to-Back Suplex. Miro hits a series of elbow drops for a nearfall. Miro beats Trent down in the corner and then lifts him up just to drop him with a clothesline. Miro hits a Vertical Suplex and then a Running Back Elbow.

Miro chokes Trent in the ropes and Chuck stops Sabian from interfering by throwing him into a wall. They fight up into the crowd and Orange Cassidy stops Ford from attacking Taylor. Miro hits a Splash in the corner and then goes for another Splash, but Trent moves out of the way and lays into Miro with chops. Trent hits a Corner Clothesline and goes for a Tornado DDT again but Miro blocks it and counters into a Northern Lights Suplex. Miro throws Trent through the turnbuckles into the ring post.


Dark Order attacked Orange Cassidy during the break. Miro hits a Flying Enziguri and then locks Trent in a Bear Hug. Trent fights him off and hits a Jawbreaker followed by a series of elbows. Trent hits a series of clotheslines but Miro refuses to go down. Miro swings and misses and then eats a huge Lariat from Trent that finally takes him down for a one count.

Trent gets in Miro’s face and slaps him and then Miro misses a Roundhouse Kick allowing Trent to hit a Half Nelson Suplex. Trent goes for a Flying Knee but Miro catches him and counters him into a Spinning Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Miro misses a Pump Kick and Trent rolls him up for a nearfall. Trent then sidesteps a charging Miro causing him to crash to the floor.

Trent hits a Somersault Plancha onto Miro on the floor. Back in the ring, Trent hits a Running Clothesline and then a Tornado DDT! Trent hits the Flying Knee but Miro still kicks out at two. Trent goes for a springboard move but slipped and Miro kills him with a Roundhouse Kick and then locks him in the Accolade for the submission.

Winner: Miro via submission (Accolade)

Miro and Sabian beat Best Friends down after the match and Miro talks trash until Orange Cassidy hits a Plancha onto the heels.

Earlier today, Jim Ross interviewed Adam Page backstage about his match with Omega. Page is drinking during the interview. Page said when you saw he and Omega on opposite sides of the bracket so he kind of figured this is how it would end up. He says he’s had plenty of time to prepare to whoop Omega’s ass. Page says he knows all of Omega’s moves and knows what he’s thinking but Jim Ross suggests that he’s nervous and he’s drinking because of that. Page admits to being nervous but says everyone gets nervous. He says that when AEW started he said he would be the first AEW Champion and no one believed it and they were right. He says this tournament is the closest he’s been to getting another shot and if he loses he doesn’t know what else he has other than his glass of whiskey.


A hype package for FTR-Bucks is shown with a ton of AEW stars/commentators commenting on the two teams and the match they will have at Full Gear. Arn Anderson says that the Bucks don’t have the seasoning or the mean streak to beat FTR and he says that Tully Blanchard is FTR’s ace in the hole.

Taz comes out with Team Taz and complains about Tony Khan blowing him off today. Taz says that an assistant told him that Khan was too busy to talk to him because he was dealing with guys that were going to compete at the PPV this Saturday. Taz says that Brian Cage is 10-1 and is ranked No. 1 in AEW. He says that Starks has won 10 of his last 11 matches and he’s not even ranked in the Top 5 and calls that “horse shit.”

Starks says that every opportunity he has had in AEW he hits out of the park. He says he has opened Dynamite and closed the show and he’s proven why people call him “Absolute” Ricky Starks and wonders why he wouldn’t even be ranked. Starks then asks how they still don’t have a match this weekend.

Taz says he can’t make that make sense and then starts talking about Darby Allin and Cody and says that they are a lot like since they are both spoiled, entitled and given everything they want. Taz says that Cody claims to live by the motto “do the work” and Team Taz has done the work but they are “getting worked” in AEW. He promises that there will be an “FTW” presence at “Full Gear.”

Matt Hardy accompanies Private Party to the ring but Sammy Guevara attacks him from behind and lays him out with a Twist of Fate on the ramp.


Private Party (9-8) vs. The Young Bucks (8-3)

Nick Jackson and Marq Quen start off with some great counters and reversals on each other. They both break out several types of arm drags. Matt Jackson tags in and pulls out his own arm drag. Kassidy tags in but eats some tag offense from the Bucks. The Bucks Double Suplex Quen on top of Kassidy and then connect with Double Dropkicks knocking them to the outside. Matt is selling his ankle still as they hit a Double Slingshot Plancha onto Private Party on the outside.

Private Party manages to break out their own double team offense with Quen capping it off with a Springboard Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. They hit a series of kicks on Nick and then Hip Toss Matt on top of him. Private Party kicks the Bucks to the floor and then they hit their own Double Tope Suicidas onto the Bucks on the outside.

Back in the ring, Private Party hits a Double Suplex on Nick. They go to opposite corners but Matt shoves Kassidy off onto the ramp. Quen then leaps over a charging Nick only to then eat a kick from Nick. Nick hits a Flying Knee and then a Bulldog/Dropkick combo with Matt after Matt blind tagged his brother. Matt tags Nick and then hangs Quen up in the ropes as a Nick dives off the top with a Swanton Bomb for a nearfall.

Matt tags back in and then Nick kicks Kassidy on the outside. The Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver but Quen blocks it and hits a STO/DDT combo on the Bucks.


Quen slams The Bucks’ heads into each other and then hits a Double Rana on them. Kassidy makes the hot tag and hits a Stunner on Matt onto the top rope and then a Leaping Enziguri to Nick followed by a Springboard Diamond Dust. The Bucks retreat to the floor and Kassidy hits a gorgeous Tornillo over the top onto them on the floor!

Kassidy gets a nearfall on Nick back in the ring and tags Quen. Kassidy holds Nick over his knees as Quen hits a Shooting Star Press on him for a nearfall. Kassidy tags in again and Nick reaches for a tag but Matt is down and holding his ankle. Private Party hits the Gin & Juice on Nick but Matt manages to break up the pin attempt. Kassidy throws Matt back to the floor and then drags Nick to their corner as Quen tags in and goes for the Shooting Star Press. Nick rolls out of the way and Matt Spears him as Quen lands on his feet.

Nick hits a Shining Knee on Quen for a nearfall and then tags Matt. The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver again but Kassidy pulls him away. Quen rolls Matt up but Matt reverses it only for Quen to reverse it right back for a nearfall. The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on Private Party and then the BTE Trigger for the pin!

Winners: Young Bucks via pinfall (BTE Trigger)

FTR attacks the Young Bucks from behind. They hit the Good Night Express on Matt and then wrap Matt’s ankle in the chair. Tully holds the chair on Matt’s ankle as Cash starts to dive off the top until Adam Page runs out and chases them off. Kenny Omega finally runs out and checks on Matt. Page picks up the chair as he stands behind Kenny but then throws it to the side. Omega and Page fist bump each other but then almost immediately get in each other’s faces.


Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley come out for their face-to-face, which Schiavone will attempt to moderate. Excalibur explains that if either man touches the other during this segment then the match at Full Gear is off. Kingston kicks Schiavone out of the ring and starts getting in Moxley’s face and says he is going to ruin Moxley at Full Gear.

Kingston says he is going to give the title to his mother and tell her that is why she never got a grandchild, because that is all he cares about. Kingston says it is too late for him and Moxley can’t save him because he had to do what he did to get to that title.

Moxley takes the microphone from him and he says that the longer he’s in wrestling the more he learns that loyalty is a bitch and he has burned over and over but never thought Kingston would burn him. He says that he was so happy for Kingston when he signed with AEW but Kingston screams that he wasn’t happy.

Moxley calls Kingston’s mother by name and says that he made a promise to Kingston’s mom that he would always have his back. Kingston says that the loudest person in the room is the weakest and Kingston has been real loud lately. He asks Kingston what is going on in his head and he knows what it is.

Moxley says that Kingston knows that deep down in his heart – after 18 years and finally getting his shot – that he can’t beat Moxley. Moxley says that is a scary thought that he didn’t deserve it after all. Moxley says that Kingston made a promise to his mother that he can’t keep.

Kingston says that Moxley better be ready to kill him at Full Gear because that is the only way he is going to beat him. He says that title is his and walks to the back. Moxley says that when Kingston finds himself alone with his own ego against him he will find out that he isn’t the man he thought he is and will quit.

A video from PAC at his home in England is shown. He is shown watching Kingston recruiting Pentagon and Fenix. PAC says the funny thing about isolation is that you have no one to play with and calls himself a casualty of this “rotten world.” PAC says that he has been lost and abandoned before but he’s just getting stronger, faster and more obsessed. PAC says he sees everything.


Alex Marvez reveals that Natural Nightmares get Butcher and Blade next week when Allie walks up and thanks QT Marshall for all his gifts, but then throws his credit cards back at him and says his cards are maxed out. Butcher and Blade then attack them and beat them up.

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (11-2) w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Red Velvet (1-8) w/Brandi Rhodes

Velvet attacks Rose as she comes in the ring but Rose tosses her all around the ring. Rose hits a Splash and then a huge Lariat. Velvet fights back and attempts a Diving Rana but eats the Beast Bomb instead. Rose covers Velvet but pulls her up before three instead. Rose then hits Shida’s Flying Knee, as she stares at Shida, for the pin.

Winner: Rose via pinfall (Flying Knee)

Vickie Guerrero runs down both Velvet and Brandi Rhodes. Vickie says that Brandi should change her title to “Chief Bullshit Officer.” Guerrero says that the truth is Tony Khan made Shida accept Rose’s challenge for Full Gear. She says that Rose is going to break Shida’s bones and then Shida is going to surrender the title. Guerrero bows at Shida mocking her and Shida grabs her. Rose attacks Shida and they start brawling until a referee separates them.

A video package hypes up Omega-Page with different AEW wrestlers/managers/announcers giving insight into the match. Impact’s Don Callis even makes an appearance and predicts that Omega – who is close with – will win.


The Dark Order (Colt Cabana, John Silver & Pres10 Vance) (1-0 as trios) vs. The Gunn Club (Austin & Billy Gunn) (9-0) & “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (20-2-1) w/Arn Anderson

Cody and Silver start the match off and Rhodes connects with an Uppercut and a Rackbreaker. Austin Gunn tags in and rolls Silver up only for Silver to counter with a rollup of his own. Gunn gets back up and dropkicks Silver for a nearfall. Billy tags in and Silver retreats to his corner where he tags Cabana.

Billy runs Cabana over with a Shoulder Block but Cabana catches him with a back elbow. Cabana goes for the Flying Apple but Billy catches him and drops him with a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Austin tags back in and Colt tags 10. Austin backdrops 10 but Silver hits Austin from behind allowing 10 to hit a Spinebuster.


Billy hits the Fameasser on 10 for a nearfall but Silver broke it up. Cody hits Silver with a Snap Powerslam and then hits a Springboard Plancha onto Cabana on the floor. Silver tosses Billy into a Cutter from 10 for a nearfall. Silver goes for a Tope Suicida onto Cody but Cody catches him and tosses him into the crowd. Austin tags Billy and hits a CrossRhodes on Cabana and then the Quickdraw on 10 for the pin.

Winners: Gunn Club & Cody via pinfall (Quickdraw)

The Dark Order surround the ring as John Silver goes to attack Cody with a chair only for Orange Cassidy to run out and nail Silver with the Orange Punch. Dark Order helps Silver to the back as Cody grabs the microphone. Cody says that Darby Allin keeps telling everyone that TNT doesn’t want him as the face of the network but that is fiction. Cody says that TNT would love for Darby to win it and if the circumstances were different he would too. Cody says that he is the one that recruited Allin to AEW.

Cody says he has to wrestle Darby himself to convince AEW to sign him. Cody says that he is the soldier that left the empire and went to war with the empire and won and that pisses a lot of people off. He says that Allin wants to be the “ace” of AEW but the problem is that Cody is the “ace.”

Full Gear Lineup
-AEW World Heavyweight Title I Quit Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
-AEW World Tag Team Titles: FTR (c) vs. The Young Bucks (if the Bucks’ lose, they can never challenge for the titles again)
-AEW World Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Nyla Rose
-TNT Title: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Darby Allin
-NWA World Women’s Title: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Allysin Kay
-World Title Eliminator Finals: Kenny Omega vs. Adam Page
-Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver
-Chris Jericho vs. MJF
-The Elite Deletion: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara