AEW Dynamite Results – 2/17/21 (Tag Team Titles, Women’s Tournament, Trios Main Event)

New matches set for this Wednesday's episode of Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Results
February 17, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“Hangman” Adam Page (3-0) & “Big Money” Matt Hardy (2-0) vs. TH2 (0-0)

TH2 jump Page and Hardy as they get in the ring but Page fights them off and Suplexes Evans on top of Angelico. Page holds Evans as Hardy dives off the middle rope with a Flying Axe Handle followed by a Neckbreaker for two. Page hits a Running Shooting Star for another nearfall.

TH2 single Hardy out in their corner and they hit a Suplex/Ghetto Stomp combo for a nearfall. Evans hangs Hardy up in the ropes and Angelico rolls him up for two. Angelico floats over into a Front Chancery. Evans tags in and attempts a Handspring Back Elbow but Hardy gets his boot up and then hits the Side Effect.

Hardy and Angelico tag in at the same time and Page is a house en fuego with clotheslines and a Spinebuster on Angelico. Page hits a Corner Clothesline and then a Springboard Clothesline on Evans on the apron. Page hits a Fall Away Slam on Angelico and then a Slingshot Plancha onto Evans on the floor. Page runs in to a Mafia Kick from Angelico but Page comes back with a Brainbuster for a close two.

Page goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Angelico escapes and tags Evans. Page hits a Powerbomb on Angelico and then catches a diving Evans and Powerbombs him on top of Angelico. Hardy blind tags Page as he sets up for the Buckshot Lariat. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Evans shoves him into Page. TH2 hits a Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo and then Evans hits a Phoenix Splash for two. Evans botched the hell out of that sequence.

Angelico flips Evans into a 450 attempt but Hardy moves and both Angelico and Evans eat a Double Barrel Buckshot Lariat. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Angelico for the pin.

Winners: Hardy & Page via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Hardy says that Page was on fire tonight and says he will make a lot of money and he’s excited because Hardy will get 30 percent of that. He says he’s very proud of Page and happy he signed with him. Page reveals to Hardy he had an extra rolled up piece of paper in his jacket when he signed that and asks Hardy how good he read that contract. Hardy says he didn’t read it all and sent it straight to his lawyers.

Page asks the Jaguars “legal team” to bring the contract out and the Jaguars mascot brings it out and hands it to Hardy. Hardy says that it isn’t a talent contract but is actually for a match between Hardy and Page at Revolution and if Hardy loses Page gets 100 percent of Hardy’s earnings of the first quarter of 2021. Hardy calls Page a carny and says he may have pulled one over on him but he asks Page to put something on the line, too. Hardy suggest if he wins he gets all of Page’s earnings for the first quarter of 2021. Excalibur says they both have action figures coming out this year. Page agrees to the stipulation.

The Jaguar mascot attacks Page and reveals it to be Isaiah Kassidy and Hardy pays TH2 to beat the shit out of Page. The Beaver Boys run out to make the save and Brodie Jr. comes out and sends the rest of The Dark Order to chase off Kassidy and TH2. Page attempts the Buckshot Lariat on Hardy but he ducks and bails.

Alex Marvez interviews The Inner Circle backstage. Ortiz says this is their first title shot and that is because everyone fears them. He says the running is over and tonight is the night that the Bucks pay their dues.

MJF talks trash about Sammy Guevara and says he is nuts to think he would record Sammy with a camera on him. He says that he needs to nut up and apologize to him but Jericho yells at him to shut up. Jericho says everyone knows what MJF has been trying to do by pushing Sammy. He says a lot of this is MJF’s fault but the majority of it is Sammy’s fault. Jericho says after bad choice after bad choice he made his worst decision by walking out on the Inner Circle. Jericho says that Sammy is dead to him and he never wants to hear his name again.

Jericho says that PNP are going to win gold tonight and bring the titles back to the Inner Circle.


Footage of the Japanese side of the women’s tournament bracket is shown. Yuka Sakazaki defeated Mei Suruga, Emi Sakura defeated Veny, Ryo Mizunami beat Jim Cornette’s favorite wrestler Maki Itoh and the legendary Aja Kong beat Rin Kadokura.

Women’s World Title Eliminator First Round Match
Serena Deeb (2-0) vs. Riho (0-0)

This is Riho’s first match in AEW since last March. The two mat wrestle for the first few minutes and neither girl is able to take control. They exchange arm drags and headlock takeovers and then a series of shoulder blocks. Riho bridges out of a pin attempt and connects with a Basement Dropkick.

Deeb is wearing a big knee brace on her left knee and is selling it throughout. Riho hits a Cross Body Block for two and then drop toe holds her into the ropes. Riho goes for a 619 but Deeb blocks it and catapults Riho into the ropes.


Deeb has Riho in a Straight Jacket but Riho fights up to her feet and backs Deeb into the corner. Both go for a Full Nelson only for the other to counter until Riho hits a Snap Dragon and both women are down. Riho and Deeb exchange elbows and then Riho hits a Spinning Headscissors followed by a Flying Knee for two.

Riho goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but Deeb blocks it and attempts a Suplex only for her knee to go out. Riho dropkicks Deeb followed by a Flying Cross Body off the top, but Deeb rolls through and goes to work on Riho’s knee. She goes for a Figure Four but Riho kicks her off. Deeb hangs Riho’s knee up in the ropes and Dragon Screw Legwhips her in the ropes.

Deeb thinks about the Brainbuster again but does a Swinging Neckbreaker instead for two. Deeb goes for a submission but Riho grabs her bad knee and hits a series of elbows. Riho hangs Deeb up in the ropes and hits the 619. Riho hits a Ghetto Stomp to the back of Deeb as she was trying to pick herself up off the ropes. Riho hits the Flying Cross Body for two.

Deeb rolls to the floor but Riho rolls her right back in. As Riho climbs back in Deeb grabs her leg and hits a Dragon Screw in the ropes again followed by a Powerbomb and then the Brock Lock! Riho almost gets to the ropes but Deeb pulls her back only for Riho to roll her up for two. Riho hits the Northern Lights for another nearfall.

Riho goes back to the top and hits an insane Ghetto Stomp! 1…2…NO Deeb kicks out! Deeb goes for a Flying Knee but Deeb ducks it and goes for a Tiger Driver only for Riho to catcher her in a rollup. The two exchange rollups and Riho earns the pin.

Winner: Riho via pinfall (rollup)

A video package highlights Jade and Shaq training… in basketball. Yes, because doing basketball workouts will surely help them out in a wrestling match.


Orange Cassidy (0-0) w/Chuck Taylor vs. Luther (0-5) w/Serpentico

Serpentico and Taylor brawl into the crowd which allows Luther to hit a distracted OC with a Pump Kick and a Powerbomb for two. OC hits a Sunset Flip Bomb on Luther onto the floor. Serpentico rolls in the ring and is going to do a dive but Taylor comes in and kills him with the Awful Waffle. OC hits the Orange Punch for the pin.

Winner: Cassidy via pinfall (Orange Punch)

Footage of Team Taz dragging (literally) Darby Allin is shown. Team Taz comes out and says they heard Sting was going to come out and tell him to get out there and do it. Sting comes out with his bat and Taz tells him that stepping in the ring with them is the worst thing he could have done. Taz says that without that bat Sting is done and reminds him of what they did to Darby.

Sting drops the bat and dares them to come after him. Sting throws his jacket at Cage and goes after him! Hook uses the bat to choke Sting but Sting backs him down only for Cage to kick him and Powerbomb Sting straight to hell. Well, there goes questioning whether Sting would be taking bumps anymore. Cage and Team Taz stand over a fallen Sting.

Backstage, Eddie Kingston says he requested the match tonight because there are three demons he has to deal with: Archer, Moxley and Fenix. He calls Fenix a waste of space and says he never wanted him in their family. “Moxley you are the demon I need to get rid of the most,” Kingston says.” I can’t get rid of you with drinking, with pills, with women… I have to get rid of you by beating you… old friend.”


Earlier today, Kenny Omega is reading to kids at a school. Jim Ross literally refers to Omega as the WWE Champion. Omega is reading snippets from The Young Bucks’ book and one of the kids asks if they are in love and Omega laughs. The part he reads is the part where they talk about the rivalry between Omega and Jericho at the Tokyo Dome and how business went up because of him. He starts to leave and the kids want to play with him but he says he is too busy and they can play with Nakazawa instead. The kids say they hate Nakazawa and one kicks him in the balls and the rest of the kids start stomping on him.

AEW World Tag Team Championships
Proud-n-Powerful (3-1) w/The Inner Circle vs. The Young Bucks (c) (0-0)

This is Santana and Ortiz’s first tag team title shot in AEW. Mama Buck and Papa Buck are shown at ringside. Nick Jackson and Santana start things off with some fast paced mat wrestling. They exchange arm drags until Ortiz comes in and hits a Fireman’s Carry Throw on Ortiz. Matt hits a Slingshot Armdrag as he tags in but then eats a Neckbreaker from Ortiz. Ortiz goes for a Gory Special but Matt counters with an armdrag and dropkick.

Santana tags in and Nick blind tags Matt as he hits the ropes. The Bucks hit a series of dropkicks as Omega and Good Brothers watch on a monitor backstage in the WWE style as Excalibur jokes about the way they are watching it. Ortiz hits a Slingshot Sunset Flip and then rolls him into an insane Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo. They are so good. MJF gets up on the apron and the referee is having none of it as he kicks out the entire Inner Circle.


Santana hits a Hip Toss followed by a Basement Dropkick for two. PNP double team Matt in their corner but Nick trips Santana and tries to get a tag but Ortiz cuts him off. Matt hits as a series of kicks and armdrags on PNP. He hits a Rana on Santana and then backdrops Ortiz over the top.

Matt hits a Springboard Stunner off the top for two. Nick tags in and the Bucks hit a Super Bomb on Ortiz off the top for two. They set up for the More Bang for Your Buck but Santana cuts them off. Santana hits a Super Falcon Arrow on Nick off the top! 1…2…NO kick out!

PNP hit a crazy double team move and Ortiz puts Nick in a Koji Clutch! Santana hits a dive onto Matt on the outside. Matt kicks Santana away and hits a Flying Elbow Drop onto Ortiz to break the hold! PNP attempt a Double Superplex on Nick on the top but Matt cuts them off and the Bucks hit a Doomsday Device on Santana!

Matt Buckle Bombs Santana and then they break out a Superkick Party for two before Ortiz breaks it up. The Bucks go for a BTE Trigger but Santana moves and they kick each other. Ortiz rolls Santana into a Rolling Double Cutter! PNP hit the Street Sweeper on Nick off the top! 1…2…NO Matt breaks it up in literally the last split second! There is a ton of boos from the few fans that are there.

Ortiz slams Matt into a barricade on the outside and then they Powerbomb him into the front row! As Ortiz climbs back in the ring Nick catches him with an Inside Cradle for the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Young Bucks via pinfall (Inside Cradle)

The Inner Circle runs out and jump The Bucks. Omega wants to help them but Callis stops them and sends The Good Brothers instead. Brandon Cutler comes out and gets destroyed by Hager. Jericho and MJF put the Bucks in a Liontamer/Salt of the Earth combo. The Good Brothers finally walk out and Inner Circle bails. Jericho has words with Papa Buck on the outside and he actually shoves Jericho.


Brandi and Cody Rhodes reveal they are having a girl.

FTR (1-0) vs. The Sydal Brothers (Matt & Mike Sydal) (0-0)

This is Mike Sydal’s AEW debut. In fact, I think they have only teamed together a handful of times total. FTR beat up Mike Sydal for the first few minutes. There will be a Ladder Match for a shot at the TNT Title at Revolution. Mike hangs Dax up in the ropes as Matt hits a Ghetto Stomp off the top. Mike attempts a Monkey Flip on Dax but Cash grabs him and German Suplexes him into the stratosphere for two.


Matt tosses his brother into a Rana on Dax. Matt hits a series of kicks on Dax and Cash and then a big Flying Knee followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker. FTR go to the floor and Matt hits a Slingshot Dropkcik followed by a Golden Moonsault from Mike off the top! In the ring, Matt gets a nearfall on Dax.

Matt misses a Roundhouse Kick and Dax goes for a Rebound Suplex but Matt counters into a rollup for two. Cash destroys Matt with an Uppercut as Dax kicked out and FTR attempt a Splash in the corner only for Sydal to explode with elbows.

Matt goes for a Tornado DDT on Cash but he blocks it and tosses him into a Powerbomb from Dax and then a German Suplex from Cash for two until Mike breaks it up. Cash sends Mike to the floor and Matt rolls him up for two. Mike blind tags Matt and the brothers hit a Double Roundhouse to Cash. Matt hits a Diving Meteora off the top and Mike botches a Moonsault and falls onto Cash for two.

Matt goes for the Shooting Star Press but Dax crotches him and then FTR hits the Big Rig on Mike for the pin.

Winners: FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)

FTR goes to cut Mike Sydal’s hair but Luchasaurus’ cut up mask appears on the screen as the lights go out. They come back on and Jurassic Express appear in the ring and they take out FTR.

It’s announced that on March 3 Tully Blanchard will return to the ring for the first time since 2007 teaming with FTR against Jurassic Express.

Backstage, Jon Moxley says he will whip Eddie Kingston’s ass as many times as he needs to get him to realize he is the only one here that cares about him. Moxley says he is breaking KENTA’s neck on Feb. 26 and after that he will “take all you sons of bitches down” to get his title back from Kenny Omega.


Dory Funk Jr. is shown watching at ringside.

Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade (1-1 as trios) vs. Jon Moxley (1-0), Lance Archer (1-1) & Rey Fenix (3-1) w/Jake Roberts

A huge brawl breaks out to start the match and the finally settles down to Moxley in the ring with Butcher and Blade. They double team Moxley with a Sidewalk Slam/Leg Drop combo. The heels triple team Moxley in their corner with quick tags and splashes in the corner. Archer tags in and starts tossing Blade all over the place. He hits a series of elbows and then a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Archer goes for the New School but Butcher grabs his leg until Fenix walks the ropes and kicks him in the face! Archer dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle on Blade.


Moxley clotheslines Blade to the outside and then Archer hits a Flying Cross Body onto Butcher and Kingston. Fenix tags in and hits a Springboard Spinning Back Kick on Butcher and then hits a Springboard Lucha Arm Drag on Kingston. Fenix hits a Somersault Plancha onto Blade on the outside and then hits a Rolling Cutter on Butcher followed by a Frog Splash off the top for two.

Kingston hits Fenix with a T-Bone Suplex but eats a Big Boot from Archer. Butcher hits a big Cross Body Block on Archer but eats a German Suplex from Moxley. Blade walks into a Rolling Dropkick from Fenix as he tried to attack Moxley. Moxley and Kingston stare at each other and then trade nasty strikes!

Kingston blocks a Lariat and hits an Enziguri but then eats a Hook Kick from Fenix! Archer hits the Pounce on Kingston and Moxley puts Kingston in the Bulldog Choke! Blade and Butcher break up the submission but Fenix and Archer toss t hem to the floor. Archer Chokeslams Fenix on top of Butcher and Blade and then Archer hits a Rolling Senton onto them!

Archer drags Butcher into the crowd was Moxley and Kingston go back to striking. Kingston hits the Backfist From The Future but Moxley rebounds with a Lariat and the Paradigm Shift for the pin.

Winners: Moxley, Fenix & Archer via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)

The Good Brothers attack Moxley from behind and Kenny Omega walks in with a contract and says he is in a giving mood. Omega says that Moxley can have his rematch at Revolution but he is naming the stipulation. He says that he keeps coming back so they are going to have an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match! Moxley headbutts Omega – and draws blood – but Good Brothers hold him as Omega hits a series of V-Triggers.