AEW Dynamite Results – 2/24/21 (Paul Wight, Sting’s revenge, Page vs. Kassidy)

New matches set for this Wednesday's episode of Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Results
February 24, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“Death Rider” Jon Moxley (1-0) vs. “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth (2-2)

Moxley slaps the piss out of Nemeth and goes for a Shortarm Lariat, but Nemeth ducks and hits a series of knees only for Moxley to avoid a clothesline and hit a Backdrop Driver. Moxley hits a Corner Clothesline but as he hits the ropes Nemeth catches him with a dropkick. Moxley puts Nemeth in a Guillotine and transitions into the Paradigm Shift for the pin.

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift) 

Moxley sits down in a chair in the ring and says that from the moment he woke the morning after losing the AEW Title he knew he would do whatever it took for as long as it took to get the title back. He says he would crawl through barbed wire and landmines to do it and it looks like that is exactly what he’ll have to do. Moxley asks what images come to your mind when you hear the words “Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match” and he talks about old Japanese wrestling magazines and asks how those images of those matches made you feel.

He asks if your hands shake and feel nauseas or do they make you sick with excitement. Moxley says he is addicted to wrestling and addicted to the feeling he gets when he bleeds and sweats in the ring saying he can’t get enough of it. Moxley says the thought of the idea of this match pulls him in and makes him excited even if it’s just a trap from Omega. He says Omega is just one in a long line of people that have treid to take him out. He says that win, lose or draw everyone watching Revolution will see that he gave every single thing he had and this match could end his career. He says that is a hell of a way to go out.

A video package highlights the Omega-Moxley feud.

Rey Fenix and Lance Archer are interviewed about their match tonight. Archer says they were a good team together because he was in the team and he is going to kick Fenix’s ass. In Spanish, Fenix says that Archer is the worst partner he’s ever teamed with and Archer attacks him. Fenix and Archer brawl around.


The Young Bucks are shown arriving earlier today with their parents.

The Varsity Blonds (1-1) vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks & Brian Cage) (0-0) w/Taz

Starks and Pillman start off with some back-and-forth mat wrestling. Pillman shows off his athleticism  and the Varsity Blonds work Starks over in their corner with quick tags. Pillman leapfrogs Starks and then drops down and trips Starks sending him to the floor. Pillman hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes to the floor.

Pillman catches Starks with a La Magistral Cradle for two and then goes for a springboard move only for Starks to knock him off the top to the floor. Cage then Powerbombs Pillman into the ring post.


Starks and Cage have isolated Baby Flyin Brian in their corner and put the beat down on him during the break. Starks hits a Missile Dropkick off the middle rope for two. Cage kills Pillman with a series of uppercuts but Pillman eventually rolls underneath the heels and makes the hot tag to Garrison. Garrison hits a dropkick on Cage and then a Stinger Splash on Starks before hitting a Sting-like Plancha over the top onto Cage on the floor. Garrison hits a Front Suplex on Starks before Cage breaks up a pin attempt. Pillman hits a Springboard Flying Clothesline on Cage.

The Varsity Blonds hit a Missile Dropkick/Powerbomb combo on Starks for two. Cage blind tags Starks as he kills Pillman with a Spinning Lariat. Stakrks Spears Garrison and Cage hits the Drillclaw on Pillman for the pin.

Winners: Team Taz via pinfall (Drillclaw)

The lights go out and a video of Sting driving a car on a dirtroad dragging a body bag behind is shown. Sting opens the bag and Allin appears wearing Sting-like paint. Sting then walks onto the stage dragging a body bag. He opens the bag and he has Hook layed out in it! Sting points to the rafters where Allin drops down on a zip line! Sting and Allin lay out Team Taz with a skateboard and bat!

Allin hits a Plancha onto Starks on the floor. Sting clotheslines Cage and then hits the Stinger Splash! Sting takes out Cage’s leg and drops him with the Scorpion Death Drop!


Earlier today Schiavone sat down with Penelope Ford, Miro and Kip Sabian. They bitch about the wedding angle and Miro says he’s going to destroy Orange Cassidy but Chuck Taylor comes first. Miro says he liked Taylor and he will forgive him if he “comes home” to them. Someone hands Schiavone a note and it’s a challenge from OC and Taylor for a match at Revolution. Miro calls them childish and says he will teach Chuck to be a man.

Jake Hager (0-1) vs. Brandon Cutler (2-1)

Cutler punches Hager but he just walks through it and lifts Cutler up in the air. Cutler escapes and goes for a Wheelbarrow only to eat a Suplex from Hager. Hager hits a second Wheelbarrow Suplex and a Big Boot. Hager hits a Hager Bomb out of the corner and then chokes him with his knee. Hager goes for a backdrop but Cutler kicks him and sends Hager into the turnbuckles. Hager charges at him but Cutler drops down sending Hager to the floor.

Cutler hits a Tope Suicida and then a Somersault Plancha onto Hager on the floor! Back in the ring, Cutler goes for a Springboard Cross Body but Hager catches him and drops him with a Spinebuster. Hager hits a huge Hansen Lariat for the pin.

Winner: Hager via pinfall (Lariat)

The Inner Circle comes out and continues to beat down Cutler until The Young Bucks run out and lay PNP out with Superkicks. Hager retreats before they can hit him with one. Matt Jackson says they don’t need to wait until Revolution if Jericho and MJF will get their stupid asses out to the ring right now.

Jericho and MJF appear on the big screen and ask why they would go fight them now when they have a shot at the titles next month. Jericho says they saw something roaming around backstage and ask if its theirs. Papa Buck is shown bleeding and they slam him into a trailer that has the Bucks’ faces on it. The Bucks run to the back but Jericho and MJF escape on an SUV.


Papa Buck is shown being loaded up in an ambulance.

A video package highlights all the Cody-Shaq stuff. Shaq is shown watching Jade train during it. At least he was near a ring this time.

Isiah Kassidy (0-0) w/TH2 & Matt Hardy vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (1-0)

Page is on fire as he climbs in the ring and lays into Kassidy with slaps and chops. Kassidy attempts a Cross Body but Page catches him and hits a Fall Away Slam. Page hits a Running Lariat but runs into a boot from Kassidy in the corner. Kassidy goes up top and dives right into a Cowboy Kick from Page. Kassidy rolls to the floor and Page follows him with a Slingshot Plancha.

Page gets in Hardy’s face at ringside before clotheslining Kassidy into the front row. Page beats Kassidy all along ringside and then attempts to Powerbomb into a table but Kassidy escapes and rolls back in the ring. TH2 distracts the referee while Hardy throws Page into the ring post. The Beaver Boys run out and tell the referee what just happened, so she kicks Hardy out from ringside.


Kassidy has Page in a Top Wristlock but Page breaks the hold only for Kassidy to backdrop him over the top rope. Page lands on the apron and pulls Kassidy into the top rope causing a ricochet effect. Page attempts the Buckshot Lariat but Kassidy hits him with a Roaring Elbow. Kassidy hits the ropes only to run right into a Roaring Elbow of his own from Page for two! Kassidy answers with a Spinning Enziguri but Page then catches him in midair with a DVD.

Page hits a Running Clothesline in the corner followed up with a Sliding Lariat attempt only for Kassidy to move out of the way. Kassidy goes for a Suplex but Page counters into a Brainbuster for a nearfall. Page goes for a Cowboy Kick but Kassidy blocks it with a kick of his own and then a Spinning Enziguri followed by a Poison Rana! 1….2…NO Page kicks out and Kassidy transitions into a Cross Armbreaker.

Page gets to the ropes to break the hold and Kassidy charges at him only for Page to Monkey Flip him over the top. Kassidy lands on the apron and as Page goes for a Springboard Clothesline Kassidy moves and Page hits the top rope. Kassidy goes for a Springboard American Destroyer but Page blocks it and counters into the Dead Eye for the pin!

Winner: Page via pifnall (Dead Eye)

Matt Hardy says that Page hurt him and now he is going to hurt him and every member of the Dark Order. Hardy drags Alan Angels onto the stage and throws him off the ramp through a table!

Alex Marvez approaches Kenny Omega and Don Callis working the barbed wire explosives saying sometimes you have to do the work yourself to make sure it’s right.


Footage of the World Title Eliminator matches is shown.

Women’s World Title Eliminator Semifinals
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (3-0) vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD (4-0) w/Rebel

Rose takes Baker down with a shoulder bock and a series of scoop slams. Baker decides to retreat into the crowd where she throws a fit tossing around trashcans and chairs. Back in the ring, Baker charges right into a Samoan Drop from Rose. Rose chokes Baker with her boot and then goes for the Cannonball but Rebel pulls her away.

Baker goes up top but Rose uppercuts her and then pulls her down with a Press Slam. Baker again retreats to the floor and Rose follows only for Baker to duck a chop causing Rose to hit the ring post. Baker then slams her arm into the barricade repeatedly.


During the break Baker went after Rose’s arm. Rose hits a Superplex off the top and then she goes for another Suplex but her arm gives and Baker Suplxes Rose into the turnbuckles. Rose comes back with a series of elbows and then she climbs to the top. Rebel climbs on the apron to distract her so Rose Chokeslams her. Rose grabs Baker and hits a Hanging Neckbreaker for two.

Rose goes for the Beast bomb but Baker blocks it and hits a Pump Kick. Baker calls for the Lockjaw but Rose grabs her and Chokeslams her. Rebel gets in the ring where Rose throws her into the turnbuckles. Rose hits the Cannonball on Rebel and then charges at Baker. Baker throws Rose into the exposed turnbuckle – that Baker exposed during the break – and hits a Russian Leg Sweep transitioning into the Lockjaw! Rose fights it off and lifts Baker up into a Sidewalk Slam for two.

Baker surprises Rose with an Inside Cradle for two and then hits her with a Superkick. Baker hits a second Superkick and then the Crucifix Bomb for another two. Baker rolls back over into the Lockjaw again! Rose breaks the hold with elbows to Baker’s face. Rose hits a massive Forearm Smash and then hits the Beast Bomb but her injured arm caused her to hesitate on the pin allowing Baker to kick out at two.

Rose goes for a Tombstone but Baker blocks it and goes for a Superkick only for Rose to catch her leg and snatch her up into the air for an absolutely BRUTAL Beast Bomb for the pin!

Winner: Rose via pinfall (Beast Bomb)

A video package highlights the FTR/Jurassic Express beef.


Main Event
“El Hijo del Fuego” Rey Fenix (3-1) vs. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer (1-1) w/Jake Roberts

The winner gets a spot in the Ladder Match at Revolution. Fenix hits a series of strikes but Archer blocks the Hook Kick and goes for a Chokeslam. Fenix kicks Archer away and then hits a Diving Rana off the top. Archer kills Fenix with a clothesline and slams his face into the turnbuckles. Archer rips at Fenix’s mask and then he tries to throw him over the top, but Fenix hangs onto the ropes and sends Arhcer to the floor. Fenix hits a Tope con Giro through the ropes onto Archer on the floor!

Fenix goes up top but Roberts grabs his feet and throws him onto the ramp as Archer was distracting the referee. Fenix then dives over Roberts’ back onto Archer on the floor with a Somersault Plancha off the ramp! Archer comes back by chopping Fenix and throwing him over the barricade.


Archer kills Fenix with forearms back from the break. He spent the break killing Fenix with all kinds of strikes and slams. Fenix tries to fight back with strikes of his own but Archer just shrugs him off and goes for a Chokeslam. Fenix blocks it and springs to the top only for Archer to grab him by the throat again. Fenix kicks Archer away but then Archer blisters him with a Lariat causing Fenix to flip upside down.

Archer tosses Fenix into the barricade at ringside repeatedly and then hits a Cannonball onto Fenix into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Archer literally Suplexes Fenix all the way across the ring. Archer lifts Fenix up to the top rope and goes for the Blackout but Fenix escapes and attempts a German Suplex only to eat an elbow. Fenix hits a 619 through the ropes and then an insane Ghetto Stomp off the top to the back of Archer!

Fenix goes for a Fireman’s Carry but he can’t lift up Archer. Archer blocks Fenix and tosses him with a German Suplex. Archer drags Fenix to the corner and walks the ropes before hitting the New School Moonsault for two. Archer hangs Fenix up in the ropes and clubs him with crossfaces repeatedly. Fenix fights back with chops and forearms. Archer tosses Fenix into the turnbuckles and hits a shoulder block.

Archer rips at Fenix’s mask and then hits a Running Back Elbow but Fenix gets his boot up on a second attempt. Fenix hits a Leaping Enziguri and then hits the Tightrope Punt Kick after hanging Archer up in the ropes. Fenix goes up top and attempts a Moonsault but Archer moves and Fenix lands on his feet and then rolls backwards into the Rolling Cutter! 1…2…NO Archer kicks out!

Archer uppercuts Fenix and then hits a Muscle Buster off the top for two. Archer climbs up top and drags Fenix with him. Fenix elbows Archer and hits the Spanish Fly! 1….2…NO Archer kicks out! Fenix lifts Archer up but he rips at Fenix’s mask. Fenix kicks Archer and elbows him but then gets killed with a Pounce! Archer hits a Buckle Bomb and Chokeslam! 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out! Schiavone points out that there are is only two minutes left in the time.

Archer lifts Fenix up to the top rope and hits the Blackout! 1…2…3!

Winner: Archer via pinfall (Blackout)

Revolution Lineup:
-AEW World Title Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jon Moxley
-AEW Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. TBA
-AEW Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks (c) vs. MJF & Chris Jericho
-Street Fight: Team Taz vs. Sting & Darby Allin
-TNT Title #1 Contenders Ladder Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Cody Rhodes vs. TBA
-Matt Hardy vs. Adam Page
-Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor vs. Miro & Kip Sabian
-Tag Team Battle Royal: TBA