AEW Dynamite Results – 3/10/21 (Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky, Fenix vs. Matt Jackson, Christian Cage)

AEW Dynamite for March 9

AEW Dynamite Results
March 10, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“Hijo del Fuego” Rey Fenix (3-2 singles) w/PAC vs. Matt Jackson (0-0 singles) w/Nick Jackson

SCU are shown watching at ringside, this is Matt Jackson’s first singles match this year. He and Fenix mat wrestle for the first few minutes until Matt slaps Fenix and then attempts a clothesline. Fenix blocks the clothesline and springs off the ropes with a Lucha Armdrag. Jackson rolls to the floor and Fenix goes to dive but Jackson moves and Fenix catches himself. Fenix then hits a Diving Rana through the ropes on Jackson on the floor.

Fenix follows up with a Springboard Plancha Armdrag to the floor and then a Somersault Plancha over the top! Fenix puts Jackson in a Rear Naked Choke in the ring but Matt rolls over onto his back to get a nearfall. Fenix counters into a Backslide for two followed by a Superkick to the back. Fenix lifts Matt up to the top rope and springs up with him and chops him before attempting a Super Rana only for Matt to counter into a Powerbomb for two.

Fenix rolls to the floor where Matt follows him and slams him into the apron. Back in the ring, Matt hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton for two. Matt starts working on his back as it seems like the Powerbomb injured Fenix. Matt puts Fenix in a Rear Chinlock and puts his knee into Fenix’s back. Fenix fights out of the hold but Matt catches him with a Reverse Code Red after Fenix went for a Wheelbarrow Suplex.

Matt gets a nearfall and then goes for a Powerbomb but Fenix counters with a Hurricanrana only for Matt to roll through it and lock in a Sharpshooter. Fenix was too close to the ropes, though, and breaks the hold. Matt works on Fenix’s back in the corner and then charges into a boot from Fenix. Fenix hits a Headscissors inot the turnbuckles followed by a Springboard Spinning Back Kick. Fenix hits a Double Spring Missile Dropkick off the top!

Fenix goes for a DVD but his back gives out on him, so Matt starts elbowing Fenix in the back. Matt hits the ropes but charges right into a Rolling Cutter. Fenix and Jackson trade elbows and then Fenix puts Jackson in a Hanging Bow and Arrow before slamming him to the mat for two.

Matt rolls onto the ramp and Fenix attempts to pull Jackson back in the ring with a Superplex but Matt blocks it only for Fenix to kick him and hang Matt up in the ropes. Fenix goes for his Tightrope Putn Kick but Matt moves and then hits a Springboard American Destroyer! Fenix rolls to the floor but Matt immediately rolls out and hits another American Destroyer on the floor!

Matt tries to get the countout win but Fenix rolls back in at nine. Jackson immediately hits the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out! Matt locks Fenix in the Sharpshooter again, this time in the middle of the ring, but Fenix manages to crawl his way to the ropes to break the hold. Matt tries to pull Fenix back and lock it in again but Fenix kicks him away.

Fenix attempts a Sliding Dropkick but Matt moves and Fenix hits Nick. Matt then slides outside and Superkicks PAC in response! Fenix and Matt get in each other’s face and start trading punches in the ring. Fenix elbows Matt and goes for a Springboard Moonsault but Matt moves and Fenix lands on his feet and goes for a German Suplex. Matt lands on his feet and hits a Superkick!

Matt throws Fenix into the ropes but Fenix catches himself and attempts the Rebound Hook Kick but eats a Superkick instead! Fenix nips back up to his feet and hits an Enziguri and both men are down! Fenix and Matt trade punches and chops before hitting elbows at the same time and then Superkicks at the same time.

Matt goes for a Tombstone but Fenix counters into the Fenix Driver for the pin!

Winner: Fenix via pinfall (Fenix Driver)

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley are shown together. Kingston says that when he slid in the ring to protect Moxley he had a flashback of sitting in jail and the panic he felt at that point and he blacked out. Kingston says you can call him a coward or make fun of him all you want and asks if Omega thought it was funny and says he was acting like the Joker or something. Moxley says he doesn’t think he was joking and says he really wanted to blow Moxley up.

Moxley says he doesn’t know who paid for the bomb and hopes they got a refund. Kingston said that Impact probably paid for it. Moxley makes fun of the bomb at the end and is pissed about losing. Moxley says that Omega was the better man at Revolution but he did get his drinking buddy back at the same time. Kingston says the World Title will make you do crazy things. They argue about their feud for a second but Moxley says he is glad that Kingston didn’t get blown up. Moxley says that if you are going to flash a weapon you better use it.


“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (2-1 singles) w/Arn Anderson vs. Seth Gargis (0-2)

Gargis is a Huntsville, Ala. native that was trained by Gangrel. Cody puts Gargis in a Figure Four in the first minute and taps Gargis.

Winner: Cody via submission (Figure Four)

Cody starts to cut a promo but Pentagon Jr., who was on Spanish commentary, cuts him off and tells Cody to shut up. Penta says that is a 1,000 times better than Cody and is using the other Spanish commentary to translate. He says that if Cody is the Prince of Pro Wrestling than Penta is the Lord of Lucha Libre. Penta starts talking in English and says that Cody lost at Revolution but if he was in a match with him one-on-one he would have lost more than that. He says that Cody is lucky he didn’t focus more on hurting Cody’s arm more than he did or he wouldn’t even be able to pick up his new baby. Cody is triggered and goes after Penta but a bunch of guys break them up.


Sting comes out fresh off he and Darby Allin’s win over Brian Cage and Ricky Starks at Revolution. Sting puts over Darby Allin as a dangerous man and says that he puts his life on the line and takes risks every week. Sting says when you combine that with the Stinger in a menacing place you have magic.

Lance Archer interrupts Sting and says that he is going to take time since AEW won’t give him time. He says he didn’t need a Ladder Match to prove he is the face of the Revolution. Archer says if things don’t change then he will take much, much more and then looks over at Sting.

QT Marshall says him spitting on Dustin Rhodes was a lapse in judgment and then some audio issues interrupt him and Page starts coming out. It almost sounds like crowd noise from an NBA game is being played over the audio of the show or something.

Lee Johnson (2-0) w/vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page (0-0)

The audio issues continued through the entrances and the first few minutes of the match and are fixed when they come back from break. During the break Page hit a big Backbreaker on the outside. Johnson hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He attempts a Superplex but Page blocks it and throws Johnson off the top before hitting a Diamond Cutter.

Page lifts Johnson back up to the top but Johnson shoves him and leapfrogs over Page only to injure his knee when he lands. Page doesn’t care and hits a big Mafia Kick. Page hits the Ego’s Edge (Outsiders Edge) for the pin.

Winner: Page via pinfall (Ego’s Edge)

Page continues to beat on Johnson after the match and QT Marshall just leaves. Dustin Rhodes runs out to make the save.

Adam Page is shown driving up in a zero turn lawnmower that he bought with Matt Hardy’s money. The Dark Order run up and ride with him.


Christian Cage is supposed to be coming out for a promo but Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers and Don Callis come out instead. Don Callis says that Kenny Omega and he call the shots around here, so they are taking “the new guys” time tonight. Callis says that Revolution went all according to plan and Omega says maybe not everything.

Callis calls it the “explosion not heard around the world” and says that he and Omega have been blamed for the dud of the explosion. He says he will neither confirm nor deny that they had nothing to do with it but they will confirm how happy it made them to have been able to take away something the fans wanted to see. He says they also took away Moxley’s moment to die a heroic death like he always wanted to and Eddie Kingston’s star making heroic moment is ruined.

Callis says that if the ring blew up they would win because they would have gotten rid of Moxley and Kingston but they also win as Moxley and Kingston look like a couple of idiots and they still have the title. Omega says it was just as sweet to see Moxley embarrassed as it would have been to see him explode. Omega mocks Kingston and says that he was “dry humping” Moxley in the ring as four sparklers went off.

Kingston walks out and Callis talks about firing him at Impact. He says that Kingston did what he did his entire life in Impact. He says that every time Kingsotn is “this close” to grabbing the brass ring, he screws it up. Callis gives Kingston 10 seconds to get out of the ring before they kick his ass and then a timer goes off and they mock Kingston covering Moxley again.

Omega mocks Kingston and says that he almost passed out when he had a flashback of the time he got detention in school. Omega screams at Kingston and dares him to hit him and Kingston obliges. The Good Brothers attack Kingston until Jon Moxley runs out and cleans house.

Moxley and Kingston fight with Good Brothers into the crowd and Christian Cage makes his entrance. Christian gets in Omega’s face but Omega offers a handshake. Omega then swings at Christian but he ducks and goes for the Unprettier. Callis pulls Omega to safety, though. Christian picks up the World Title and looks down at it as Omega is pitching a fit.


Trios Match
Dr. Britt Baker DMD (5-1), Nyla Rose (5-1) & Maki Itoh (1-2) w/Vickie Guerrero & Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa (4-3), Hikaru Shida (3-0) & Ryo Mizunami (4-1)

As Itoh is making her entrance the babyfaces hit the ring and jump the other heels. Itoh continues singing and she ducks a shot from Shida, though, and hits her with the microphone. All six girls get a chance to shine in the first few minutes.


Shida hits a sliding Dropkick sending Rose to the floor and then the babyfaces take turns with splashes on Baker in the corner. Shida wedges Baker in the corner and then Suplexes Ryo into Baker for two. Shida goes for the Spinning Knee Strike but Ito catches her and headbutts her. Rosa hits a dropkick to Ito and Rose sending them to the floor. Rosa hits a series of elbows on Baker and then tosses her to the floor. Rosa hits a Tornillo onto everyone the floor.

Rosa rolls Itoh back in the ring but Vickie grabs her leg allowing Itoh to hit the Swinging DDT for two. Rebel goes to hit Rosa with her crutch but Rosa catches it and tosses her to the floor. Rosa spikes Itoh with the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin.

Winners: Rosa, Ryo & Shida via pinfall (Fire Thunder Driver)

Baker attacks Rosa with the crutch after the match and then locks her in the Lockjaw as Itoh and Rose beat on Ryo and Shida on the outside.

Matt Hardy says that Adam Page stole from him but he has more than enough money to sustain their business through April 1. Page says he is adding a new addition to their group and introduces The Butcher and The Blade. He says they are going to destroy The Dark Order.


TNT Championship
Darby Allin (2-0) (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (3-0)

Sky won this shot at Revolution in the Ladder Match. Allin is coming off he and Sting’s Street Fight win at Revolution, too. Allin catches Sky with a Side Headlock Takeover but Sky shoves him into the ropes and takes him down but Allin manages to counter right back with a Wristlock Takedown.

Allin rolls Sky up for two and then rolls him up again for another two and Sky retreats to the corner. Allin grabs a Waistlock and pretty much rides Sky down as Sky keeps trying to counter it. Finally, Sky gets to the ropes to break the hold. Sky takes Allin down with a Waistlock Takeover and then forces Allin’s shoulders to the mat for a nearfall. Sky fights to his feet and is able to send Sky to the floor.

Alin goes for a dive but Sky manages to get out of the way and sets up for a dive of his own but Allin rolls into the ring. Allin then tries to flip over Sky’s back but looks like he twisted his knee or ankle and Sky immediately jumps on him and goes after the leg. Sky hits a big Backbreaker and then puts Allin in a Bow and Arrow.


Sky has Allin in an Abdominal Stretch but Allin counters with a Hip Toss. Sky goes for a Sunset Flip but Allin sits down on him for two. Sky comes back with a big right hand that lays Allin out but misses a clothesline and walks into a Diamond Dust from Allin for two. Allin hits the Code Red for another two. Allin hits the ropes but runs right into a Mafia Kick from Sky.

Sky hits a series of Rolling German Suplexes and caps it off with a Buckle Suplex! Sky sets up for a Slingshot move but Allin shoves him down to the floor and then goes for a Tope Suicida only for Sky to catch him in midair with a freaking Diamond Cutter that would make DDP jealous! Sky rolls Allin back in the ring, 1…2…NO Allin kicks out!

Sky hits a series of knees and then a T-Bone Brainbuster for another nearfall. Sky lifts Allin up to the top rope but Allin elbows him off the top and then goes for the Coffin Drop only for Sky to catch him in midair with a Powerbomb for another nearfall! Sky picks Allin up and goes for the TKO but Allin counters into an Inside Cradle for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Allin via pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Allin shows Sky respect after the match but Sky snaps and attacks Allin! Sky puts him in a Heel Hook and holds it until a bunch of referees get him to release it. Sky looks at his hands and then starts smiling.

Next week, Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley team up to face The Good Brothers, Cody Rhodes faces Penta el Cero Miedo, Jurassic Express and Bear Country face Private Party and Butcher & Blade. Also, Jade Cargill wrestles and Dr. Britt Baker faces Thunder Rosa in a Lights Out Match!


The Inner Circle comes out down to the ring for their “War Council.” Chris Jericho says that when an army has to change their strategy they hold a war council. Jericho says that the Inner Circle has been on a decline in the last few weeks but that can be remedied. Jericho says it is time for a new look or a new strategy or even a new member.

MJF cuts Jericho off and says they don’t need a new member and instead they should probably let someone go. Sammy Guevara’s music interrupts them and he makes his way onto the stage. Jericho says he never wanted to hear Sammy again but Sammy stops him and says that he knows Jericho is mad at him but he needs him to see something.

Jericho says that Sammy is dead to them but Sammy tells him to just listen to him after everything they have been through. A video appears on the screen of Sammy setting up a hidden camera in a room. It fast forwards to MJF walking in and revealing that he, PNP and Hager have been conspiring to “cut the head off the snake” and give Jericho a dirtnap.

MJF says he didn’t want Jericho to find out this way but then tells the other guys to “get him.” They surround Jericho but then all turn around and look at MJF. Jericho asks MJF if he really thinks they all don’t talk to each other every day and says they were just waiting for him to hang himself. Jericho says that since he is the one that brought him into the group he will take him out and shoves him down.

Jericho officially kicks MJF out of the group and MJF starts fake crying and says that he never wanted to take over the Inner Circle because he has been busy building his own army. The lights go out and when they come back on Wardlow, FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard appear in the ring behind the Inner Circle.

Dax breaks a bottle over Jake Hager’s face and then Shawn Spears Curb Stomps Sammy into a chair and Wardlow takes Jericho out. FTR handcuffs PNP together and then hit Spike Piledrivers on them as Tully jumps off the top and spikes them. Wardlow holds Jericho so MJF can hit him with his ring. MJF grabs Jericho’s bat and hits him with it. Jericho is busted open. FTR drags Jericho onto the stage and Wardlow Powerbombs him off the stage!