AEW Dynamite Results – 8/4/21 Results (“Homecoming” special, Jericho-Juvi, Black-Cody)

AEW Dynamite Preview August 4
AEW “Homecoming” Dynamite Results
Aug. 4, 2021

Jacksonville, Fla. (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

The Labours of Jericho Ch. 3 (Jericho must hit a top rope move to win)
“Le Champeon” Chris Jericho vs. “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera

This is Juventud Guerrera’s first appearance on American TV since his last match in WWE back in 2006. Jericho and Juvi feuded for several months in 1998 in WCW in a feud that saw Jericho take Juvi’s mask and Juvi take Jericho’s Cruiserweight Championship. The last time they wrestled was on an episode of WCW Thunder in 1999. Juvi is wearing his mask to start this one.

Juvi jumps Jericho as he gets in the ring and hits a Diving Rana off the top. Juvi leaps up top and stumbles but catches himself and hits a Diving Spinning Headscissors sending Jericho to the floor. Juvi hits Air Juvi off the top onto Jericho on the floor. Juvi used to hit that move back in the day completely clearing the top rope. It’s virtually a sideways senton.

Back in the ring, Juvi hits a Missile Dropkick off the top for two. As Juvi sets up for another high spot Jericho dropkicks him sending him to the floor and then starts tossing him all around ringside. Jericho hits a Flying Cross Body off the top for a nearfall. Juvi hits a series of kicks but Jericho quickly lays him out with a Cross Chop. Jericho hits the ropes but walks into a Superkick from Juvi for two.

Jericho tries a Sunset Flip but Juvi rolls through and then fakes a kick and when Jericho flinches kicks him for a nearfall. Juvi puts Jericho in a Rings of Saturn but Jericho fights out of it. Jericho sets up for a move in the corner but Jericho runs him over with a shoulder block. Jericho climbs up top and hits a Flying Axe Handle for two. Jericho goes for a Back Suplex but Juvi ducks and swings at him but Jericho ducks and hits a Butterfly Backbreaker. Jericho goes for a pin but the referee reminds him that he has to hit a top rope move.

Jericho starts ripping at Juvi’s mask until Juvi kicks him repeatedly to free himself. Juvi hits a Snake Eyes on Jericho in the corner and then lifts him up to the top rope for a Frankensteiner but Jericho blocks it and counters into the Walls of Jericho but Juvi gets to the ropes. That move counted as a nearfall because it started on the top rope.

Juvi blocks a clothesline attempt and hits a beautiful Spinning Neckbreaker followed by a Roundhouse Kick for two. Jericho attempts a Powerbomb but Juvi counters with a Spike DDT followed by the Juvi Driver! 1..2…NO Jericho kicks out! Juvi hits the ropes but runs into the Judas Effect! Jericho starts cover him but realizes he can’t win that way. Jericho goes up top and hits a Diving Judas Effect for the pin!

Winner: Jericho via pinfall (Diving Judas Effect)
(Juvi has lost a step or two and there was a couple of clunky spots early on but they settled in and had a fun match. It was definitely great to see him on TV again. Juventud was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. ***)

Wardlow hits the ring and attacks both Jericho and Juvi. He hits the Casualty of War on Jericho. MJF says that Labour No. 4 will be Jericho vs. Wardlow with MJF as the referee.

In the back, Dasha tries to interview Death Triangle backstage but only the Lucha Brothers are there. Alex says that PAC’s travel got cancelled, like LB’s last week did. Andrade walks up and asks where his thanks is for the limo last week. Chavo Guererro Jr. says they would have first class everything with them. Fenix says that they don’t work for him or anyone else.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews The Dark Order when Adam Page walks in and grabs a beer. He’s been ignoring their calls and texts and he apologizes for the loss last week. He says he created the issues with The Elite and he has to fix them. He says that he has to stop looking over his shoulder for them but it’s best they go their separate ways for now.

Trios Match
2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) & Daniel Garcia vs. Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin w/Sting

2.0 is the former Ever Rise of NXT in WWE. They worked under the 2.0 name when they in CHIKARA and the Indies before signing with WWE. Moxley notices Sting when he gets to ringside and does the Sting “howl.” Allin and Garcia start things off and break out some early chain wrestling. Garcia goes for a number of pin attempts but Allin counters each one. Garcia hits a big European Uppercut and goes for a Suplex but Allin shoves him into the ropes and rolls him up only for Lee to tags himself in and hit a Forearm Smash.

Lee charges into a boot from Allin and he tags Kingston. Kingston and 2.0 have faced each other many times in CHIKARA. Lee chops Kingston and then dies for his troubles as Kingston destroys his chest with chops and slaps. Kingston beats Lee down in the corner and Moxley chokes him as Kingston distracts the referee. Kingston hits the ropes but Parker knees him in the back allowing Lee to chop block his knee.


2.0 and Garcia worked Kingston over during the break. He almost gets a hot tag but the heels cut it off. Moxley grabs Garcia and drags him to the outside where he throws him into the barricade. 2.0 regroup on the outside but the presence of Sting distracts them allowing Allin to hit a Tope Suicida. Moxley tags in and backdrops Garcia over the top and clotheslines 2.0. Moxley tosses Parker to the floor and hits a German Suplex and a Lariat on Lee. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex on Lee. Park comes in but eats a Backfist from the Future from Kingston. Moxley then hits the Paradigm Shift on Garcia and Allin hits the Coffin Drop for the pin.

Winners: Moxley, Kingston & Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)
(That was what it was. Garcia is nothing but a jobber in my eyes, while 2.0 has promise. This was just to spotlight a dominating win for Moxley, Kingston and Allin. *1/2)

In a vignette, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks cut promos on each other. Cage says he never even asked to be a part of Team Taz but Taz says Cage will learn it is much better to be with them then against them.


Backstage, The Elite are playing with a basketball and just being obnoxious. The Good Brothers accept a challenge from The Dark Order for the Impact Tag Team Titles next week. The Bucks taunt that there are no more teams in AEW for them to beat. Omega taunts Page and says that when it came down to the “buzzer beater” Page blew it again and he’s all alone again. The Elite cut down the net on the goal.

“Instant Classic” Christian Cage vs. The Blade w/Allie

Christian attacks Blade as he comes to the ring but it backfires as Blade gets the upper hand. Christian fights back and Blade retreats to the floor. Christian tries to chase Blade but Allie gets in his way. Blade tries to sneak up behind Christian but eats an uppercut. Christian throws Blade into the barricade and then back in the ring. Christian goes up top but Allie grabs his leg until Leyla Hirsch runs out and starts brawling with her. Their fight spills to the back as Blade pulls Christian down into an attempt at a Hanging DDT only for Christian to counter into a Reverse DDT for two.


Blade chokes Christian in the corner but as he goes for a Shoulder Block, Christian moves causing Blade to go flying through the ropes into the ring post. Christian hits a Plancha off the top onto Blade on the floor sending him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Christian kicks the middle rope into Blade’s face and chokes Blade in the ropes.

Christian leaps to the top and hits a Diving Sunset Flip for two and then goes back up and hits a Diving Corkscrew Elbow. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Blade shoves him into the corner only to walk into a boot from Christian. Christian goes up top and goes for a Tornado DDT but Blade blocks it and attempts a Mafia Kick. Christian sidesteps it and hits a Snap Powerslam for two. Christian runs into a kick from Blade and Blade attempts to tear off the top turnbuckle. As the referee stops him, Blade grabs his brass knucks only to run right into a Spear from Christian for the pin.

Winner: Christian via pinfall (Spear)
(A really good match from those two. I truly despise the fact that it looks like they are going to push the Omega-Page match back to do Christian-Omega at All Out, though I do get it. It still just sucks. ***)

A vignette hypes up the feud between PNP and FTR. Footage of the cut Cash suffered is shown. Dax says that death couldn’t stop Cash and asks what PNP think they could do to him.

Schiavone interviews Britt Baker in the ring but Red Velvet walks out and interrupts her. Velvet says that red is not Baker’s color and says she wants a piece of her. Baker reminds Velvet that last time they faced each other she beat her ass in three minutes. Velvet says the last time they faced she was nothing more than “enhancement talent” and things have changed now.

Baker says she is also very different than the last time they faced because she is a champion now. Baker accepts the challenge for the debut of AEW Rampage next Friday. Rebel and Baker beat Velvet down after the match.

Dasha interviews Andrade backstage and Chavo tells Andrade that he found someone to join Andrade and pulls Fuego del Sol into the picture. Chavo tells Fuego that they need him to shine Andrade’s shoes but he hesitates, so Andrade beats the piss out of him. Chavo says that if Lucha Brothers keep working for PAC they will never be champions.


Schiavone brings Hangman Page to the ring and asks him what’s going through his mind when The Elite interrupts him. Page says he’s had something he needed to say to The Bucks for awhile. Omega says he sees what Page is trying to do and find a little bit of self worth and get his friends back and plea to get back into The Elite. Omega says considering all of Page’s failures, he has a lot in common with all the fans in attendance. Omega says that they thought about possibly forgiving Page’s personal demons and sins but when he thinks about what The Elite was and what it is today he doesn’t fit the bill anymore. Omega says The Elite doesn’t have any losers or failures or people that play second fiddle in their group. Page punches Omega in the face and The Elite jumps him.

Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Page. The Dark Order hits the ring but Stu Grayson and Evil Uno stop them from interfering and tell them that this is what Page wants. The Bucks hit three straight BTE Triggers on Page. Frankie Kazarian runs out and tries to help but he gets beaten down pretty quickly.

Omega holds the World Title in Page’s face and tells him he is going to give Page one last good look at the thing he will never have and then smashes it over Page’s face.

Dan Lambert of America Top Team says he is coming for revenge on Lance Archer next week and he’s not coming alone.

TNT Championship
“The Redeemer” Miro (c) vs. Lee Johnson w/Dustin Rhodes

Miro kicks Johnson in the face straight off the bat and immediately goes to work on him in the corner with shoulder blocks and stomps. Miro whips Johnson into the corner and charges at him but Lee leaps over him and hits a series of kicks and slaps. Johnson hits two Enziguris and then dives off the middle rope only to be caught in a Uranage Suplex from Miro. Miro calls for the Accolade but Johnson rolls to the floor to escape him.


Miro goes for a Press Slam but Johnson counters into a DDT. Johnson hits a series of forearms and a dropkick. Johnson dropkicks Miro in the back sending him to the floor. Johnson hits a Tope Suicida followed by a second one and then a Somersault Plancha. Back in the ring, Johnson dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body but only gets a one.

Johnson hits a series of clotheslines and kicks but Miro refuses to go down and then ducks a clothesline and attempts a German Suplex. Johnson lands on his feet and hits a series of Superkicks that finally takes Miro down. Johnson goes back up to the high rent district and hits a Frog Splash for two.

Johnson hits an Enziguri and tries to lift Miro up to his shoulders only for Miro to escape and hit a Leaping Thrust Kick. Miro puts Johnson in the Accolade and he taps.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Miro via submission (The Accolade)
(Johnson had some really fun hope spots and got in some good offense but Miro still gets a dominant win. I think that benefited both men. **1/2)

Taz, Excalibur, Mark Henry and Chris Jericho will be the announce team for AEW Rampage.


Schiavone says that Christian Cage is now the new No. 1 contender to the World Title. Christian says he would be lying if he didn’t say he felt pretty good right now. Christian says he came back to wrestling to cement his legacy and win championships. He says that he will be in Pittsburgh next week and he’s been known to stir up some shit from time-to-time and says that he is “Elite” at it.

NWA World Women’s Championship Eliminator Match
“Legit” Leyla Hirsch w/The Best Friends vs. Allie w/HFO

The winner gets a shot at the NWA Women’s Title. Sereena Debe was next in line for a shot but a knee injury has sidelined her. Hirsch hits a Tope Suicida onto Allie on the floor. Hirsch throws Allie into the turnbuckles and goes for an Armbar. Allie fights her off by pulling her hair and then runs into an elbow from Hirsch. Allie comes back with a Hanging Backstabber after Hirsch missed a Flying Knee.

Allie throws Hirsch to the floor and dropkicks her into the barricade. The NWA Champion, Camille, is shown at ringside. Nyla Rose is also shown at ringside and Kris Statlander gets in her face.


Hirsch and Allie exchange strikes and Hirsch hits a series of German Suplexes. Allie retreats to the corner and etas a Splash followed by Double Knees for two. Leyla puts Allie in the Cross Armbreaker but Allie rolls over and gets a nearfall forcing Hirsch to break the hold to kick out. Hirsch hits a Flying Knee and completely wiffs on a Springboard Moonsault allowing Allie to hit a Superkick and a DVD for two.

Allie goes for a Reverse DDT but Leyla counters into the Cross Armbreaker! Allie tries to fight it off but Leyla rolls over and Allie taps!

Winner: Hirsch via submission (Cross Armbreaker)
(Kudos to Allie in that match as Hirsch completely missed her on that Moonsault attempt, but instead of selling it anyway Allie stood up and hit a series of move. It was a good match between the two and the huge size difference between Hirsch and Kamille will be interesting)

Kamille gets in the ring and shows off the unbelievable size difference between her (nearly 6-foot) and Hirsch (under 5-foot).


Main Event
Malakai Black vs. “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

Black and Cody stalemate with each other as they both go for some chain holds and then Black kicks Cody and Cody responds with one of his own. Black immediately trips Cody and puts him in a Knee Bar but Cody counters into a Figure Four attempt. Black rakes Cody’s eyes and lays into him with some wicked kicks. Cody answers with an Enziguri but Black sweeps his legs and puts him in a Holland Crab.

Cody gets to the ropes and avoids a Mafia Kick and attempts the Crossrhodes. Black blocks it but runs into a forearm from Cody. Cody goes up top but Black hits a Leaping Front Kick that sends Cody crashing through the timekeeper’s table at ringside. Cody is almost counted out but rolls back in the ring before the 10. Black immediately kills Cody with the Black Mass for the pin.

Winner: Black via pinfall (Black Mass)
(This was confusing. It was a dominant win – and almost felt like the sort of dominant win Brodie Lee had over Cody last year – and completely unexpected. Black looked absolutely unstoppable. **)

Schiavone approaches Cody after the match and says that legacy is a funny thing. He says when he got into wrestling at 15 all he wanted to do was win the title they took away from his daddy “at the Garden.” He says he has had so much fun and three years ago people were laughing at him when he and The Elite said they were going to create a revolution in wrestling. Cody says that now it’s common that this is “destination viewing” every week, not an alternative. Cody says they set the table in AEW and now it’s time for some new people to eat. He says he’s carried the banner for AEW and talks about some “infighting” between he and other EVPs but says that he will be forever tethered to them. Cody says there is no better place or time than now and thanks the fans and starts to get emotional. Cody starts to take his boots off in the ring to leave them when Black appears behind him and attacks him with a crutch. Black grabs Cody’s boot as Excalibur asks if Black has “retired” Cody.