AEW Dynamite Results – 2/22/23 (All-Atlantic Championship, Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal)

AEW Dynamite Results
February 22, 2023
Phoenix, Arizona (Footprint Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro kicks off to welcome us to another exciting edition of AEW Dynamite as we go straight to ringside for our opening contest! The champ makes his way out first as we get a recap featuring his exploits, followed by the arrival of the challenger Wheeler Yuta with highlights of his recent matches before the bell gets this match underway!

AEW All-Atlantic Championship
ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. AEW All-Atlantic Champion “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

OC offers a handshake, which Yuta responds to by trying to slap the champ before we start with an exchange of high flying offense followed by nearfall after nearfall by both challenger and champion, showing just how much they know of each other. Cassidy goes for the hands in pockets but Yuta is not having any of it, locking in a leglock until Cassidy gets out of it.

Yuta stays on the attack with some more holds, but is taken down and moved into a seatbelt pin to nearly catch Yuta in one of his own moves for a nearfall. Yuta escapes the ring to take a breather as Claudio comes out to ringside…”motivating” Yuta with a slap to the face as he points to the ring. Yuta slides in and goes right back on the attack, even taking a bite out of the champ before ramping up the violence and sending him out of the ring…followed by a dive! Yuta keeps on top of things by sending Cassidy into the barricade, and then to a table at ringside before Bryce tells him to go back in the ring.

Cassidy is trapped under the table as Yuta gets back in the ring, eventually working his way out…only to be blindsided by the challenger, who sends OC back into the ring forcefully. Champ is sent to the corner, where Yuta lays in a couple hard chops to the chest before being stopped by OC…who puts his hands in his pockets! Yuta doesn’t take kindly to this, battering away at the defenseless champion before OC attempts to offset this with his “dangerous kicks”…only to take a rolling elbow!

OC with a run (hands still firmly in pockets) before hitting a headscissors and kips back, but is taken down hard by Yuta who gets back on a roll despite taking a turnbuckle to the head, and the challenger is back in control as we go to picture in picture!

Picture-in-picture: OC is down on the outside as Yuta takes a small breather in the ring, before sliding back out to continue the assault on the champion. The crowd is cleary not having this, and Yuta seems to enjoy the hate as OC slowly makes his way back into the ring. Yuta takes him back down and locks in another leglock, turning it into a surfboard of sorts and then cradling the champ for a nearfall. Yuta sends OC to the corner before whipping him to the opposite side, really savoring every bit of damage he delivers before laying in some more chops and another bite to OC’s head!

OC starts to fight back with an elbow to the head of Yuta, who only makes things worse for the champ before climbing up for a diving splash…but Cassidy rolls out of the way! OC goes for an Orange Punch but it’s countered, and Yuta counters a DDT for a brainbuster and gets a two count off the back of it!

Yuta grabs Cassidy by the arms and begins delivering kicks to the head before OC starts kicking back, getting back to his feet before…giving Yuta a hug? Yuta responds to this with a headbutt before hammering away at OC’s head. Exchange of holds here leads to Yuta getting back into the ring and hitting a German suplex on the champ. Waistlock is still in tight, until OC counters out of it…and catches Yuta with a nearfall off a rollup. Yuta responds to this with a mousetrap pin, shades of Cassidy which gets a nearfall for the challenge.

Things take a turn here as Yuta spits gum at the champ, who responds by spitting right back at Yuta before they exchange elbows. They keep at it until they both end up down on the canvas, leading to the ref beginning a count. We get to a count of seven before both men are back on their feet, with Yuta avoiding getting dumped out of the ring before going for a piledriver on the apron…but it’s countered into a backdrop by the champ! Cassidy with a DDT to the floor before sending Yuta back to the ring…and hitting a headscissors DDT!

Yuta manages to catch the champ by surprise but only gets a two count, before hammering away at the champ’s head…but Cassidy turns it around on him! Yuta slips out of a seatbelt, but the champ makes it back to his feet and connects with an Orange Punch for a two count! The champ follows up with a Beach Break for another two count, before finally hitting one more Orange Punch for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall (and STILL AEW All-Atlantic Champion): Orange Cassidy

The champ is slow to his feet as the ref raises his arm in victory. As Yuta gets to his feet, Orange offers a hug of support but Claudio makes his way back to ringside to intercept, directing Yuta to get out of there. Yuta grabs his ROH Pure title from ringside and regroups with Claudio as we cut backstage, where Hangman Page and Evil Uno are at odds with each other about the Dark Order having Hangman’s back against Jon Moxley. This ends with Evil Uno assuring Jon Moxley that there’s a rough time to be had tonight, as we go back to ringside where Ricky Starks makes his way to the ring before we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from commercial where Ricky Starks is ready to speak!

Ricky Starks Speaks

The crowd shows their appreciate for Starks as he begins, talking about the past few months and dealing with JAS, baseball bats, being put through a table, and the message is clear…Chris Jericho does not want a rematch against Starks. So, Ricky says he’s moving on from Chris Jericho…but he has an open contract for a match against himself at Revolution. Ricky knows there’s someone itching to get on this card, so come on out and let’s do the damn thing!

This garners the music of Chris Jericho and JAS, as the man himself arrives on stage with mic in hand while the crowd sings along much to Jericho’s enjoyment. Chris says he knows what Ricky’s trying to do, trying to bait Jericho into having another match. Ricky claims he’s done with Jericho, but Chris says it’s not over until he says it is, telling Starks to enjoy his one moment but know that it will never happen. Chris wishes Ricky good luck with the open challenge, hoping it goes will for him until Peter Avalon comes out, looking to accept the open challenge…only to take a Judas Effect by Jericho!

Chris makes his way down the ramp, mic still in hand as he tells the crowd to shut up. Chris says Ricky can’t have Revolution without Chris Jericho. Maybe he should take the open challenge and embarrass him. Ricky says he could, but we know that JAS would be involved…but we all saw Chris become the first-ever AEW Champion all on his own. Unless Chris thinks he can’t beat Ricky on his own, there’s no reason to accept.

Jericho insists that he can in fact beat Ricky one on one, going so far as to offer an addendum that JAS stays in the back should he sign the contract…except he doesn’t have a pen. That’s okay though, because Ricky does. Chris grabs the pen from Starks, looking menancingly at Ricky before adding the addendum and signing the open contract! Chris tells Ricky to be careful what he wishes, because nobody outsmarts the Ocho. Ricky, for his part, can’t help but smirk at the hint of irony as Jericho heads back up the ramp.

Video Package: Tag teams hyping themselves up for the Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal

Back to ringside for our next match, The Firm making their way to the ring followed by The Acclaimed with a scathing rap before the bell gets us underway!

Tag Team Match
The Firm (Lee Moriarty & Big Bill) w/ Stokely Hathaway
vs. The Acclaimed w/ “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

Caster and Moriarty to start things off, Max getting the upperhand until Moriarty turns things around, enjoying the hate from the crowd before Bowens gets a tag in and a double-team gets us a nearfall before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-picture: A lot of chaos in the ring as all four men get involved, until we end up with Caster and Moriarty once again int he ring and Lee tags in Big Bill, who beats up Caster before mocking the crowd. Bill still on the attack as he tags Lee back in, and Lee is really taking it to Caster before the former champ starts fighting back. Lee, however, manages to get back in control before tagging Bill back in again. Bill with a hard punch to Caster before mocking the crowd some more, still beating down Caster as the Gunn Club make their way out to ringside to taunt the crowd even further.

Big Bill still very much on the attack, until Caster rolls away from an elbow drop…and gets a hot tag to Bowens! Lee’s tagged in as well as Bowen overwhelms Taigastyle with a flurry of offense. Bill runs in but takes several hits including a superkick by Bowens, sending the big man tot he corner. A bit of encouragement from Daddy Ass helps Bowens, only to see Gunn taken out by Big Bill who goes after Bowens. Things spill to the outside where Bill is sent to the barricade, and the Gunn Club go after their own father on the outside until Caster intervenes. Big Bill sent to the steel post and steps as Moriarty gets a nearfall on Bowens, who manages to get one over on Lee before hitting the Arrival…followed by a Mic Drop by Caster for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed celebrate as Gunn Club hightails it up the ramp. The celebration continues as we go to Tony Schiavone on the ramp for an interview with Christian Cage!

…wait, no, just kidding. Jack Perry blindsides Christian Cage, going hard after the man that turned his back on Jungle Boy all those months ago, nearly going for a Con-Chair-to until Cage manages to sneak attack him. Cage lays a beating on Perry as retaliation, slamming the head of Perry on the steel chair before gloating to the crowd. He then shows off the busted forehead of Perry, gloating some more as officials rush out to intervene and check on Jungle Boy before we cut away.

Video Package: the feud between Wardlow and Samoa Joe

Back at ringside, Skye Blue is already in the ring as Saraya heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

Singles Match
Saraya (w/ Toni Storm) vs. Skye Blue

Saraya goes right to work on Blue, beating her up a lot before sending her out of the ring where Toni Storm continues the attack while Saraya distracts the ref. Blue is brought back into the ring by Saraya who continues the attack for a nearfall, before locking in a submission hold only to let it go. Skye makes her regret this with a headscissors into an armbar, but Saraya plants Blue onto the canvas for a nearfall!

Blue catches her off guard in the corner, but is intercepted with a punch by Saraya who goes for a superplex. Skye blocks it, sending her off the turnbuckle before dropping down on her. Following up on this is a side kick, but Toni distracts the ref to prevent a pin attempt…and Saraya catches Skye with a kick to the head! Saraya locks in a nasty looking submission and Skye Blue submits!

Winner via submission: Saraya

Saraya and Storm look to spray paint that L but Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker rush out to stop it! They end up spray painting a fan’s sign before running up the ramp…where they’re intercepted by Ruby Soho! Ruby, however, is focused on Hayter as she motions around her waist, indicating her intention to challenge for the AEW Women’s Championship!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring to speak up on the upcoming Revolution title match!

Bryan Danielson Speaks

Bryan says it’s great to be back in Phoenix, Arizona which gets a “YES” chant from the crowd. It seems like they want Bryan to win the AEW World Championship at Revolution, which the crowd agrees with. Bryan says he will do everything in his power to win that title, but first he wants to talk about what MJF said last week.

MJF says he hates Bryan Danielson…so he tries to break the arm of a friend of Bryan’s and he hates Bryan. He tried to have him injured so he can’t make it to the PPV, but MJF hates Bryan. MJF hospitalized William Regal, and he hates…MJF’s music hits as the champ makes his way out to the stage, mic in hand.

MJF says Bryan may have these schmucks twisted, but he knows who Bryan really is…and who MJF really is. Abandoned by all he considered friends, until he met a girl that convinced him that not everyone in this world is bad, and so he got down on one knee to propose to her…and what did she do? She left him.

The crowd are not having any of this, chanting “YOU DESERVE IT” as MJF says that he’s unloveable and now the only thing that he has is this AEW World Championship…but everyone loves Bryan Danielson. Bryan has something MJF will never had…a family, and yet he takes all of it for granted. Why does MJF hate Bryan? It’s not because these schmucks think Bryan is better, but because he’s had more concussions and head trauma than anyone in this business…and he’s still in his sport.

To MJF, every time Bryan steps into that ring he’s saying the sport is more important than his family…something MJF cannot stand. To the champ, Bryan is no better than Regal, who he gladly sent to the hospital. Even worse, Bryan is “addicted to the spotlight”…and at Revolution, he’s getting all the spotlight he can have, when MJF punishes him for taking things for granted. MJF says he wants to speak to Bryan’s children, but Bryan is not having any of it. MJF promises Bryan’s kids that he’s gonna beat Bryan badly and punish him at Revolution. He also promises Bryan an gift–Bryan has had enough, letting the fists fly before security rushes in to break things up.

This seems to have little effect as Bryan continues to go after the champ for his comments, as even more officials rush to the ring to get things under control. MJF breaks away to leave the ring, but Bryan is right on top of him as the melee continues on the outside. Things only start to calm down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we get a quick recap of what went down before going backstage, where Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker talk about what happened tonight along with the issue of those who want a shot at Hayter’s championship. Saraya has been impressive, but Soho probably deserves a shot…so at Revolution, it’ll be a three-way match because Hayter will beat both of them!

Back at ringside, all the teams slide into the ring as we kick off the Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal!

Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal
Winners join the Four-Way Tag Match for the AEW Tag Team Championship at Revolution

Apologies in advance if this recap feels a bit short or rushed, there is a LOT going on in the ring as we start this match. We see Parker and Menard not even in the ring, but the focus now is on Penta and Nese on the apron…and with all the chaos in the ring, we see Mark Briscoe coming out to the ring to deal with the recently-eliminated Josh Woods!

Penta going for the Fear Factor, connecting with the package piledriver on the apron that eliminates Nese…and the Lucha Bros eliminate Ariya Daivari next! We see Lethal and Rey Fenix going at it as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The chaos continues as we see Penta try to eliminate RUSH to no avail, as well as Jarrett staying on the attack elsewhere and the Blade getting some hard licks in. Lethal teetering on the ropes, but we see things continue to break down in the ring. JAS still refusing to get into the ring as Silver gets a delayed vertical suplex on Lethal! Silver goes after the Blade but Jarrett gets involved, and wee see Best Friends in the corner and the chaos keeps on!

There are still 9 teams left in the match as we come back, only to see Aussie Open get eliminated. Silver finally manages to eliminate the Blade but the Butchers goes in hard on him and Reynolds. Butcher keeps on it, eliminating Reynolds as Penta and Vance go at it elsewhere. Kick to RUSH by Penta, before taking Vance out of the equation…only to be eliminated by RUSH! Fenix goes for a kick but RUSH stops him. Fenix with a tightrope kick to the head to eliminate RUSH as Trent and Jarrett go at it in the corner.

Butcher eliminates Silver as Best Friends nearly get eliminated by JAS…before Danhausen intervenes. Danhausen is tossed over the ropehausen, but he’s not in the match and he curses JAS before they get eliminated by Best Friends…only for Chuck to get eliminated by Jarrett and Lethal! We’re down to just a handful as we go to another picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Chaos continues, possibly another elimination as Lethal goes after Fenix and Jarrett attacks Trent on the outside. Lethal tries to eliminate Fenix as Butcher goes after Martin, but both fight out of their predicament. Jarrett continues an attack on Trent on the outside despite officials telling him to stop as things look sticky for those still in the ring. Jeff finally brings Trent back in the ring, and things finally come back into a sense of normalcy for this match as we come back.

Lethal going to work on Trent as Martin and Fenix double kick Butcher, who is fighting back before sending Fenix through the ropes and eliminating Martin…only to be dumped over the top by Fenix, who is eliminated by Lethal! We’re down to Jarrett and Lethal with a lonely Trent as they go after him, hitting punch after punch. The crowd is not thrilled with this as they continue the assault, but Trent is fighting back as he tries to throw Lethal out. Trent nearly has both of them out, but Singh offers an assist that keeps them in!

Trent with a tornado DDT on Lethal, but a Stroke by Jarrett leads to him being sent over…but Trent is hanging on! Trent skins the cat so to speak as Jarrett starts to strut, but Lethal throws him back over…only to be saved by OC, helping him back in the ring! Dutt tries to get involved but is sent out, and Lethal is eliminated by Trent! Trent throws Jeff out but is saved by Singh once more, and another Stroke leads to Jeff sending Trent out and over for the win!

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

Jeff celebrates as Singh comes into the ring, before we cut away.

Video Package: the return of the House of Black, and their focus on The Elite and the AEW Trios Championship

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and we’re here with Tony Khan!

The Announcement

Tony turns it over to Adam Cole, who talks about the day being upon us as in March, a new weekly show after Dynamite called AEW All Access showcasing AEW has we’ve never seen it before. This is something we’re not gonna want to miss! Beyond that, however, that same night that show debuts we will see the in-ring return of Adam Cole! Cole talks about that day he’s been thinking about coming so, so close.

Video Package: upcoming matches for this week’s AEW Rampage, Casino Tag Team Battle Royal next week

Backstage we have Lethal and Jarrett celebrate their win until the Gunn Club heads in to discuss working together come Revolution.

Video Package: Hook returns from suspension next week, more hype for Rampage and next week’s Dynamite as well as Revolution match rundown

Back at ringside, Mox makes his way out to the ring as we see Uno and Hangman Page backstage (reminder from earlier, Uno asked Page to stay backstage so he can handle this on his own) and we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Mox continues heading to the ring as we await the arrival of Evil Uno. Uno makes his way to the ring, gearing up for tonight’s main event as we come back!

Singles Match
Jon Moxley vs. Evil Uno

The bell rings to start us off and Uno charges at Mox, going on an onslaught with some hard chops in the corner until Mox fires back with some chops of his own. We see Hangman watching on from the back as Mox continues, driving his boot into Uno’s face. Uno starts to turn things around, beating up on Mox with his vest as the ref admonishes him. Uno stays on the attack, hitting a corner splash before sending him into another corner. Mox is propped up top as Uno hits another chop, and goes for a superplex…but Mox fights back, pulling at the mask of Uno to do further damage until Uno backs away.

Uno fixes his mask before hitting a big boot to Mox, sending him off the apron before climbing up top and hitting a senton on Mox! Uno mounts up on the former World champ with some punches before Mox can get back to his feet, eventually getting back into the ring and playing possum with Uno back on the outside before sending him into the steel steps! Mox really going to work on Uno here, before he gets back into the ring. Uno is struggling but gets back to his feet on the outside before finally getting back in, only to take a boot to the face by Mox. Mox hammers away at him with clubbing blows, before Uno is able to start fighting back…and he hits a piledriver on Mox!

And again! Uno with a cover getting a close two count, and Uno is busted open as Mox is able to start turning things around in his favor. Hammering elbows into the head of Uno, Mox turns him around and locks in the bulldog chock. Uno is struggling, and struggling, and fading…but fights back to his feet! Only for Mox to wrap his legs around Uno’s body, bringing him right back down and Uno is out! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Jon Moxley

Dark Order come running down since Mox wouldn’t let go of the hold for so long after, but BCC come running down as well! BCC and Dark Order go at it until Hangman comes running out to get involved, wrapping barbed wire around his hand to deal with Mox…who wisely leaves the ring to get out of harm’s way as the show comes to a close.

Quick Match Results:

  • The Acclaimed def. The Firm
  • Saraya def. Skye Blue
  • Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett win the Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal
  • Jon Moxley def. Evil Uno

That’ll do it for me this week, thanks for reading!