LIVE Results for AEW Full Gear – 11/19/2022

AEW Full Gear (2022) Results
November 19, 2022
Prudential Center (Newark, NJ) 
Results by: Chris Gerics of

Zero Hour Pre-Show Results:

Best Friends & Danhausen def. The Factory (10 Man Tag Match)

Ricky Starks def. Brian Cage – AEW World Title Eliminator Semi-Final.

Eddie Kingston def. Jun Akiyama


Commentary welcomes us to Full Gear! JR, Excalibur and Tazz are on commentary as we start with a HUGE Steel Cage Match!

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Luchasaurus (Steel Cage Match)

Christian’s music hits first as he makes his way out to a chorus of boos followed by the behemoth himself, Luchasaurus. They both make their way down to ringside and Luchasaurus scouts the cage. Jungle Boy is out next to a MASSIVE ovation! The crowd is singing and dancing along but he looks all business. He glares at Christian before making his way in.

Jungle Boy slams the door shut as the bell rings and we are under way! Both men soak in the atmosphere as Jungle Boy takes it Luchasaurus early; he plays cat and mouse before leaping onto the cage! He hits a dropkick off the top then follows up with top rope punches. Luchasaurus comes back with a big boot before ramming Jungle Boy into the cage. Luchasaurus taunts the crowd before raking Jungle Boy’s head into the cage; and he is busted open! Jungle Boy suplexed from the apron into the ring as Luchasaurus stalks him in the corner. Series of body shots and slaps by Luchasaurus followed up with a big sidewalk slam for a two count! Jungle Boy is bleeding quite heavily already; he gets thrown again into the cage as the crimson mask spreads. Luchasaurus again throws him into the side of the cage, managing to hit all 4 sides. Jungle Boy tries to fight back but Luchasaurus shakes it off and then Razor Edge’s Jungle Boy into the cage! 1…2..NO! Jungle Boy gets the arm up. Luchasaurus carries Jungle Boy to the corner but Jungle Boy traps him in the ropes in an armbar! He fights him off but Luchasaurus hits a big boot and an avalanche chokeslam! Cutthroat by Luchasaurus! 1…2…NO! Jungle Boy just kicks out again! Luchasaurus is dominating as he intimidates Bryce Remsburg as Christian steals the cage keys from the other referee! Another ref stops him and asks for security and they drag him off!! He furiously kicks and screams as Luchasaurus kills the security and Jungle Boy flies!

Jungle Boy with a dropkick as he barrels down but gets caught by Luchasaurus and gets catapulted into the cage on the outside! Luchasaurus pulls out a table from under the ring and brings it in. He drives Jungle Boy into the cage again and starts pulling out two chairs. He also brings them in the ring before going back to Jungle Boy and dragging him back to the ring as well. They finally close the cage as Jungle Boy crotches Luchasaurus but gets dropped; he fights back with a series of dropkicks. Luchasaurus is sandwiched and gets dropkicked again! Jungle Boy just stomps Luchasaurus’ head into the cage as Jungle is gushing. He goes to piledrive Luchasaurus on the apron but gets back body dropped for his efforts. Luchasaurus sets up a steel chair looking for a chokeslam but Jungle Boy fights off and hits a step up Canadian Destroyer! Only a one count, Jungle Boy with an Unprettier to Luchasaurus!! 1…2…NO! Jungle Boy sets his own chair up before choking Luchasaurus on the ropes; he goes for something but Luchasaurus catches him and KILLS him with a chokeslam! The chair exploded! Luchasaurus sets Jungle Boy up in the corner but Jungle Boy fights him off with an Avalanche Sliced Bread! Luchasaurus sits up! Jungle Boy sits up too!! He screams at him and they start slugging. Headbutt by Luchasaurus, followed with a big right hand as he screams at him to stay down! He keeps knocking him down with punches but Jungle Boy fires up! He slaps Luchasaurus hard and just starts rifling shots! He hits a SICK Spike Piledriver! 1…2….NO! Luchasaurus just kicks out! The crowd is going crazy!

Jungle Boy has his eyes set on the table and starts setting it up. Luchasaurus goozles him and runs him into the corner. Luchasaurus hits a Tombstone then a Facebuster! 1…2…NO! Jungle Boy AGAIN kicks out. Luchasaurus sets the table up again as a “This is Awesome” chant rings out. Luchasaurus tries for a Fossilizer but Jungle Boy counters with a sleeper! Luchasaurus is fading and is set on the table. Jungle Boy goes up to the TOP OF THE CAGE and scouts his predicament. He says his prayers and hits a HUGE Elbow drop! He locks in the Snare Trap! Luchasaurus starts puking up black blood and taps out!!!!

WINNER: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Post-match Jungle Boy celebrates with his family at ringside as the commentators talk over the match highlights as they disassemble the cage. They hype up the Trios match including the fade in and out of The Elite. Death Triangle says they “couldn’t give a piss” about their cryptic messages. This match is a gift to the fans for sure Excalibur.

AEW Trios Title Match: Death Triangle (c) vs. The Elite (The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega)

Death Triangle out first with absolutely SICK entrances. Penta is dressed as the Joker and Fenix is in all gold/orange and PAC is just angry. They get a great ovation as the crowd is buzzing for the Elite’s return. LIGHTS OUT! A clock is heard ticking as a video plays on the tron; it mentions them carrying on…

CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON HITS! THE ELITE ARE HERE! They get a MASSIVE ovation as the crowd comes UNGLUED! Even Don, Brandon and Michael are here. The three look amazing as this place explodes! The crowd sings along to the song as The Elite pose. This is one of the coolest entrance and returns I have ever seen.

Bell rings! Crowd is chanting “Welcome Back!” Kenny is starting off against PAC. They stare down and lock up and the crowd explodes! Chain wrestling between the two as PAC with early advantage. He boots Kenny but Kenny slides out and hits a basement dropkick and PAC flips out of a bulldog! Nick tags in as does Fenix, they start doing insane lucha flips and counters including Nick landing on his feet from a moonsault. Both men miss with roundhouses then hit their own. All the brothers in the ring as they’re kicking each other before they all go down! Bucks catch double superkicks and hit their own! They land one on PAC too for good measure!

Omega tagged in against Penta. Matt blind tags as they triple team Penta. Fenix takes out Kenny but they hit a double team head scissors on Fenix. Nick takes out PAC on the floor with a twisting press! He takes a drink of a fan’s beverage. Kenny has Penta up but PAC takes out Kenny’s leg. PAC tags in and starts booting Kenny in the face. Penta tags back in as all three hit PK’s and a triple dropkick! Two count! PAC tags back in as he’s bleeding from the nose; he heads up top but Kenny avoids and slams PAC down and tags Matt in. Northern Lights to Fenix and a DOUBLE one to the Lucha Bros! Penta tags in and they hit the Perinium Punisher! 1…2..NO! Matt fights off Penta but PAC tags in and drags him back to the corner. PAC takes out Omega as Fenix tags in and brings him back. Matt counters a Cazadora and tags in Nick! PAC in too! Nick is a house of fire to PAC and hits an armdrag headscissors combo on the Lucha Bros. Omega and PAC in now with a flurry of shots; Snap dragon by Kenny onto PAC and Penta.

Kenny loads up like the Terminator and hits a gorgeous Swanton onto PAC and Penta and lands on his feet! Fenix intercepts Nick, Matt comes in with a DDT on the apron to Fenix! Penta up top now as Nick has him now and hits a springboard hurricanrana off the TOP ROPE! He takes out everyone as the crowd is down and chanting “Holy sh**”. Kenny sends PAC back in the ring and fires up; he hits an Ushi-Goroshi for a two count, PAC landed square on his neck. Kenny goes for the V-Trigger but PAC counters and German’s Kenny ON HIS HEAD! Multiple kicks by PAC but the Bucks intercept. Lucha Bros intercept them, they hit a TRIPLE TOMBSTONE on The Elite!! Fenix on Penta’s shoulders with a splash as Penta with a Destroyer! Black Arrow by PAC to Kenny! Brutalizer now!!! Kenny struggles but Nick breaks it up. Lucha Bros wipe out the Young Bucks on the outside and Fenix tags in. Leaping kick to Kenny, then a springboard armdrag/stomp! PAC tosses the hammer to Fenix! He tosses it back as Kenny hits a V-Trigger on Fenix! Tiger Driver ’98! 1…2…NO! Fenix just kicks out.

Sling Blade by Penta to all three members of the Elite, and they triple superkick him! Poisonrana by Nick, powerbomb by Matt, BTE Trigger! 1…2…NO! PAC breaks it up. He sends the Bucks to the outside and has the hammer again! Nick superkicks him just in time! Nick takes out PAC, Matt takes out Penta! V-Trigger to Fenix but PAC gave him the hammer. One Winged Angel attempt….FENIX USES THE HAMMER!!!! KENNY IS OUT! 1…2…3!

WINNERS: Death Triangle (c)

Don Callis is freaking out on commentary as they celebrate in the ring standing over the Elite. PAC commends Fenix for using the hammer as Penta consoles him about using the hammer. Hype package for the TBS Title match.

TBS Championship Match: Nyla Rose vs. Jade Cargill (c)

Nyla comes down to the ring in a low-rider with Vickie and Marina a la Eddie Guerrero as she makes her way to the ring. Crowd is over pretty well with Nyla as she taunts with the TBS Title. Jade makes her way out next with the Baddies; she’s sporting a gorgeous Thundercats inspired outfit as Nyla rolls out of the ring.

Nyla takes out Kiera Hogan at ringside as Jade follows up. Bell rings as Jade takes it to Nyla early. Series of kicks and forearms in the corner. Nyla fights back but gets sent out of the ring for her trouble. Jade hits a pump kick to Nyla over the barricade as they begin fighting in the crowd now. Nyla gets dumped back over but manages to trip Jade into the steps and sends her back in the ring. A couple of easy body slams and a big splash by Rose but Jade kicks out at two. Somersault by Nyla into the corner to Jade; followed up with a series of punches. Jade gets a boot up on Nyla as Jade heads up to the middle rope; goes for a flying nothing and Nyla gets the boot up and hits a neckbreaker 1…2..NO! Jade kicks out; Nyla avoids a pump kick as they exchange suplex attempts; Nyla sets her up for the Beast Knee on the ropes and hits it! 1…2…NO! Jade is able to roll her shoulder to kick out.

Nyla sets up for a Beast Bomb but Jade fights out and hits a big elbow to Rose as both women are down in the middle of ring. Jade barely covers Nyla for a two count. Jade with a POWERBOMB to Nyla! 1…2..NO! Jade is firing up as she sets up for Jaded; Nyla rolls through and hits Jaded on Jade! 1…2….NO! Nyla is furious as she sets up Jade in the corner; she heads up top and misses a Swanton Bomb and Jade hits a pump kick! She gets her up and hits Jaded on Nyla! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jade Cargill (c) (42-0)

Post-match the Baddies celebrate as the commentators run down the ROH Title match which is NEXT!

ROH Championship Fatal 4-Way – Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Jericho (c)

Bobby Cruise is ring announcing and Ian Riccaboni is on commentary. Claudio is out first followed by Danielson. Bryan is very over with the crowd as they chant “YES!” and he makes his way down to the ring. “The epitome of Sports EnnerTAINers” Sammy makes his way down to a very heated reaction; he’s wearing what I believe is anime inspired entrance gear. Le Champion is finally out next as the crowd sings along to Judas as he smirks coming down to the ring.

BCC and JAS take sides as if they’re both teaming up and they all go at each other. Jericho/Claudio and Sammy/Bryan. Jericho and Claudio fight around ringside, as Bryan and Sammy chop and kick each other in the ring. Jericho is sent into the barricade by Claudio as Sammy is tossed over top. Bryan follows with a suicide dive to Sammy as Jericho sends Bryan into the steps. Jericho and Bryan in the ring now; Jericho starts with the chops but Bryan counters back. Both men exchange a flurry of chops as now Claudio and Bryan give Jericho dual uppercuts back and forth. Now it’s Sammy’s turn! BCC exchange attacks back and forth to JAS before shaking hands in the ring. They refuse to release it as they soak in the crowd; Bryan and Claudio start uppercutting! Bryan counters a wind up uppercut into arm armbar! Claudio counters and deadlifts Bryan up but Bryan rolls through for a two count. Both men swap pinning predicaments before Jericho breaks it up. Jericho with shots to both Bryan and Claudio but he gets flapjacked and both men take a leg and give Jericho a crab. Sammy off the top with a double cutter! 1….2…NO! Sammy with a pair of two counts of Bryan and Claudio as Jericho high fives Sammy. They double team Claudio and pose with each other before sending Claudio outside. They work on Bryan now with a delayed double team vertical suplex and pose again. Jericho and Sammy attack the injured eye of Bryan; Jericho with an Attitude Adjustment and backs Sammy off of the count. Jericho gets a two, before they go back to work on Bryan; Sammy was not pleased. They keep on the offensive but Bryan counters and fights them off with elbows and kicks. Both men on their knees as Bryan hits the Yes Kicks on both! Jericho and Sammy both receive roundhouse kicks to their head! 1….2…NO! Sammy kicks out. Bryan with more kicks and chops to Sammy and sets him up top. Sammy flips out of the hurricanrana and hits a Spanish Fly! Jericho with a Lionsault on both Bryan and Sammy! 1…2..NO! Claudio in now as he deadlift gutwrenches Jericho and sets up for the Giant Swing! Jericho kicks out but Claudio with a stomp! Two count! Claudio springboards but Jericho with a CodeBreaker! 1…2..NO! Sammy breaks it up!

They both stare at each other as the crowd chants “You F*** up”. They start teeing off on one another and Sammy with vicious chops in the corner to Jericho. Jericho gets hit with a CodeBreaker by Sammy! 1….2…NO! Sammy sets Jericho up for The Walls but Jericho spins out of it. He locks it in on Sammy as the crowd cheers! Center of the ring! Bryan comes off the top but Jericho catches him and locks him the Walls now! Jericho shrugs off a boot by Claudio as he lifts Jericho OFF Danielson and locks in the Sharpshooter! Jericho crawl over to Bryan to cover him but Bryan switches up and he locks in the Labell Lock!!! He’s trapped in both now! Sammy breaks it up with a superkick to both men as he stares down Jericho; he tries to decide which guy to attack as they’re all down. He offers his hand to Jericho and they hug; but he lifts him up for the GTH! Sammy up top with a Shooting Star! 1…2…NO!!! Jericho is able to JUST kick out! WOW! Sammy and everyone are stunned as he goes to work on Bryan and hits the Hammer and Anvil elbows but Bryan no-sells it. He just coldly stands up and turns around. Sammy realizes he made another mistake and gets a big slap by Bryan then pressed over the top into Jericho! Buisaiku Knee by Bryan to Claudio!!!! 1….2…NO! Claudio kicks out!

Bryan sets him up for the Hammer and Anvil elbows; Claudio switches it up and hits elbows of his own! Bryan hits more, so Claudio powers him up. Pop up uppercut by Claudio but countered by Bryan for a two count! Bryan on the apron now as Claudio heads up top with Bryan looking to suplex him in. Bryan knees his way free as Sammy cutter’s Claudio off the top and a Spanish Fly to Bryan! Bryan rolls through into the Labell Lock!!! Jericho breaks it up out of nowhere; then takes out Bryan with a triangle dropkick. Cactus clothesline by Claudio followed up with an uppercut. Claudio catches Bryan off the apron and hits a Neutralizer on the floor! Sammy off the top with another shooting star press! Claudio catches him with a SICK uppercut! 1….2…NO! Sammy kicks out!!! This match is crazy! Claudio sets Sammy up for a Neutralizer but Sammy rolls him up. Claudio catches him in the Giant Swing! Jericho with a LEAPING Judas Effect to Claudio! Another one for good measure! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Chris Jericho (c)

Jericho celebrates up the ramp as we cut to a Saraya/Britt Baker hype video

Grudge Match: Saraya vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Saraya makes her way down to the ring first to a big ovation as her brother Zak Zodiac is shown at ringside. She celebrates with the crowd as Baker’s music hits. She looks all business as she makes her way down without Jamie Hayter or Rebel.

They stare each other down and talk trash before locking up. Saraya with the hair pull and slam onto Britt; Britt with a headlock of her own followed up with a shoulder block as Saraya goes down holding her neck; just taunting Britt about being fully healthy. Saraya with a headlock and sends Britt into the ropes and hits a thrust kick to Britt as she powders out. Britt blocks a dropkick and hits an apron assisted neckbreaker onto the floor! Saraya is out as it shows her brother cheering her on. Britt cranks her neck in front of her brother and tosses her aside. She waves to Zodiac and sends Saraya back in the ring. Britt gets a two count before going back to work on the neck. Britt sends her in the corner but and hits another neckbreaker for a two count.

Britt pulls out the glove for the Lockjaw and taunts. Baker comes off the ropes with a running neckbreaker this time for another two count. She just blatantly chokes Saraya but when she tries to follow up, Saraya gets her in an electric chair and plants her on the apron then hits a crossbody! Baker in the ring 1…2…NO! Both women slug it out as Saraya manages to hit a series of clotheslines for a two count! She sends Britt into the corner and starts stomping a mudhole in her; Britt catches the boot and drops her into the turnbuckle. Paige counters with the Night Cap! 1…2..NO! Britt counters with a small package then attempts the Lockjaw but Saraya gets the rope before it’s applied.

Britt hits an Air Raid Crash for a two count then continues to pummel Saraya and hits the Stomp! 1…2…NO! Britt puts Saraya on the top rope but Saraya counters with a NASTY Sunset Flip Powerbomb for two! Small Package Driver by Saraya! 1…2….NO! Britt just gets her shoulder up. Saraya sets up and applies a submission but Britt gets out. Britt counters a full nelson and Britt with the Lockjaw! Saraya rolls through for a two count! Saraya with a big knee strike to Britt after a big superkick! Two count! Britt with a ripcord elbow then a fisherman’s neckbreaker! Stomp again by Britt! 1…2….NO! Saraya kicks out AGAIN! Britt can’t believe it; Saraya rolls through another Air Raid and hits a knee! Another small package driver by Saraya! A second one! 1….2….3!

WINNER: Saraya

Post-match, Saraya celebrates up the ramp as she waves and kisses to the crowd. We see shots of MJF and Moxley hyping up the main event. Promo package for the 3 Way TNT Title match.

TNT Championship Match: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow (c)

Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way to the ring first, decked out in some nice neon colored gear. The death tones of Joe’s music hits as he makes his way out as the crowd chant “Joe, Joe” Joe taunts with his title as Wardlow makes his Goldberg-esque entrance and he looks pumped up and MEAN! This is one of the matches I’ve been most excited for I won’t lie.

All three men square off in the ring as Wardlow takes it to both of them quickly, but focuses on Joe on the outside. Wardlow relentless on the outside and sends Joe into the ring post as Hobbs flies in from the side and wipes out Wardlow. Hobbs sends Wardlow into the steps and then slam his head on the apron. Rolls him in and EASILY lifts Wardlow up for a delayed vertical suplex. Joe in now with shots but Powerhouse with a back elbow to stop that. Hobbs hammers down on Wardlow’s chest in the corner and then Hobbs hits a T-Bone onto Joe! He starts choking Wardlow before going back to work on Joe; sends him in the corner and also sends Wardlow but he leaps up to the top and hits a WHISPER IN THE WIND!!! Headbutt to Joe and a wind-up lariat to Hobbs! Wardlow up top and hits a Swanton onto Hobbs! Joe with a senton onto Wardlow before sending him out. Joe whips Hobbs in the corner and hits an enziguiri before face washing him in the corner and a running boot. Wardlow in again but Joe with an atomic drop then a Yakuza kick and senton! 1…2…NO! Wardlow able to kick out at two. Joe locks Hobbs in a front headlock as Hobbs is fading but Wardlow comes running in and shoulder tackles them and Hobbs gets DDT’d as well! Wardlow on the offensive to Hobbs in the corner before he spinebusters him and gives on to Joe as well! 1…2..NO! Wardlow football tackles Hobbs outside as Joe comes flying with a suicide dive onto both men! Joe throws Hobbs into the barricade and looks to piledriver Wardlow but Hobbs runs in and TRUCKS Joe into the guard rail! A chair ringside is mangled after that wow.

Hobbs straps down, hits a big spinebuster onto Wardlow! 1….2…NO! Champ kicks out! Hobbs looking to powerslam Wardlow but he fights off and hits a powerbomb on Hobbs! He hits another! The symphony is starting on Hobbs as the crowd cheers along; Wardlow fires up looking for another and gets it but Joe nails him with the belt! Joe locks the Coquina Clutch on Hobbs! Hobbs taps and we have a new champ!!!!


Post-match Joe celebrates as Hobbs finally comes to as both men look dejected but nod as a sign of respect. Tony Schiavone in the back with Jericho and Hager; he mentions the dissention but Jericho says it’s competition and a future champion but I am still the greatest ROH Champion. OC walks up and says Tomohiro Ishii wants to fight him on Dynamite! Jericho says OC still owes him $7000; he calls Ishii a “Young Boy” and says if you want a chance “You got it, your senpai is waiting Baka.” Essentially called him stupid; Hager challenges for the All-Atlantic Championship next week! Hager screams about his hat as they walk off.

Hype video for Darby/Sting vs. Lethal/Jarrett plays highlighting the history of the rivalry as well as the history between Sting and Jarrett.

Tag Match: Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett vs. Darby Allin and Sting

Tony Schiavone relieves JR on commentary as Jay Lethal and Sonjay make their way to the ring. My World hits so this is already a perfect PPV. Jarrett is out in his classic TNA garb with the red and white; Jarrett calls out a group of masked Stingers out to the ring as Jarrett pushes a fan at ringside! The lights go out as a body bag is on the entrance as Lethal brings the Stingers but Darby’s music hits! Lethal keeps walking as smoke back him up as Darby FLIES on the skateboard as Sting is in the ring! Jarrett doesn’t see him!

He turns around thinking it’s his plants but it isn’t! Sting stares him down as Jarrett is begging him off and the crowd chants TNA! Sting fires up! Right hands by Sting and some by Darby! Lethal breaks it up and goes up top but Sting presses him off onto the apron! That was disgusting; Darby and Jarrett are fighting in the crowd and Sting and Lethal do the same. Darby sends Jarrett into the guard rail and a snap suplex on the floor! Darby heads up to the stage while Lethal gets crotched on the barricade. Darby comes back with a ladder and sets it up on the ramp; He climbs up for a Coffin Drop but Satnam Singh catches him! Singh is carrying him about 30 feet then throws him onto the ramp! Sting and Lethal keep fighting in the crowd as Lethal gets punched over a security rail. Satnam catches Lethal but Sting takes out Satnam and Lethal!!! Sonjay is ballistic and Sting shouts as Jarrett sends Darby into the steps. Sting brings Lethal back as Jarrett is now using a chair on Allin. He sends him in the ring then follows up with an Irish Whip and knee into the Strut! Big lariat to Darby and Lethal tags in.

Lethal locks in an abdominal stretch onto Darby as Sting reaches out. Lethal sends Darby into the corner but Darby comes out of it and they both knock heads. Both men struggling to their corner as Sting gets the tag! Takes out Jarrett and Lethal! Stinger Splash to both men and turns Lethal inside out. Scorpion Deathlock by Sting! Sonjay punches him but he no sells; so Satnam Singh absolutely MURDERS Sting with a chokeslam! Jarrett with the cover 1…2…NO! Darby and Lethal tag in and start slugging but Lethal with a pump kick then Lethal Combination! No! Only a two count; Lethal tells Jarrett to get the guitar and he holds Darby up. Darby ducks and Jarrett almost hits Lethal. Stundog by Darby onto Lethal! Darby tries a Coffin Drop but Jarrett with a guitar shot as Darby came down!! WOW! Darby just POPS back up and does the Sting spot from TNA!!!! He no sells everything in his fire as Sting takes out Sonjay. Singh back in but Sting blocks it and looks for the Death Drop! Darby with the Coffin Assist onto Satnam Singh!! Darby takes out Jarrett and looks for the Lethal Injection but Sting catches him in the Death Drop! Darby with a Coffin Drop onto Lethal! 1….2….3!

WINNERS: Sting and Darby Allin

Post-match Darby and Sting celebrate in the ring as they have their hands raised and celebrate in the ring while the commentators hype up the AEW Interim Women’s Championship.

AEW Interim Women’s World Championship Match: Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm (c)

Hayter makes her way out first and she is doing it solo tonight just like Baker did. The crowd is red hot for Hayter! Toni Storm makes her way out as Hayter fires up in the corner. They both stare down and nod as Hayter looks genuinely moved by the reaction she’s getting.

Both women lock up and immediately break apart. They go at it again as they scramble for advantage around the ring. Hayter eventually gains control but Storm transitions out of it as they exchange chain wrestling in the early stages of this match. Hayter attempts her ripcord lariat but Storm avoids as Hayter avoided a Storm Zero. Storm tells her to kiss her but and hits a front dropkick then a patented Hip Attack to Hayter off the apron. Hayter whipped into the barricade; she’s able to gain the advantage and sends Storm head first into the barricade. Hayter rolls in to break the count then tries to send Toni into the post but Storm slips out and Hayter goes head first. Storm bounces her head off the apron and chops her up against the ring post; on the third one Storm chopped the post and Hayter takes control. They both make their way back in as Hayter poses to the crowd and hits a suplex into a pin for a quick one count. Hayter with another one for a two count this time.

Hayter sends Storm into the corner and facewashes her as Storm chops back but Hayter cuts her down and then follows up with a big shoulder tackle for two. She slams Toni’s head repeatedly into the mat before choking her on the bottom rope. Rear chin lock on Storm and Hayter pushes the ref off; she immediately shakes his hand after while still choking Storm. Both women with elbow strikes to each other and Storm with a Thesz Press onto Hayter as the crowd loudly boos. Toni hits the Hip Attack in the corner and hits a crossbody! 1…2…NO! Storm attempts Storm Zero but Hayter fights off; Storm is able to come back with a tornado DDT for a two count! Both women keep just beating the crap out of each other as Storm hits a sickening headbutt on Hayter! 1…2…NO! Storm looked like she knocked herself out too; Rebel runs down the ramp as both women on their knees and striking. Hayter with two big boots as Storm is busted open from the nose. Hayter with a back eblow and Storm follows up with one too. Hayter just starts clubbing her and Rebel hits her with the belt! Sliding Lariat!! 1….2…….NO! Storm just kicks out as referee Paul Turner ejects Rebel. Storm with a ripcord lariat to Hayter! 1…2…NO! Storm may have broken her nose; she sets up for a Cloverleaf but Hayter avoids and sends her out. Britt Baker out of nowhere with a Stomp on the belt! Hayter with Storm Zero! 1…..2….NO!!!! Storm kicks out! Hayter looks defeated and Baker is furious!

Hayter fires up but Storm avoids a ripcord lariat and hits Storm Zero! 1…2…NO! Hayter kicks out again! Cloverleaf attempt but Storm knocks Baker off. Backbreaker by Hayter for a two count! Crowd solidly behind Hayter and she hits a corner lariat and a series of back elbows. Baker took off the turnbuckle pad and Storm gets sent into it! RIPCORD LARIAT BY HAYTER!!! 1…2……3!

WINNER AND NEW INTERIM AEW Women’s Champion: Jamie Hayter

Post-match, Hayter celebrates with Baker and Rebel as the commentary hypes up the main event as well as the World Tag Title match, with both teams giving intense promos interspersed with match footage.

AEW World Tag Title Match: Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed (c)

Swerve is out first with a really odd looking mask before Keith Lee’s music hits. Lee avoids a fist bump but Swerve pulls him back and makes him. They both deeply exhale and make their way in the ring. The Acclaimed’s music hits! Max comes out rapping about Kanye, Twitter, and calls them the black “Jay and Silent Bob”. Max has an extended rap; making fun of Swerve’s look and cheating, Keith Lee’s size and says “Everyone loves the Acclaimed.” Bowens hypes them up as he is taped up on his shoulder. Daddy Ass is not at ringside for this match.

Crowd chants “Scissor me Daddy” as Swerve taunts Bowens’ injury. They all square off as Bowens hits a rolling elbow on Lee but hurts his arm. Lee gets hurricanrana’d by Bowens with help of Caster. Lee sent out and he takes a nasty fall. Swerve getting pummeled and they hit the Scissor Me Timbers onto Swerve and his glories. Bowens stomping away at Swerve in the corner. Swerve with a punch to Bowens’ shoulder but Bowens fights back. He misses an elbow drop and Swerve brings him into his corner and Lee tags in. Hammerlock body slam by Lee on to Bowens as Swerve sends Caster into the barricade all around ringside. Swerve grabs a barricade from the audience area and sets it up on the apron. Bowens with a superkick but Lee chops him down viciously and sends him arm first into the guard rail. Swerve tries a suplex on the rail but Bowens counters and hits one on the floor. Bowens makes it in the ring at a 7 count as Lee continues to manhandle Bowens and focus on the arm. He hits a big body splash onto the injured arm for a two count. Bowens tries to fight Lee off but Lee hits a headbutt then continues to attack the shoulder.

Swerve tags in and locks Bowens’ arm in his own tights then kicks his shoulder. Lee in now with Bowens on his shoulders but Caster takes out Swerve. Bowens with a POISONRANA to Lee as both men are down. Swerve and Max tag in as he takes it to both men and sends Swerve to the outside. Wipes out Swerve with a dive and tries to lift Lee but can’t; he ends up hitting a hurricanrana off the rope onto Lee. Lee rolls through and grabs Caster and brings him to the top rope. Lee has Caster up top but he pushes him off! Diving Fameasser from Caster onto Lee! Swerve gets caught with a Death Valley Driver! 1…2…NO! Swerve and Bowens are now legal as the Acclaimed double team Swerve with a flapjack facebuster for a two count! Bowens tries for the Arrival but his arm is too injured; Swerve rolls him up for a two count and Bowens almost sends Swerve into the barricade set up but Lee saves him. Caster takes out Lee onto the guard rail! The rail is bent in half! Looks like Caster may have banged up his knee on that landing; Swerve with a roll through flatliner and hits the Swerve Side kick! 1…2…NO! He sets up Bowens again and hits two more kicks! Swerve can’t believe Bowens isn’t out. He screams at Swerve as Swerve grabs his head and points to the camera and KILLS him with another kick! 1….2….NO! Bowens again kicks out, Swerve goes for the Stomp and kicks Bowens off; he misses the Stomp and Bowens hits the Arrival! Tag made to Caster and MIC DROP! 1…2…NO! Keith Lee breaks it up in the nick of time.

Caster boots Lee out of the ring as the Acclaimed set up for something but Swerve kicks Bowens’ arm and Lee tags in and completely kills Caster then POUNCES Bowens outside of the ring; they hit the Fall from Glory! 1…2….NO!!!! Caster kicks out!!! Lee and Swerve set up again but Max is able to get a tag to Bowens while still held on by Lee. Lee powerbombs Caster onto Bowens as Swerve sends Caster into the ring bell table. Swerve has a pair of pliers now! He is going to break his finger but DADDY ASS IS HERE! Swerve boots him as referee’s pull them away. Swerve sends Bowens in the ring and Swerve offers the pliers to Lee!! Lee contemplates it but tosses it aside! Swerve slaps him! Lee is FURIOUS! He is stoic as he pulls Bowens up and WALKS OUT ON SWERVE! Swerve screams at him and Bowens rolls him up for two! Bowens rolls through The JML Driver and tags in Caster. They hit a sick double team on Swerve! 1…2….3!

WINNER: The Acclaimed (c)

Post-match The Acclaimed celebrate as Swerve looks on in the corner. The commentators run down the main event as we cut to a hype package with interviews from MJF, Tony Schiavone, Moxley, Excalibur, and more.

AEW World Championship Match: MJF vs. Jon Moxley (c)

MJF out first to a huge celebration but leaves before running out and getting a hero’s welcome in New Jersey. He bows a la Punk on the stage then makes his way down as the crowd is elated. He goes to a lady and motorboats her breasts and then taunts in the ring as a thunderous ovation plays out.

WILD THING! Jon Moxley’s music hits as we see him walking through the arena with William Regal at his side. He finally reaches the crowd and they’re just as excited for Moxley. Moxley slowly makes his way down to the ring and soaks in the adulation. Justin Roberts with the Main Event introductions. He plays to the crowd as Moxley is focused in the corner and Moxley flips off MJF.

Bell rings and the main event is under way! Moxley immediately haymakers MJF. Moxley awaits for MJF and gets a small slap. Mox with a vicious elbow then nasty chops onto MJF and rakes his eyes across the rope. More chops and biting the head of MJF. Mox ducks down and MJF struts over him then sends Mox over top. He teases a dive but just runs the ropes instead. Mox back to biting MJF in the corner and then flips off the crowd. MJF slides out and starts putting the boots to Mox. Mox comes out and kills him with a lariat, then a series of crossface strikes and kicks the rope into MJF’s throat. Throw out suplex by Moxley and transitions into an STF. MJF bites Mox’s hand to break the hold and starts laying in shots. Mox just takes it then chops MJF hard; he hits a Falcon Arrow into an armbar. MJF tries to pin him but only gets a once before Mox gets the armbar applied but MJF scrambles to the ropes. Follows up with a couple of corner lariats as MJF powders out. Mox grabs his belt and taunts with it; MJF spits a drink in Mox’s eyes but he is able to send MJF into the steps.

Mox taunts MJF for not being good enough and follows up with shots in the corner. MJF flies out of the corner with a desperation clothesline as both men are down. Both up at the 5 count as MJF rakes the back and hits a flurry of right jabs and follows up with a big left! MJF sends Mox into the turnbuckle pad 10 times; Mox tries for a Paradigm Shift but MJF trips him up in the corner. He gets a quick two count as MJF grabs the belt and kisses it, but clears everything off of it and sets the timekeeper’s table beside the ring. Mox with a cutter out of nowhere and follows up with the wristlock stomps. MJF tries to fight back but Mox is relentless before bowing and taunting the crowd. Mox says it’s time for MJF to die and sets him up for a piledriver off the apron into the table but MJF fights off! MJF muscles up Mox and hits a Tombstone on the apron! MJF hit his knee really hard and he’s in a lot of pain. He scrambles to cover Moxley! 1…2…NO! MJF screams that it’s “HIS TIME” and sets him up again on the apron. Mox fights out and attacks the knee; Mox with a RHINO DRIVER OFF THE APRON!!!! WOW!!!! Mox actually got some air when he dropped him. Moxley up to his feet first and crawls in; referee is starting to count MJF out. Bryce Remsburg makes it to a 9 count as MJF barely gets in at 9.5! Paradigm Shift by Mox! 1…2..NO! Mox goes right after the knee and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock! He taunts a la Danielson and just wrenches on MJF’s leg. MJF gets pinned a couple of times for a two count and desperately tries to roll out of it and finally does!!! Mox grabs the bottom rope immediately after the pressure was reversed; MJF out of nowhere with the Heat Seeker! 1…2..NO! MJF fires up and tries for another but Mox throws him off then chop blocks the knee of MJF. Moxley back to work on the knee as MJF pleads with him; Mox tries for an attack off the top but MJF crotches him! MJF has Mox in a powerslam position but Moxley fights out and hits the Hammer and Anvil elbows on the top rope! MJF is dazed as Mox hits an AVALANCHE PARADIGM SHIFT!!!!! 1…2….NO! MJF gets his knuckle on the rope in time.

Moxley stalks MJF as MJF is just dead weight in the ring now; Mox taunts MJF to give him his best shot and MJF spits at him! Mox slaps him down as MJF with a shot. They trade elbow strikes but Mox with a quick kick to the knee. Mox tries for a clothesline but MJF pulls the referee into Mox! MJF pulls out the Dynamite Diamond Ring as William Regal makes his way down to ringside and chastises him. MJF chucks the ring then flips off Regal. Mox with a choke and MJF rolls through for a two count! New ref in and he gets taken out! Bryce struggles to gets to his feet as Mox locks the Bulldog Choke! MJF is tapping but the ref can’t see! REGAL SLIDES MJF THE KNUCKS!!!!!! Right hand by MJF knocks Mox out cold!!!!! MJF crawls towards Mox….1……..2……..3! NEW CHAMP!


MJF celebrates in the ring as the commentators are stunned by what just happened. MJF looks genuinely emotional as security helps him get to the back with his knee then pushes him away. He collapses on the ramp and clutches the title and smiles doing snow angels on the ramp as the PPV goes off the air.