AEW star MJF flips off 7-year old boy at a meet and greet event last weekend

AEW star MJF flips off 7-year old boy at a meet and greet

AEW star MJF (Maxwell Jacob Freedman) flipped off a 7-year old boy at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo meet and greet this past weekend, as AEW held the Revolution Pay-Per View at the Wintrust arena.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, Tom Gilmartin brought his son to meet MJF at the event, and MJF stayed in character putting up his middle finger in the boy’s face.

The boy’s father then raised the issue with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes by stating that he “tried to laugh it off knowing he’s just in character” but that it really upset his son. Gilmartin also said that he knows that’s his gimmick, “but he’s only 7 and doesn’t understand.”

Gilmartin also is saying that is son is now being mocked online, and wants AEW to keep their talent in check when meeting kids at fan events.

Cody has invited Gilmartin and his son to a future event and has promised they will receive the family VIP treamemt.

TMZ also states that Cody took to Twitter noting the following about the situation:

”DISCLAIMER: If you have a meet/greet or inquire media wise for MJF, you’ll get MJF…Talent have freedom of expression so please don’t think anybody is going to act any different than they do on TV.”

TMZ stated that when they reached out to MJF for comment, he repsonded back with “F**k them kids.”

You can check out the clip with MJF and the boy posted to Twitter from GiveMeSport.