AEW star Sammy Guevara apologizes for inappropriate comment, Sasha Banks responds

Sammy Guevara apologizes

Sammy Guevara of All Elite Wrestling has apologized for an inappropriate comment he made about WWE’s Sasha Banks on a podcast in 2016.

On the podcast, Guevara stated that he did a tryout with WWE at the Performance Center and met Banks there. Guevara said, “I wanted to go f—-n’ rape that woman.”

Earlier today, Guevara apologized for his comments on Twitter. Guevara stated that he recognizes he has made “stupid, inappropriate, and extremely offensive comments in my past” and thought he was “being funny in using words and terms that represent nothing but horror and pain.” Guevara said he would never forgive himself.

Guevara also stated that he spoke with WWE’s Sasha Banks and thanked her for teaching him a “gigantic lesson.”

Banks also responded on social media confirming she had an open discussion with Guevara after he apologized to her. Banks stated the comments he made have absolutely no place in society and can have a massive impact on someone’s life. Banks hopes conversations can continue to be had in order for growth and change to happen in the community.