AEW suspends Sammy Guevara without pay, salary will be donated to Women’s Center

Sammy Guevara suspended

All Elite Wrestling has announced the suspension of Sammy Guevara without pay. Guevara will undergo sensitivity training with his salary being donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

AEW insists on doing our part to create a world of understanding and respect for humankind. We therefore strongly condemn the extremely offensive and hurtful words of Sammy Guevara. As such, effective immediately, Sammy is suspended without pay until further notice. Sammy has agreed to undergo extensive sensitivity training and, upon completion, his future status within the company will be re-evaluated.

During his suspension, his salary will be donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

Guevara made an inappropriate remark about Sasha Banks on a 2016 podcast, saying, “I wanted to f—-n’ rape that woman.” Guevara apologized on Twitter and said he would never forgive himself. Banks also responded, saying she had an open discussion with Guevara and stating, “We have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and the words we say, and I hope this situation shows him that.”