Matt Hardy has posted a new video on his YouTube Channel (view above) saying that maybe it’s time for him to just be himself, to be the real Matthew Hardy.

He said that when he first made the decision to come to All Elite Wrestling, he thought the sky was the limit in AEW.  He said that he was excited and that when he first debuted in AEW as Broken Matt Hardy, what he expected was every Wednesday he was going to be in front of sold out arenas across America with people screaming at the top of their lungs – “DELETE! DELETE!” DELETE!, but that isn’t what happened.

He then said what he didn’t expect was that Broken Matt Hardy would debut at the first ever AEW empty arena event, and that Broken Matt never performed in front of AEW fans. He then said that he thought Broken Matt is AEW would be his greatest run yet, but that is not what happened, and that is frustrating. 

Hardy said that he decided to change course and do a “highlight reel” of his past characters.  He said that he was supposed fued with Sammy Guevara, but then he got suspended, which was frustrating. 

He went on to say that its a frustrating time in America, and that there is so much division, choas and racial injustice, social injustice and that in the midst of a killer pandemic, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to weaponize the choas against one another for their own polictical gain.

Hardy also talked about being a mentor in real life for Private Party and their mentor on AEW television.  He closed by saying that maybe its time to be something he has never been on TV before, and that maybe it’s time to be  a voice of reason, to bring healing to America and maybe it’s time be to be the real Matthew Hardy.