Matt Hardy suffers injury during Broken Rules Match at AEW All Out, went to hospital

Matt Hardy injured at AEW All Out

Matt Hardy suffered a head injury during last night’s AEW All Out.

During the Broken Rules Match against Sammy Guevara, Guevara gave Hardy a spear off a scissor lift. Hardy crashed through some tables below, but overshot and smacked the back of his head on the concrete. Hardy appeared to be unconscious for a few moments, tried to get up, and could not regain his balance.

Referee Aubrey Edwards threw up the “X” sign to indicate a legitimate injury. Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Hardy and the match was initially stopped. It would soon restart. A dazed Hardy and Guevara would brawl into Daily’s Place and quickly go to the finish, which was Guevara falling off a scaffold through a crash pad.

F4WOnline reports that Matt Hardy went to the hospital soon after the conclusion of the match. AEW commentator Tony Schiavone stated during the broadcast that Dr. Sampson cleared Matt Hardy to continue after Hardy told him he was ok. It was later clarified that Sampson gave him an examination before allowing him to continue.

Hardy’s wife, Reby commented on the incident following the match, noting that there is nothing entertaining about concussions before putting shame on all those in the building.

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