AEW reportedly spoke with two talent about their match on Dark Elevation

Fightful Select is reporting that AEW management spoke with Athena and Jody Threat after their match on Dark Elevation that was taped last week at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto.

Athena was working stiff with Threat in their match. Fightful Select noted there was a spot during the match where Threat slipped on what her comeback was supposed to be and she ended up getting a “little lost” and then asked Athena what was next in the match and then things from their became a mess. A clip of that part of the match is below:

Fightful Select further notes several people were confident that Threat had no problem with the physicality but it should not have happened the way it did. Fightful said that those close to Athena said after the match both women were approached by management to make sure that everything with them was okay. A source familiar with the situation was said to have felt that Athena and Threat had an opportunity to lead by example instead of letting their match turn into a mess.

There is said to be no backstage heat between either women. Another source told Fightful that Threat is not big on wanting the attention that comes from situations and tried to keep herself away from the backstage politics.