Matt Hardy announces deletion match to take place at the Hardy Compound

During the Friday, April 14 episode of Rampage, Jeff Hardy commented on his return to AEW.

Jeff said that he spent the past nine months of “crawling out of his own personal hell.” Matt then said he is excited for Jeff’s return as well, before announcing a big match as the Hardys, Isaiah, and Hook take on The Firm…and that match will take place at the Hardy Compound, where The Firm will be rendered OBSOLETE.

For the past several months, Matt Hardy and Private Party have been contractually obligated to The Firm. Ethan Page had been mistreating Matt, who ended up working up a friendship with Page. However, it was a trick all along by Matt, who turned on Page during the April 5 episode of AEW Dynamite. Matt had put stipulations in the contract with Page’s contract against HOOK, that Page never read.

It was during last week’s AEW Dynamite Matt teased that he had a match set up that could release Matt and Private Party’s freedom from The Firm. This is when Jeff made his surprise return and saved his brother from an attack by The Firm.