Jeff Jarrett invites Jim Cornette to 11/1 AEW Dynamite

During a recent edition of My World with Jeff Jarrett, the former WCW Champion noted he was doing media in Louisville ahead of the 11/1 edition of AEW Dynamite.

This led to a conversation between Jarrett and his co-host, Conrad Thompson, as to whether Jarrett would pick up Jim Cornette to come see the show.

Conrad Thompson: Are you gonna go pick up your old pal Jim Cornette and bring him down to see the show?

Jeff Jarrett: I would love to have Corny. I’d love to have him.

Thompson pointed out that Cornette does not travel, before joking that if the lights go out during Dynamite on Wednesday, fans should look out for someone getting hit with a tennis racket.

Cornette, a noted critic of AEW, has already responded to the invitation on social media:

Cornette and Jarrett have collaborated in the past, most notably when Cornette was an on-air authority in Total Nonstop Action and when the pair were a part of an ongoing NWA angle in the World Wrestling Federation in 1998.

Source: Fightful