Health updates on AEW stars Sammy Guevara, Serena Deeb, and Bandido

Per F4WOnline, Sammy Guevara has reportedly been medically cleared to return following a concussion sustained at WrestleDream.

Dave Meltzer addressed the situation on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, saying he didn’t know exactly when Guevara was cleared, but that “Sammy will be back soon now.”

This follows Guevara and his wife Tay Melo welcoming their first child to the world on 11/28.

F4WOnline has also reported on the latest update regarding Serena Deeb, who revealed on Instagram that she has been cleared to return to action following a series of unprovoked seizures that began in October 2022.

In the video, Deeb goes into detail about the situation, explaining the process of seeing various doctors to run tests, and getting a better understanding of what she and others go through, before receiving the good news from her neurologist that she is officially cleared to wrestle.

One AEW star that has not been cleared to return, however, is Bandido, whom F4WOnline reports has not been able to heal his arm properly from a surgery in early July, forcing the former ROH World Champion to receive another.

Bandido was previously on track to return in December, being advertised for a show with the Riot promotion in Mexico on 12/9, but the timetable of his return is not clear as of time of writing.