Report: AEW Revolution grossed $1 million in ticket sales

Wrestlenomics has reported that AEW Revolution grossed just over $1 million in ticket sales.

The figure comes from records provided by the City of Greensboro in response to a public records request, detailing various revenues and expenses for the pay-per-view event that featured Sting’s retirement match in the main event.

The net revenue, after taxes and fees that include $64,865.10 in sales tax and $9,547.23 toward Ticketmaster fees, was $951,417.17.

The records request also includes the turnstile count, accounting for 13,950 tickets out of a total of 15,837 sold for the event.

This marks the event as one of the highest gates in AEW history aside from All In, which holds a claimed gate of $10 million.