AEW Rampage Results – 1/20/23 (Action Andretti vs. Daniel Garcia and more!)

AEW Rampage Results
January 19, 2023
Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens up with Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho on commentary.

Ethan Page vs. “Jungle BoyJack Perry

Page went right for the Ego’s Edge, but Jungle Boy countered. The action goes to the outside. Ethan hits Jungle Boy with a huge clothesline on the outside. Back in the ring, Page has Jungle Boy on the top rope, but he counters and hits Page with a huge drop kick. Stokley Hathaway distracts Jungle Boy as he takes out Jungle Boy as tosses him to the outside. Page hugs Matt Hardy on the outside as Hardy doesn’t look pleased. Page tosses Jungle Boy back in the ring. Page picks up Jungle Boy and headbutts him in the chest. Page then clotheslines Jungle Boy over the top rope. As the action is on the outside, Page and Jungle Boy exchange blows. Page comes back and shoves Jungle Boy’s head into the ring post as he goes down. Page picks him up and tosses him back in the ring. Page goes after the lower back of Jungle Boy and Page then picks up Jungle Boy and drops him down.


Back from the break, Jungle Boy hits a reversal on Page, but he caught by Page, but Jungle Boy gets loose and hits Page with a huge lariat! Page comes back with a back body drop on Jungle Boy. Page charges toward Jungle Boy, but he met with a boot to the face. Page comes back with a powerslam on Jungle Boy and cover him – 1 – 2 NO! Jungle Boy kicks out. Page is up and as Jungle Boy gets up, Page kicks him. Page attempts a few twists of fate, but Jungle Boy counters. Page then comes back and hits Jungle Boy with a twist of fate this time and covers as the ref counts 1 – 2 – NO! Jungle Boy kicks out. As Jungle Boy rolls to the floor, Hook’s music hits as the fans go crazy! Page tries to pin Jungle Boy and grabs Matt Hardy’s ponytail for leverage, but Hardy swats away Page’s hand and Jungle Boy rolls up Page for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy “Jack Perry”

Post-Match: Hathaway gets in the ring and calls Hardy an idiot. Page asks why Matt costs him the match. Page asks Matt if he has his back. Page asks Matt what he did. Matt said he was trying to tell Hook to leave. Page asks Matt if he has his back and Matt says he does. Page then says Matt owes him. As Jungle Boy and Hook look on from the entrance ramp, Page challenges Jungle Boy and Hook to a match on Wednesday’s Dynamite. Hathaway then tells Matt he is in time until Wednesday, throws down the mic and walks out of the ring.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Ortiz. Tony asks Ortiz to explain what is going on with his friend Eddie Kingston. Ortiz says he has fed into the mind of the games of House of Black. Ortiz says he appreciates the time, but he should be talking to Eddie and handle things like men face to face. He asks Eddie to come out. Eddie’s music hits and Eddie comes down to the ring with a chair. Ortiz has the mic as Schiavone leaves. Ortiz says this is the only way to get his attention. Ortiz questions why Eddie was going to hit a woman and says that is not how his parents raised him and where they come from they don’t hit women. Ortiz says that Homicide would says that Eddie is a coward and a fake tough guy. Eddie then hits Ortiz in the gut with a chair and then hits him again, but in the back as the fans boo and Eddie walks off with the chair.

Video package airs with Darby Allin issuing a challenge to the House of Black and Buddy Matthews for the TNT Title at Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack 

Both men lock up as Cage has Mack in an armbar. Mack then reverses it and has Cage in an armbar. Both men go back and forth and Mack takes down Cage with an armdrag, but Cage comes back and nails Mack to the face with a big flying boot. Cage has Mack in the corner and hits him with big forearms. Cage picks up Mack and puts him in the corner and chops him and then kicks him in the mid-section. Mack falls down and Cage gives him a big boot to the face. Cage then poses before grabbing Mack as both men are on the ring apron. Cage then picks up Mack with one arm and drops him spine first on the ring apron as we go to the break!


Back from the break, Cage has Mack in the corner and then tosses him to the next corner. Mack comes back with a big kick on Cage who goes down. Both men get up as Mack comes back with a big clothesline. Cage tries to come back, but Mack drops Cage with a sky-high and covers him – 1 -2 – NO! Cage kicks out. Both men are up as Cage then kicks Mack with a huge boot to the face as Cage then plants Mack and covers him, but NO! Mack kicks out at two! Cage tires to powerbomb Mack, but he counters, then Cage hits Mack with a huge knee strike, a big boot to the face and then the drill call. Cage covers Mack and covers him as the ref makes the three count.

Winner: Brian Cage

Post-Match: Wee go to the the commentary team talks about the Jacksonville Jaguars football game at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend. JR showed off his Jags sweatshirt he is wearing and Jericho say they are going to the game as that the jags are going to kick some a–.

AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill & Leila Gray vs. Jaina and Jordyn Vanity

Gray and Vanity start the match. Gray has Vanity down with a front face lock. Both women get back up. Vanity has Grey in a headlock, but Gray stomps on Vanity’s foot and then hits her with a shoulder block. Gray then shoves Vanity into the turnbuckle. Gray tags in Jade as the fans clap. Jade hits Vanity as Chris Jericho does not know which Vanity is in the ring. They both do look a lot alike. Jade takes down Vanity as she then tags in Gray who takes down Vanity with a face buster. Gray goes for the cover, but Jade say no and wants to be tagged in. Jade picks up Vanity and face plants Vanity and covers her for the win as the big screen shows a 49-0 record, as the commentary team talk up Jade’s 49 wins and zero loses.

(I wasn’t sure which Vanity sister was in the ring as the other sister didn’t even get tagged in. The commentary team wasn’t sure either which Vanity sister was in the ring as well, so I don’t feel so bad…UGH!)


Back from the break we have a video package hyping Action Andretti vs. Daniel Garcia, with both competitors. Mark Henry then says there has been enough talk and its time for the main event. Excalibur just a little slower than normal, runs down the card for Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Action Andretti vs. Daniel Garcia

Garcia comes out first with Sammy Guevara who then goes to the commentary table. Tony Schiavone is gone off commentary for this match. Andretti comes out to an okay ovation.

Garcia charges Andretti and puts the boots to him as Andretti has not even taken his jacket off yet. Andretti comes back and hits Garcia with a flying back elbow and then chops Garcia, but Garcia reverses it, but Andretti hits Garcia with a hammer throw. Garcia is down and Andretti hits Garcia with a tornado off the second rope. Garcia is up and Andretti comes back with chops to the chest as Garcia goes to the floor. Andretti then leaps through the ropes to Garcia on the floor. As Andretti comes to the floor, Garcia drops Andretti with a huge clothesline to the face and then is tossed into the ring steps as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Garcia kicks Andretti in the face as he has a hold of his hand. Garcia continues the kicks to the face. Andretti comes back with a huge lariat on Garcia! Andretti then hits Garcia with a neck breaker and then goes to the tope rope. Garcia goes to the outside, but Andretti takes him out on the floor. Garcia goes back in the ring as Andretti then hits him with a moonsault from the ropes. Andretti picks up Garcia but Garcia counters and has him in a choke, but Andretti reverses it for a pin attempt. Andretti picks up Garcia and drops him with a neck breaker and then covers him, but only gets the two count! Both men are down. Andretti is up then Garcia. Garcia hits Andretti with a huge spring board clothesline to the face. He covers Andretti, but NO! Andretti kicks out at two! Garcia tries another pin attempt, but NO! Andretti kicks out. Andretti hits Garcia, who is down with a shooting star press, covers Garcia and gets the win!

As Andretti celebrates the show goes off the air.

Winner: Action Andretti

Jerome’s thoughts: Tonight’s show felt like it was lacking. I felt like I was watching a glorified episode of Dark. AEW did a good job tonight of advancing story’s which is import, but Rampage didn’t have the usual oomph that it has had over the last few weeks. One other positive element was that the show did not drag and Excalibur was better on commentary overall tonight. Yes, he still did talk fast. Even though the show was taped Wednesday night, they didn’t have any mention on the passing of Jay Briscoe – not even a graphic.