Review: Money Plane staring Edge and Kelsey Grammer never leaves the ground

Despite the star power of WWE Superstar Edge (Adam Copeland) and veteran actor Kelsey Grammer, this action-thriller which was directed by Andrew Lawrence, is one of the worst video on demand movies of 2020. 

Jack Reese (Edge) is a professional thief and former gambler with a $40 million debt and his family’s life on the line, must commit one final heist, which is to rob a casino in the air that is filled with the world’s most dangerous and vicious criminals.

Reese attempts to steal an expensive painting from an art museum with the help of his crew.  However, when Reese enters the museum, he soon finds out the painting is not there, and that it was all a set-up.  They are then left with no other choice but to abort their mission, and quickly flee without the painting.

Out of options, Reese then confronts a notorious gang leader, Darius “The Rumble” Grouch (Grammer) at his house, who tells Reese he paid his debt and he now works for him.  The final job is for Reese and his crew to sneak aboard and rob the Money Plane. To avoid any harm of his family, Reese takes the job to clear his debt.

The night before the heist, Reese asks his long-time best friend Harry Greer (Thomas Jane who is best known as The Punisher from 2004) to watch over his family while he on the heist. Greer also offers to help Reese find out how the art museum heist was a set-up. 

One of Reese’s team members, Isabella (Katrina Norman) breaks off to secure the money in the plane’s vault, but get’s into a fight with a guard whom she kills before he can blow her cover.

Harry later reveals the painting Reese’s crew failed to steal is already owned by Darius, and that that the Money Plane heist was just another set-up for Reese and his crew to fail.  It is after that Reese and his crew decide to keep on going with the heist and to work with Harry for a plan B. Reese’s new plan is to expose to the gamblers on the plane that Darius is the one who planned to steal their money. 

The team escapes the plane via an emergency exit door while throwing the all the cash money out of the plane, all at the same time the Money Plane assassins go to to Darius’ house to kill him.

Money Plane, which is a terribly acted mid-air casino heist film filled with low-budget 1990’s gore, bad dialogue, and lots of foul language, never leaves the ground.

The movie, which is currently streaming on Hulu, also stars Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Denise Richards and Patrick Lamont, Jr.

You can view the trailer for the film above.