David Stephens reviews 2/4 WWE RAW

David’s RAW Thoughts
February 6, 2013
By: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Every so often a RAW comes around where it feels like the creative staff and roster are a bit worn out. It generally happens in between PPVs, and that’s what this week’s RAW felt like. It seemed as though everyone was trying to get through the show instead of making it a marquee event. Perhaps the absence of The Rock had an adverse effect on the night’s importance because it was largely a dull and pandering RAW.

Without a doubt the biggest moment of the night was the announcement of Bruno Sammartino’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. This has been a long time coming and no one will make the case that he does not deserve to be in the Hall. There are certain names that were necessary in order to add an air of legitimacy to the institution and Bruno helps fulfill that requirement.

Cesaro didn’t put up a strong fight against Ryback. It was obvious that Ryback was constantly one power move away from putting an end to the match. Cesaro’s popularity continues to grow each week.

Speaking of people who are one move away from ending a match, I can’t stand Randy Orton’s character at this point. The guy will go five minutes without mounting any sort of absence and then hits a random RKO for the win. This happens every single week. It doesn’t make him seem like an unpredictable monster, it makes him an obnoxious performer.

Jack Swagger made his scruffy return to RAW this past week. He opted not for a wardrobe change, but instead grew his hair out a bit and screamed like a monkey that stubbed his toe after hitting each move. I’m not going to hate on this character change just yet (well, not any more than I just did) because at least he is trying.

Alberto Del Rio cut a very strange promo after his match with Cody Rhodes. He pandered directly to the crowd and it seemed forced. I suppose the idea is to try and turn him into the next Eddie Guerrero, but I don’t know if the general audience at large is ever going to come to his side. I’m eager to see how the face Del Rio develops over the next couple weeks as at least at this moment I’m interested in his character. I’ve never once been interested in him up until this point. Small steps, but he is getting there.

It was surprising to see Rey Mysterio in a match tonight as it was widely reported that aside from his Rumble appearance he was not yet ready for a ring return. That concern was diminished as Mark Henry decimated the high flyer. That’s one way to keep him out of action.

The dissolution of Team Hell No was a forgone conclusion, but it will be sad to see the most entertaining duo in the company go about their separate ways. Sure, they were only together for a few months, but they will go down as one of my favorites. Regardless of how terrible RAW may have been from week to week, Bryan and Kane always managed to bring a smile to my face and entertain the audience. At the end of the day that’s what this business is all about.

Someone really should tell The Miz that he is far too small to go up against Brock Lesnar. If anyone thinks that Miz has a chance against Lesnar either in real life or in Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s world, you’re insane. It’s simply not plausible.

Jericho and Punk put on a stellar showing. They worked well in their feud this past year even if their material was controversial. Jericho overwhelmingly won the poll which if nothing else shows that the audience will invest themselves in a face Jericho. Yes, he is a fantastic heel, but when he is on fire as a face there are few who I’d consider more entertaining to watch. Jericho is at the twilight of his wrestling career so seeing a nice run as a face is refreshing.

The Shield/John Cena confrontation at the end of RAW was pretty lame. Instead of a large brawl The Shield was able to scurry their way up into the crowd. It was a huge tease with a limited pay off. Poor Brad Maddox received the brunt of the punishment and he had no business being out in the ring in the first place. Silly man.

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