Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 4/4/13

The Final Impact
April 5, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

The opening promo last night was okay for what it was, to set up the big 10-Man Tag.

The Knockouts tag had some good action but the goofiness with Joey Ryan was a little much, I think the gag with him just staring at the knockouts instead of making the pin went on a little too long.

Roode/Aries were strong in their contract signing but Chavo was really bad. The 2/3 Falls stipulation should make for a really great match next week, but the breakup stipulation is interesting too. I think they are definitely heading towards a feud between Dirty Heels/Bad Influence, but it doesn’t seem like it would make a ton of sense to break Chavo & Hernandez up at this point unless TNA has plans for them elsewhere. With Hernandez & Homicide reuniting as L.A.X. a couple of weeks ago at the One Night Only tapings this would definitely make some rumors start up if Hernandez/Chavo lose next week.

The vignettes with Pearce & Magno were extremely strong this week and I truly think both guys would be good on the main roster, but Magno seemed to choke during the match. He botched a couple of spots badly though he did bounce back and hit a couple of really good spots later on. Pearce is a great talker but I’ve never really been too impressed with him in the ring (he’s not bad by any means) while Magno would be a great addition to the X-Division to give some more flavor to it. I think it’s pretty obvious Pearce is going to be getting the contract though.

The promo with Hogan/AJ added some intrigue to the AJ story as did the Aces & Eights flat out offering him a vest and spot in the group. It seems like TNA has backed off the plan of having AJ face Storm next week (reports from the tapings last week said that Hogan announced Storm-AJ for next week) and that is probably for the best to keep this mystery thing with AJ going.

Great X-Division action in the 3-Way and boy was it good to see Lil’ Petey Pump back in TNA. I do truly hope the rumors that Petey has re-signed with TNA and the 3-Way with Zema & King should be really fun.

I definitely enjoyed the action in the 10-Man Tag and there was some great action in there. Matches like that are really fun to do every now and then.

Bully Ray was excellent at the end of the show, Brooke not so much. Good interaction/tease between Ray & Hardy before next week’s Title Match.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Bully Ray/Gut Check Vignettes
– Match of the Night: 10-Man Tag (***)
– Overall Grade: B+

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