Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 4/25/13

The Final Impact
April 26, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Again I want to say I’m sorry for those that actually like reading my recaps each week (if you don’t I’m sure you liked it better this week) but my DVR just flat out didn’t record Impact last week. I knew I wasn’t going to be home in time for the start of the show so I was just going to watch it on DVR when I got home. Hopefully that won’t ever happen again.

This week’s show opened up with the continuing AJ Styles saga and Bad Influence was as entertaining as ever. I liked the Fortune tease but that actually seems like it’s going to play more into the feud with Dirty Heels more so than the angle with AJ. Bad Influence planted a little seed of doubt in Dirty Heels by trying to talk Roode into reforming Fortune as well. It eventually led to Bad Influence accidentally costing them the belts too. They keep teasing that feud and I can’t wait until they go full blown into it. They really tried to get over AJ’s new submission (and I have no problem with the name unlike a lot of people on the internet it seems) with both the announcers and Storm putting it over.

TNA decided to have two Knockouts matches the same night as the new Knockouts website debuted which I doubt is a coincidence. Terrell & Tara was just another match to make Terrell look stronger. It was okay for what it was but Tara needs something better to do.

Another Rob Terry squash does nothing for me. The Robbie & Jesse team could be funny at times but I have zero desire to see Rob Terry involved in anything.

The “Hail Sabin” video package was absolutely excellent and it’s really going to be great to see Chris Sabin back in the ring. If anybody deserves to get a solid push it’s the returning Sabin. That guys past two years have been pretty rough. The X-Division vote for the next “new” guy for a Challenger Match is interesting but the 3 names are pretty random. We haven’t seen Rockstar Spud since the UK tapings though I’ve seen that he has been working a few live events as of late so I’m assuming TNA is getting ready to bring him to the main roster. Rashad Cameron is very good and I would love to see him in TNA more, but Suicide?! What the hell? We haven’t seen that character since early 2011. Kazarian & Daniels I would imagine have no desire to return to that character even if for one night and they have their own things going on right now anyway. The only other person to portray the character was Kiyoshi and he’s back in All Japan at this point.

Another good match between Dirty Heels and the Texicans and they continue to tease Bad Influence/Dirty Heels. This was by far the best match on the show.

They’re building towards something with Matt Morgan, I just don’t know what yet.

Mickie & Velvet was okay for the most part but they definitely should have had the last match on the Tag Titles. Mickie just seems to be treading water but her going after Velvet’s injured could be seen as sort of heelish (but to me seems just a logical move) so maybe it’s the start to something.

The Sting return was expected but honestly it doesn’t do much for me though I know the crowds love Sting. It definitely seems like we’re heading towards Sting vs. Bully Ray at Slammiversary with probably Hogan in Sting’s corner (or even as referee). I didn’t really much care for the final segment but it was interesting at least that Sting seemed to have some heat toward Hogan still too. Ray reading off the list of Aces & Eights victims was a nice tough though. Two 50 year old dudes clearing house on a gang of guys that have been pretty much destroying the roster does absolutely nothing for me regardless of how big of a pop it gets.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Anything involving Bad Influence
– Match of the Night: Dirty Heels vs. Chavo & Hernandez (***)
– Overall Grade: C-

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