Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 5/9/13

The Final Impact
May 10, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

The crowd was pretty hot last night and Kurt Angle’s intensity in the opening segment definitely helped that. That was a really, really solid opening promo to help set up the rest of the show as well as further AJ’s loner angle. I didn’t expect the fight with Angle though.

Kenny King gave his best promo since coming to TNA and I liked the almost Muhammad Ali like sing-songy way (only way I could describe it) he delivered it. That was the first time since they did these 3-Way Title Matches they’ve given us a reason to want to see someone beat King up and actually someone to root for other than the fact that someone was returning or something like that. Sabin wasn’t bad in his role either.

The Knockouts match was okay and Velvet is still selling the knee injury while Gail Kim remains on a rampage even attacking a heel this time. I’m interested to see where they’re going with her (I’m expecting something involving Velvet’s knee soon) while Mickie James continues to tread water.

DOC and Magnus was way too short but a pretty hard hitting match while it lasted. I liked the D-Lo interference backfire as it really was the start to giving the babyfaces some momentum back after getting beat on for so long. D-Lo being stripped of his colors is going to be interesting to watch to see if he turns on A’s & 8’s to help TNA.

Dirty Heels & Bad Influence were having yet another excellent match until they did the Non-Finish (which I HATE by the way but it made sense since James Storm has no reason to like either team). It looks like they’re going to do the same 3-Way from BFG which was great but I would much rather see Bad Influence & Dirty Heels in a program by themselves.

The Suicide vignette was nice but my question still remains who in the world are they going to put under the hood. I really hope it’s someone new rather than just making Daniels or Kaz reprise that role again.

The Main Event was really a standard 6-Man Tag for the most part but decent enough until Abyss came down. He brought some nice intensity and the crowd definitely seemed to be into it. The Abyss return was nice and I want to see how they handle the Joseph Park/Abyss connection now. The babyfaces needed to get some momentum after being really destroyed by Aces & Eights the last couple of months so things are starting to even out again. I expect that to change as we get closer to Slammiversary though.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: TIE (Opening Segment/King-Sabin)
– Match of the Night: Dirty Heels vs. Bad Influence (***)
– Overall Grade: B

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