Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 6/6/13

The Final Impact
June 7, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Coming off of Slammiversary (which I felt was a really good show) TNA started down the path to Bound for Glory with the announcement of this year’s Bound for Glory Series as well as other storyline developments. The opening segment set up the Main Event for later nicely though I HATE, HATE, HATE doing a match like a Ladder Match without at least hyping it for a week.

Chavo and Hernandez was okay but it really seems the story here is the possibility of them breaking up which has me scratching my head as to where either of them will go.

Good squash for Joe as he looked as dominating as he needed to.

I’m really digging Mickie’s over the top sarcastic thing she’s doing right now, it’s been far too long since Mickie was full blown heel. The match with Taeler was okay while it lasted but the fans were more entertained by what they were chanting than the match itself. God, Taeler Hendrix is hot. I mean Mickie is too but there’s just something about that pale skin redhead.

I really loved Rampage’s introduction and the interaction with Kurt Angle was excellent. Boy, could that be a damn intriguing feud. My question with Rampage is how long will it take for him to get out there? Proper training takes time but wrestling fans are not very patient these days. So will they make the mistake of rushing him out there or will they take their time like it seems is going on with King Mo. That’s another thing, what about King Mo? Rampage vs. King Mo in both Bellator and TNA or maybe even a tag team? One things for sure Rampage has the charisma and the intensity and the loud mouth to definitely make a go of it in wrestling, and with his recent injuries I don’t know how long he has left in the tank for MMA.

Really fun 6-Man Tag tonight and with Dirty Heels likely moving on to the BFG Series what does that mean for the Tag Titles? I LOVED the way Hogan put Chris Sabin over at Slammiversary and they made sure again tonight to remind us that Sabin can cash in the X-Title for a shot at the World Title at Destination X, but they haven’t told us when Destination X will happen. I’m expecting it to be a special themed Impact but maybe we can luck out and they’ll do a special on a Sunday night or something on Spike TV (unlikely).

The Abyss attack on Devon & Knux was really well done. The split personality angle is finally starting to get pretty good.

Bully & Hardy had another good match going on until the unbelievably cheap finish. Jeff always seems to take insane bumps in these matches. I fully expect Brooke to end up turning on her dad which I really hope I’m wrong about, but definitely seems like the road they’re going down.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Rampage’s debut
Match of the Night: 6-Man Tag (***)
Overall Grade: B+

Until next week… PEACE!

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