Ring of Honor “Dragon’s Reign”
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania (Rostarver Ice Garden)
Taped on: May 11, 2013
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of WrestleView.com

Kelly & Corino welcome us to the show. Corino says he has a surprise tonight, consider it a late birthday gift. We go to the opening contest with famed indy ring announcer Larry Legend, making his ROH debut.

Before the match starts, QT has a mic and says to Legend his name is not Marshall, its Mar-shall. RD gets the mic and tells the crowd to get comfortable, because he has a lot to say. “Power Ranger” chants by the crowd. RD says he asks one favor. When QT & I face the Wolves, we receive your full support. Its true that the Wolves are one of the best teams in ROH history. “Wolves” chant by the crowd. RD screws up QT’s name which brings out a “You f’d up” chant by the crowd. RD goes to continue, but is interrupted by the music of the Wolves.

“God’s Gift” QT Marshall & Barrister RD Evans vs. The American Wolves (“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards)

Chants by the crowd for Richards & Edwards. Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds. Richards motions that he is gonna kick QT & RD low. Richards & QT will start. QT backs Davey into the corner and shoves him. Davey works on the arm of QT to start. QT doesn’t go down off a tackle, but does off a dropkick. La Magistral for a nearfall. Davey goes back to the arm. Eddie tags in, double stomp to the arm. Double backdrop, RD knocked off the apron. Eddie gains a nearfall. Edwards now working on the arm. Rana sends QT to the outside. RD in and gets a shot in on Eddie. RD with a victory lap, but avoids the Davey apron kick, however its QT who gets hit with it. Eddie soaring and scoring on RD with a tope dive!!! “ROH” chants by the Belle Vernon crowd. Back in, missile dropkick by Davey on QT. Corner clothesline by Davey, slam by Eddie, diving headbutt by Davey for a nearfall. Corino called that a “flying concussion”. Chops by Eddie on QT. Davey in and sets up QT in the corner. RD stands in Davey’s way. Spinning back kick to RD. Distraction allows QT to hit a back suplex to Davey.

QT dropkicks Eddie off the apron. RD in and he stomps away on Davey. QT back in, backbreaker/flipping neckbreaker combo for a nearfall. Davey fights back, but QT maintains control. RD chokes Davey while ref is with QT. RD in, neck vise applied on Davey. Davey comes back with a spin kick. QT in, knocks Eddie off the apron to prevent a tag. QT mocks the wolf howl, gains a nearfall. “Let’s Go Davey” chants by the crowd. Davey fights back, QT comes back with a back elbow for a nearfall. RD in, leg lariat for a nearfall. QT back in, Davey avoids a double team, RD ducks enziguri, QT gets nailed. Roll-through by Davey, Eddie tagged in.

Chops to RD, Kobashi-style. Eddie avoids QT, RD gets chopped accidentally by QT. Kobashi chops to QT. Another chop to RD. Belly-to-Belly to QT. Front-Plex to RD. Superkick to QT for a nearfall. Davey in, but RD blind tags in and QT with a double clothesline. Straps down for RD and he mocks the wolf howl. Wolves avoid him, Alarm Clock Kick! Superkick/German combo, but QT breaks up the pinfall. Davey tagged in, but QT grabs his leg. Flying mare by RD to Eddie, rolls up Davey with the tights, but Davey gets out before 3. Headscissors by RD, QT with a boot to the back of the head. RD kicks Davey off, powerslam by QT, Davey kicks out. QT tagged in, “this is awesome” chants by the crowd. QT goes for God’s Gift on Davey as RD heads up top. Eddie kicks RD off the ropes, Davey counters with a backslide for a nearfall. Head kick to QT, Davey catches foot in the corner, KICKS HIM IN THE DICK!!!! Corino says Davey kicked QT in the “ding ding”. RD placed in Tree of Woe. Hesitation dropkick by Davey. Shattered Dreams kick to QT by Davey in one corner while Eddie chopped RD IN THE DICK in the other. Mushroom Stomp by Eddie to QT, Double Stomp by Davey, QT KICKS OUT!! Anklelock by Davey on QT. RD in to break it up. Edwards stops him. ACHILLES LOCK!!!

RD & QT both have no choice but to tap-out.

Winners: The American Wolves by submission

Corino says that QT & RD have a legit beef because they were hit low and the ref didn’t call a DQ. Wolves celebrate their win. Davey steals RD’s scarf and wears it around his waist.

“The Sicilian Psychopath” Tomasso Ciampa vs. Vinny Marseglia

“Welcome back” chants by the crowd. Ciampa quickly adheres to the Code of Honor while remaining in his usual intense state. Ciampa backs Vinny to the corner, breaks clean. Ciampa slams Vinny down, sliding dropkick. Ciampa works on the arm of Vinny. Spinning back elbow, Ciampa takes Vinny down. Vinny fights back, Ciampa takes him back down. Back clubs, flipping hammerlock submission by Ciampa. Commentary compares Ciampa’s comeback to that of Adrian Peterson in the NFL. Stranglehold by Ciampa, elbows to the head. Knee by Vinny, roll-through into 2 dropkicks. Little botch off a leapfrog and Ciampa favors the injured knee. Elbows by Ciampa, Cactus Clothesline to the outside. Vinny picked up and driven HARD into the barricade!!! Gourdbuster by Ciampa onto the barricade!!! Kneepad down, RUNNING KNOCKOUT KNEE TO A DRAPED OVER VINNY!!! Ciampa plays to the crowd as the crowd chants “ROH”. Ciampa removes ring mats, exposing the concrete. SUPLEX ONTO THE CONCERTE FLOOR!! Back in, Ciampa gains a nearfall. Vinny wrapped up in the ropes, Hesitation Dropkick by Ciampa for a nearfall. Arm submission by Ciampa along with elbows to the head. Vinny fights back, leaping forearm by Ciampa. Basement blockbuster for a nearfall. Vinny again fights back, drop toe hold by Ciampa. Ciampa goes to the outside, Vinny kicks him into the barricade. Ciampa goes to the apron, drills Vinny with a knee strike. Enziguri by Vinny, followed by a dropkick and a back elbow. Charging forearm, followed by a Flashback variation. Running DDT, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Roll-up by Ciampa for a nearfall, but sent to the outside. Tope suicida by Vinny!!! Corino says he is gonna need some of BJ Whitmer’s Somas after the show because of how loud the crowd is. Back in, missile dropkick by Vinny for a nearfall. Strike exchange from their knees, then to their feet with Ciampa taking over. Kneepad down, but Vinny stops him. Ciampa avoids a charge, 2 RUNNING KNEES! Make that 3!! Ciampa lifts up Vinny and goes to the middle rope.

SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!!! Ciampa gets the victory.

Winner: “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tomasso Ciampa by pinfall (Super Air Raid Crash)

Ciampa says into the camera afterwards, “I want you Michael Elgin!!” “Next on my list!” “Unbreakable…………my ASS!!””

We go backstage with Truth Martini, Matt Taven & the Hoopla Hotties. Martini says they are the H.O.T, too hot for TV. We have HOOPLA running through our veins. Tonight, Tadarius Thomas faces the TV Champion Matt Taven in a Proving Ground match. The only thing that will be proven is that you are not in Taven’s league. It is time………Scarlett interrupts and asks if its time for her to take her pants off? Martini laughs maniacally. Taven says he & Thomas have faced each other before. History shows one man came out on top and went on to bigger & better things. In a world where we look to history for the truth, tonight, history will repeat itself. Martini says that is life. Love, pain & HOOPLA!!!

Proving Ground Match: “TD” Tadarius Thomas vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & The Hoopla Hotties (Scarlett Bordeaux & Seleziya Spark)

Martini has the mic before the match. Martini has a question. What its gonna take for Matt Taven to get your respect? He has beaten Adam Cole, Mark Briscoe, the list goes on & on. After this match, he won’t need to earn your respect, he’ll take it. TD, you’re going to D.I.E. courtesy of the H.O.T.

Code of Honor somewhat adhered to before bell sounds. TD shows off his agility in the early going. Matwork early before TD with a kick to the back. Armdrags into an armbar. Taven avoids a kick, dropkick by TD for a nearfall. No one home off a moonsault by Taven. TD misses a kick, roll-up by Taven for a nearfall. TD avoids a kick, kips up, Capoeira kick to Taven. Martini on the apron, but Taven cannot capitalize on the distraction. Another capoeira kick, TD headstands out of the pumphandle headlock driver. Exploder for a nearfall. TD sent to apron, avoids Martini twice with cartwheels on the apron. Distraction allows this time for Taven to capitalize, hitting a springboard dropkick.

Martini does a victory lap as TD down on the outside. TD sent back-first to the apron multiple times. Taven slams TD head-first onto the apron. Back in, Taven with a nearfall. “Taven sucks” chants as he begins to take over. Seleziya has words with a fan, delayed suplex, followed by a kip-up by Taven. TD avoids the springboard corkscrew senton. Scarlett distracts TD, spin kick by Taven for a nearfall. Taven continues to be in control, hits a slam. Corkscrew senton this time connects for a nearfall. Taven with right hands, TD tells Taven to hit him harder. Taven talks trash, Capoeira kick by TD. Taven avoids a head kick, enziguri for a nearfall. Taven yells at TD to “stay down”. Right hands from the mount. TD choked in the ropes, Taven distracts ref, Martini chokes TD. Taven misses clothesline, Martini pulls at the leg. Referee ejects Martini & the Hoopla Hotties!!! Roll-up by TD for a nearfall.

Taven begs off, series of kicks by TD. Running back elbow, followed by a slingblade for a nearfall. Half nelson suplex for another nearfall. “Let’s go Thomas” chants. Taven places TD on the turnbuckles, dropkick to TD. Draping swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Thomas gets the knees up on a frog splash attempt.

Taven blocks the tiger suplex, hits the pumphandle headlock driver for the victory.

Winner: Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven by pinfall (Pumphandle Headlock Driver)

The H.O.T. comes back out and celebrates with Taven afterwards.

“The Last Hero” ACH vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Code of Honor adhered to, but Elgin pulls ACH in after. ACH tries a shoulder tackle early, but runs into the wall that is Elgin twice and goes down. ACH tells Elgin to go off the ropes. Quickness shown by ACH, headscissors. Elgin blocks an armdrag, then a rana off the ropes and a Sunset flip. ACH avoids a butt drop, basement dropkick for 1. Elgin blocks a slam, then a back suplex. ACH with a kick, but Elgin blocks a suplex. ACH sidesteps Elgin, Elgin goes to the outside. Elgin avoids an Arabian press. Handspring off the apron into a headscissors by ACH. Elgin catches ACH’s tope suicida, BELLY TO BELLY ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

ACH whipped HARD into the barricade, flipping in the process. Clothesline sends ACH into the front row. ACH gets back in before the 20 count. ACH fights back, but Elgin takes over. Delayed suplex for 10……20……30…..35 seconds!! Elgin gains a nearfall. Corino makes a Pittsburgh Pirates joke. Mr. V would not be happy. Dueling chants by the crowd. ACH fights back, but Elgin mows him down. Another nearfall by Elgin. ACH blocks a suplex, hits one of his own!!!

ACH makes a comeback, avoids a kick, hits a dropkick. Sliding kick from the apron. Elgin blocks an enziguri, ACH with an axe kick on the apron. Baseball slide, AIR JORDAN!!!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Back in, Elgin catches a crossbody, ACH counters out, Cross Rhodes variation for a nearfall. ACH gets out of a German, Black Hole Slam by Elgin for a nearfall. ACH blocks a deadlift German, roll-up for a nearfall. ACH goes head-first into corner, running DVD into the corner by Elgin!! ACH gets his hand on the ropes before count of 3. Front/back clotheslines by Elgin, ACH with a dropkick. Rolling forearm by Elgin, ACH with an enziguri. ACH with a pump kick, Elgin with one sends ACH into the corner. ACH catches Elgin with an Ace Crusher. Elgin stops ACH on the turnbuckles. They fight on the turnbuckles, Elgin blocks a Sunset flip powerbomb. DROPKICK by ELGIN as ACH tries a springboard!!! Elgin calls for the end. DEADLIFT FALCON ARROW OFF THE TOP, ACH KICKS OUT!!!!

Elgin can’t believe it, neither can I!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Roll-up by ACH for a nearfall. Standing Urnangi by Elgin. Elgin goes up top, ACH avoids the corkscrew senton. Front kick, pump kick, Paige Turner variation by ACH for a nearfall. ACH heads up top, rolls through 450 Splash attempt. Spinning backfist, Buckle Bomb by Elgin!!! Goes for Elgin Bomb, ACH counters, REVERSE RANA!!!! ACH heads up top, 450 SPLASH, ELGIN KICKS OUT!!!! More “ROH” chants by the crowd. “This is wrestling” chants. ACH goes for the Big Bang Attack, Elgin fights out. Elgin avoids a kick, rolling elbow to the back of the head.


Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

“That was awesome” chants by the crowd. Corino says it may be early, but this could be the match of the year and a future iPPV main event. Elgin pantomimes a title belt around his waist, crowd chants “Next World Champ”. Crowd chants for ACH as he starts to get up. “Thank you both” chants. Elgin raises ACH’s hand.

Dalton Castle vs. Jimmy Nutts

The match barely gets underway when Rhett Titus runs in and lays both guys out with the Rhettribution.

No Contest

The music of Kevin Steen hits and he rushes the ring and our next match is underway.

Grudge Match: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. “Ruthless” Rhett Titus

Right hands & forearms by Steen. Titus sent to the outside. Titus sent into the barricade on 3 sides of the ringside area. Steen charges, CANNONBALL! Steen plays to the crowd as they chant “Mr. Wrestling”. Corino yells at Steen that he is nothing without him. Distraction allows Titus to nail Steen from behind. Steen sent into the barricade. “F you Titus” chants. Steen avoids a right hand, Titus goes groin first into the ringpost!! Corino complains about the ref not counting out Steen. Again, Titus sent groin first into the ringpost. Steen bows to the crowd. Titus blocks the apron powerbomb, drives Steen into the barricade. Head-first goes Steen into the barricade. Double sledge off the apron by Titus. Boot by Titus, then they go into the ring. Steen whipped hard into the corner not once, but twice. Crowd wills on Steen. Back body drop by Steen. Sweeps out the leg, back senton splash! Steen charges, Titus avoids the cannonball! Running boot by Titus as Steen’s head is against the ringpost. Titus gains a nearfall. Elbow drops to the back. Titus pulls at the face and chokes Steen. Kick to the hamstring by Steen, snot rocket to Corino!!! Seated surfboard by Titus, crowd wills on Steen. Exchange of forearms, Titus comes back with a dropkick for a nearfall. Steen fights back, Titus with a back elbow, Steen goes to the outside. Titus goes after him, Steen sends him into the barricade. F-CINQ ONTO THE APRON!!! Back in, Steen heads up top. STEENTON BOMB!!! Titus kicks out!! Titus slips out of the F-Cinq. Titus with a knee to the ribs, leapfrog bulldog for a nearfall. Titus heads up top, Steen stops him. Titus blocks a superplex, boots to the face. Frog Splash to the back!! Steen kicks out!! Steen avoids the Rhettribution, POP-UP POWERBOMB for a nearfall. Titus blocks the Package Piledriver and the F-Cinq. Ref gets poked in the eye by Titus’s foot. Titus kicks Steen low!! Roll-up, but Steen kicks out!! Steen avoids an avalanche, kicks Titus low!! Ref admonishes Steen, mule kick to Titus!!


Winner: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen by pinfall (Package Piledriver)

Corino says afterwards that he will be filing a protest over what just happened. Corino wants Steen to say he’s sorry. Steen leaves, but as Titus gets to his feet, Steen comes back out. LOW KICK, 2ND PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! Steen goes to leave, but picks Titus back up. 3RD PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! Steen stares down Corino as he finally leaves.

Corino says a tragedy has happened here as Titus is helped to the back. Corino says this is why we hate ROH, they allow a ref to let things like this happen.

Triple Threat Match: “The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong vs. “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole vs. “The Buzzsaw” B.J. Whitmer

Code of Honor adhered by all 3 before the bell. Triple knucklelock. No one gains any advantage on the other 2. Clean break. Corino makes another Pirates joke. Shoulder tackle by Whitmer to Cole. Strong rolls up Whitmer for a nearfall. Series of pin attempts by all 3. Leg lariat by Strong to Whitmer. Dropkick by Cole to Strong. Back elbow for a nearfall. Snap suplex for another nearfall. Cole sent to the apron. Whitmer runs into a Strong boot. Snap slam by Whitmer. Back suplex to Cole. Strong runs into a back elbow. Running knee to Cole. Exploder to Strong sending him into Cole in the corner!! Crowd chants for Whitmer. Right hands to Strong. Corino makes a drug joke about Whitmer. Jackknife pin by Strong to Whitmer for a nearfall. Running knee to the ribs of Whitmer. Whitmer sidesteps Strong. TOPE SUICIDA!!! Strong sent back in. TOPE SUICIDA by Cole to Whitmer. Back in, Cole heads up top. Strong catches Cole in mid-air with a dropkick!!! Strong gains a nearfall. Running knee strike, running forearm, Olympic Slam for a nearfall. Blindside knee to the ribs to Whitmer. Whitmer slips out of a slam, spinning Fisherman’s/Fisherman’s combo, Cole breaks up the pinfall. Standing switch, Cole with an enziguri to Whitmer. Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Strong lifts up Cole in a Torture Rack. REVERSE DEATH BY RODERICK!!! Whitmer breaks up the pinfall. Chop exchange between Whitmer and Strong. Exploder by Whitmer for a nearfall. Whitmer sidesteps a Cole backdrop. Cole with the Brainbuster across the knee!!! SUPERKICK by Strong to Cole!!!! Cole kicks out!!! Whitmer with chops to Strong. Strong avoids a charge, enziguris to both Cole & Whitmer!! Strong goes up top with Whitmer. SUPERPLEX!! Cole sneaks in with a cover, Strong breaks it up. Strike exchange between Cole and Strong. DEATH BY RODERICK TO COLE!!! SUPERKICK by Cole to Whitmer!!! Rolling elbow by Strong to Whitmer!! Superkick by Cole to Strong!!!

EXPLODER by Whitmer to Cole!!! 1-2-3!!!!

Winner: “The Buzzsaw” B.J. Whitmer by pinfall (Exploder Suplex)

Whitmer shakes hands with Cole & Strong, Strong & Cole, though, do not shake hands after. Whitmer motions that he is coming for the World Title at the next show in Richmond.

Backstage, Jay Lethal talks about his match next with Jimmy Jacobs. Lethal says the situation with ROH vs. SCUM has gone on long enough. Its fitting that our match is a No DQ match because every match between ROH vs. SCUM is a Fight Without Honor, there should be no rules. SCUM likes to play it that way, so why should we play by the rules? I’ve tried to play it the straight and narrow way, but its got me hurt at the hands of Jimmy Jacobs. Tonight, get ready for a fight.

Before we get to the match, we see a promo backstage with Kevin Steen. Steen says he is not done with SCUM tonight, he’s not done with SCUM for a while. This is just the beginning.

No Disqualification Grudge Match: Jay Lethal vs. “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs

Lethal and Jacobs have words as the bell sounds. They race to the outside and the fight is on. Jacobs sent into the barricade multiple times. 10 punches by Lethal as Jacobs is seated on a chair. Jacobs pulls Lethal off the barricade, crashing face-first onto the chair. Lethal sent into the barricade. Jacobs now with right hands by the barricade, but Lethal counters. Jacobs catapulted head-first into the ringpost!! Jacobs blocks a suplex, drives Lethal into the apron. Lethal blocks a suplex, Jacobs suplexed on the outside!! Lethal’s injured leg taped up, begins favoring it. Jacobs goes for a double sledge off the apron, SUPERKICK by Lethal catching Jacobs in mid-air!!! Jacobs rakes the eyes. Jacobs goes to the back, Lethal goes after him and brings him back out to ringside and back into the ring. Lethal gets a chair. Chairshot to the ribs of Jacobs!! Lethal props up the chair, drop toe hold sends Jacobs face-first off the chair!!! Lethal gains a nearfall. Jacobs sent into the corner. Running clothesline, then a facebuster off the chair!! Lethal with a cover, Jacobs gets his hand on the bottom rope. Lethal flattens out the chair, hits some chops. Lethal goes for a handspring elbow, Jacobs nails him in the back with the chair!!

Chairshot to the back for a nearfall. Lethal fights back, Jacobs nails him with the chair to the ribs. Lethal sent face-first off the chair multiple times. Jacobs chokes Lethal with the chair. Jacobs places the chair against Lethal’s throat, slams the chair into the mat, doing damage to Lethal’s throat. Elbow drop off the apron onto Lethal on the outside. Back in, Jacobs wedges the chair in the corner. Lethal fights back. Lethal blocks being sent into the chair. Lethal with jabs, Jacobs goes after the knee with a dropkick. Ref checks on Lethal. Neckbreaker by Jacobs. Jacobs takes out the spike!!! Jacobs charges, Lethal avoids the spike, spike is stabbed into the turnbuckle!! Lethal avoids the chair, roll-up for a nearfall. Lethal avoids a Spear, Jacobs goes head-first into the wedged chair!!!

Strike exchange, Lethal with a flying forearm. Clothesline, followed by a handspring elbow for a nearfall. Lethal goes to the outside, gets a trash can and a trash can lid. Jacobs has the can, Lethal avoids it. Superkick to Jacobs!! Lethal catches the can in mid-air, trash can to the head of Jacobs!! Lethal with a cover, Jacobs kicks out!!! Jacobs placed in the Tree of Woe. Lethal has the can, places it over the head of Jacobs. Lethal charges, SLIDING DROPKICK TO THE CAN!!! Ref makes sure Lethal can’t cover Jacobs until the can is removed from him. Lethal with a cover, Jacobs kicks out!! Jacobs goes to the apron, springboard dropkick by Lethal!! Lethal charges, TOPE SUICIDA to Jacobs!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Jacobs springs off the barricade off a whip attempt, INWARD ACE CRUSHER ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Back in, Jacobs gains a close nearfall. Jacobs sets up the trash can, places Lethal over it. Jacobs heads up top, Lethal avoids the back senton, Jacobs crashes and burns on the can!! Lethal with a cover, Jacobs kicks out!!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Lethal grabs the chair, Jacobs has the spike!! Both put on the brakes. Both avoid each other’s weapon. Lethal puts up the chair, spike nails the chair. LETHAL COMBINATION ONTO THE CHAIR!!! JACOBS KICKS OUT!!! Crowd chants for Lethal. Lethal goes to the outside, gets a table. Lethal sets up the table in the corner. Corino leaves the commentary table. Jacobs charges, Lethal avoids him, Jacobs puts on the brakes to avoid the table. Jacobs blocks a dragon suplex, SUPERKICK by Lethal!! Jacobs falls onto the table. Lethal charges, Corino comes in and clotheslines Lethal!!! Kevin Steen comes out, nails Corino!! Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, Jacobs nails him from behind. Steen and Jacobs slug it out. Lethal goes to superkick Jacobs, Jacobs ducks, Lethal nails Steen!!!


Winner: “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall (Spear through a table)

Corino and Jacobs leave through the back while Steen gets to his feet. Steen leaves disgusted as the crowd chants for Lethal. Lethal gets to his feet and he gets an ovation from the crowd.

Main Event in a Return Match for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: #DemBoys The Briscoes (Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) (c’s)

Briscoes get rainbow streamers for their entrance, obviously in reference to what transpired with Jay on Twitter last month. “Man Up” chants by the crowd. Pre-match intros for this main event. BJ Whitmer joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for the main event. Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds.

Mark & O’Reilly will start. Mark does a crane pose. O’Reilly takes down Mark, works on the arm. Mark takes him down, also goes to the arm. “Redneck Kung Fu” chants for Mark. Commentary mentions O’Reilly recent issues with his arm. Fish talks trash from the apron. O’Reilly with a side headlock, arm drag by Mark. O’Reilly with a dropkick to the knee, Mark catches his foot, takes him down. Side headlock, O’Reilly gets out with a headscissors, stalemate. Fish and Jay tagged in. Go-behind by Jay, Fish takes him down, works on the leg. Side headlock, Jay counters with a top wristlock. Fish bridges back, Jay gains a nearfall. Fish feigns a knucklelock, right hand to Jay. Fish runs into a boot, Jay with jabs, followed by a big boot. Mark tagged in. Jay with a slam, slingshot senton by Mark. Fish goes to the apron, Mark brings him back in. Suplex for a nearfall. Snapmare and a snap elbow by Mark. Jay in, Briscoes with a double three point stance. Headbutt, slam and a legdrop by Jay for a nearfall. Uppercut, Mark tagged in. Slam, fist drop and some Redneck Kung Fu. Fish goes to the outside, Redneck Kung Fu to O’Reilly, Fish sweeps out Mark’s leg from the outside.

Fish begins working over Mark’s leg. O’Reilly in, knee drop to the leg. Commentary mentions Mark’s past knee troubles. Back elbow by O’Reilly for a nearfall. Fish in, shots to the kidneys. jay knocked off the apron, running forearm by Fish, running knee by O’Reilly. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker/2nd rope knee drop by reDRagon. Jay breaks up the pinfall. Snap suplex by Fish for a nearfall. “F reDRagon” chants. Mark begins fighting back out of the reDRagon corner. Mark slips out of a suplex, tags in Jay.

Jay blocks a kick, peppers Fish with jabs. Forearm to Fish, boot to O’Reilly. Gut kick to O’Reilly, boot to Fish. Avalanches to both of reDRagon. O’Reilly gets his boot up, Jay clotheslines him to the outside. Jay avoids a Fish charge, Flatliner into the corner!!! Baseball slide kick by Mark to O’Reilly. DVD by Jay to Fish, Corkscrew Splash by Mark, Fish kicks out!!! “Man up” chants by the crowd. O’Reilly with a knee to Jay from the apron, Jay knocks him off. Roll-up to Fish, O’Reilly breaks it up with a kick. Knee drop by Fish to the injured arm of Jay.

O’Reilly in, goes after the injured shoulder. Hammerlock drives into the corner. More damage done to the arm by O’Reilly. O’Reilly draws in Mark, ref is with Mark. Fish off the top, headbutt to the hammerlocked arm of Jay!!! O’Reilly gains a nearfall. Jay fights back, O’Reilly with a series of strikes, leg sweep to Jay. Fish in, slingshot senton for a nearfall. Fish continues to go after the arm, back suplex. O’Reilly in, another shot to the arm, gains a nearfall. “Man up” chants to will on Jay. Hammerlock backbreaker, Mark breaks up the pinfall. Fish in, another shot to the arm. Slam, armbar applied by Fish, Mark breaks it up with a boot to the face. Jay driven into the corner. Jay gets a boot up in the corner, O’Reilly in, Jay pulls down the top rope, O’Reilly to the outside. Jay goes to make a tag, O’Reilly pulls Mark off the apron. Another back suplex by Fish for a nearfall. O’Reilly in, Jay fights back on reDRagon. Series of chest kicks by the champs. Running kick by O’Reilly, Mark breaks up the pinfall. Butterfly suplex into a cross armbreaker. Jay fights out, O’Reilly transitions to a choke, Jay gets free. Fish in, Mark knocked off the apron. Jay with a one-hand spinebuster to Fish!!

Mark & O’Reilly tagged in. Redneck Kung Fu to O’Reilly!! Mark avoids a charge, heads up top. Tomahawk Chop off the top. O’Reilly slips out of a slam, tags in Fish. Cartwheel DVD to Fish!!! Mark heads up top, O’Reilly grabs the leg. Mark fights him off, big kick by Fish. Jay in, jabs to Fish, but his arm is giving him trouble. Flying armbar by Fish!! Mark breaks it up with Froggy Bow!! O’Reilly in, axe kick/rolling elbow/Saito Suplex combo to Mark!! All 4 men are down. Jay on the apron, O’Reilly hotshots the arm off the top rope. RUNNING DROPKICK OFF THE APRON BY O’REILLY SENDS JAY’s ARM INTO THE BARRICADE!!! O’Reilly takes one of the title belts as Fish & Mark with a strike exchange. Fish with kicks to the leg, Redneck Kung Fu by Mark!!! O’Reilly throws in one of the title belts, ref is distracted. O’Reilly nails Mark in the back with the other title belt!!!

Head kick by Fish, champs retain the titles.

Winners and STILL Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: reDRagon by pinfall (Head Kick)

O’Reilly screams at Kevin Kelly afterwards, reDRagon, all day, everyday. The champs celebrate their title retention as we see that the American Wolves have made their way to ringside. Jay gets back in the ring and reDRagon starts to leave. However, the Wolves throw reDRagon back into the ring. reDRagon is cornered by the Wolves & the Briscoes as Whitmer gets into the ring. Whitmer & Jay have a staredown as a shoving match ensues between reDRagon & the Wolves. Whitmer goes after Jay while the Wolves go after reDRagon!! Briscoes team up Whitmer and the fight continues between the Wolves & reDRagon. Multiple referees and security come out to break everyone up. Michael Elgin comes out to ringside to observe as Whitmer yells at Jay that he is taking the World Title and says to Mark that he’ll see him at Best in the World. Jay gets in the Wolves’ face and a shoving match ensues there. Elgin hops up on the apron as the crowd chants “Next World Champ”, but to who? Its a tense situation in Pittsburgh between all of the champ’s future title challengers as we go to credits.


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