Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 7/4/13

The Final Impact
July 5, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Very fun episode of Impact last night and I was pretty surprised that they didn’t go overboard with a July 4th theme so that was pleasant. We got tons of great action in the ring and some really good promos/segments as well.

The promo with Aries to open the show was good and set up the Main Event for later. I’m not really sure how I feel about Suicide’s new name. Supposedly TNA had gotten a lot of complaints about the “Suicide” name and just decided to go ahead and change it. They should have changed his look up more though rather than just removing the “Suicide” logo off the gear. TJ Perkins simply putting the mask back a week after appearing on camera several times unmasked is pretty ridiculous.

AJ and Kazarian had a good, stiff match but too short. Given more time we know how great that match can be because they’ve done it numerous times. Bad Influence as Siegfried & Roy was hilarious as usual.

Mickie’s promo in the ring was absolutely excellent and by far her best promo in a long, long time. She not only put over the match for next week but furthered her heelish asshole gimmick (and damn she looked good!). She seems to be having fun and it shows in her work.

Bradley & Hernandez was a solid, hard hitting match between two power guys. The Air Mexico spot got a huge reaction.

I’m not really sure they needed to mention Brooke Hogan’s real life engagement but I guess TNA felt it got enough media coverage that maybe they should do it. I know a lot of people were asking all week how TNA would handle it but I don’t really get why they needed to handle it at all. Yeah I get that you just to make everything realistic but it’s still a SHOW. I didn’t have a problem with it though and I’m assuming that will have some sort of tie in down the line.

Bro Mans-Cowboy/Gunner was actually surprisingly decent. Jesse & Robbie were actually pretty cohesive as a team and not near as annoying as I expected. They looked competent at least and had some funny spots as well. Gunner & Storm’s finish was really good, that needs a name and if they are going to remain a team they need a name. I saw someone suggest Tropical Storm Gunner but that sounds about as ridiculously corny as it gets.

MEM had a decent promo until Joe came out and it got a lot better. Joe’s intensity always comes off so well to me. Magnus standing beside guys like Sting & Angle with Joe in there as well can only be a good thing for him. It obviously goes against the old “Former World Champions” lineup but they got around that by saying he is a future World Champion. He’s yet another guy that Sting was pissed at for not helping him at Slammiversary, but I’m over complaining about that every week.

Hardy & Park was about 10 times better than I figured and the offense Park was allowed was surprising as hell especially against Hardy. Hardy still seems to be bothered by a hip or back injury.

The way the fans treated Ryan Howe was pretty humorous. That match was horrible last week and neither guy needs to be anywhere near TV at this point so good decision there.

Absolutely terrific main event and I believe that is the first X-Division Main Event in YEARS. They went all out and though the damn commercial break right in the middle hurt it was still really good. The bump Manic took on the outside was nasty as hell and then down the stretch Sabin & Aries were killing each other and the fans really got into it. I know people are going to complain about MEM & Aces being involved in it (albeit in a small way) but it really made the match seem that more important to me with Bully & Aces wanting to make sure nobody won while MEM wanted to make sure ANYONE won. Just great stuff from everyone involved.

I’m not sure how I feel about them trading the belt back and forth between Aries & Sabin. I do believe it was done to just put some doubt into what would happen and in that case job well done. It doesn’t hurt Aries and makes Sabin look strong. I would still like to see Aries added to the World Title Match and make it a 3-Way but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mickie James
Match of the Night: Aries/Sabin/Manic (****1/2)
Overall Grade: A

Until next week… PEACE!

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