FEATURE: Jason Namako recaps ROH A Night of HOOPLA

Ring of Honor “A Night of HOOPLA”
Taped on: July 11, 2013
Merionette Park, Illinois
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

The man of the hour, Truth Martini, welcomes us to the show. Since the show is in a bar, Martini encourages everyone to drink as much as they can, but remember, don’t drink and drive because you might hit a bus filled with little children, which would be sad those little girls would then never grow up to be 18 years old and who would I bang next? Are you ready for the craziest night in professional wrestling history? Martini asks the crowd to stand up for the H.O.T. national anthem, sung by Hoopla Hottie Scarlett Bordeaux.

The following is the lyrics to the H.O.T. National Anthem:

“How beautiful our massive breasts, feel free to look at them.” “They once were small, but now they’re large, these things are freaking sweet.” “A HOOPLA Night, A HOOPLA Night, we’ll shed our clothes for thee.” “We’ll shake our ass and take off our pants for everyone to see!” (In the process of singing, Scarlett removes her dress, revealing an American flag bra and panties with her name on them.) “USA” chants by the crowd.

Its now time for our opening match.

Triple Threat Match: Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Seleziya Spark vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole

All referees on this show are not wearing any pants. Crowd chants for Edwards. Code of Honor before the bell. Taven has Scarlett spank the ref’s ass. Cole walks around ringside shaking everyone’s hand. “That was awesome” chants. Taven goes to the outside, but then Edwards & Cole double baseball slide kick him. Big chop by Edwards sends Taven into a fan. Edwards grabs a camera, takes a picture of Taven with the fan as well as Cole. Gut shot by Cole, Taven sent off the apron. Another big chop by Edwards. Taven placed on a lap, fan grabs his arms so Edwards can chop him, then takes a picture of it. Cole puts the brakes on Taven, gouges his eyes. Edwards breaks the ref’s 20 count, Taven chopped again. Taven sent off a fan’s lap, crowd chants for Edwards. They go by the bar, Taven sent off the bar. Cole with a right hand, Edwards sticks Taven in a trashcan. Trashcan wheeled into one of the posts holding up the ceiling.

Back in, Cole with 10 punches in the corner. Edwards pulls Cole off, does his own 10 punches. Cole pulls off Edwards, does another round of 10 punches. Edwards pulls Cole off, Kobashi-style chops to Taven. Taven with a right hand to Cole, Edwards with a headbutt. Edwards up and over, crotches Taven on the turnbuckles. Taven placed in the Tree of Woe, Cole charges, Edwards drop toe holds him into Taven. “69” chants by the crowd. Edwards charges, hesitation dropkick to both Taven and Cole!! Edwards to the outside, fans chant “No More Babies”. Edwards has a fan whip him into Taven so he can hit a sliding dropkick while Taven is still in the Tree of Woe!! Seleziya complains to the fan who whipped Edwards about doing it. Taven sends Edwards into the 2nd rope, big uppercut. Taven wants a fan to whip him into Edwards, the fan instead whips Taven into the apron. Taven: “Why did you whip me?” Seleziya complains to the fan. Slingshot plancha by Cole to Taven. Edwards charges, but Cole catches him with an enziguri. Back in, Cole with a snapmare to Taven, basement dropkick for a nearfall. Taven avoids a corner charge, Cole avoids an enziguri. Brainbuster across the knee, Taven kicks out!! Cole goes for the Figure Four, Taven kicks him off and almost into Seleziya, who is on the apron. Cole turns back to Taven, but Seleziya comes in and CLOTHESLINES COLE!! Ref gets Seleziya out of the ring and Taven has words with the ref, then pie faces him. Edwards comes in and sends Taven into the ref, then causes the ref to fall backwards which leads to Taven being DDT’D BY THE REF!! Edwards covers Taven, but Taven kicks out!! Taven comes back with a knee and a forearm. Edwards with the roll-through into the Achilles’ Lock. Scarlett on the apron and does some dancing to distract Cole and Edwards. Edwards breaks the hold and as Scarlett is showing off her “assets”, Edwards CHOPS SCARLETT’s ASS!! Superkick by Cole to Edwards, Edwards comes back with his own superkick.

Taven comes back in, PUMPHANDLE HEADLOCK DRIVER TO EDWARDS!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven by pinfall (Pumphandle Headlock Driver)

Seleziya checks on Scarlett afterwards, then as they go to leave, Edwards motions that he smells his hand after chopping Scarlett’s ass. Edwards and Cole are left in the ring and the crowd gives them an ovation. Crowd asks for an “Eiffel Tower” and Edwards and Cole oblige them. Crowd wants another one, but Cole goes to leave. However, Cole comes back and does another “Eiffel Tower” with Edwards.

Truth Martini introduces Jimmy Jacobs, who sings for the crowd “The Ballad of Lacey” and his new song, “Gypsy Soul”. “HUSS” chants by the crowd. Finally, Jacobs sings a line from Jesse and the Rippers “Forever”, which the crowd chants “that was awesome”.

“The Machismo King” Jay Lethal w/”Sistah Sherri” vs. “The Insane Savant” Delirious (Special Referee: “The 1st Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis)

Machismo King & Sistah Sherri come out on a wooden plank moved along by ring attendants, a la WrestleMania 6 or 7. Machismo King wants a mic before the match and cuts the exact promo Randy Savage cut before his WrestleMania VII match with the Ultimate Warrior. “Sistah” Sherri gets the mic and messes up her lines a bit.

“Bah” chants for Delirious. Lethal runs away from Delirious as the bell sounds. Delirious shakes the ropes a la Ultimate Warrior, while Lethal poses on the ropes for the crowd. Delirious does the same, then catches Lethal coming in and Lethal goes to the outside. Lethal backs Delirious into the ropes, yells that he is gonna take his career, but Delirious slaps his hand away. Delirious throws down Lethal, but then Lethal throws his shirt at him. Lethal with a knee and a right hand, followed by an elbow. Delirious with a shoulder tackle that sends Lethal to the outside. Sistah Sherri distracts Delirious, but as Lethal comes in, Delirious nails him with a clothesline. Delirious with a tree slam, an inverted atomic drop, a regular atomic drop, then sends Lethal into Sistah Sherri as she was coming into the ring. Gut shot by Delirious, but Lethal side steps a back drop. Sit-out clothesline, Lethal heads up top. Delirious avoids the double sledge, slap to the face. Lethal goes to the outside and throws in a chair. Back in, Delirious with right hands, followed by stomps in the corner. Lethal sent off the turnbuckles, but avoids a charge that sends Delirious all the way to the outside.

Sherri with shots to Delirious, then Lethal heads up top, BOMBS AWAY connects. Sherri with more shots to Delirious, but Delirious shoves her down. Lethal nails Delirious from behind, Delirious sent off the ringpost. Lethal breaks the count, then gets Delirious back in. Slam, followed by a knee drop for a nearfall. Right hand, but Delirious counters a neckbreaker. They fight over a backslide and Delirious takes Lethal down for a nearfall. Lethal spits at Delirious, then goes to the outside. Sherri distracts Delirious, but he sees Lethal coming in and hits a big clothesline. Lethal avoids the flying shoulder tackle, chinlock applied. Delirious fights out, shoulder tackle, both off the ropes, they clothesline each other!! Sherri back on the apron to distract Maria, inside cradle by Delirious, but for only 2! Delirious complains to Maria, but Lethal with a knee to the back that sends Delirious into Maria, knocking her down! Sherri goes up top with her shoe as Lethal holds Delirious. Sherri leaps off, but accidentally hits Lethal!! Delirious chases Sherri into the ring, roll-up by Lethal for a nearfall. Running hot shot by Lethal, followed by a Northern Lariat. Slam for a nearfall. Lethal heads up top, hits not one, not two, not three, but 5 HAIL TO THE KING ELBOW DROPS!! 1-2……DELIRIOUS KICKS OUT!! Lethal can’t believe it as he complains to Maria. Lethal with shots to Delirious, but Delirious begins shaking the ropes.

Delirious fires up, big right hands. 3 clotheslines, followed by a press slam. Big splash across the back, 1-2……LETHAL KICKS OUT!! Delirious calls to the heavens, talks to his hands. Dueling chants of “this is awesome” and “this is familiar”. “Gimmick Infringement” chants by the crowd. Delirious goes to the apron, but Lethal knocks him off of it. Lethal has Sherri place Delirious’s throat across a steel chair. Lethal heads up top, but Delirious nails him with a gut shot on the way down. Back in, Delirious with 3 flying shoulder tackles, each send Lethal to the outside.

Delirious goes to put the foot on the chest for the pinfall, but Lethal surprises him with a roll-up, 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The Machismo King” Jay Lethal by pinfall (Roll-up)

Afterwards, Lethal has a mic and asks Maria, or “Elizabeth”, if she will marry him. “YES” chants by the crowd and Maria says “NO” because Lethal is not Michael Bennett. Maria goes to leave, then Sherri attacks Lethal. Maria comes back in and sends Sherri to the outside. “YES” chants again by the crowd. Maria goes to leave again, then Lethal stops her, drops to a knee and asks “Elizabeth” to marry him again. Maria says “OH YEAH”, but then Michael Bennett comes out, grabs Maria and takes her away.

Pants Off, Dance Off featuring the HOOPLA Hotties (Scarlett, Seleziya & Val) with Judge Jeff Jones as the…..well….the Judge

Jones brings up when he managed the late Mike Awesome to the ECW World Title in Chicago back in 1999. It was his greatest accomplishment until tonight when he is here to judge the Pants Off, Dance Off. Music starts and the HOOPLA Hotties begin dancing. Jones is ready to pick a winner, but then the music of Davey Richards hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Richards says that he hates to disappoint everyone, but the ROH I got into was about wrestling. The ROH I got into was something special for the wrestling fans of the world. Guys like Samoa Joe, a guy with a fantastic beard, Bryan Danielson, or some guy from around here, CM Punk. Crowd chants for Punk. So for those guys who carried on the tradition, there is only one thing left to say…………..HIT THE MUSIC!!!

Richards begins dancing and gyrating in the ring. Richards grabs Scarlett, she goes to take his pants off, and he smacks her ass! Richards dips her, but drops her!! Richards grinds up on Seleziya while removing his pants a little. Richards has Seleziya dance for him, then smacks her ass! Val crawls over to Richards, he pie faces her! Val goes to leave, Richards dips her and KISSES HER!! Crowd chants for Davey as Judge Jeff Jones proclaims Richards the WINNER!!

Winner: Davey Richards

The music of Silas Young hits and he makes his way to the ring. Silas wants to know what the f**k s**t is this? “F you Silas” chants. Silas says that Davey talked about the founding fathers of ROH and up until 2 minutes ago, I would put you up there with them. You call yourself a man? Is this how men act? Dancing around like a fool for a bunch of idiots. “YES” chants. I look at this crowd, I don’t see a real man, or half of a real man. You are looking at the last real man and we are about to have a match in 20 minutes.

Davey says if Silas is the last real man, well I’m an impatient man. I just smacked some ass, how bout I kick some ass? Let’s get a ref out here, Silas, the HUNT IS ON!!

“American Wolf” Davey Richards vs. “The Last Real Man in Pro Wrestling” Silas Young

Code of Honor before the bell. Hammerlock by Davey, Silas reverses out. Silas disrespectfully kicks Davey, Davey shows off his agility, back bridge, kick from underneath sends Silas to the outside. DAVEY HIP SWIVEL!! Back in, Davey with a side headlock. Shoulder tackle, but no one goes down. Silas says that is some “real man s**t” and asks Davey to bring it. Davey tries again, but Silas again does not go down. Davey wants Silas to do it, leapfrog, followed by a dropkick that sends Silas to the outside. Back in, Davey with a single leg takedown, Trailer Hitch applied. MOAR DAVEY HIP SWIVEL, Indian Deathlock. Silas with a knee to the ribs, right hand. Silas talks trash, Davey up and over, 2 arm drags, Silas misses a clothesline, sent to the outside. Davey leads the crowd in the “YES” chant. Martini gets on the mic and says that Silas is spending too much time on the outside, so he is turning the match into a Lumberjill Match!!!

The “Lumberjills” come out, which are guys in women’s clothing. Silas is aghast by this as the crowd does the “NO” chant. “This is awkward” chants. Davey also does not know what to think of this. Davey extends his hand, asking if Silas will watch his back. Silas shakes his hand, but then stomps away at Davey. Davey sent onto the apron, MOAR HIP SWIVEL!! Silas charges, Davey sidesteps, Silas takes out some of the Lumberjills by going to the outside! The Lumberjills try to get Silas back in and Silas is obviously disturbed by this. Davey heads up top, missile dropkick! Silas gets the boot up on a corner charge, flurry of chest kicks in the corner by Davey. Silas avoids an enziguri, back heel kick by Davey for a nearfall. Davey heads up top, Silas avoids the double stomp. Backbreaker/Clothesline combo for a nearfall. Davey gets out of a Full Nelson Facebuster, Silas catches Davey, hits the Finlay Roll. Davey avoids the headstand moonsault off the top, roll-through into the Ankle Lock. Silas gets out, sends Davey into the ref, knocking him down. Low-blow by Silas, roll-up, but there’s no ref!!

Silas goes to check on the ref, but one of the lumberjills grabs his ass! Silas is distracted, then grabs one of them, but the lumberjill KISSES SILAS!! The lumberjills celebrate as Davey laughs at what happened to Silas. “Brokeback Mountain” chants. Silas charges, ALARM CLOCK KICK!! Davey charges, running kick in the corner. Davey heads up top, wolf howl, double stomp for a nearfall.

Davey goes right into the Ankle Lock, Silas taps!!

Winner: “American Wolf” Davey Richards by submission (Ankle Lock)

Afterwards, Davey gets the mic and says that ol’ DR can not only dance, not only wrestle, but its time for him to sing his song! Davey gets the crowd to clap along as he sings “I wanna touch you all over, baby, over and over again.” “I wanna touch you all over, baby, we can be more than just friends.” THANK YOU CHICAGO!! Crowd gives Davey an ovation as he leaves.

Martini offers one of the fans a lap dance with the HOOPLA Hotties. They pick a fan and seat him on a chair. They blindfold him, but then 2 robust women come out and they give the fan the lap dance instead of one of the HOOPLA Hotties. When the fan realizes what is happening, he falls out of the chair, disgusted and creeped out.

“Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong & Cheeseburger vs. Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly)

This is Cheeseburger’s ROH debut. Crowd chants for Cheeseburger, then Fish says that Cheeseburger has a better chance of growing a vagina than beating them tonight. Code of Honor before the bell. Strong and Fish will start. Strong works on the arm, Fish takes him down into a side headlock. Strong counters out, snapmare for a 1 count. Fish works on the arm, Strong takes him down into a hammerlock. Drop toe hold by Fish into an armbar. Knee to the ribs, Strong up and over, leapfrog, lucha roll-up for a nearfall. Back heel kick by Strong, stomps away at Fish. O’Reilly in, then Strong tags in Cheeseburger! Crowd chants for Cheeseburger. Amateur takedown by O’Reilly with ease. Cheeseburger works on the arm, has no effect on O’Reilly. O’Reilly reverses, Cheeseburger shows off some agility, reverses the hold. O’Reilly with an arm drag to counter out. Strong gives some advice to Cheeseburger. O’Reilly wants a Test of Strength. Cheeseburger obliges, O’Reilly takes him down. Cheeseburger counters out, O’Reilly taken down. Cheeseburger stomps on O’Reilly’s fingers! O’Reilly with an uppercut, Cheeseburger avoids a clothesline, jawbreaker, followed by a revolution style headscissors. Fish in, but he is sent into O’Reilly. Strong comes in, standing gourdbuster to Fish. Sliding dropkick by Cheeseburger for a 1 count. Fish drives Cheeseburger into the corner. “Defense” chants by the crowd. Cheeseburger gets a boot up off a charge, O’Reilly in. Cheeseburger side steps O’Reilly, O’Reilly goes to the outside. O’Reilly pulls Strong off the apron, Strong gives chase until he runs right into a kick by Fish. reDRagon corner Cheeseburger and attack him with a series of kicks. Fish off the ropes, but Strong pulls down the top rope and sends Fish to the outside. Cheeseburger rolls up O’Reilly for a nearfall. Cheeseburger pulls down the top rope, O’Reilly goes sailing to the outside. Cheeseburger with a slingshot plancha onto reDRagon, but they catch him in mid-air. Strong charges, baseball slide to reDRagon knocking them down.

Big chop by Strong, O’Reilly sent back in. Cheeseburger gains a nearfall. Strong in, stomps away at O’Reilly. Big chop, O’Reilly sent into the turnbuckles. Backbreaker for a nearfall. Cheeseburger in, inverted atomic drop/neckbreaker combo for a nearfall. Cheeseburger tries a German, but O’Reilly easily gets out. Blind tag to Fish, running knee/chest kick combo by reDRagon for a nearfall. Snap suplex/slingshot senton combo by Fish for a nearfall. O’Reilly in, back elbow for a nearfall. Cheeseburger fights back, O’Reilly with a snapmare, followed by a stiff kick to the back. Fish in, big stomp. Knee strike, deadlift side salto for a nearfall. Fish taunts Strong, Cheeseburger fights back. Fish with another knee strike, O’Reilly in, Cheeseburger avoids a clothesline, Fish in before O’Reilly is sunset flipped. Kick to Cheeseburger for a nearfall. Back suplex for a nearfall. Fish is getting frustrated as Strong cheers Cheeseburger on from the apron. O’Reilly in, backbreaker submission applied. Strong breaks it up, crowd chants for Strong. Fish in, knocks Strong off the apron. Double knee strikes by reDRagon to Cheeseburger, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fish, 2nd rope knee drop by O’Reilly, Strong breaks up the pinfall. Fish drives Strong into the corner. Strong with a back elbow, Fish with a big head kick. O’Reilly with a slam to Cheeseburger. Fish heads up top, but Cheeseburger rolls out of harm’s way. O’Reilly with another slam, Fish heads up top, but again Cheeseburger rolls out of the way. 3rd Slam by O’Reilly and then he goes up top too. rEDRagon both leap off the top, but Cheeseburger moves out of the way!!!

Strong in, clotheslines to O’Reilly. Big chop and a dropkick. Flapjack to Fish, more chops to O’Reilly. Knee strike, bulldog onto the groin of Fish! Strong grabs Cheeseburger, suplexes him onto Fish for a nearfall. Running knee and a running forearm to O’Reilly, Fish drop toe hold into O’Reilly. Strong lifts up Cheeseburger, PRESS SLAMS HIM ONTO reDRagon!! Strong gains a nearfall, Strong Hold applied to Fish. O’Reilly goes to break it up, but Cheeseburger hooks O’Reilly in an Octopus!! O’Reilly slaps Strong, then sends Cheeseburger into him to break the submission up. O’Reilly and Strong with a strike exchange. Cheeseburger chops Fish, Fish kicks him in the face. Total Elimination to Strong by reDRagon, but Strong kicks out!! Strong gets the boots up on reDRagon charges, enziguri and a rolling elbow to Fish. Cheeseburger with the blind tag, big boot to Fish. Strong lifts up Fish, DEATH BY RODERICK!! CODE CHEESE!! 1-2………O’Reilly breaks up the pinfall!! Another strike exchange between Strong and O’Reilly. Standing Curb stomp/rolling elbow combo to Strong. Cheeseburger heads up top, reDRagon catches him, Go 2 Sleep variation.


Winners: Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon by pinfall (Chasing the Dragon)

reDRagon celebrate their win and mockingly adhere to the Code of Honor while Strong checks on Cheeseburger.

Hoopla: Uncut with some guy named “Satan”. Ends with the HOOPLA Hotties taking “Satan’s” pants off. No other description needed. Kinda bad.

Main Event in a 6-Person Intergender Tag Team Match: “The Last Hero” ACH, TD Thomas & “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena vs. “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Crowd chants for ACH, Code of Honor before the bell. Athena will start for her team, but when she turns around, Elgin starts for his team. Elgin with a go-behind, but MsChif comes in and breaks it up. MsChif asks Elgin what he is doing as the crowd chants “sleeping on the couch”, based off of Elgin and MsChif’s recent nuptials. TD and MsChif tag in. TD with a go-behind, but its Elgin now who comes in and breaks it up. “Don’t divorce” chants by the crowd. Elgin tags in. TD with a go-behind, Elgin with a drop toe hold. TD takes down Elgin into a leg lock. Elgin counters into a side headlock. TD reverses, no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Same thing happens a 2nd time. TD wants Elgin to go off the ropes. Leapfrog by TD, gut kick by Elgin. TD counters a suplex, roll-up for a nearfall. TD blocks the Deadlift German, rana connects. Elgin blocks a monkey flip, TD with an armbar in the ropes. Shoulder to the ribs from the apron, Elgin blocks a Sunset Flip. Elgin avoids a head kick, TD avoids a spinning backfist by showing off his Capoeira agility. Elgin responds by doing a cartwheel! “That was awesome” chants. TD does some break dancing, ELGIN DOES THE WORM!!! “You got served” chants. TD with some more break dancing, crowd chants for Elgin to respond. ACH tags in. ACH acts like he is gonna do some break dancing, DOES THE CARLTON!!! Athena tags in, Elgin high fives ACH & TD, SLAMS ATHENA, DOES A RUNNING MAN AND A FRONT KIP-UP!! MsChif tagged in. “Dance, MsChif, Dance” chants. MsChif thinks about it, does her scream instead!! Athena wants to face Whitmer. Whitmer obliges, tags in. Whitmer talks trash, Athena with slaps. Whitmer works on the arm, Athena reverses. Whitmer regains control, shoulder tackle. Athena with an arm drag, Whitmer responds with one of his own. Both go for dropkicks, stalemate.

MsChif tags in, she wants to face ACH. Crowd chants for ACH, he tags in. ACH says for MsChif to get ready for the ass-kicking of her life. ACH charges, but stops himself and says he can’t hit her. “I don’t wanna be the OJ Simpson of professional wrestling!” “OJ Simpson” chants. ACH charges again, but stops himself from doing an eye gouge. MsChif with a toe kick, misses a clothesline. ACH with a leapfrog, blocks an arm drag. MsChif avoids a moonsault, screams at ACH, HE CORPSES!! TD & Athena drag ACH back to their corner, Athena tags in. MsChif with a knee strike, side slam connects. Elgin & Whitmer knock ACH & TD off the apron. Series of avalanches to Athena until MsChif stops Elgin from doing one. MsChif with a running knee strike and a back club, chinlock applied. MsChif switches to a unique standing submission, then a gutbuster for a nearfall. Whitmer in, backbreaker for a nearfall. Elgin in, gut kick, goes for the Deadlift German, but MsChif yells at him. Elgin goes for the powerbomb, but MsChif yells at him again, saying that Athena’s head is near “her area”. Athena comes back with a revolution style headscissors. TD & Whitmer tag in. TD with a spinning back elbow, savate kick, followed by a series of Capoeira kicks. Swinging neckbreaker, Elgin breaks up the pinfall. TD holds onto the ropes, Elgin sent to the outside. Whitmer with a back club, series of chops. Whitmer holds onto the ropes, ACH catches him with an enziguri to the back of the head. Athena with a dropkick, TD with a release German for a nearfall.

Chest kick, Athena tagged in. Series of chest kicks, front handspring forearm. ACH in, gains a nearfall. Elbow drop, Whitmer fights back with a chop. ACH comes back, stomps away in the corner. ACH charges, READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!! ACH heads up top, Freebird crossbody for a nearfall. TD in, sliding dropkick, Elgin breaks up the pinfall. Stiff kick to the back, followed by a leg drop for a nearfall. Shoulders to the ribs, ACH in. Running clothesline, facelock applied. Whitmer fights out, but ACH with a series of back clubs. ACH slides under Whitmer’s legs, hits a right hand, but it does not faze Whitmer. ACH off the ropes, Whitmer catches him with a belly-to-belly.

MsChif & Athena tag in. Gut shot and a kick by MsChif. Sit-out tree slam, TD breaks up the pinfall. ACH knocks Elgin off the apron. Elgin stops an Adrenaline RUSH double team, TD runs into a back elbow. Slingshot back elbow by Elgin to ACH. Series of running clotheslines to TD, TD again blocks a suplex. Elgin blocks an Adrenaline RUSH double team, sends ACH into TD. Elgin lifts them both up, SAMOAN/FALLWAY SLAM COMBO!! Whitmer in, he & Elgin grab Athena. Elgin yells that Athena has got him in enough trouble tonight. Athena gets out of a double team, TD tagged in. Shots to both Elgin and Whitmer. TD avoids a charge, kick to Elgin. Whitmer comes back, hits TD with a snap slam. Spinning Fisherman/Fisherman combo for a nearfall. TD counters the Exploder, victory roll for a nearfall. TD avoids a clothesline, Capoeira kick, kneelift for a nearfall. ACH in, sends Whitmer into the ropes. ACH charges, NEW SCHOOL BIG BOSSMAN!! TD with a head kick, slingshot corkscrew Ace Crusher by ACH, Whitmer kicks out!! Athena in, heads up top. Whitmer avoids a splash, Athena gets her boot up off a charge. Whitmer counters a Tornado DDT, NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER!! Athena counters a powerbomb, REVERSE RANA!! MsChif counters a charge with a shoulder to the ribs. Step-over facebuster for a nearfall. Crowd chants for Athena as MsChif lifts her up. Athena slips out, MsChif avoids a charge. MsChif charges, Athena with a drop toe hold. Athena heads up top, Elgin moves MsChif out of the way, causing Athena to be crotched on the turnbuckles. Elgin with shots to ACH & TD, goes up top with Athena. TD comes into help, SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP TO ELGIN!! Whitmer with a right hand to Athena, goes up with her. ACH comes into help, Whitmer counters a powerbomb attempt by ACH into a rana. Athena leaps off the top, O-FACE TO WHITMER!! MsChif comes in, Athena with a unique roll-up for a nearfall. Stereo clotheslines by both, neither go down. Both off the ropes, head-on collision when both go for crossbodies. Elgin & TD tagged in. Elgin avoids Capoeira, TD avoids a clothesline, but Elgin catches him with another clothesline. Elgin calls for the Buckle Bomb, ACH comes in and hits Elgin with an enziguri. Roll of the Dice to Elgin. MsChif comes in, ACH slips out of the Desecrator. FRONT KICK AND A PUMP KICK TO MSCHIF!! ACH lifts up MsChif, Elgin comes in, HUGE SPINNING BACKFIST TO ACH!! Elgin goes to buckle bomb ACH, MsChif stops him. ELGIN AND MSCHIF KISS!! TD turns Elgin around, TD GETS THE GREEN MIST BY ELGIN!!


Winners: “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

Code of Honor afterwards by all 6 as the crowd gives them all an ovation. Martini & the Hoopla Hotties come back out and take one final bow to end a Night of HOOPLA!!

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