FEATURE: Jason Namako recaps PWG Is your Body Ready?

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Is Your Body Ready?”
Taped on: June 15, 2013
Reseda, California
Commentators: Excalibur, Sami Callihan, Rick Knox, Chuck Taylor, Kevin Steen
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

The Unbreakable F’ing Machines (“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “Mr. GMSI” Brian Cage) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

RockNES attacks before the bell. Well, that wasn’t smart. Indeed, b/c Cage & Elgin with stereo 1 minute delayed suplexes. Elgin & Cage with a series of double teams, but RockNES is able to take over, wiping out Elgin on the outside. RockNES with frequent tags, working over Cage. They draw Elgin in so Yuma can choke Cage. Elgin blind tags in, unloads on Yuma with clotheslines. Yuma comes back with an enziguri/Tornado DDT combo on UFM. Elgin & Cage catch Yuma on a dive and throw him into Goodtime as he was charging in. WOW. Hercules Cutter/Top Rope Corkscrew Senton combo by Elgin & Cage for a nearfall. Assisted Ace Crusher and an enziguri/Stunner combo by RockNES for nearfalls. Elgin with a pump kick to Goodtime, discus elbow to Yuma. Yuma comes back with the Sex Factor. Stunner/Mushroom Stomp by RockNES for a nearfall. Cage in, places Yuma on Goodtime, German to Goodtime while he Samoan Drops Yuma! WOW! Huge spinning backfist by Elgin to Goodtime. Discus lariat by Cage to Yuma. Elgin buckle bombs Yuma into Goodtime!

Revolution Elgin Bomb! 1-2-3!

Winners: The Unbreakable F’ing Machines by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

“American Wolf” Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly immediately hooks Davey in a cross armbreaker, Davey makes it to the ropes. Nice knucklelock. Unique lifting wristlock by Davey. Falcon Arrow into Cross Armbreaker. O’Reilly gets the ropes. Nice step-over by O’Reilly as Davey was trying to get out of a wristlock. O’Reilly handling his teacher in the early going. Davey steps in and out of the ropes to get out, kicks O’Reilly’s arm. Both avoid each other’s kicks, then catch them. Funny spot where Davey & O’Reilly do rock, paper, scissors to see who releases the other’s foot first. Good stuff. Davey with a kick to O’Reilly, DAVEY HIP SWIVEL!! Davey begins taking over. Trailer Hitch, MOAR HIP SWIVEL! O’Reilly begins attacking the arm of Davey. SLEAZY KYLE HIP SWIVEL! O’Reilly to the outside, running apron kick by Davey! Both exchange chest kicks on the outside. O’Reilly does more damage to Davey’s arm. Davey comes back with a heel kick. Davey wraps up O’Reilly’s legs, spanks him, then locks in a Cloverleaf variation, O’Reilly gets the ropes. O’Reilly makes a comeback, hits 2 butterfly suplexes, then a leg sweep. Unique submission hold applied, Davey to the ropes. Kick exchange, Davey takes advantage with a barrage of kicks in the corner. Alarm Clock, O’Reilly with a rolling elbow. O’Reilly with a German, Davey comes back with a double stomp! Another kick exchange, then slaps. O’Reilly goes for another leg sweep, Davey CLEANS HIS CLOCK with a head kick! God damn. Davey goes for a diving headbutt, O’Reilly catches him in a Triangle Choke! Running kick by O’Reilly, catches Alarm Clock. Regalplex by O’Reilly for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants, I have to agree with them. Headbutt exchange on the top rope, Davey gains advantage. O’Reilly avoids the double stomp. Tombstone by Davey! Double stomp by Davey! O’Reilly just barely kicks out! Counter out of the Anklelock, roll-up for a nearfall. Davey goes for a single leg, O’Reilly with a SAKARUBA KNEE STRIKE!

Standing Curb Stomp, Discus Elbow, Tornado DDT, Brainbuster, Davey kicks out! Cross armbar, Davey taps! WHAT A FINISH!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly by submission (Cross Armbreaker)

Loud chants for O’Reilly afterwards. “That was awesome” chants. Davey says that O’Reilly will be a World Champ 1 day.

The Dojo Bros. (“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong) vs. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor & “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano

Strong accidentally whips his shirt at Taylor right in his face! Strong apologizes almost instantly. Exchange of mat work between Strong and Gargano to start. Series of nearfalls and we have a stalemate. Good stuff. Edwards and Taylor in. Taylor does his best to avoid being chopped until Edwards begins wailing away at him. OUCH. Gargano and Strong back in. Taylor puts his ring jacket to cushion himself from being chopped. Very smart by Mr. Taylor. Gargano avoids a DojoBros double team, wipes out Edwards with a senton. Taylor stomps a Kentucky mudhole in Strong. Gargano & Taylor do their infamous dancing before stomping away at Strong. Edwards chops Taylor right in the DICK! OUCH! Gargano & Taylor working over Strong. Strong comes back, hooks both Gargano & Taylor in a Tree of Woe. Edwards has a fan whip him so he can nail both Gargano & Taylor with a sliding dropkick. Cool spot. Strong backbreakers Gargano on the APRON! DojoBros now taking over on Gargano. Double flapjack, sandwich chop for 2. Backbreaker/top rope knee drop by DojoBros for 2. Crowd chants for Taylor. Rolling kick by Gargano to Strong. Gargano takes out DojoBros with a DDT/Flatliner combo. Taylor in, springboard dropkick to Edwards. Rana to Edwards, Belly-to-Belly to Strong. Taylor wipes out the DojoBros with a flip dive on the outside! WOW. Back in, Gargano with the Slingshot Spear to Edwards and then wipes out Strong with a tope suicida! Taylor with a Lionsault for 2. Sandwich dropkick to Edwards, DojoBros come back with stereo kicks to Taylor. Fall-away facebuster by Edwards for 2. Superkick by Edwards, Leaping Knee by Strong for 2 on Taylor. Gargano in, Slingshot Spike DDT to Edwards! Kneelift by Taylor, Superkick by Gargano, Eating P***Y and Kicking Ass by F.I.S.T. for 2. This is a helluva match! Dropkick by Gargano, Double Stomp/Draping Ace Crusher by F.I.S.T. to Strong, Edwards breaks up the pinfall. Soul Food by Taylor to Edwards, Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party to Taylor. Death by Roderick to Gargano, Front-Plex by Edwards, Sick Kick by Strong, Taylor breaks up the pinfall. Stereo chops by DojoBros to Gargano. Taylor prevents a double team, Gargano lawndarts Strong.

Double stomp by Edwards to Taylor on the apron! End of Heartache by Strong to Gargano! 1-2-3!

Winners: The Dojo Bros. by pinfall (End of Heartache)

“The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Drake gets his yellow streamers, Steen has some fun with them. Steen says he is sorry before the match, then wallops Drake. Awesome. “OLE” chants at the start. I have no idea who that is for, some guy named Zayn I guess. Drake and Steen slug it out and go right to the outside. Drake wipes out Steen with a top rope senton, landing on his feet. They brawl on the outside around the SUPER NO VACANCY Reseda crowd. Steen: “Who can’t see Buy front row, idiots!” LMAO. Drake sent crotch-first into the ringpost! OUCH. Steen high-fives a little kid. More brawling on the outside. Steen makes fun of a fan, tells them to shut up. “Thank you Steen” chants. Back in, Steen wipes out Drake with a clothesline. Steen continues to verbally abuse the fan, but the fan deserved, so its OK. DEEP SEA DIVERTICULITIS to Drake! Steen takes too much time, though, continuing to talk to the fan, only gets a nearfall on Drake. Belly-to-Belly to Drake for a nearfall. Steen feigns a chop, instead pokes the eye. “EYE POKE” chants. Drake comes back with a German, Steen to the outside. Drake gets him back in, but Steen rolls out to the other side. Steen keeps avoiding Drake, sends him into the ringpost. Steen with the Go-Home Driver for a nearfall. Steen flips off the same fan, but Drake gets the knees up off the Steenton Bomb. Drake avoids the Cannonball, Half & Half for 2. Sleeper Suplex by Steen sends Drake to the outside. Drake blocks the Apron Powerbomb, TOP ROPE MOONSAULT! OMG! More brawling as they head to the commentary stage. Steen catches Drake off a leap. POWERBOMB ON THE STAGE! HOLY CRAP! Apron Powerbomb by Steen, both go to the apron, another powerbomb on the apron!! DRAKE KICKS OUT! My goodness this match. Drake blocks the Package Piledriver on the apron, SAMOAN DRIVER OFF THE APRON ONTO 4-5 CHAIRS! HOLY S**T! Back in, Steen kicks out of the Samoan Driver! Crowd chants for Drake. Steen blocks Drake’s Landing, accidentally knocks down the ref. Steen with the Package Piledriver to Drake, but there is no ref. Adam Cole runs in, wipes out Steen with the Title! Cole goes to leave, but comes back and goes after Drake. Drake avoids a belt shot, Drake’s Landing to Cole! Ref comes to, Drake covers Steen, Steen barely kicks out! Steen again blocks Drake’s Landing.

Drake blocks Steen’s attempt at Drake’s Landing, backslide for the win.

Winner: “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger by pinfall (Backslide)

PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol

This was Del Sol’s final appearance in PWG. So much fringe on the Young Bucks’ ring attire. And a lot of violet, also. Dueling “Let’s go Young Bucks/F the Young Bucks” chants by the Reseda crowd. “Lucha” chants for Del Sol as he and Matt Jackson will start. Del Sol goes right to working over the leg of Matt. Nice looking spinning Trailer Hitch by Del Sol. Matt mocks Del Sol, hooks him in a surfboard. Del Sol with a great counter. Arm drag and a dropkick by Del Sol, Matt rushes over to tag Nick, Fox tags in also. Nick avoids a dropkick, crotch chops. Nice arm drag and a dropkick by Fox. Del Sol in, wheelbarrow senton double team for 2. Matt in, headscissors/dropkick by Bucks for 2. Matt goes to unmask Del Sol as the Bucks begin taking over on him. Matt suplexes Fox while hooking Del Sol in a deathlock. OUCH. Del Sol with a kick from underneath to Nick, followed by a neckbreaker. Matt & Fox in, springboard dropkick by Fox. Inward Ace Crusher by Fox for 2. Fox with a triple springboard while in a knucklelock into a wheelbarrow spike bulldog for 2. Matt avoids Fox, Nick with a sliding dropkick while Matt sends Fox crotch-first into the ringpost. Bucks now working over Fox. 818 by Nick to Fox to taunt Del Sol. Matt bites Fox’s ribs! Ewww. Back rakes aplenty by the Bucks. Springboard dropkick to Fox by Nick, followed by a plancha. Matt goes to dive, does a backflip, but then goes to the outside and back rakes Fox! That was awesome. Fox comes back with a snapmare driver on Nick. Matt pulls Del Sol off the apron, spinebusters him on the apron! OUCH! 540 Kick by Nick to Fox for 2. Fox with a Northern Lights to Matt, but Nick with a slingshot senton. Fox avoids the Bucks, Del Sol in, springboard crossbody wipes out the Bucks. Inverted Rana sends Matt into a Spear on Nick! Del Sol lands on his feet off 2 monkey flips, Double Rana on the Bucks! AIR SAMURAY wipes out the Bucks! Inward Somersault Senton by Fox wipes out the Bucks! Code Lucha on Nick by Del Sol for 2. Del Sol matrix to avoid Nick, kicks to Bucks. Lariat by Fox, Yakuza Kick by Del Sol, Wheelbarrow Arm Drag by Fox sends Del Sol into Nick in the corner! Shooting Star Cannonball by Fox, Del Sol whips Fox into taking out Matt with a corner flip dive! Rana DDT by Del Sol, Springboard 450 by Fox on Nick, Nick barely kicks out, but the ref rings the bell early, “you f’d up” chants. Cartwheel DVD by Del Sol to Nick on the apron! Fox with a top rope leg drop, but Nick gets the knees up off the Foxton Bomb. Del Sol gets Shelton Benjamin’d by Nick off a springboard! Fox matrix to avoid the Bucks. Superkick by Matt to Fox, Del Sol with a heel kick to Matt, everyone is down. This is great.

Matt & Fox trade elbows and discus elbows. Fox with a flurry of back clubs and a double stomp. Matt avoids Lo-Mein Pain. Fox with an enziguri, Almost Famous to Matt! Nick with a running knee to Del Sol, clothesline/bulldog to both Del Sol & Fox. Del Sol with a kick from underneath to Nick on the turnbuckles. Fox with a pump kick to Matt on the turnbuckles. Del Sol with an inverted Code Red to Matt, Lo-Mein Pain to Nick by Fox, Nick gets the foot on the ropes! Nick kicks the ropes to crotch Del Sol. Fox holds Nick, but Nick escapes and Del Sol hits his own partner with the Rising Sun! Double superkick by the Bucks to Del Sol! Del Sol kicks out! WOW. Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo. Six Second Abs! Del Sol kicks out again!

Nick wipes out Fox with a moonsault, then a running apron kick. More Bang for your Buck! 1-2-3! WHAT A MATCH!

Winners: The Young Bucks (More Bang for your Buck)

Main Event in a 1 Hour Iron Man for the PWG World Title: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole vs. “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan

Lots of black streamers for Callihan. Steen mentions how Sami likes his nickname b/c the ring announcer says his name twice. LOL. Cole as a prepared statement that he wants to ring announcer to read. Sami keeps throwing streamers at Cole. Statement reads, “When Adam Cole beats Sami Callihan 60-0, we will refer to him as the Iron Man of PWG”. Cole: “Read the rest of it!” Ring announcer: “And if you don’t like it, you can all suck his d**k”. Awesome. Dueling chants of “Let’s go Sami/Suck his D**k”. Cole & Sami go nose-to-nose as the bell sounds. Sami with a big pump kick to start, Cole to the outside. Heat Seeking Missile! Chair thrown in the ring. Sami tosses chairs on top of Cole, burying him underneath. Spit-filled chops, back suplex on the apron. Sami chokes Cole with streamers. Cole pulls Sami’s leg off the ropes, crashing him down to the mat. Steen about Cole: “Who wears a palm tree on his f’ing tights.” Sami sent sternum-first into the corner. Cole off the ropes, get winded. 2nd wind, ULTRAVIOLENT CHINLOCK! Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker by Cole for 2. Sami feels no effect off turnbuckle smashes. Cole sent multiple times into the corner. 20 times to be exact Cole was sent off the turnbuckle. Cole snapmared into the ropes! OUCH. Step-over facelock by Sami. Pump kick, DVD, Sami Slingshot Splash for 2. Sami almost sent into the ref, LOW BLOW by Cole!

Roll-up & Cole goes up 1-0!

Adam Cole is up 1-0 via pinfall (Roll-up)

Sami counters a suplex with an inside cradle, but Cole reverses it and goes up 2-0 for a quick, demanding lead.

Adam Cole goes up 2-0 via pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Superkick by Cole, Brainbuster across the Knee by Cole and he goes up 3-0! WOW. What a different way to begin an Iron Man match.

Adam Cole goes up 3-0 via pinfall (Brainbuster across the Knee)

Cole taunts the crowd, who tries to will on Sami. Cole continues to taunt the crowd on the outside on all 4 sides of the ring. Cole says to the camera: “Get a good look at your forever champion, ADAM COLE BA-BAY!” Cole doesn’t realize Sami is behind him as he talks to the camera. Great visual. POWERBOMB INTO THE RINGPOST!! OMG! Chairs dropped on Cole. Beer pitcher shot to the head. Cole driven into the ringpost. Cole gets the mic to do commentary. Cole kicks at Sami while talking. Cole says it time for Sami to suck his d**k. Sami grabs Cole by the d**k! D**KSLAM! Steen about the d**kslam: “Take that Kane, or Big Show, or whoever does a chokeslam!” Sami: “How about you suck my feet” and stomps away at Cole. Steen insinuates on commentary about all this sucking something I won’t repeat about his significant other. WOW. Excalibur can’t believe Steen said what he said. “On behalf of Steen’s marriage, don’t tell her what he said”. LMAO. Back to live action, Sami slams Cole into the ropes! Cole kicks him in the knee. Cole goes to work on the leg of Sami. Cole locks in the Figure Four, Sami almost has his shoulders pinned for 3. Sami reverses, Cole regains control. Sami reverses again, Cole to the ropes. Cole with the Bret Hart ringpost Figure 4! Cole tries a 2nd time, Sami sends him into the ringpost. Sami with a roundhouse kick, but his leg buckles when trying for his springboard clothesline. Wheelbarrow German by Cole onto the apron! A fan helps Sami up and gets him back in before the 20 count. Cole sends Sami into a back room of the Reseda building to try and go up 4-0 by count-out. Fans again get Sami in the ring. Sami with an Exploder to Cole on the outside! Cole barely gets back in before the 20 count. Big elbows. Nigel combo by Sami. Violence Party by Sami, Cole stops a 3rd with a Superkick. Sami falls backward into the ropes, NIGEL JAWBREAKER LARIAT! 2 SWEET Powerbomb for 2.

Stretch Muffler applied, Sami gets one back, we’re at 3-1 Cole.

Sami Callihan makes it 3-1 via submission (Stretch Muffler)

Sami transitions right into an STF, Cole taps and now its 3-2 Cole. We are at the half-way point of this match.

Sami Callihan makes it 3-2 via submission (STF)

Series of nearfalls by both back and forth and Sami is able to get 2 pinfalls out of it, going now up 4-3.

Sami Callihan ties up and goes up 4-3 via pinfall

Cole grabs the title belt and don’t care if he gets DQ’d. Sami avoids, but Cole with a Rock Bottom! Steen: “That’s my friend’s move!” LOL. Cole does a suck my d**k motion while going for the People’s Elbow, but Sami moves! STONE COLD SAMI STUNNER! Cole kicks out! “That was awesome” by the crowd. Sami trapped in the ropes, Superkick by Cole! PANAMA SUNRISE IN THE ROPES! Cole slams Sami on the apron! Figure 4 on the outside! Cole now buries Sami under a bunch of chairs. Sami gets back in. Pump kick & superkick exchange. Superkick to the back of the head by Cole!

Florida Key and we are all tied up at 4.

Adam Cole ties it up at 4 all via pinfall (Florida Key)

Double sledge off the bottom rope by Cole! Then off the middle rope. Steen thinks Cole looks like Lucky Cannon. LOL. Cole leaps right into a pump kick by Sami! Air Raid Crash for 2. 2nd one for another 2 count. Spit-filled chop.

Gourdbuster off the ropes by Cole! PANAMA SUNRISE regains the lead for Cole at 5-4.

Adam Cole goes up 5-4 via pinfall (Panama Sunrise)

Another Rock Bottom by Cole! People’s Elbow hits, but Sami kicks out at 1! Spinebuster by Sami, PEOPLE’s STOMP! Inside cradle by Cole for 2. Figure 4 locked in again. Sami almost has his shoulders pinned again, but gets to the ropes. Sami with his own version of the Panama Sunrise, Cole kicks out! SUPER DVD by SAMI!

64 LARIAT and Sami ties it up at 5.

Sami Callihan ties it up at 5 all via pinfall (64 Lariat)

Strike exchange, chop exchange for well over a minute. WOW. Cole finally goes down! Cole spits at Sami, PILEDRIVER by SAMI! Cole kicks out of the piledriver! Sami says he hates Cole, 2nd piledriver, Cole gets his hand on the ropes! Cole stops a 3rd piledriver, in-ring Panama Sunrise, Sami kicks out! 2nd Florida Key, Sami again kicks out! Cole with a piledriver, yet again Sami kicks out! 5 minutes remaining in this match. Sami with a pump kick while Cole is on the ropes. TOWER OF CALLIHAN, Cole kicks out! Spear by Sami for 2. Kobashi chops by Sami. Cole goes back to the knee. Sami counters Panama Sunrise with Jig & Tonic!

Cole reverses into a cradle to go up 6-5 with 2 minutes left.

Adam Cole goes up 6-5 via pinfall (Cradle)

Sami gives chase to Cole around the building. Cole trips getting back in the ring, Sami grabs him, STRETCH MUFFLER, 1 minute left! 45 seconds, Sami has the body grapevine, stomps to the head. Ref checks Cole’s arm, Sami switches to a half crab!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1………Cole hangs on and retains the Title, winning 6-5! WOW, What a damn match!

Winner and STILL PWG World Champion: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole

“That was awesome” chants by the crowd as both men are exhausted. “Thank you Sami” chants as this was his final PWG match. Cole claps for Sami also. Cole & Sami embrace in the middle of the ring. All of a sudden, Cole kicks Sami low, stomps away! Kevin Steen chases Cole out of the ring. Steen checks on Sami, then the lockerroom comes out to bid farewell to Sami. “We will miss you” chants by the crowd for Sami. Steen says Sami hasn’t been in PWG long, but he made his mark and is one of the hardest working guys in pro wrestling. Steen says good luck to Sami and tells him to say HI to that other Sami for us. Sami says he loves everyone in the building, he’s a fat kid from Ohio, thank you for making my dream come true!


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