Ring of Honor “Manhattan Mayhem V”
Taped on: August 17, 2013
New York City (Hammerstein Ballroom)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Prince Nana
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Prince Nana on commentary with Kevin Kelly. Nana is introduced as ROH’s new talent scout.

ROH TV Return Match: “The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. Adam Page

The two mouth off to each other in adhering to the Code of Honor before the bell. Silas spits at Page, ref gets inbetween them. Both exchange side headlock takeovers, Page with a headscissors. Silas with right hands from the mount. Page with chops and a dropkick. Silas to the outside to re-group. Page chases after him, Silas misses a clothesline. More chops by Page. Back in, Silas stomps away. Silas rakes Page’s face against the top rope. Silas runs into a boot, Page with 2nd rope clothesline for a nearfall. Page biels Silas by his mustache, followed by a running forearm. Silas catches Page going up & over and dumps him to the outside. Ref begins his count, with the crowd trying to mess him up. Back in, Silas with a slam and a legdrop for a nearfall. Page fights back, but runs into a clothesline by Silas. Silas says “its too easy”. Silas chokes Page in the ropes. Page fights back with underhooked headbutts, followed by an arm-trap suplex. Strike exchange, Silas misses a clothesline. Page with 2 clotheslines, followed by a powerslam. Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Silas runs into a back elbow, but hits a backbreaker. Page avoids the follow through clothesline, Silas rolls through a roll-up attempt. Page sweeps out his leg. Standing Shooting Star Press! Page covers, gets a close nearfall. Page places Silas on top. Silas slips out, powerbomb with his feet on the ropes, Page kicks out! Silas complains to the ref, but rolls through a backslide and hits a front kick.


Winner: “The Last Real Man” Silas Young by pinfall (Pee Wee Gaja Plunge)

We’re about to go to our next match, but we see Steve Corino walk out to do commentary. Referees and security remove Corino from ringside.

Scramble Rules: The C & C Wrestlefactory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) vs. Adrenaline RUSH (TD Thomas & “The Last Hero” ACH)

Scramble Tag Rules are pretty much Lucha Tag Rules. If someone on a team goes to the outside, his partner can come in legally. ACH & Caprice start. Exchange of armdrags. Both go for dropkicks, stalemate. Caprice counters a springboard with a dropkick. TD in, Capoiera Kick to Caprice. Cedric in, TD with a shoulder tackle. Cedric with a Tiger Flip, followed by a 138 variation & a back senton. ACH in, feigns a dropkick, dropkicks Cedric’s knee, followed by a crucifix for a nearfall. Caprice in, assisted leg lariat for a nearfall. Caprice with a slam and a legdrop for a nearfall. Cedric in, knocks TD off the apron. Basement dropkick to ACH for a nearfall. C & C with a double suplex and stereo kicks for a nearfall. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on ACH. ACH fights out, Cedric avoids a dropkick. Caprice in, but ACH avoids a C & C double team. Cedric accidentally hits Caprice. Ready or Not, Here I Come by ACH to Caprice. TD in, Capoiera Kicks to both of C & C. Powerslam to Cedric for a nearfall. Caprice with a one-hand spinebuster on TD. C & C goes for a double team, but Cedric slips on the ropes. Crowd lets him hear it. ACH backdrops Cedric to the outside. ACH with a front kick to Caprice, Cedric runs into a back elbow. Cedric with a spinning roundhouse from the ropes. TD with a German on Cedric, Cedric powers up! Lariat to TD, everyone is down! “ROH” chants by the crowd. ACH takes Caprice to the outside. Enziguri to Cedric sending him to the outside. ACH with a head of steam, AIR JORDAN to C & C! Back in, ACH heads up top. Cedric grabs ACH’s foot, TD drives Cedric into the barricade. Caprice sends TD into ACH.

OVERTIME by C & C for the win.

Winners: The C & C Wrestlefactory by pinfall (Overtime)

Proving Ground: “No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & the Hoopla Hotties (Seleziya Spark & Kasey Ray)

This is Mondo & Taven’s 1st match against each other since their break-out match on ROH TV last year. Mondo now has a shaved head. Taven tries for the Climax, Mondo gets out, goes for the Double-Arm DDT, Taven slips out and re-groups with the H.O.T. Seleziya mouths off to a fan in the front row. Back in, Mondo begins to ground Taven. Taven with a shoulder tackle. Mondo kips up, leg sweep. Exchange of nearfalls, Mondo avoids a leg sweep, goes back to the side headlock. Mondo rolls through a Sunset flip, dropkick for a nearfall. Taven avoids Mondo in the corner, enziguri connects. Mondo to the outside, Kasey Ray gets some cheap shots in. Taven with a hanging suplex. Springboard corkscrew senton by Taven for a nearfall. Mondo fights back, but Taven with a dropkick for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Mondo gets out of a suplex with a knee strike. Mondo then with a 360* flying headbutt, both men down. Mondo with a series of strikes. Mondo with a Snapmare Driver for a nearfall. Taven avoids the double stomp, but Mondo with a rolling snapmare. Sunset flip for a nearfall. Taven gets out of the Double Arm DDT, Angels Wings variation for a nearfall. Strike exchange, Mondo avoids the Cyclone Kick. Mondo with a savate kick and a jawbreaker, but Taven this time hits the Cyclone Kick for a nearfall. Mondo again avoids the Climax. Taven counters a Tiger Bomb with a Sunset Flip, but Mondo counters for a nearfall. Taven hits a spin kick. Mondo stops Taven up top. Seleziya on the apron, Martini comes in and pulls Mondo off the ropes. Mondo has Martini, but Kasey Ray hits Mondo with a 2nd rope rana! Taven with Air Taven on Mondo for a close nearfall. The H.O.T. can’t believe it. Martini back on the apron, feigns an ankle injury. Ref is with Martini, but Mondo avoids a Book of Truth shot & drop toe holds Taven into the book! Ref & Taven have a tug-a-war with the book. Taven gets it from the ref, but Mondo with a 2nd rope curb stomp drives Taven’s head into the book! Mondo covers, Taven barely kicks out! Mondo now can’t believe it. Mondo heads up top, but Taven gets his boot up off a flying headbutt.

Climax for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven by pinfall (The Climax)

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero)

HUGE reaction for the Bucks in NYC. Matt & Koslov start. Chain wrestling early, Koslvo with a shoulder tackle, followed by a dropkick and an arm drag into an armbar. Romero and Nick in. Romero with a dropkick and a shoulder tackle. Another dropkick, Koslov in. Slingshot splash for a nearfall. BIG chops by Koslov. Romero in, FOREVER Clotheslines to Nick. Koslov gets mad, Romero piefaces him. Hooligans about to fight, but hug. Nick comes back with a jawbreaker. Matt in, Romero with an atomic drop. Blind tag by Nick, back elbow to Romero. Air guitar by Nick! Bucks begin working over Romero. Romero fights back, but the Bucks with a gutbuster/flipping neckbreaker combo. Koslov in, but the Bucks with the backflip headscissors/running dropkick. Double drop toe hold & deathlock on Romero, followed by posing. Matt stomps away and chokes Romero. Nick in, slingshot senton. Grounded abdominal stretch applied, crowd wills on Romero. Romero fights back, but Nick with a dropkick. Matt in, but Romero with slaps. Matt runs into a boot, Romero avoids a charge. Romero with a back heel kick to Nick, Koslov in. Springboard crossbody to Nick, spinning headscissors to Matt. Dropkick to Nick. Koslov avoids a charge, springboard dropkick to Nick, dropkick to Matt. Russian Beret thrown in. Kozak Kicks to Matt, followed by a double stomp for a nearfall. Hooligans with an assisted springboard knee drop, Nick breaks up the pin. Battering Knee to Matt. Superkick by Nick to Romero. Running Knee by Nick to Koslov. Bucks with an assisted Shiranui, another running knee by Nick for a close nearfall. Matt can’t believe it. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Nick superkicks Romero on the outside, head kick to Koslov. Springboard X-Factor by Nick to Koslov, Romero avoids the apron moonsault, flying knee off the apron. Matt hits a baseball slide on Romero! Koslov head of steam, flip dive wipes out the Bucks! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Koslov & Nick with a strike exchange. Koslov blocks a Nick superkick, forces him to kick Matt. Superkick by Nick, flying knee to Nick by Romero. Matt superkicks Romero! Matt puts on the Russian Beret, mocks the Kozak Kicks. Koslov comes back with an enziguri. Everyone is down! Nick with a Cyclone Kick, but Koslov catches a running knee. Doomsday Knee by the Hooligans, but Matt causes Koslov to break-up the pin. Romero & Matt with a strike exchange. Matt backflips to avoid a clothesline, superkick to Romero! Buckle Bomb/Enziguri Combo to Koslov! SIX SECOND ABS by the Bucks on Koslov! Romero breaks up the pin. Romero sent to the outside, Koslov gets the knees up on More Bang for your Buck! Inside cradle on Nick for a nearfall. Romero wipes out Matt with a tope suicida!

Koslov catches Nick off a Springboard X-Factor, Hooligans hit the Contract Killer for the win. What a match!

Winners: The Forever Hooligans by pinfall (The Contract Killer)

Afterwards for the first time in ROH, the Bucks adhere to the Code of Honor with the Hooligans.

Marshall Law come out to kick off the 2nd half, but they aren’t scheduled for this show. NYC crowd gets on Marshall Law. RD says that there has been injustice going on in ROH lately, like with Veda Scott. QT brings in a chair as RD says another injustice is that Marshall Law is not on the card. We won’t leave until we get a match. Prince Nana gets on the mic and says that Marshall Law are AND I QUOTE “cum guzzlers, TMZ just didn’t ask you yet.” WOW. Nana says that he is the new talent scout for ROH and his 1st order was to sign 2 people that will end Marshall Law right now. Lights go out and we hear the same siren that was in the #August17Warning video. Two guys in clown masks, dress shirts & slacks come out. The guy in the black shirt double clotheslines Marshall Law. Masks come off and its the return of Homicide & Eddie Kingston to ROH! NYC crowd chants for Kingston & Homicide as we are set to have an impromptu match between them and Marshall Law.

Outlaw Inc. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) vs. Marshall Law (RD Evans & “God’s Gift” QT Marshall)

RD Evans attacks Kingston from behind to start. Hmmmm, where I have seen these two in a ring together before? Kingston runs into a boot, but catches RD off the ropes and hits a T-Bone. QT comes in, but Kingston with a dropkick. Northern Lights by Kingston to RD for a nearfall. Homicide in, double clothesline. Homicide chokes RD with his boot. Running facewash. Homicide gets a nearfall. QT in, right hands to Homicide. RD in, dropkick. QT in, backbreaker/flipping neckbreaker combo for a nearfall. QT talks trash to Homicide. Homicide tells QT what he thinks of him. QT misses a clothesline, Homicide with a flying forearm. Kingston in, 2 back elbows to QT. RD sent to the outside. Sambo Suplex to QT for a nearfalll. Homicide randomly humps the ringpost. Homicide in, QT avoids a double team. RD off the top, but Kingston catches him with an uppercut.

Gringo Killer by Homicide to QT, followed by the Sliding D from Kingston for the win.

Winners: Outlaw Inc. by pinfall (Sliding D)

Afterwards, Homicide wants to adhere to the Code of Honor with RD. They adhere, but Homicide keeps a hold of RD & breaks one of his fingers! Some dark clown music plays along with the siren as Kingston & Homicide creepily go around ringside. Homicide: “God forgives, but not Outlaw Inc!” QT carries RD to the back.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Michael Bennett vs. “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa

The band, Last Remaining Pinnacle, gives a live performance of the entrance song of Ciampa. Cool deal there. Bennett to the outside as the bell sounds. Cat & mouse game being played. Ciampa catches Bennett, wheelbarrows him into the barricade! Back in, running forearm and a basement dropkick by Ciampa for a nearfall. Bennett sidesteps a backdrop, goes after the leg of Ciampa. Ciampa counters a Bennett drop-down with a back senton for a nearfall. Ciampa goes after Bennett’s leg. Knee-DT connects. Ciampa up & over, but drops down to feign that his leg is hurt. Ciampa suckers Bennett in, inside cradle for a nearfall. Knee strike, down comes the kneepad. Bennett counters a running knee with a drop toe hold. Dropkick by Bennett from the outside. Running boot by Bennett as the NYC crowd lets him have it. Ciampa avoids a 2nd running boot, hits a running knee. 2nd running knee by Ciampa. Bennett avoids a 3rd, but Ciampa Germans him into the barricade! Ciampa charges, another running knee! Crowd chants for Ciampa. Back in, Bennett blocks Project Ciampa. Ciampa to the 2nd rope, but Bennett with a superkick. Ciampa’s previously injured leg gets tied up in the ropes. Bennett goes after it, ref finally gets Ciampa free. Bennett goes to work on the injured leg of Ciampa. Leglock applied. Ciampa tries to fight it, but Bennett with more shots to the leg. Ciampa gets free, but Bennett with a chop block. Bennett catches a boot, drops down to send Ciampa’s leg across his own shoulder. Another Knee-DT by Bennett, followed by slamming Ciampa, legs-first into the ropes. Ciampa avoids a corner charge, Bennett gets crotched. Strike exchange, then Ciampa with a rolling elbow. Bennett with a superkick, but Ciampa with a clothesline for a nearfall. Grounded version of a Cobra Clutch applied by Ciampa, Bennett gets the ropes. Ciampa tries for the running knee, but his knee buckles. Bennett with a Spear for a nearfall. Ciampa counters out of a piledriver, Bennett avoids a knee strike. Cloverleaf applied. Ciampa counters with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Bennett drops his own kneepad, running knee and a bulldog. Bennett mocks the “GTS” hand motion, goes for it, but Ciampa counters and hits his own GTS for a close nearfall. They go onto the apron. Strike exchange, Bennett to the leg. Bennett tries the piledriver, but Ciampa blocks it. Bennett runs into a knee. On the outside, Ciampa lifts up Bennett. Air Raid Crash on the outside!

Back in, Ciampa covers Bennett and advances to the semis!

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Roderick Strong vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

ALL DA STREAMERS for Steen. It is safe to say that the Hammerstein Ballroom now be called the HammerSTEEN Ballroom. Steen goes for a right hand early, but Strong was ready, leaping knee strike. Death by Roderick for a nearfall. Steen to the outside. Steen catches a baseball slide, apron powerbomb! Back in, Steen up top, Steenton Bomb for a nearfall. Throwing bombs early, I like it! Strong blocks the F-Cinq, but Steen with a draping DDT for a nearfall. Loud chants for Steen. Side headlock applied. WRESTLING, YAY! Basement back elbow and a back senton by Steen. Steen stands on Strong. Strong comes back with a chop. Steen responds with his own. Strike exchange, Steen with a knee to the ribs. Strong slips out of a slam, leaping knee, enziguri and an Olympic Slam. Strong stomps away, BIG chop. Strong chokes Steen. Steen fights back, but Strong with a bulldog for a nearfall. Grounded abdominal stretch. Crowd wills on Steen. Another chop by Strong. Standing dropkick for a nearfall. Steen blocks the Gibson Driver. Steen runs into a boot. Strong with a knee to the ribs, enziguri. Steen counters a discus forearm with a clothesline, both men down. Pumphandle Neckbreaker by Steen for a nearfall. Strong avoids a charge, another chop. Steen placed on the turnbuckles. Strong up with him. Top Rope Superplex by Strong for a nearfall. Strong Hold applied, Steen to the ropes. Steen blocks the half-nelson backbreaker. Steen bites at Strong, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall. Strong blocks the Sharpshooter. Steen gets out of Death by Roderick. Sharpshooter applied, Strong gets to the ropes. Strong with a leaping knee, another Death by Roderick. Sick Kick for a CLOSE nearfall. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Steen again placed on the turnbuckles. Steen blocks a superplex, Fisherman’s Buster for a close nearfall. Strong blocks the Package Piledriver, flurry of forearms. Steen slips out of a suplex, Sleeper Suplex.

Package Piledriver for the win.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen by pinfall (Package Piledriver)

Steen says to the camera afterward that this is his ring and he coming for his title.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match: “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Elgin instantly with a boot. Boot exchange, then a forearm exchange. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Both block each other’s finishers, roll-up by Elgin for a nearfall. Side headlock by Anderson, Elgin with a shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Chop exchange, Elgin whips Anderson hard into the corner. Time to set your watches, folks. Delayed vertical by Elgin for……..a minute! Elgin gains a nearfall. Anderson to the outside. Elgin out after him. Elgin leaps off, but Anderson catches him with a spinebuster! Anderson with a pump kick, gets back in the ring. Ref begins his count. Elgin gets back in, Anderson stomps away. Anderson mocks the “Next World Champ” chants for Elgin. Anderson goes after Elgin’s leg with a dropkick. Elgin fights back. Anderson again to the leg, pulls at Elgin’s face. Anderson taunts the crowd. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Elgin. Elgin fights out, but Anderson with a dropkick for a nearfall. Right hands from the mount. Slam, but Elgin avoids a back senton. Multiple standing clotheslines by Elgin, followed by 2 corner clotheslines. Oklahoma Stampede for a nearfall. Anderson gets out of the Deadlift German, but runs into a Black Hole Slam by Elgin for a nearfall. Anderson blocks the Buckle Bomb. Anderson blocks a clothesline, but Elgin again with multiple standing clotheslines. Anderson comes back with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Anderson charges, but Elgin catches him with a STO. Elgin up top, but Anderson avoids the corkscrew senton. Elgin gets out of the Bernard Driver, neckbreaker setup into a rolling elbow. Deadlift German for a nearfall. Elgin up top, but Anderson stops him with a leaping kick. Anderson goes up with him, SUPER TKO, ELGIN KICKS OUT! Anderson with the Bernard Driver, Elgin kicks out AGAIN! Anderson is getting frustrated, crowd chants for Elgin. Elgin blocks the Gun Stun, backslide for a nearfall. Crossface applied, crowd HAS to chant for the man known for that move. UGH. Anderson gets to the ropes. They go to the apron, another flying kick by Anderson. Ref checks on Elgin. Anderson up top, Elgin stops him. They fight on top. Anderson bites at Elgin. Elgin comes back with an enziguri, sending Anderson onto the apron. Elgin to the 2nd rope, Deadlift Superplex, Anderson kicks out! Elgin fires up, calls for the Buckle Bomb. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb, Anderson responds with a pump kick! Superkick by Elgin, another pump kick by Anderson! Pump kick by Elgin! Elgin blocks the Gun Stun again, HUGE forearm strike. Sit-out Hellavator by Elgin, Anderson kicks out again! Elgin can’t believe it. Anderson slips out of a Buckle Bomb, Elgin again blocks the Gun Stun. Anderson avoids a charge, Elgin avoids a running boot! 2 spinning backfists by Elgin!

Buckle Bomb, Revolution Elgin Bomb! Elgin advances to the semis. My god what a match!

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

Elgin says to the camera, and Kevin Steen afterward, that he just beat Anderson after losing to him. He’ll do the same with Steen. Anderson and Elgin embrace in a sign of mutual respect. Standing ovation from the crowd.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The American Wolves (“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) (c’s)

Pre-match intros for the main event. “YES” chants from the crowd. Code of Honor before the bell. Richards & O’Reilly start. Shoving match, then a slap exchange. Exchange of chest kicks until Richards gains advantage. Knucklelock, exchange of monkey flips. Exchange of roll-ups for nearfalls between teacher & student, stalemate. Edwards & Fish in. Edwards works on the arm, Fish reverses out. Edwards regains control. Fish takes him down. Edwards reverses, rides on Fish amateur-style. Fish with a hammerlock, Edwards to the ropes. Edwards avoids a Fish head kick. Fish trash talks to Richards. Edwards takes down Fish, pulls at his face. Richards & O’Reilly in. O’Reilly works on Richards’ arm. Richards counters into a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. O’Reilly with a hiptoss and 2 armdrags into an armbar. Fish in, but Richards takes over. Quick tags by the Wolves with sledges to Fish’s arm. O’Reilly knocked off the apron, Edwards with a headbutt to Fish. Richards in, double elbow by the Wolves. Trailer Hitch applied. DAVEY HIP SWIVEL into the drop-back deathlock. Pinning predicament by Richards for a nearfall. Edwards in, Wolves make a wish on Fish. Fish comes back with a dropkick. O’Reilly in, snapmare and a kick to the back. Edwards pops up, does the same thing. They go nose-to-nose. O’Reilly with another kick to the back. Again, they nose-to-nose. Edwards instead of a kick to the back, chops O’Reilly in his neck. Again they go nose-to-nose, forearm exchange. BIG chops by Edwards. O’Reilly with a knee to the ribs. O’Reilly feigns a kick, hits a slap. Edwards runs into a boot, but hits a fallaway facebuster. Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Richards in, double headbutt by the Wolves. Chest kick, snap suplex and a knee drop by Richards for a nearfall. Tequila Sunrise applied. Edwards comes in with a chinlock. Edwards in, chops to O’Reilly. Edwards runs into a boot, but hits an enziguri. Edwards goes to hit the Chin Checker, but Fish prevents it.

O’Reilly with a cross armbreaker, Edwards to the ropes. Fish in, slingshot senton for a nearfall. Fish taking control on Edwards. Back suplex for a nearfall. O’Reilly in, stereo running knees by reDRagon. Backbreaker/knee drop combo for a nearfall. Grounded abdominal stretch applied, Richards breaks it up. Fish in, front & chest kick combo for a nearfall. Edwards with a Dragon Screw. O’Reilly prevents a tag by knocking Richards off the apron. O’Reilly in, sliding knee drop for a nearfall. O’Reilly runs into a boot. O’Reilly hits a boot, but Edwards with a belly-to-belly. Again, Richards is knocked off the apron to prevent a tag. Edwards avoids a reDRagon double team. Edwards to the 2nd rope, DOUBLE BOSTON KNEE PARTY! Richards in, double dropkick to reDRagon. Chest kicks, O’Reilly sent into Fish. Richards dropkicks Fish, causing him to DDT O’Reilly. Running forearm, spinning back kick and the Eternal Dream to O’Reilly for a nearfall. Strike exchange, O’Reilly blocks a PK. Edwards knocked off the apron, O’Reilly with a running boot to Richards. Fish with a release German. Total Elimination for a nearfall. Series of kicks by reDRagon to Richards. Richards fights back with slaps. Dropkick to Fish. Richards slips out of a Regalplex. O’Reilly blocks the Alarm Clock, stereo Regalplexes by reDRagon for a close nearfall. Richards slips out of a double team. Sandwich kicks by the Wolves on Fish. O’Reilly placed in the Tree of Woe. Stereo hestitation dropkicks by the Wolves. Edwards stops O’Reilly on top. O’Reilly counters a powerbomb with a rana. Fish wipes out Edwards with a flip dive. Super Back Suplex by O’Reilly to Richards, followed by a Fish springboard moonsault. Edwards breaks up the pinfall. Fish & Edwards with a strike exchange. Edwards with a superkick. O’Reilly hits his series of strikes, ending with a leg sweep. O’Reilly & Richards catch each other’s kicks, slap exchange. Standing curb stomp, Richards with a head kick. O’Reilly with a discus forearm. Richards with a discus clothesline, everyone is down! Cactus clothesline by Edwards takes out Fish. Flying armbar by O’Reilly to Richards. Richards counters into the Ankle Lock, O’Reilly kicks him off. Richards gets out of a German, Wolves with the Alarm Clock. Wolves with the Powerbomb/Backstabber Combo for a CLOSE nearfall.

Wolves head up top. Fish knocks off Edwards, Edwards thru a table! O’Reilly avoids a Richards double stomp, but Richards wipes out Fish with a tope suicida. Double Stomp to O’Reilly for a CLOSE nearfall. PK and a Brainbuster by Richards, O’Reilly kicks out again! Ankle Lock re-applied, O’Reilly gets out. O’Reilly avoids a charge, Richards shoulder-first into the ringpost. Fish holds Richards’ arm, O’Reilly on the apron. RUNNING DROPKICK! Richards instantly grabs his arm as it was directly hit by O’Reilly. Back in, O’Reilly and Richards head up top. Super Divorce Court by O’Reilly! Armbar, Richards gets out. Richards blocks a reDRagon double team. Standing Curb Stomp by O’Reilly, but his discus forearm accidentally hits Fish! Inside cradle by Richards for a nearfall. O’Reilly blocks a Tombstone, Tornado DDT. Chasing the Dragon by reDRagon, RICHARDS KICKS OUT!


Winners and NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: reDRagon by submission (Cross Armbreaker)

Officials check on the Wolves as reDRagon celebrates their title win. ROH founder Cary Silkin comes in, presents reDRagon with the belts. Hold everything, lights out and we hear the siren. Outlaw Inc. comes out and attacks reDRagon! Homicide has O’Reilly, BREAKS HIS FINGER! Outlaw Inc. stands tall as reDRagon are hurt on the outside as the show closes.


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