SHIMMER Volume 54
December 16, 2013
Taped on: April 13, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commenators: Dave Prazak, Portia Perez
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We kick off SHIMMER #54 with comments from Re-Generation X. Allison Danger says that SHIMMER fans already know that coming into this weekend, its time for me to retire, getting a little too old for this mess. But, before I leave, with my best girl by my side, we are gonna power through every tag team. We’re gonna win match after match and then finally, we will get into title contention. And then we will win and be SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. And then, I’m gonna take that pretty belt to my retirement porch with my COKE Zero, my rocking chair, my cable TV. I’m getting tired, I’m getting too old for this. But, I believe in us, I believe in both my hearts that we can do this. Leva Bates says she believes in Re-Generation X. Leva & Danger say they “heart-heart” each other and embrace.

Miss Natural vs. Santana Garrett

Santana takes down Natural down early. Natural complains that Santana pulled her hair. Natural backs Santana into the corner, but Santana avoids a right hand. Santana with a series of forearms, but Natural with a knee to the ribs. Back club, but Santana shows off her agility and applies a wristlock. Natural reverses into a go-behind, but Santana counters out and takes Natural down into an armbar. Natural counters with a headscissors and turns over to apply more pressure. Santana with a handstand to get free and hits 2 kicks to the chest for a nearfall. Santana slides under Natural’s legs and trips her up. Santana off the ropes and then locks Natural in a bridging facelock. Natural pulls at Santana’s hair and is able to escape. Santana charges in, but Natural catches her with a side slam.

Natural stomps away, then hits a snap suplex. Natural continues to stomp away, then spits at the crowd. Snapmare, followed by a series of crossface shots. Natural puts her knee on Santana’s throat to gain a nearfall. Santana fights back, but Natural with a series of forearms. Santana avoids a clothesline and hits a crossbody for a nearfall. Natural comes back with a clothesline. Santana is sent off the turnbuckles. Natural with a series of shoulders to the ribs. Natural with a clothesline in the corner, then talks trash to the crowd. Natural chokes Santana with her boot in the corner. Natural places Santana in the Tree of Woe, then goes outside and pulls at her neck. Back in, Santana fights back, but Natural with more forearms, followed by a back club. Natural sends Santana to the outside and the ref begins his 10 count. Crowd wills on Santana while Natural tells the crowd to hush. Santana gets on the apron, then catches a charging Natural with her body weight across the back of Natural’s neck. Santana follows up with a running boot to the head.

Back in, Santana with a clothesline, followed by a spinning head scissors. Handspring elbow in the corner, followed by a bulldog.

Shining Star Press for the win.

Winner: Santana Garrett by pinfall (The Shining Star Press)

Santana celebrates her win afterwards as commentary mentions that it was her first win in SHIMMER.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Melanie Cruise about her match tonight with Ayako Hamada. Cruise says that Hamada is nothing but a stepping stone in my career. I proved to everyone where I stand in SHIMMER when I faced Matsumoto. Now, when I BEAT Hamada, your world will come crashing down. The sky is the limit for Melanie Cruise.

Rhia O’Reilly vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Rhia asks the ref to check MsChif before the bell. MsChif tells the ref not to do it. The ref goes to check MsChif and she does her infamous scream to him. Bell sounds and MsChif screams at Rhia, backing her into the corner. Rhia complains that the scream is an illegal weapon. Crowd chants for MsChif. Rhia backs MsChif into the ropes, then MsChif comes back with her variation of a rana. MsChif with a series of headbutts from the mount. Rhia avoids a short-arm clothesline and slams MsChif down.

Rhia with a series of back clubs, followed by dropping her body weight across MsChif’s back. More back clubs by Rhia, then she chokes MsChif in the ropes. Rhia traps MsChif in the ropes and hits a series of knee strikes to the ribs. Rhia gains a nearfall. Rhia applies a variation of a seated surfboard, driving both feet into the back of MsChif. Crowd wills on MsChif, who fights back on Rhia, but Rhia with a Northern Lights Suplex. T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. MsChif with knees to fight out of another T-Bone, then hooks Rhia in an inside cradle for a nearfall. Rhia stomps away at the back of MsChif, followed by more back clubs. Double chickenwing applied. MsChif fights back with backward headbutts, but Rhia rakes the eyes. MsChif blocks being sent off the turnbuckles and sends Rhia off them. MsChif with a series of forearms in the corner, slumping Rhia down. MsChif goes for Panic Attack, but Rhia moves out of the way. Rhia gains another nearfall. Side slam for a close nearfall. Chinlock applied as Rhia sits down on the lower back of MsChif. MsChif gets out, but Rhia with another back club. Rhia goes for the Rhiadjustment, but is unable to fully double underhook MsChif. Rhia turns it into a snap suplex for a nearfall. MsChif comes back with a Northern Lights Suplex. MsChif with a knee strike, followed by a step-over facebuster for a nearfall. Rhia stops MsChif from going off the ropes and takes her down. Rhia gains another nearfall. Finlay Roll for another nearfall. Rhia tries again for the Rhiadjustment, but MsChif slips out. MsChif tries for the Desecrator, but Rhia slips out and hits a back suplex for a nearfall. Rhia goes again for the Rhiadjustement, but MsChif slips out again.

MsChif this time hits the Desecrator for the win.

Winner: MsChif by pinfall (The Desecrator)

MsChif celebrates her win afterwards by letting out her infamous scream.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Athena about her 4-Way #1 Contenders Match tonight against Madison Eagles, Saraya Knight and Courtney Rush. Athena says that its about time that I have some gold around my waist. Tonight won’t be an easy task with this 4-way match. 3 of the 4 are former champions. Fresh off my victory against Hamada, I’m not taking no for an answer, I’m not laying down for anyone. This is my match and the SHIMMER Title will be mine.

Kimber Lee vs. Evie

This is both girls’ Berwyn Eagles Club debuts. Evie with a side headlock. Kimber pulls at the hair of Evie while in the headlock. Kimber counters out into a wristlock. Evie shows off her agility and reverses the hold. Kimber counters out into a hammerlock, then switches to a go-behind. Standing switch by Evie, then Kimber blocks an O’Connor Roll. Kimber misses a clothesline and Evie hits two clotheslines, followed by a dropkick that sends Kimber to the outside to regroup. Crowd chants for Evie. Evie goes out onto the apron and DRILLS Kimber with a running apron kick! Back in, Evie gains a nearfall. Commentary mentions the vast array of kicks Evie dishes out. Monkey flip, followed by a running neck snap and a jackknife pin by Evie for a nearfall. Evie with 2 chest kicks, but Kimber catches a third and takes Evie down. Kimber with right hands from the mount, then chokes Evie.

Kimber stomps away at Evie, then traps her arms in the ropes and hits a chest club. Kimber chokes Evie in the ropes, then taunts the crowd. Evie fights back, but Kimber knocks her down with a big forearm. Kimber hushes the crowd and hits a BIG chop in the corner. Another hard chop to the chest of Evie. Kimber has words with the ref, but Evie avoids a third chop and hits one of her own. Evie with a series of forearms, but Kimber avoids a charge and locks in a Tarantula variation. Running boot to the head from the apron by Kimber, then she gains a nearfall. Kimber pulls at the hair of Evie and hits a crossface shot. Kimber rubs the face of Evie against the top rope, but runs into a back elbow. Evie avoids a charge and hits a running Yakuza kick in the corner, both women down.

Crowd wills on Evie as both get back to their feet. Exchange of kicks between both women to each other’s legs, then to the chest. Evie with a toe kick, followed by a running chest kick for a nearfall. Evie can’t believe it, but Kimber comes back with the split jawbreaker. Kimber with a kick to the leg, followed by a head kick for a nearfall. Now its Kimber who can’t believe it. Kimber talks trash and hits a savate kick. Kimber off the ropes, but Evie catches her and lifts Kimber up.

TTYL (GTS Variation) by Evie for the win.

Winner: Evie by pinfall (TTYL)

Evie celebrates her win after while Kimber argues with the ref on the outside. Kimber says to the camera that SHIMMER hasn’t seen the last of her.

We go backstage for comments by Serena Deeb. Serena says to Jessicka Havok, welcome to SHIMMER. Last week in New Jersey, different territory, different grounds, you had the homecourt. I was making my big return, I’ve been looking forward to that for 18 months of waiting, sitting on the sidelines, not being able to do my passion. And you stole my moment, you attacked me from behind, you stole my moment. J-Hav, tonight, back on my homecourt, the Berwyn Eagles Club, the Deebius One has made so many memories here, so many memorable moments. And tonight, I have you one-on-one, I’ll just add another memory to my memory bank. You can welcome me back first-hand to Berwyn.

Yuu Yamagata vs. “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity

This is Yuu’s Berwyn Eagles Club debut. Yuu is from Pro Wrestling WAVE in Japan. Crowd chants for both women before the bell. Yuu with a go-behind, Kalamity with a standing switch. Yuu works on Kalamity’s arm. Snapmare, followed by a crucifix for a nearfall. Knucklelock applied and Kalamity shows off her power. Kalamity with a kick to the leg, then applies a front chancery. Yuu trips her up, but Kalamity applies a front gulliotine choke. Yuu gets free and applies a side headlock, Kalamity gets to the ropes. Kalamity with kicks to the back of Yuu, Yuu quickly gets to the ropes. Kalamity with a hammerlock, driving Yuu into the corner. Roll-up for a nearfall. Yuu charges in, but Kalamity with a drop toe hold, sending Yuu into the ropes. Kalamity goes out onto the apron and hits a kick to the face of Yuu. Back in, Kalamity gains a nearfall. More kicks to the back of Yuu by Kalamity. Yuu with a toe kick, a snapmare, then stops in her tracks when Kalamity senses a kick coming. When Kalamity drops her guard, Yuu kicks her in the head, then points to her head showing off that she drew Kalamity in. Yuu stomps away at Kalamity in the corner. Snapmare into a chinlock. Crowd wills on Kalamity. Kalamity counters out with a jawbreaker for a nearfall. Kalamity with an avalanche in the corner, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Kalamity holds on and hits a second swinging neckbreaker. Kalamity still holds on and hits a suplex for a nearfall. Big forearm by Kalamity knocks down Yuu. Kalamity with another avalanche in the corner. Kalamity with another charge, but Yuu catches her with a flying kick. Kalamity fights back with a series of forearms.

Kalamityville Horror for the win.

Winner: “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity by pinfall (The Kalamityville Horror)

Backstage, we go to comments from Mercedes Martinez. Mercedes says its time for the Latina Sensation Era. I am on top of my game. I am so on top of my game that I have retired Ayumi, sayonara, bye bye, back to Japan you go. You see, tonight is the night you will see a brand new SHIMMER Champion. Melissa, we have only faced each other once, but that was a LONG time ago. This is not the same Mercedes, this is not the same attitude. As a matter of fact, if you think your last SHIMMER Title reign was short, tonight, I am going to prove it was nothing but a fluke. Its definitely time.

Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie vs. Re-Generation X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) (dressed as Rapahel and Dontatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Danger hands Veda & Shazza turtle masks before the bell. Re-Generation X are billed as being from the “underground sewer system, weighing 2 half shells.” Crowd chants for Danger before the bell. Leva & Shazza start. Both shake hands in a sign of mutual respect. Shazza works on Leva’s arm early. Leva reverses out, but Shazza regains control. Leva counters out into a side headlock. Shazza gets free and applies a hammerlock. Leva counters out with a drop toe hold, then applies an STF. Shazza counters out into a side headlock. Leva breaks clean, then Shazza with a cartwheel, followed by an arm drag. Crucifix for a nearfall. Veda in, double sledge to the arm of Leva. Veda misses a clothesline, but hits a hip-toss. Exchange of arm drags and Veda applies an armbar. Crowd chants “Cowabunga” to will on Leva. Veda with 2 kicks to the leg, followed by a running dropkick for a nearfall. Leva comes back with a gut shot, followed by a running swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Danger in, Re-Generation X with a double clothesline. Re-Generation X does a little dance, saying “Go Ninja, go Ninja, GO”, before hitting a double elbow drop. Danger gains a nearfall. Portia on commentary says that Vanilla Ice is gonna sue Danger for gimmick infringement. LOL. Veda avoids a charge and tries to apply a sleeper. Danger gets to the ropes, but Shazza tags in. Shazza with a series of forearms, but then Danger sends Shazza throat-first into the bottom rope.

Danger with the running curb kick for a nearfall. Leva in, hits a kick to the ribs of Shazza. Suplex, followed by a hook kick for a nearfall. Danger in, hits a series of forearms and says that was for earlier. Snapmare, then Danger goes off the ropes multiple times before applying the Ultraviolent Chinlock. Danger also applies a body scissors, then does a rolling cradle for a nearfall. Another big forearm by Danger, then she taunts Veda by saying “Tell Pelle I said Hi”. But in doing so, Shazza knocks Leva off the apron, knocks down Danger and tags in Veda.

Leva in also, but runs into 2 back elbows by Veda. Running body block in the corner, followed by a clothesline. Veda goes to the middle rope, flying clothesline for a nearfall. Leva goes up and over and hits an Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall. Leva with 2 chest kicks, followed by a head kick in the corner. Leva hits the delayed double knees in the corner, but Shazza breaks up the pinfall. Leva misses a double clothesline and Veda & Shazza hit a double facebuster across their knees. Shazza with a hook kick, followed by Veda hitting the Mind Trip, but the ref is distracted by Danger. Ref sees the pinfall, but Danger breaks it up. Danger moves Leva to her corner and tags herself in. Danger charges in, but Veda with a backslide for a nearfall. Inside cradle for a nearfall.

Danger misses a clothesline and Veda with a roll-up for the upset win.

Winners: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Danger is flopping around afterwards as she cannot get up because she is a turtle. Veda & Shazza help her to her feet and then all 4 women and the ref hug in the middle of the ring in a sign of mutual respect. Veda is in near tears as she again hugs Danger. Crowd chants for Danger as Re-Generation X leaves ringside, but she tells them to chant for Veda & Shazza.

Backstage, we go to comments from Jessicka Havok. Havok says she bets no one ever thought they would see her here at SHIMMER. I made a surprise attack last week at WrestleCon and Serena, I decided I was gonna pick you as my target. You wanna know why? Everyone’s been asking me why. My e-mail’s been blowing up, Twitter’s been blowing up, but I will tell you why, Serena. I am Jessicka Havok and for the last 2 years, I’ve been making a name for myself, busting my butt all over the place. I’ve taken over countless companies, I’ve blown through so many girls to get where I am today. And everybody just wants to talk about Serena Deeb’s big return to SHIMMER. Well Serena, listen to me now, you haven’t done anything in the last year to two years, you haven’t been wrestling. Who cares about Serena? Its Jessicka Havok’s time and I just figured, you’re the perfect target and I have not been to SHIMMER yet, but I’m sure I have everyone’s attention, now. So Serena, I’ll see you out there and I’ll show you what Jessicka Havok is all about.

“Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay vs. “The World Famous” Kana w/Pegaboo

“Welcome back” chants for McKay before the bell. Kana comes out with LuFisto’s best friend, Pegaboo, as a show of support to her tag partner, who will not be on these next 4 volumes due to sustaining a broken kneecap the prior week at WrestleCon. Kana backs McKay into the ropes and breaks clean. Kana with a go-behind, but McKay goes to work on her arm. Kana reverses out, but McKay shows off her agility to regain control. Kana then does the same to counter out into a side headlock takeover. Kana tries for a keylock, then delivers a HARD kick to the arm of McKay. Kana hammerlocks the arm in the ropes, then delivers another hard kick to it. McKay comes back with a series of forearms, but it only fires up Kana. Kana takes down McKay and delivers a hard kick to the back. McKay fires right up, snapmares Kana, but Kana catches her kick. McKay gets free, but Kana takes her down, going for a leg hold. McKay gets free again, but Kana catches her and applies an Octopus. Kana blows a kiss to the camera while keeping hold of McKay. Kana switches up and takes McKay down, but McKay gets to the ropes before Kana can apply another submission. Kana kicks at McKay, almost in a disrespectful manner. McKay catches a kick and SLAPS Kana! McKay goes up and over Kana, then hits an Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall. McKay with a kick to the leg, followed by a spinning kick to the back of the head. Kana avoids a charge, but McKay with a spinning headscissors. Thesz Press for a nearfall. Kana catches another kick, but McKay grabs the ropes to avoid a submission. Kana pulls her back to the center and hits a German. McKay comes back with a head kick, but Kana with a back elbow. Drop toe hold, followed by a kick to the back of McKay’s head. McKay then surprises Kana with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Backslide for a nearfall. McKay avoids another head kick, roll-up for a nearfall. McKay slides under Kana’s legs and hits a savate kick to the ribs. Northern Lights Bomb for a nearfall. Kana slips out of the Boyfriend Stealer and hits a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Kana avoids a clothesline and hits a spinning roundhouse kick for a nearfall. Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Dueling chants for both women. McKay gets her hands up to block another head kick, then both women exchange open-hand slaps, with Kana gaining the advantage. Kana off the ropes, but McKay catches her with the Schoolgirl Crush for a close nearfall. McKay is frustrated, but then Kana fires back with a spinning backfist, an overhand right and another spinning kick. McKay then responds with another savate kick.

McKay off the ropes, but Kana catches her with a flying armbar, McKay taps.

Winner: “The World Famous” Kana by submission (Flying Armbar)

Kana celebrates her win afterward and the crowd gives McKay an ovation also.

Backstage, we go to comments from 3G. Kellie Skater says that the Canadian Ninjas had to cheat to beat us back at WrestleCon in the 4-Way Tag Match. But this time, its just 3G vs. the Ninjas and we don’t have to cheat to win this. Tomoka Nakagawa shows her infamous water, but Skater says we don’t need that. We got this, right? Tomoka says we got this.

Melanie Cruise vs. Ayako Hamada

Crowd chants for Hamada before the bell. Lock-up and a break and Hamada says in broken English that Cruise is big. Another lock-up and Cruise knocks Hamada down. Cruise says Hamada is nothing. Hamada with a go-behind, then avoids some back elbows. Cruise with right hands, but Hamada with a headbutt. More right hands and a headbutt by Hamada. Hamada off the ropes, but she runs into a big boot by Cruise. Cruise chokes Hamada and delivers right hands from the mount. Back club, then Cruise traps Hamada’s arms in the ropes and pulls back on them. Hamada comes back with a spinning headscissors, but Cruise comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Hamada. Cruise runs into a boot, then Hamada takes Cruise down and applies a Fujiwara armbar. Cruise rolls out of it and hits a DDT for a nearfall. Cruise can’t believe it, then trash talks the crowd. Series of back clubs by Cruise, followed by a running back elbow in the corner. Hamada avoids another charge and hits an enziguri, followed by a spinning heel kick. Hamada fires up and heads up top, but Cruise stops her and slams Hamada off the turnbuckles. Cruise with a delayed suplex, followed by the spinning side slam, but Hamada kicks out! Cruise again can’t believe it. Cruise stomps away at Hamada. Hamada slips out of a slam and hits a German, folding the bigger Cruise like an accordion. Running head kick by Hamada for a nearfall. Hamada heads back up top and hits a missile dropkick. Hamada goes back up top, but Cruise stops her. Cruise goes up with Hamada, but Hamada with a running sit-out Sunset Bomb, but its Cruise now who kicks out!

Hamada heads back up top, Hamada-sault for the win.

Winner: Ayako Hamada by pinfall (The Hamada-sault)

Hamada celebrates her win afterward.

We see video from SHIMMER #53 at WrestleCon with the surprise debut of Jessicka Havok and her attack on the returning Serena Deeb. We then see the 6-woman tag from the same show that saw Serena & Re-Generation X defeat Havok, Nevaeh & Sassy Stephie. Havok would then attack Serena after the match and lay her out with the Hav-O Driver.

Grudge Match: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok vs. “The Deebius One” Serena Deeb

Big reaction for Serena’s return to the Berwyn Eagles Club before the bell, with loud “Welcome back” chants. Serena goes after Havok right away with right hands and chest clubs in the corner. Big overhand chop. Havok goes to the outside to re-group, but Serena with a baseball slide. Serena then leaps off the apron and wipes out Havok with a crossbody! Back in, Serena gains a nearfall. Havok blocks being whipped, but runs into a back elbow. Serena goes to the middle rope and takes Havok down with a monkey flip. Havok avoids another baseball slide and throws Serena into the barricade!

Havok with a stiff kick to the ribs of Serena, followed by a big chop. Another chop by Havok, but Serena fights back. Havok with a chest kick, but Serena avoids another chop and Havok goes into the barricade! Serena with chops, but Havok with a knee to the ribs. Serena sent off the apron and Havok with another chest kick. Back in, suplex by Havok for a nearfall. Havok chokes Serena with her boot in the corner. Havok has words with the ref, then chokes Serena again. Snapmare, followed by a stiff kick to the back. Running leg drop for a nearfall. Havok lets out a primal scream in frustration. Havok taunts the crowd by saying for them all to welcome Serena back, yeahhhh!! Havok then looks to make Serena humble by applying a Camel Clutch. Havok then pulls at the hair of Serena before switching to a seated surfboard. Havok trash talks the crowd, then applies the lifting full nelson to Serena. Havok drops down and adds in a body scissors to the full nelson. Serena bridges back and pins Havok for a 1 count. Havok maintains control of the body scissors, but Serena bridges back for another 1 count. Crowd wills on Serena as she bridges back again, this time gets a nearfall. Havok goozles Serena for a chokeslam, but Serena slips out. Havok blocks a roll-up and hits another chop. Havok goes to the middle rope, but Serena avoids a middle rope leg drop, both women down.

Crowd chants for Serena as they get to their feet. Serena blocks a kick and begins peppering Havok with jabs. Serena fires up and hits a big jab, a running kneelift and a clothesline for a nearfall. Havok avoids a clothesline, but Serena slips out of the full nelson. Havok avoids a charge, then lifts up Serena, but Serena slips out and goes onto the apron. Serena with a series of forearms, then heads up top. Missile dropkick, then Serena measures Havok for the Spear. All of a sudden, Sassy Stephie and Madamisoelle Rachelle come out. Rachelle distracts the ref while Stephie gets Serena’s attention. Serena charges and knocks Stephie off the apron with the Spear! However, the distraction allows Havok to nail Serena from behind.

Hav-O Driver for the win.

Winner: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok by pinfall (The Hav-O Driver)

Havok celebrates her win afterward and says to the camera that Serena will regret ever getting in the ring with her. Havok, Rachelle and Stephie celebrate Havok’s win at ringside. Crowd chants for Serena as she gets back to her feet and then they give her an ovation as she heads to the back.

We see video from SHIMMER #53 with the final moments of the 4-Way SHIMMER Tag Team Title match that saw the Canadian Ninjas cheat to defeat 3G by using Tomoka Nakagawa’s infamous water on Kellie Skater to retain their titles.

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: 3G (Global Green Gangsters) (“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) vs. The Canadian NINJAS (“The Lariat” Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez) (c’s)

Pre-match intros before the bell. “3G’s got this” chants by the crowd. Portia spits on 3G’s t-shirt and gets in Tomoka’s face. The ref has to hold both teams back before the bell sounds. The NINJAS continue to complain to the ref and the bell finally sounds. Skater & Portia start. Portia works over Skater’s arm early. Skater takes Portia down with a drop toe hold into a front chancery. Portia counters out with a hammerlock, but Skater with a side headlock. Portia grabs the hair and reverses into her own front chancery. Skater reverses out, but Portia takes her down and applies a leglock. Skater kicks her off as commentary mentions the tape on Portia’s shoulder that was injured the week prior at WrestleCon. Skater with a full nelson, but Portia gets out by taking Skater down with a drop toe hold into a headlock. Portia taunts Tomoka, who goes to get her water. Skater works on the arm again, but Portia gets the ropes and goes to the outside to regroup. Knucklelock applied, but Portia with a gut kick. Skater takes Portia down again, but Portia counters out with a headscissors. Skater with a leapfrog, but Portia with a wheelbarrow into an armdrag. O’Connor Roll by Skater for a nearfall. Both exchange leg sweeps and nearfalls and we have a stalemate.

Matthews & Tomoka in. Crowd chants for Tomoka. Tomoka with a go-behind, Matthews with a standing switch. Chain wrestling now between the two. Tomoka takes Matthews down and applies a half crab, Matthews gets to the ropes. Matthews goes to the outside to re-group. Back in, Matthews with a gut kick. Tomoka goes up and over and hits an armdrag, followed by a dropkick to the arm of Matthews. Skater in, hits a running forearm in the corner. Tomoka with a running back elbow, then 3G hits a double bulldog for a nearfall. Matthews comes back with a drop toe hold and a running chest kick to Skater. Portia in, hits a running dropkick to Skater. Portia with forearms, but Tomoka kicks Portia from the apron. Assisted dropkick and splash by 3G, but Matthews has the ref distracted, complaining about 3G’s cheating, so there is no pin attempt. Tomoka in, back clubs to Portia, then chokes her in the ropes. Matthews continues to complain to the ref about Tomoka’s cheating. Tomoka with a shot to the injured shoulder of Portia. Skater in, stomps away at Portia. Back elbow for a nearfall. Portia comes back with a jawbreaker. Skater lifts up Portia, but Portia slips out and hits a spinning heel kick for a nearfall.

Matthews in, soccer kick to the ribs of Skater. Matthews chokes Skater in the ropes. Skater sent off the turnbuckles as Matthews yells at Tomoka. Matthews chokes Skater with her boot in the corner. Portia in, gut shot to Skater. Left-hand jabs by Portia, followed by a series of shoulders to the ribs. Snapmare, followed by a dropkick to the back of Skater’s head for a nearfall. Matthews in, drops her body weight across the back of Skater. Big chop by Matthews in the corner. Skater gets her boots up off a charge and goes to the apron. Matthews rolls through a slingshot Sunset Flip, but Skater hits a springboard back elbow, both women down.

Tomoka in, running dropkick to Matthews. Forearm to Portia, another dropkick to Matthews. Enziguri to Matthews, followed by a flying kick. Tomoka has the water again as the NINJAS go to the outside to re-group. The ref begins his count as Portia says that Matthews is bleeding.

Ref gets to the count of 9, but the NINJAS turn and head to the back, causing them to be counted out.

Winners: 3G by count-out (Canadian NINJAS are still SHIMMER Tag Team Champions)

3G is upset afterward that they didn’t win the titles and power-walk to the back to go after the NINJAS.

Backstage, we go to comments from the new SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa. Melissa says that the Future Legend is back on top and the SHIMMER Title is back where it belongs. I know that Mercedes Martinez is not the same girl she was years ago when we wrestled. Guess what? Neither am I. My first title reign may have been short and Saraya Knight and I had a long, LONG, overdue battle that had to take its cycle. Now that its over, this belt will be nothing but simply legendary around my waist.

Before the next match, Saraya Knight has the mic and threatens the crowd as per the usual. So I lost the SHIMMER title, big deal, I’m so heartbroken. But the one thing you all cannot take away from me is that this English girl held YOUR belt, so love me or hate me, I’ve done it. You just respect me, if you don’t, I’ll MAKE you respect me. Saraya then says she doesn’t want one sound during this match, if you make a sound, I’ll leave and will not come back. The crowd begins doing the goodbye song and Saraya says not to push her because she WILL leave. Saraya then gets in ring announcer Joey Eastman’s face and SLAPS him! Eastman then tells the crowd to hush as well in absolute FEAR of Saraya. Courtney Rush comes out next and goes to sit on the outside and Saraya yells at her to “get in the ring, b***h!” Loud “Welcome back” chants for Madison Eagles, who comes out next. Finally, a big reaction for Athena as she comes out last. Saraya continues to threaten Eastman and he tells them in fear to hush again, causing the crowd to cheer louder. Eastman introduces Saraya, then she says to make sure the other girls get a lesser reaction than me because your life is at stake! Courtney Rush hides behind the ref, but gets a loud reaction from the crowd on her pre-match intro. Madison points and laughs at Eastman as she is introduced, still a louder reaction than Saraya though. Even bigger reaction for Athena on her pre-match intro.

4-Way #1 Contenders Match: “Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. Courtney Rush vs. “The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Rush & Athena start. Both women shake hands, then Rush with a series of forearms. Rush takes Athena down, but Athena with a monkey flip. Rush avoids a dropkick and hits a gutwrench suplex. Madison in and kicks Athena to the outside. Saraya pulls Rush by the hair from the apron. Crowd chants “that’s a tag”, but the ref says it wasn’t. Madison wants a knucklelock and shows off her height advantage. Rush can’t reach Madison, so she then HUGS Madison, saying she is so glad Madison is back. Madison is NOT happy about this at all. Rush misses a clothesline, but applies a go-behind. Madison blocks another clothesline and takes Rush down for a nearfall. Madison with lifting stomps to the back of Rush, then applies a chinlock. Madison gains another nearfall. Rush fights back, but Madison then tags in Saraya. Saraya with an eye poke to Rush, then Athena tags in. Saraya with a back club and stomps away. Saraya dares the crowd to chant for Athena. Saraya traps Athena’s arm in the ropes and kicks at it. Soccer kick to the ribs as Saraya continues to trash talk the crowd. Saraya stands on Athena’s throat in the ropes. Athena comes back with a gut kick, then applies a side headlock. Saraya misses a clothesline and Athena with a springboard crossbody, but Madison breaks up the pinfall. Saraya comes back with another back club and tags in Madison. Madison is surprised by this, but kicks away at Athena. Series of forearms by Madison, followed by a running knee to the ribs. Snapmare, followed by a kick to the back for a nearfall. Saraya goes to get in the ring, causing Madison to be distracted and it allows Athena to lock in a cross armbreaker, but Madison gets to the ropes. Athena tries another springboard crossbody, but Madison avoids it and gains another nearfall. Saraya yells at Madison to rip Athena’s head off. Madison says why don’t you do it and tags Saraya in. Saraya then tries to rip Athena’s head off, literally. Gut shots in the corner by Saraya, followed by a shot to Rush. Saraya with a running dropkick down low to Athena in the corner. Saraya drags Athena to Rush’s corner, forcing Rush to tag in. Athena fights back, Rush misses a clothesline and Athena with a dropkick. Athena with the front handspring forearm in the corner for a nearfall. Head kick by Athena for a nearfall. Athena with a leglock applied, but Saraya breaks it up while Madison distracts the ref. Saraya hits Rush with a kick down low. Rush & Athena get back to their feet as Athena with a series of forearms. Rush blocks a suplex, then catches a kick and hits a T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. Athena sent off the turnbuckles and Rush places her up top. Madison knocks Rush off the ropes and goes up with Athena. Athena blocks a superplex and knocks Madison off the ropes. O-Face to Rush!!! Athena makes a cover, but both Madison & Saraya break it up. Athena & Rush are sent to the outside, but now we have Madison & Saraya in the ring. Saraya motions to Madison “let’s go” and Madison obliges. Rush & Athena are knocked off the apron, but then Madison & Saraya begin going at it. Madison drives Saraya into the corner and hits a knee to the ribs. Madison stomps away, but Saraya knocks her down. Saraya chokes Madison and both grab each other’s hair. Rush & Athena tag in as Madison & Saraya continue to go at it. The ref has to break them up, but Saraya SLAPS the ref! Saraya flips off Madison and then they go both to the apron as Rush & Athena are the legal particapants. Athena & Rush exchange strikes, but Madison comes in and nails both with kicks. Madison whips Athena & Rush to the same corner. Shotgun Knees, followed by a running boot in the corner. Madison makes a cover, but the ref says she is not a legal particpant. Madison goes to drag Rush to her corner to get a tag, but Athena nails Madison with a dropkick. Rush with a chest kick, then Rush & Athena hit a double dropkick. Rush with a jawbreaker, then goes after Saraya, but Saraya grabs her from the outside. Athena heads up top, but Madison stops her with another running boot. Saraya & Madison then hit stereo draping DDTs on Athena & Rush, Madison’s in the ring to Athena, Saraya’s on the outside to Rush! Madison goes to make a cover, but the ref again says she isn’t legal. Saraya goes after Madison and nails her with a kick down low. Saraya applies the Bridal Rocking Horse on Athena, but she isn’t legal also. Madison breaks it up with a kick to Saraya. Madison lifts up Athena and hits Hellbound, but Rush sends her to the outside.

Skyward Suplex by Rush on Athena and since Rush was a legal particpant, she is able to get the win.

Winner and new #1 Contender to the SHIMMER Title: Courtney Rush by pinfall (The Skyward Suplex)

Rush celebrates her win afterward and motions that she is coming for the SHIMMER Title.

We see video from the first time Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez faced off against one another, all the way back at SHIMMER Volume 19 in 2008.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Cheerleader Melissa (c)

This is Mercedes’s first title shot at the SHIMMER Title since Volume 37 back in 2011 against then-champion Madison Eagles. Melissa enters for this match through the crowd. Pre-match intros for this match. Dueling chants for both women as the bell sounds. Both women shake hands, but then get in each other’s faces. Mercedes misses a clothesline early and Melissa with chops. Melissa misses a clothesline and Mercedes with right hands. Mercedes then runs into 3 clotheslines by Melissa and rolls out to the outside to re-group. Melissa goes to bring Mercedes back in, but Mercedes hot-shots Melissa across the top rope. Mercedes pulls Melissa to the outside and begins delivering a series of hard chops. Mercedes breaks the ref’s count and chokes Melissa against the barricade. Melissa comes back by whipping Mercedes into the barricade. Mercedes blocks a German, but Melissa with back clubs. Mercedes then sends Melissa ribs-first, then back-first into the barricade. Mercedes presses Melissa into the barricade, then chokes her with her boot. Mercedes underhooks Melissa, but Melissa drives her into the barricade. Melissa breaks the ref’s count and SLAMS Mercedes on the hardwood floor! Mercedes fights back with right hands and a BIG chop. Back in, Mercedes stomps away and gains a nearfall. Mercedes with right hands from the mount. Melissa comes back with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Mercedes continues to stomp away at Melissa. Melissa sent off the turnbuckles, then Mercedes with a series of shoulders to the ribs. Big right hand, followed by a series of chest clubs that cause Melissa to have her legs trapped in the ropes. Mercedes takes advantage of this by stomping away some more at Melissa. Melissa comes back with a headscissors, dragging Mercedes back into the ring. Melissa turns to her stomach to apply more pressure, while also doing push-ups. Mercedes begins to fade and the ref counts her shoulders down for a nearfall. Chinlock applied by Melissa. Mercedes fights out, but Melissa with back clubs. Melissa off the ropes, but she runs into a clothesline by Mercedes. Three Amigas by Mercedes, ending with a brainbuster, for a nearfall. Mercedes chokes Melissa with her shin, then with her hand. Mercedes then chokes Melissa in the ropes and taunts the crowd. Melissa fights back with jabs, followed by a shoulder tackle. Big slam, followed by a snap elbow drop for a nearfall. Kondo Clutch applied by Melissa, but Mercedes is able to reach the ropes. Melissa with kicks to the leg, followed by snapping it down tot the mat. Kneebar applied, but Mercedes kicks Melissa off. Mercedes comes back with a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Mercedes favors the injured leg, but drives her good knee into the back of Melissa multiple times before applying a seated Dragon Sleeper. Crowd wills on Melissa as she counters out with a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Melissa re-applies the Kondo Clutch, this time in the center of the ring. Mercedes is able to counter out and applies the Regal Stretch. Melissa crawls near to the ropes, but Mercedes pulls her back to the center and re-applies the Regal Stretch. Melissa fights out, then hits a series of forearms. Mercedes misses a clothesline, but slips out of a Samoan Drop. Mercedes with a chop, but Melissa this time hits the Samoan Drop, 2 clotheslines, followed by the running forearm in the corner. Mercedes blocks the Curb Stomp and hits a Backdrop Driver. Melissa comes back with a German, both women down. Dueling chants by the crowd once again for both women. Melissa heads up top, but Mercedes avoids the missile dropkick and then hits Melissa with her own Curb Stomp! Melissa then counters the Fisherman’s Buster with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash, but Mercedes counters out with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Mercedes hits the Fisherman’s Buster, but Melissa grabs the ropes before the count of 3! Mercedes can’t believe it and argues with the ref. Melissa goes onto the apron as Mercedes places her on top. Mercedes goes for a Muscle Buster out of the corner, but Melissa counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Melissa then hits Mercedes with Mercedes’ own Fisherman’s Buster, but Mercedes KICKS OUT! Melissa goes for the Kudo Driver, but Mercedes slips out. Mercedes tries again for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Melissa slips out.

Air Raid Crash by Melissa to retain the title.

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Melissa celebrates her title retention to close out SHIMMER #54.