FEATURE: Jason Namako recaps SHIMMER Volume 55

SHIMMER Volume 54
February 1, 2014
Taped on: April 13, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commenators: Dave Prazak, Portia Perez
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Yuu Yamagata vs. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay

Crowd chants for McKay before the bell. McKay with a side headlock early. Yamagata counters out, but McKay with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Yamagata trips up McKay and applies a leglock. Yamagata with kicks to the leg, then goes for a submission, but McKay gets to the ropes. McKay with a side headlock takeover, but Yamagata gets out with a headscissors. Yamagata with a gut kick, followed by a shoulder knockdown. Yamagata runs into a gut kick by McKay. Snapmare, followed by a basement Meteora for a nearfall. Yamagata with a forearm and pulls at the face of McKay. Yamagata traps McKay’s arms in the ropes and 2 big overhand chops. Snapmare, then McKay covers up before Yamagata can hit her, but when McKay drops her arms, Yamagata kicks her in the head. McKay sent into the turnbuckles. Yamagata stomps away at McKay in the corner. McKay again sent off the turnbuckles. Yamagata chokes McKay in the corner. 2 kicks to the side of the head by Yamagata, followed by a slam. Yamagata runs into a back elbow by McKay, then McKay with a spinning headscissors takeover. Clothesline, followed by a savate kick to the ribs and a spinning axe kick to the back of Yamagata’s head for a nearfall. Forearm exchange with McKay getting advantage. McKay off the ropes, but Yamagata trips her up. Slingshot double stomp by Yamagata. Yamagata heads up top, but McKay avoids her. McKay with another savate kick to the ribs, but Yamagata with a running dropkick. Yamagata heads back up top and hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Yamagata avoids a head kick by McKay and hits an enziguri, followed by a superkick for a nearfall.

Yamagata off the ropes, but McKay catches her with the Boyfriend Stealer for the win.

Winner: “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay by pinfall (The Boyfriend Stealer)

McKay celebrates her win afterwards.

Backstage, Shazza McKenzie introduces herself and her best friend, Veda Scott. Shazza says that as unbelievable as it may sound, we have a SHIMMER Tag Title shot tonight. Veda says that she knows that the Canadian NINJAS think its unbelievable also because well, who the heck are we? To you, we’re nobodies, we know that. But really, we have nothing to lose and two things to gain. So Canadian NINJAS, you are start the night looking down on us and you’re gonna end the night, when we take those titles, looking up at us. You will never overlook us again.

“The AK47” Allysin Kay w/Taylor Made vs. Thunderkitty

Crowd chants for Thunderkitty before the bell. Thunderkitty complains to the ref before the bell that Kay is not wearing proper wrestling attire. Allysin with a side headlock, but Thunderkitty reverses out. Allysin regains control, but Thunderkitty again reverses out. Allysin again regains control, but again Thunderkitty reverses out. Allysin tries to whip Thunderkitty off the ropes, but Thunderkitty maintains control. Now, Allysin reverses out, but Thunderkitty regains control. Allysin again reverses control, but Thunderkitty regains control. Allysin complains that Thunderkitty is pulling her hair, but counters out into a headscissors. Thunderkitty can’t get out at first, but is able to back into the side headlock. Allysin gets a pinning predicament for a 1 count. Allysin takes down Thunderkitty and goes for the Gogoplata, but Thunderkitty gets to the ropes. Thunderkitty says she is an antique and has class, unlike these “harlots.” Crowd chants that Thunderkitty is classy, while they chant that Allysin is trashy, although Allysin thought at first that the crowd was chanting that she was classy, putting her pinky up. Allysin wants a Test of Strength and Thunderkitty obliges. Allysin backs Thunderkitty into the ropes, then both reverse whip attempts until Allysin slaps Thunderkitty in the face. Thunderkitty avoids an avalanche and hits a monkey flip, followed by a hiptoss, sending Allysin to the outside where she & Taylor re-group. Allysin says she needs a timeout. While the ref is distracted, Taylor goes after Thunderkitty, but Thunderkitty sends Taylor to the outside. However, that allows Allysin to get back in and nail Thunderkitty with a clothesline. Allysin chokes Thunderkitty while gaining a 1 count. Forearm, followed by a series of stomps. Big chops in the corner, but Thunderkitty fights back with some of her own. Jackknife pin for a nearfall. Thunderkitty avoids a head kick by Allysin, roll-up for a nearfall. Allysin with another forearm, then hits a running Samoan Drop, but Thunderkitty kicks out! Allysin rakes her boot against the face of Thunderkitty, followed by another forearm. Another big chop by Allysin, followed by an avalanche while utilizing her spiked bra. Allysin runs into double boots by Thunderkitty, then Thunderkitty with a discus clothesline. One woman flapjack, followed by a big slap and a back suplex for a nearfall. Thunderkitty locks in a Boston Crab, but Taylor hops up on the apron. Thunderkitty knocks Taylor off the apron, but it allows Allysin to nail Thunderkitty with a head kick.

Gogoplata applied and Thunderkitty taps.

Winner: “The AK47” Allysin Kay via submission (Gogoplata)

Made In Sin celebrate Allysin’s win afterwards. Commentary mentions its Allysin’s first singles win in SHIMMER.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Courtney Rush about her SHIMMER Title match tonight against champion Cheerleader Melissa. Rush at first is aghast that she gets to face Melissa tonight for the title, but is only playing with Amber. Rush says that a certain ex-tag partner of mine thought I wasn’t championship material, we’ll get back to you, Sara. Tonight though, Melissa has faced a lot of people, she took a lot of beatings chasing after Madison Eagles to win that title, only to get a target on her back thanks to Saraya Knight, she’s gone through a lot to get and keep that title. But, I got something she ain’t never seen before, you watch.

Sassy Stephie & “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok w/Mademoiselle Rachelle vs. Santana & Heidi Lovelace

Heidi & Stephie start. Crowd chants for Heidi, while Stephie tells the crowd to shut up. Stephie works on the arm of Heidi early. Heidi uses the ropes to reverse the hold. Stephie regains control, but again Heidi reverses out. Stephie with 2 back elbows and takes down Heidi. Front chancery applied, but Heidi counters out into an armbar. Stephie counters out with a snapmare into a chinlock. Heidi goes back to the arm of Stephie and tags in Santana. Double hiptoss, followed by a double elbow drop. Santana with a running boot for a nearfall. Forearm, then Santana with a lucha-style armdrag, running up the ropes. Stephie avoids a charge, but runs into a back elbow by Santana. Santana with a rana from the corner, followed by 2 more forearms. Rachelle grabs onto Santana’s foot, allowing Stephie to knock Heidi off the apron and Havok clotheslining Santana from the apron.

Havok in, roundhouse forearms to Santana. Clothesline, then Havok stands on Santana’s chest to gain a nearfall. Santana fights back with forearms, but Havok catches her with a backbreaker. Havok with a second backbreaker, but Santana counters a third with a spinning headscissors. Havok with a kick to the face, then draws Heidi in so she can tag in Stephie while the ref was distracted. Stephie chokes Santana with her boot, then draws Heidi in again so that Havok can choke Santana from the apron. Stephie with a series of shoulders to the ribs, followed by a snapmare and a kick to the back. Snap suplex, then Stephie floatovers into a front gulliotine choke. Crowd wills on Santana. Stephie breaks the hold, then hits a chop, followed by a basement Northern Lariat for a nearfall. Havok in, forearms to the ribs of nearfall, followed by a big overhand chop. Havok double goozles Santana and throws her into the corner, followed by a kick to the ribs. Stephie in, more forearms to Santana. Santana comes back with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Santana kicks Stephie away, then hits an enziguri.

Havok & Heidi get the tags in. Havok misses a clothesline and Heidi with 2 shoulder tackles, but Havok does not go down. Heidi with a series of kicks to the legs of Havok, but Havok catches a head kick and goes for a powerbomb, but Heidi counters with a rana for a nearfall. Stephie in and hits Heidi with a backbreaker across her knee. Stephie knocks Santana off the apron, while Havok goozles Heidi.

Big one-arm chokeslam by Havok for the win.

Winners: Sassy Stephie & “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok by pinfall (Chokeslam)

Havok & Stephie celebrate their win while Havok says to the camera that she is now 2-0 in SHIMMER.

Before the next match, Saraya Knight says she feels completely disrespected. She has never felt more disrespected in all her life. But, what really hurts is that all you low-lifes have to remember that I was the SHIMMER Champion. It doesn’t matter if its in the past-tense, you all have to used to the fact that I was your champion. And I am disgusted that when I try and sell you low-lifes my merchandise, I get attacked. We see cell phone video of the intermission between Volumes 54 and 55 when Christina Von Eerie brawled with Saraya at the merch table. Crowd does the “Oi” chant for Von Eerie. Saraya says she was humilated, but she wants Christina Von Eerie to come out here and apologize to me in front of you low-lifes.

Von Eerie’s music hits as she makes her way to the ring. Saraya says to Von Eerie who does she think she is? You speak when I tell you to speak. More “Oi” chants by the crowd. Saraya says she thought she and Von Eerie were on the same planet. I wouldn’t say close friends, but I thought we had an understanding. But over there, you purposely elbowed me. You elbowed me in the face, you have bitten off more than you can chew, little girl, because you must realize who I am. I was the SHIMMER Champion. Saraya asks the ref to start this match so I smack this one around like her mother should have done years ago. Christina Von Eerie, kiss my ass. Von Eerie with a headbutt and the bell sounds.

“Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie

Von Eerie with a series of kicks to the ribs of Saraya in the corner. Snapmare, followed by a kick to the back for a nearfall. Commentary mentions that Saraya was originally scheduled to take on Evie on this volume. Saraya comes back with a gut shot, then pulls at the nose of Von Eerie. Series of gut punches by Saraya, followed by a running low dropkick in the corner. More gut shots by Saraya, but Von Eerie shoves her off. Von Eerie with a forearm and a big chop. Von Eerie chokes Saraya with her boot in the corner, but Saraya comes back with a kick down low. Saraya with a kick to the leg and a back club. Von Eerie comes back with a gut shot and a running boot in the corner for a nearfall. Von Eerie hair-mares Saraya down and sends her to the outside. Saraya re-groups on the outside while the crowd does the “Oi” chant for Von Eerie. Von Eerie with a kick to Saraya when she gets back in, followed by a kick to the back. Von Eerie makes a cover, but Saraya gets her leg on the ropes. Saraya locks in a half crab, but Von Eerie gets to the ropes. Saraya stomps away, then pulls at Von Eerie’s face. Saraya with right hands to the back of Von Eerie’s head. Von Eerie comes back with a roll-up for a nearfall. Saraya nails Von Eerie with something that she quickly puts back in her pocket. Von Eerie sent to the outside. Von Eerie driven into the barricade, then Saraya with another kick down low. Saraya taunts the crowd, but then Von Eerie splashes Saraya with a bottle of water. Back in, Von Eerie with a kick to the back, followed by a soccer kick to the ribs. Saraya avoids another running boot and crotches Von Eerie in the middle rope. Saraya with a kick to the leg, followed by a running side slam for a nearfall. Saraya complains to the ref about the count, allowing Von Eerie to lock in a Cobra Clutch. Saraya is able to get out by raking Von Eerie’s eyes. Saraya with a back club and another kick down low. Saraya goes back into her pocket and jabs Von Eerie with it in the ropes. Crowd wants the ref to check Saraya’s pockets. Von Eerie comes back with a Thesz Press and a series of right hands. Saraya with a kick to the chest, followed by a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Saraya again complains to the ref, allowing Von Eerie to roll her up for a nearfall. Saraya gulliotines Von Eerie throat-first across the bottom rope, sending Von Eerie to the outside. Saraya with a kick to the head from the apron while the crowd wills on Von Eerie. Another kick to the head, but Von Eerie with a gut shot. Von Eerie with a kick to the ribs and throws Saraya back in. Running kick in the corner by Von Eerie for a nearfall. Saraya with a back club and a double sledge. Saraya goes back into her pocket and again jabs Von Eerie in the head repeatedly with some sort of foreign object. Saraya stands on Von Eerie’s throat in the corner, followed by another kick down low. Von Eerie fights back, then both exchange strikes until Saraya with a big right hand.

Saraya makes the cover and gets the win. Saraya jabs Von Eerie again with the object, but this time the ref sees it and goes to the ring announcer. Ring announcer says that the ref has reversed his decision.

Winner: “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie by DQ

Saraya chases the ref out of the ring and argues with him. Von Eerie gets back up and says that its become very clear that you have been riding the back of your daughter this entire time. Saraya goes after Von Eerie and the two begin brawling. Multiple referees come out to break this up, but to no avail. Both women have a hold of each other’s hair until the referees are finally able to pry Von Eerie off Saraya. Referee Bryce Remsburg gets a mic and says that since Saraya is a former SHIMMER Champion now, she doesn’t get to hold us hostage anymore. So, if you don’t get out of this ring right now, this will be your last night in SHIMMER. So, take a walk, no more of this. Saraya is shocked by this as the refs have to hold Von Eerie back from the ring. Saraya walks around the ring stewing by what just happened. Saraya tells the refs to come and get her. Bryce says again that if you don’t get out of the ring right now, this will be your last night in SHIMMER. Bryce begins a 10 count and Saraya finally leaves the ring at the count of 7. Saraya says she will do what she wants, there is no rule that applies to her. Saraya finally goes to the back.

Backstage, Kalamity says that she has defeated every wrestler that has been put in front of her. Tonight, I have the opportunity to face the former SHIMMER champion, MsChif. Tonight, I will defeat her and I will prove in the ring with the SHIMMER elite.

Taylor Made w/Allysin Kay vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Crowd chants “Trailer Made” at Taylor before the bell, causing Allysin to accidentally call Taylor that. Crowd then chants “Hussy” before the bell. Taylor makes fun of Athena’s height, but Athena says that at least she isn’t a hussy. Taylor works on Athena’s arm, but Athena shows off her agility to counter out. Taylor regains control, but Athena with a fireman’s carry into a chinlock. Taylor complains that Athena pulled her hair. Taylor fights back, but Athena with an armdrag. Taylor again complains about her hair being pulled. Taylor misses a clothesline and Athena with knees to the ribs, followed by a leg sweep. Athena stands on Taylor’s chest and mocks #PinkiesUp before gaining a 1 count. Athena then hits the cartwheel double knee drop, sending Taylor to the outside. Allysin checks on Taylor, but Athena wipes out Made in Sin with a Heat Seeking Missile! Back in, Athena gains a nearfall. Athena with a back club and a right hand. Crowd chants “Trailer Hussy” at Taylor. Athena goes up & over, but Taylor blocks a German and sends Athena into the top turnbuckle.

Neckbreaker for a nearfall as Portia Perez leaves commentary to prepare for her match, which is next. Taylor slams Athena’s head into the mat, followed by a series of stomps. Taylor stands on the hair of Athena not once, but twice while also pulling back on Athena’s arms. Taylor chokes Athena in the ropes while Allysin takes a picture of it on her iPhone, saying she will tweet this right now. Athena fights back, but Taylor with a back club. Taylor chokes Athena, then walks over her. Another stomp, followed by a stiff kick to the back. Taylor taunts the crowd, then gains a nearfall. Series of forearms by Taylor, followed by an overhand chop. Taylor then has Allysin take another picture with her iPhone. Athena drives Taylor into the corner and hits 2 Northern Lights Suplexes for a nearfall. Athena off the ropes, but Allysin trips her up. Taylor with a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Taylor complains about the ref’s count. Forearm exchange with Athena gaining advantage. Athena takes down Taylor and gains a nearfall. One-legged dropkick by Athena for a nearfall. Taylor blocks the handspring slap in the corner by Athena and hits a Soul Food variation for a nearfall. Taylor can’t believe it, then heads up top. Taylor goes for a splash, but Athena moves out of the way. Athena lifts up Taylor and hits a spinning gutbuster. Crowd chants “O” as Athena heads up top. Allysin hops up on the apron, but Athena kicks her off.

O-Face to Taylor for the win.

Winner: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena by pinfall (The O-Face)

Athena celebrates her win afterward while Allysin helps Taylor to the back.

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie vs. The Canadian NINJAS (Portia Perez & “The Lariat” Nicole Matthews) (c’s)

Veda & Matthews start. Matthews backs Veda into the corner, then pats her on the head. Matthews says that Veda is now wrestling with the big kids. Matthews shoves down Veda, then flexes. Again, Matthews shoves down Veda, then bullies her in the corner. Veda slides under Matthews’s legs, but Matthews does not go down off a shoulder tackle. Shazza comes in and she & Veda do the ol’ schoolyard trip-up. Portia in, but Veda & Shazza take her down with a leg sweep. NINJAS sent into each other, knocking Portia to the outside. Veda with chest kicks to Matthews, then a series of kicks to the leg. Matthews avoids a running boot and slams Veda’s head into the mat. Portia in, but Veda greets her with an armdrag. Veda & Shazza begin making frequent tags, hitting a series of double sledges to the arm of Portia. Shazza in, drop toe hold/sliding dropkick combo. Shazza with a split leg drop for a nearfall. Portia grabs the hair of Shazza and hits a shoulder tackle. Shazza with a headscissors takeover and keeps the hold applied. Portia gets out, but Shazza with La Magistral for a nearfall. Veda in and she hits a couple of uppercut shots to the arm of Portia. Armbar applied, but Portia pulls at her hair. Veda off the ropes, but Matthews slams her down from the apron by the hair. Portia distracts the ref while Matthews drops Veda ribs-first onto the barricade on the outside. Back in, Portia gains a nearfall. Portia with right hands and a series of shoulders to the ribs. Portia trash talks the crowd and draws in Shazza, allowing Matthews to choke Veda from the apron. Matthews in, but Veda fights back. Matthews with knees to the ribs and applies an abdominal stretch. Crowd wills on Veda as she fights out, but Matthews blocks a hiptoss. Veda then blocks a hiptoss, backslide for a nearfall. Oklahoma Roll for a nearfall. Matthews with another knee to the ribs and tags in Portia. Portia with a headbutt to the ribs, followed by a snapmare. Portia then stands on Veda’s hair while pulling on her arms. Portia then twists Veda’s hair, followed by more gut shots. Portia then bites the stomach of Veda before gaining another nearfall. Matthews in, chokes Veda with her boot in the corner. Matthews gets in the ref’s face, daring him to disqualify her. More shoulders to the ribs by Matthews, then taunts Veda. Veda comes back by running up the ropes and hitting a Tornado DDT.

Portia & Shazza in, Shazza with 2 flying forearms. Portia regains control, but then Shazza hits a swinging neckbreaker. Shazza makes a cover, but Matthews pulls Portia to the outside. NINJAS grab their title belts and begin heading to the back to get counted out, but 3G comes out to block their path. 3G forces the NINJAS back into the ring.

However when they get back in, the NINJAS nail Veda & Shazza with the title belts and yell at the ref to disqualify them, which he reluctantly does.

Winners: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie by DQ (NINJAS remain SHIMMER Tag Team Champions)

3G runs in the ring, sending the NINJAS fleeing from the ring. The NINJAS are happy about what they have done. Kellie Skater gets on the mic and says that the NINJAS are exactly what everyone says they are, chicken. You two screwed us back at Volume 53, you cheated by spitting water into my face. Volume 54, you deliberately walked out, but you can’t run forever. You know 3G has your number and we are coming for you. 3G helps Veda & Shazza to their feet as the NINJAS leave.

“The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Crowd chants for MsChif before the bell. The two shake hands as the bell sounds. Kalamity backs MsChif into the ropes, but MsChif gets free. Lock-up and another break. Kalamity again backs MsChif into the ropes, then they break again. MsChif works over Kalamity’s arm, but Kalamity reverses out. MsChif goes for a back elbow, but accidentally catches Kalamity in the ear. Kalamity complains that MsChif meant what she did, but MsChif says it was a complete accident. MsChif extends her hand, but when Kalamity shakes her hand, MsChif screams in her ear. Kalamity again complains, but MsChif says it was instinct. MsChif with a side headlock takeover. MsChif switches to a chinlock, but Kalamity bites her hand to get free. Kalamity says it was instinct, to which MsChif replies, “THAT’s your instinct?” Kalamity misses a clothesline and MsChif with an amateur takedown into a front chancery. MsChif sends Kalamity into the ropes, traps her arms in the ropes and applies a Camel Clutch. Kalamity catches a left hand and hits a Flatliner, sending MsChif into the ropes. Kalamity drops her body weight across MsChif’s back before gaining a nearfall. Leglock applied as the crowd wills on MsChif. Kalamity switches to a Japanese Stranglehold with the legs trapped. MsChif fights out and hits the Panic Attack in the corner for a nearfall. Armbar applied, but Kalamity counters with a crucifix for a nearfall. MsChif with a gut shot and a big forearm. Kalamity comes back with a forearm, but MsChif again screams at her. Kalamity with a clothesline for a nearfall. Kalamity goes for the Kalamityville Horror, but MsChif counters with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. MsChif slips out of a slam, but Kalamity with a spinebuster for a nearfall. MsChif with a knee to the back, then hits Gateway to Annhilation for a nearfall. MsChif hits the step-over facebuster, but Kalamity kicks out! MsChif again with a scream, but Kalamity responds with a boot to the face.

Kalamityville Horror for the win.

Winner: “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity by pinfall (The Kalamityville Horror)

Kalamity celebrates her win, then she & MsChif shake hands afterwards.

3G (The Global Green Gangsters)(“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) vs. Re-Generation X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) (dressed as Things #1 & #2)

3G have muscles that make the Incredible Hulk green with envy and Chuck Norris fears them. Re-Generation X is billed as being from a box, a box of rocks, where they had breakfast of locks and weigh a total combined weight of double Nikki Roxx. I….I………just don’t know anymore. Good crowd reactions for both teams. Nakagawa & Danger start. Danger works over Nakagawa’s arm early. Nakagawa reverses out, but Danger takes her down. Leglock applied. Nakagawa counters out, but Danger with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Nakagawa with a body scissors, but Danger bridges back and gains a nearfall. Nakagawa with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Danger with a seated surfboard, but Nakagawa counters out with a headscissors, turning over to put on more torque. Danger flips over and gains a nearfall. Danger blocks a piledriver, then takes down Nakagawa. Nakagawa wants a Test of Strength and Danger obliges. Danger with a snapmare, then goes off the ropes and does………….the Ultraviolent………..Armbar??? Leva in, Danger with a drop toe hold, Leva with a basement dropkick. Leva works over Nakagawa’s arm, but Nakagawa reverses out. Leva regains control, but Nakagawa with a side headlock. Snapmare, cartwheel, but Leva avoids a dropkick. Basement clothesline by Leva for a nearfall. Leva drops her body weight across the arm of Nakagawa. Nakagawa takes Leva down and bites at her leg. Skater in, stomps away. Forearms and a chop. Leva with a dropkick to the knees, followed by a back senton across the back. Elbow drop for a nearfall. Leva with a wheelbarrow into a roll-up for a nearfall. Forearms, then Leva avoids a Skater springboard back elbow. Flying reverse elbow by Leva for a nearfall. Skater fights back, but Leva fights out and hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Nakagawa knocks Danger off the apron, allowing Skater to drive Leva into her corner. Nakagawa in, stomps away. Snapmare, then Nakagawa chokes Leva with the neckstrap of the Thing hat. Leva sent off the turnbuckles. Skater in, stomps away at Leva in the corner. Hip-toss, followed by a leg drop for a nearfall. Portia leaves commentary as Leva comes back with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Leva blocks a Sunset flip, then drops down on Skater for a nearfall. Skater comes back with a forearm. Nakagawa in, 3G hits a kick combo on Leva for a nearfall. Nakagawa taunts Danger, but Leva blocks a Fisherman. Nakagawa places Leva up top and goes up with her. Leva blocks a superplex and knocks Nakagawa off the ropes. Leva with a shot to Skater on the apron, then hits Nakagawa with the Mushroom Stomp. Danger in, clotheslines and back elbows to both of 3G. Skater sent to the outside. STO to Nakagawa for a nearfall. Danger runs into boots, but catches them a second time and hits a draping neckbreaker across her knee for a nearfall. Leva in and heads up top, but Skater stops Re-Generation X from going for the Madusa Cascade. Skater slams Leva off the turnbuckles. Nakagawa goes for her water, but Skater stops them, saying we don’t need it. Danger comes in as Skater tries to explain herself. Leva grabs Nakagawa’s water and takes a sip of it, but then 3G kicks Leva, sending the water into Danger’s eyes! Nakagawa with an inside cradle to Leva for a nearfall.

3G with a sandwich kick combo to Leva, then Nakagawa with the Fisherman for the win.

Winners: 3G by pinfall (Fisherman’s Suplex)

Afterwards, both teams shake hands and hug one another. All of a sudden, the Canadian NINJAS head out to ringside. Nicole Matthews says she is sorry to interrupt this feel-good moment, but since 3G felt the need to stick their nose in our business, we’ll just stick our noses into yours, too. 3G wants a shot at our titles, well guess what? So does every other tag team in SHIMMER. Portia Perez says congrats to 3G on their win over a team we already beat. You may think you deserve a title shot, but the only thing that sets you apart from every other team in SHIMMER is that you already had 2 shots at our titles. And you can call us chickens or cheaters, but you have to call us champions. Referee Bryce Remsburg comes out and says as much as he hates to admit it, the NINJAS have a point. 3G hasn’t earned a title shot. But, its very obvious that 3G wants to face the NINJAS. Although its not fair to give a title shot to 3G, we can give them two singles matches on the next volume. The NINJAS leave unhappy, but say that 3G will still not be champions.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Serena Deeb about her re-match on the next SHIMMER volume against Jessicka Havok. Serena says that this was Havok’s introduction to SHIMMER. You chose to mess with me when you failed to realize that this was a place that I helped build. I came back with a vengeance, but you stepped in the way of that. Next time, when its 1-1, not 3 on 1, you will find out why I am SHIMMER.

“The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The World Famous” Kana

Eagles comes out despondent, saying she doesn’t care anymore because she wants her title rematch that she never got and its not fair. Crowd chants for Kana before the bell. Dueling chants for both women as the bell sounds. Eagles with an amateur takedown, but Kana reverses into a waistlock. Kana applies a leg grapevine, but Eagles gets to her feet and hits a Deadlift German. Eagles with a side headlock takeover. Kana gets out with a headscissors, but Eagles gets to the ropes. Eagles works over Kana’s arm, but Kana takes her down. Kana with a side headlock, but Eagles gets out and goes back to the arm. Rings of Saturn variation applied, but Kana gets out and applies a Fujiwara armbar. Eagles counters out with a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Eagles with a side headlock and takes Kana down. Eagles with a shoulder tackle, then catches Kana off a leapfrog. Arm drag, but Kana with a drop toe hold and a BIG head kick. Eagles goes to the outside to re-group. Back in, Eagles with a series of back clubs. Eagles chokes Kana in the ropes. Russian Leg Sweep into a grounded Octopus Stretch, but Kana gets to the ropes. Eagles with a headbutt for a 1 count. Eagles stomps away, then drops her body weight across Kana. Chinlock applied, but Kana gets to the ropes. Eagles has words with the ref, even sticking her tongue out at him. Kana comes back with a running dropkick in the corner. Series of strikes, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Sliding kick, but Eagles is too close to the ropes. Eagles pulls at Kana’s hair in the ropes. Eagles applies an Indian Deathlock variation, dropping backward, but Kana gets to the ropes. Eagles pulls her back to the center and this time an Indian Deathlock with a bridging facelock. Eagles with elbows to the back of Kana, then uses the ropes for leverage. Eagles with kicks to the leg of Kana in the corner. Another kick to the leg, but the ref catches Eagles putting her foot on the ropes for a pin attempt. Eagles explains herself that she is really tall. Eagles with a series of forearms, but Kana avoids a kick. Backfist, overhand right and 2 spinning roundhouse kicks by Kana, but Eagles kicks out! Eagles comes back with a Running Yakuza Kick in the corner. Kana slips out of a suplex, then locks Eagles back in the Fujiwara Armbar, but Eagles gets to the ropes. Chest kicks by Kana, but Eagles catches one. Kana catches an Eagles kick, then hits more kicks to the leg and chest. Eagles blocks another one and hits a Wheelbarrow German for a nearfall. Eagles goes for Hellbound, but Kana fights out. Eagles with 3 head kicks, but Kana stays on her feet and fires up at Eagles! Eagles with a fourth head kick and Kana goes down to a knee. Kana with a dropkick to the knee, followed by 2 head kicks for a nearfall. Kana applies a cross armbreaker, but Eagles clasps her hands to block it. Eagles fights out, but Kana with more kicks. Eagles comes back with a big boot, but Kana catches her with a flying armbar. Eagles again clasps her hands, but Kana switches back to the Fujiwara Armbar. Eagles gets out, but Kana with a chinlock. Eagles gets free and hits a Brainbuster, but Kana kicks out!! Crowd wills on Kana. Kana with a series of slaps and strikes, ending with another head kick.

Eagles then fires up, lifts up Kana and hits Hellbound for the win.

Winner: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles by pinfall (Hellbound)

Crowd chants “that was awesome” afterwards. Both women are helped to the back by referees.

We see video from the first meeting between Hamada & Mercedes Martinez back at Volume 27 that saw Hamada get the win.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Ayako Hamada

Hamada takes down Mercedes early. Mercedes reverses out into a front chancery, but Hamada regains control with a headlock. Both women exchange crucifix roll-ups for nearfalls before we have a stalemate. Mercedes with a gut kick and some right hands. Series of forearms in the corner. Hamada sent to the apron, but she comes back with a headbutt. Hamada heads up top and hits a crossbody. Mercedes avoids a spinning heel kick, then a thrust kick before hitting a tree slam for a nearfall. Mercedes with right hands from the mount. Big right hand knocks down Hamada for a nearfall. Mercedes chokes Hamada with her knee. Hamada sent into the turnbuckles. Shoulders to the ribs, followed by another series of forearms. Running boot by Mercedes, followed by a sliding boot in the corner for a nearfall. Mercedes complains to the ref about his count. Crowd wills on Hamada. Mercedes with more forearms, but runs into a big boot by Hamada. Hamada hits a facebuster, followed by a series of chops and headbutts. Hamada off the ropes, but Mercedes catches her with a big boot for a nearfall. Mercedes traps Hamada’s arms in the ropes and pulls back on her arms. Mercedes then applies a chinlock in the ropes, followed by a series of chest clubs for a nearfall. Mercedes hits 2 of the Three Amigas, but Hamada slips out of the third and hits a spinning heel kick. Hamada with a brainbuster, both women down. Hamada with a sit-out powerbomb, but Mercedes kicks out! Hamada sets up Mercedes and heads up top. Hamada goes for the Hamadasault, but Mercedes moves out of the way. Mercedes with a series of forearms. Forearm exchange now until Hamada with a big right hand. We go to a strike exchange until both women nail each other with right hands at the same time, both women down. Referee starts his 10 count and both women get back at the count of 8. Mercedes misses a clothesline and Hamada with a side kick for a nearfall. Hamada yells out in frustration. Mercedes comes back with a spinebuster, but Hamada kicks out at 1! Hamada hits the AP Cross Diamond, but MERCEDES KICKS OUT AT 1!! Strike exchange from their knees, then back to their feet. Mercedes gains advantage, but Hamada with a headbutt. Mercedes counters the AP Cross with a roll-up for a nearfall, but Hamada reverses the pin for her own nearfall. Hamada with a running knee, but Mercedes kicks out!! Hamada motions for another kick, but Mercedes avoids it. Mercedes blocks a suplex and hits the draping Egotrip, but Hamada is too close to the ropes. Hamada counters the Fisherman’s Buster with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Hamada with an enziguri and a spinning roundhouse kick, but Mercedes is now too close to the ropes. Hamada motions for another AP Cross, but Mercedes rakes the eyes.

Fisherman’s Buster for the win.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Mercedes celebrates her win as she leaves, then the crowd chants for Hamada and gives her a nice ovation as she leaves.

We see video from Volume 54 when Courtney Rush won a 4-Way #1 Contenders match, earning her a SHIMMER Title shot in our main event.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: Courtney Rush vs. Cheerleader Melissa (c)

Rush puts on the brakes as the bell sounds. Rush says that Melissa calls herself the Future Legend, well I am a dance legend. And we need to see the champ dance. Rush calls for some music to be played and begin dancing while Melissa is very upset by all of this, arms crossed as she just wants to defend her title. Rush keeps trying to get Melissa to dance, but to no avail. Rush begins getting upset and turns away from Melissa, but as she does so, Melissa actually begins dancing. However, when Rush turns around, Melissa again has her arms crossed. Rush has the music stopped, saying she tried. Melissa says this is about the title, not about dancing. Rush works over Melissa’s arm early. Melissa reverses out, but Rush regains control. Melissa takes down Rush and applies an armbar. Rush gets free and applies a toe hold. Melissa gets out and applies a side headlock. Side headlock takeover, but Rush with a headscissors. Melissa gets free and applies a leglock. Rush gets out and applies a front chancery. Melissa gets out and hits a series of kneedrops to the arm of Rush. Rush with a snapmare into a chinlock. Melissa blocks being whipped, but Rush with some knee strikes. Melissa with a shoulder tackle, followed by a slam. Snap elbow drop for a nearfall. Melissa stomps away, then does some dancing of her own. Melissa chokes Rush in the ropes. Melissa throws Rush down, then rubs her face in the mat. Melissa drives her body weight across the back of Rush. Melissa runs into a back elbow, then Rush with a crossbody off the middle rope for a nearfall. Forearms by Rush, followed by a clothesline in the corner. Melissa blocks a suplex with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Melissa misses a clothesline and Rush with a Slingblade for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Dueling chants for both women by the crowd. Melissa fights out and hits a dropkick. Melissa with a grounded dragon screw leg whip to both of Rush’s legs, then dragon screw arm whips to both of Rush’s arms. Melissa with kicks to the leg of Rush, followed by an elbow drop. Leglock applied. Rush tries to fight out, but Melissa with a back elbow. More stomps by Melissa, then she locks Rush in the Kondo Clutch. Rush desperately crawls and makes her way to the ropes. Melissa with more stomps to the leg of Rush, but Rush pulls down the top rope, sending Melissa to the outside. Rush leaps off the apron and wipes out Melissa with the Cactus Jack Crack Smash. Rush with a back club, then sends Melissa back in the ring. Melissa fights back with a series of forearms. Rush blocks the Samoan Drop and hits a T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. Melissa slips out of the Skyward Suplex and hits the Samoan Drop. Melissa with a series of gut shots in the corner, followed by a slap and a series of stomps. Running forearm in the corner, followed by the Curb Stomp, but Rush is too close to the ropes. Melissa with more slaps to the face, followed by another stomp. Melissa heads up top, but Rush avoids the missile dropkick. Rush locks in the Sharpshooter, but Melissa is able to reach the ropes. Big forearm by Rush, then hits a big right hand using the ropes as a push-off. SKYWARD SUPLEX, but MELISSA KICKS OUT!!! Rush cannot believe it. Rush heads up top, but Melissa stops her. Rush slips out of the Air Raid Crash, but Melissa blocks the Skyward Suplex.

KUDO DRIVER!!! 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Kudo Driver)

Melissa celebrates her title retention and does some more dancing over the fallen Rush as we go to credits.