FEATURE: Jason Namako recaps SHIMMER Volume 56

SHIMMER Volume 56
February 4, 2014
Taped on: April 14, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commentators: Dave Prazak, Portia Perez
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Kimber Lee vs. Shazza McKenzie

Crowd chants for Shazza before the bell. Kimber works over Shazza’s arm early. Shazza reverses out, but Kimber trips her up and applies a toe hold. Shazza kicks her off and applies a front chancery. Kimber gets free and goes to a side headlock. Kimber with a shoulder tackle, but Shazza trips her up. Kick to the leg, delayed kick to the chest, followed by a split leg drop for a nearfall. Kimber with a corner clothesline, but Shazza with a cartwheel. Shazza charges, but Kimber drop toe holds her into the turnbuckles. Shazza sent off the turnbuckles multiple times, then Kimber chokes her. Kimber taunts the crowd, then hits 2 big chops in the corner. Snapmare, followed by a stiff kick to the back. Kimber chokes Shazza in the ropes. Kimber misses a clothesline and Shazza with a roll-up for a nearfall. Shazza with a forearm, but Kimber catches her off a charge and applies a variation of the Tarantula in the corner. Kimber stomps away, then applies a chinlock as the crowd wills on Shazza. Kimber drops her body weight across the back of Shazza, then hits a snap suplex for a nearfall. Kimber traps Shazza’s arms in the ropes and hits a crossface shot. Shazza fights back with gut kicks, but Kimber with a big boot to the chest. Kimber again chokes Shazza in the corner, then stomps away some more. Forearm, but Shazza gets her boot up. Kimber charges again, but Shazza takes her out of the corner with a rana. 2 flying clotheslines by Shazza, followed by a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Shazza goes for the Shazzadriver, but Kimber slips out and hits an enziguri for a nearfall. Kimber can’t believe it, but Shazza comes back with a backslide for a nearfall. Kimber with the Lickedly-Split Jawbreaker, but Shazza with a jawbreaker for a nearfall.

Shazza again goes for the Shazzadriver, but Kimber gets free and hits a release German for the win.

Winner: Kimber Lee by pinfall (Release German)

Kimber celebrates her win as commentary mentions that it was her first win in SHIMMER.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Evie. Evie says she is so pumped to finally be a part of SHIMMER. I’ve been wrestling for 5 years, but SHIMMER has always been a goal for me. Coming from New Zealand is a bit of a trip, but its been totally worth it. I’m gonna be bringing a lot of kicks to SHIMMER. Kimber Lee is a great competitor and tonight I face Mia Yim, who I hear has got some pretty lethal kicks, but I’m not a part of Team Kick for nothing. So I can’t wait to test myself against her.

Miss Natural vs. Leva Bates (dressed as a Spock)

Leva is introduced as teleporting in from the US Enterprise. There is no weight in space….Leva Bates!! “Live Long & Prosper” chants for Leva before the bell. Bell sounds and Natural says to Leva that Danger is leaving you, so I’m gonna say this one time……COME TO THE DARKSIDE, thinking Leva is dressed up as someone from Star Wars. Leva tries to explain that she is someone from Star Trek. Leva then does a mind sensory thing to Natural where she comes up with the fact that Natural is thinking about………….Justin Bieber? Natural responds with forearms, then tries to use the force, to which Leva again has to mention she is dressed up as someone from Star Trek. Leva with an armdrag to take down Natural. Natural wants a Test of Strength, but Leva wants her to clasp hands doing the Spock hand signal, which is quite similar to Vader Time mentions Portia on commentary. Natural has trouble doing it, then pokes Leva in the eye. Leva then hits the Captain Kirk combo for a nearfall. Leva with a series of armdrags into an armbar. Leva applies the Vulcan Death Grip, rendering Natural nearly unconscious. Leva gains a nearfall. Leva with a forearms, 2 chest kicks, followed by a big kick to the side of the head. Leva charges, but Natural catches her and hot-shots Leva across the top turnbuckle. Natural grabs Leva’s Spock Ears and biels her across the ring. Natural then bites at the ears until one of them POPS OFF!!! Ref throws up the “X” sign as Natural with a snapmare, followed by a running neck snap for a nearfall. Natural mocks the fans as Leva fights back, but Natural with a big forearm. Leva comes back with a double chop, followed by a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Natural with a clothesline, followed by a backbreaker into a submission, bending Leva across her knee. Crowd wills on Leva as Natural with the Oklahoma Stampede for a nearfall. Natural is starting to get frustrated. Leva slips out of a delayed suplex and hits a series of chops, ending with a Mongolian chop. 2 chest kicks, a savate kick, followed by a running knee lift. Diving Reverse DDT by Leva for a nearfall. Leva with forearms, then avoids a charge and hits a roundhouse kick to the head. Leva heads up top and hits the Mushroom Stomp for a nearfall. Leva goes to the middle rope, but Natural catches her in mid-air.

Natural goes for a spinning side slam, but Leva counters with a Crucifix Driver for the win.

Winner: Leva Bates by pinfall (Crucifix Driver)

Leva celebrates her win afterwards.

We go backstage with Made In Sin. Allysin Kay asks Taylor Made if she hears what’s wrong with her voice. This isn’t classy, I didn’t sound like this yesterday. I have the voice of an angel. And then I wrestled Thunderkitty. Maybe if you spent more money on vaccinations than on one-piece bathing suits, I wouldn’t have this problem. Taylor says its OK because today, we have MsChif & Von Eerie. Allysin corrects her and says we are facing MSEERIE. Taylor says it doesn’t matter because Made In Sin are gonna make a name for ourselves and show you exactly what being classy is.

Rhia O’Reilly vs. Leah Von Dutch

This is Leah’s SHIMMER debut. Leah is based out of Canada and has wrestled for CHIKARA, ROH, SHINE, WSU & NCW: Femme Fatales in the past 2 years. Rhia works over Leah’s arm early. Leah reverses out, but Rhia regains control. Leah uses her agility to reverse out again, then hits 2 armdrags. Hiptoss, followed by a senton for a nearfall. Rhia comes back with a jawbreaker, followed by a big forearm. Forearm uppercut, followed by a snap suplex. Rhia chokes Leah in the ropes. Rhia talks trash, then traps Leah in the ropes and hits a series of knee strikes. T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. Rhia stomps and stands on Leah’s hand, then hits a back club. Rhia continues to talk trash, then sends Leah off the turnbuckles. Rhia applies a variation of the Cobra Clutch, then drops Leah across her knee for a nearfall. Rhia misses a clothesline and Leah hits a spinning headscissors for a nearfall. Leah with a back elbow, followed by an atomic drop. Edge-O Matic for a nearfall. Rhia comes back with a rake of the eyes.

Rhiadjustment for the win.

Winner: Rhia O’Reilly by pinfall (The Rhiadjustment)

Rhia celebrates her win afterwards.

We see video from SHIMMER 55 when singles matches between 3G and the Canadian NINJAS were made for this volume.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Nicole Matthews vs. “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater

“Skater’s got this” chants for Skater before the bell. Matthews backs Skater into the corner and shoves her. Skater now backs Matthews into the corner and shoves her as well. Matthews with a go-behind, then slaps Skater. Skater takes down Matthews and unloads with right hands. Skater gives chase to Matthews, who goes to the outside. Skater with forearms and a big chop. Gut shot and another big chop. Another gut shot and another big chop. Back club and then Skater breaks the ref’s count. Matthews fights back with forearms and a chop. Skater sends Matthews face-first off the apron. Back in, Skater with a dropkick. Skater walks the top rope and hits a lucha-style armdrag. Matthews comes back with gut shots, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Back club, then Matthews chokes Skater in the ropes. Elbow to the back of the neck by Matthews, followed by a forearm. Snapmare, followed by a running neck snap. Ref admonishes Matthews for pulling at Skater’s hair. Back elbow, but Matthews taunts the crowd, allowing Skater to roll her up for a nearfall. Matthews with another back club, then chokes Skater while sitting on the top rope. Matthews grabs Skater’s hair and hot-shots her throat-first across the top rope for a nearfall. Skater avoids a corner charge and hits a forearm. Skater goes for a shoulder to the ribs from the apron, but Matthews avoids it and hits 2 kneelifts. Boot to the head, followed by a snapmare. Variation of the cravate applied by Matthews as the crowd wills on Skater. Skater fights out and hooks Matthews in an inside cradle for a nearfall. Matthews comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. Matthews is beginning to get frustrated as she goes to remove the top turnbuckle pad. Ref catches her, but Matthews says she is doing nothing wrong. More forearms by Matthews, but Skater puts on the brakes and hits a running forearm. Clothesline, followed by an elbow by Skater for a nearfall. Matthews misses a clothesline and Skater with a sit-out facebuster for a nearfall. Skater with a gut kick and a kick to the knee, but Matthews avoids a head kick and hits a German for a nearfall. Matthews misses another clothesline and Skater hits a DDT for a nearfall. Now its Skater who is getting frustrated. Matthews avoids a spinning roundhouse and rolls up Skater for a nearfall. Matthews catches a kick and hits the Brainbuster, but Skater kicks out! Matthews can’t believe it. Matthews goes for the Vancouver Maneuver, but Skater slips out. Skater takes down Matthews and applies an Ankle Lock, but Matthews rolls through and sends Skater into the turnbuckles. Matthews goes again for the Vancouver Maneuver, but Skater slips out again.

Skater hits the International Incident (Strait-Jacket Reverse DDT) for the win.

Winner: “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater by pinfall (The International Incident)

Skater throws Matthews’s SHIMMER Tag Title belt on top of her before leaving, then celebrates her win.

We go backstage with Athena. Athena says she found out when I got here today that I get to face Madison Eagles. Madison might have gotten the best of me in the 4-Way #1 Contenders Match, but it only takes one O-Face to keep a hussy down. Madison walks in and says that she couldn’t hear Athena from all the way up here. You can’t O-Face me from up here, little one. Athena says she does it from the top rope, hussy as Madison walks off, but Madison turns around and Athena runs off.

Before the next match, Saraya Knight has a mic. Saraya says to be honest, I said yesterday that I have never felt so disrespected by the total bunch of morons all of you really are. You have to remember, I wore the SHIMMER Title belt, so that makes me better than the lot of you. I’m glad to see you are all on your feet, because that is how it should be when I step in this ring. I’ve decided to get myself a hit list of everybody, including you all, anybody that has disrespected me on a personal or professional basis. I will personally come out there and smash the hell out of anyone that has done me wrong. Does anyone have a problem with that? I don’t care about Cheerleader Melissa. I got a problem with Christina Von Eerie, but that’s personal. But today, I’m facing a certain little girl who when I told her to do something, she didn’t do it. When I grabbed her and tried to intimidate her, she didn’t do what she was told. So I want her to come out here now because I’m gonna teach her a lesson that she’s never gonna forget. I’m gonna teach her how to respect me and show her what being a real woman is all about.

“Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay

Saraya takes down McKay early. McKay charges, but Saraya shoves her aside. Saraya throws down McKay and hits a soccer kick to the ribs. Big clothesline, but McKay fights back and throws Saraya down. McKay with another hair-mare, sending Saraya to the outside. Saraya tells McKay she needs to know when to calm down, but McKay then calls her an old tramp. Saraya with an eye poke, a back club and a slam. Double leg drop for a nearfall. Saraya complains about the ref’s count. Saraya pulls at McKay’s hair in the ropes. Saraya with a kick down low, followed by a running hip attack in the corner. Hesitation seated dropkick down low by Saraya in the corner. McKay fights back, but Saraya sends her to the outside. Crowd wills on McKay as Saraya talks trash to her. Saraya grabs McKay’s hair and hot-shots her across the top rope, sending McKay back down to the outside. Saraya with a double sledge and another kick down low. McKay fights back with chops, followed by a series of forearms. McKay chokes Saraya with her boot against the barricade. Saraya rakes the eyes and hits another back club. Back in, Saraya with the running side slam for a nearfall. Saraya again complains about the ref’s count. Saraya stands on McKay’s hair while pulling back on her arms. Saraya stomps away, then hits a big overhand chop. Series of gut shots, followed by a slap. McKay comes back with slaps of her own, but Saraya with another slap, followed by another kick down low. Saraya pulls at McKay’s face, but McKay comes back with her own kick down low. McKay with a clothesline for a nearfall. Another kick down low, followed by an axe kick for a nearfall. McKay fires up, then applies the Octopus. Saraya tries to fight it, but to no avail. Saraya is able to reach the ropes, but McKay with a kick to the leg. McKay goes for the Boyfriend Stealer, but Saraya fights out with elbows and another kick down low.

Bridal Rocking Horse applied and McKay submits.

Winner: “Sweet” Saraya Knight by submission (The Bridal Rocking Horse)

Saraya with another kick down low to McKay afterwards, then celebrates her win. McKay receives a nice ovation from the crowd as she leaves.

Evie vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

The two touch feet in a sign of mutual respect as the bell sounds. Mia works over Evie’s arm early. Evie reverses out, but Mia with a side headlock. Evie goes to get free, but Mia with a kick to the thigh. Evie now works over Mia’s arm. Mia uses her agility to get out, but Evie uses her agility to regain control. Mia reverses out again, then hits another kick to the thigh. Both exchange kicks to the thigh, then kicks to the chest. Evie off the ropes, but Mia TAKES HER HEAD OFF with a boot to the face! Axe kick for a nearfall. Evie with a gut kick, followed by a delayed kick to the back of the head. Evie goes for a PK, but Mia avoids it and rolls up Evie for a nearfall. Evie with a thrust kick, but misses a clothesline. Mia hangs herself in the ropes, but Evie with a kick to the ribs that sends Mia to the outside. Evie goes for a running apron kick, but Mia catches it and sends Evie face-first off the apron. Mia goes to the apron and DRILLS Evie with a running apron kick! Mia clutches at her foot, possibly hurting herself with how hard she kicked Evie. Back in, Mia gains a nearfall. Mia applies an Indian Deathlock with a bridging facelock. Evie crawls over and is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Mia stomps away, then snapmares Evie and hits a STIFF kick to the back. Mia talks trash to Evie, firing Evie up. Evie with a snapmare, followed by her own STIFF kick to the back. Evie hits the PK for a nearfall. Evie with a Monkey flip, but Mia avoids a charge. Mia runs into a back elbow, then a boot by Evie. Evie heads up top and hits a missile dropkick, both women down. Ref begins his 10 count and both women get up by the count of 6. Mia avoids the Cartwheel Clothesline and hits a Release German. Evie comes back with a boot, followed by a running boot in the corner for a nearfall. Evie goes for TTYL, but Mia slips out and hits another axe kick to the back of Evie’s head. Mia heads up top and goes for SkyYim, but Evie moves out of the way. Evie with another boot to the head, then heads up top. Mia avoids a double stomp and hits a series of strikes, ending with a spinning backfist.

Gutwrench Suplex for the win.

Winner: “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim by pinfall (Gutwrench Suplex)

Mia helps Evie to her feet afterwards and raises her hand. The two shake hands and embrace in a sign of mutual respect.

Made In Sin (“The AK47” Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) vs. MSEERIE (“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif & “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie)

Crowd chants “Trailer Made” at Taylor before the bell. “Oi” chants for Von Eerie before the bell. Taylor & MsChif start, but the ref calls her “Trailer Made” by accident as the bell sounds. Taylor complains to the ref, who corrects himself. MsChif with her infamous scream, causing Taylor to tag in Allysin. Taylor then tags back in and screams at MsChif, but it has no effect on her. MsChif with another scream, then hits a clothesline and a back elbow. Chops, Von Eerie tags in. Ref is with Allysin, allowing MSEERIE to double team Taylor with stereo headbutts, backfists and screams. Von Eerie gains a nearfall. Von Eerie with a kick to the back for a nearfall. Snake Eyes, followed by a Mafia Kick for a nearfall. MsChif in and again MSEERIE is able to double team Taylor while the ref deals with Allysin. Von Eerie with a running forearm in the corner, then MsChif with a clothesline. Snap suplex, but Taylor avoids a standing moonsault. Taylor with a Knee-DT to the leg of MsChif. Allysin in, drives the knee of MsChif into the mat. Allysin with a series of forearms, then gains a nearfall. Allysin with a half crab applied and Taylor grabs Allysin’s hand for extra leverage. Commentary mentions MsChif’s history of knee problems as she has braces on both knees. MsChif’s knee driven into the mat again. Portia leaves commentary as her match is next. Allysin draws Von Eerie in, allowing Made In Sin to double team MsChif with stereo kicks while the ref was distracted. Taylor gets a nearfall. Taylor slams MsChif’s head into the mat, then stomps away. Taylor yells at the crowd to get her name right, then chokes MsChif in the ropes. Taylor has words with the ref, distracting him so that Allysin can choke MsChif from the apron. Taylor with a series of forearms, but MsChif avoids the spiked avalanche and rolls up Taylor for a nearfall. Taylor with more stomps and tags in Allysin. Allysin talks trash to MsChif and the crowd and tries to whip MsChif, but MsChif crumbles down as her leg gives out on her. Allysin with more stomps, then lifts up MsChif, but MsChif counters out with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Allysin with elbows to both of MsChif’s legs, then applies a leglock while biting at MsChif’s leg. MsChif fights back with gut shots, then hits Code Green for a nearfall. Von Eerie in, dropkick and a rana to Allysin. Taylor in, but she gets nailed with a headbutts. Boots and headbutts to both of Made in Sin. Clothesline to Allysin, then a Cobra Clutch facebuster to Taylor, but Allysin breaks up the pinfall. Allysin with forearms, but MsChif comes in to break it up. Taylor helps her partner out, then Made In Sin hit a double kneebreaker to MsChif, sending her to the outside. Von Eerie fights back at Made In Sin and hits a springboard crossbody, wiping them both out. Taylor misses a clothesline and Von Eerie with a chop to the side of the head, but Allysin nails Von Eerie with a big boot. Ref is with Taylor, when all of a sudden, Saraya Knight runs out and blasts Von Eerie in the head with the same object she used on Von Eerie on Volume 55.

Allysin takes advantage and covers Von Eerie for the win.

Winners: Made In Sin by pinfall

Afterwards, Saraya has Made In Sin hold up Von Eerie so she can nail her some more with that object, but Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie run in with steel chairs to clear the ring of Saraya & Made In Sin. Saraya yells at Veda & Shazza, saying they shouldn’t be playing with toys unless they are willing to use them. Saraya & Made In Sin as Veda & Shazza help Von Eerie check on the fallen MsChif on the outside. Von Eerie carries MsChif to the back.

We go backstage with Kalamity. Kalamity says that this weekend, I proved that I can beat some of the best in SHIMMER, including the former champion, MsChif. Tonight, I have the chance the current champion, Cheerleader Melissa. I will face that challenge and I will be your next SHIMMER Champion.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Portia Perez vs. Tomoka Nakagawa

Crowd chants for Tomoka before the bell. Tomoka goes after Portia early, but Portia slides out to the outside. Portia steals Tomoka’s water and takes a swig of it. Tomoka waits for Portia to get back in and Portia finally does. Portia backs Tomoka into the corner and breaks, but Tomoka takes Portia down by the hair. Tomoka with 2 hair-mares, then chokes Portia in the corner. Tomoka stomps away at Portia in the corner. Flying back elbow, followed by a running bulldog. Bow & Arrow applied. Portia wants a time-out, but then sends Tomoka to the outside. Double sledge to the back of Tomoka, followed by a chop. Portia hammerlocks Tomoka’s arm and sends it into the ringpost. Portia drives Tomoka’s arm against the apron. Back in, Portia gains a nearfall. Armbar applied, but Tomoka takes Portia down and slams Portia’s head against the mat. Portia stomps away as commentary mentions that Tomoka injured Portia’s shoulder back at Volume 53. Portia gains a nearfall. Portia avoids an enziguri, but Tomoka with a kick. Portia with a Divorce Court for a nearfall. Portia goes back to the armbar as the crowd wills on Tomoka. Tomoka reaches the ropes, but Portia breaks at the ref’s 4 count. Portia hammerlocks Tomoka’s arm in the ropes and again uses all of the ref’s 5 count. Tomoka avoids a charge and dropkicks Portia from the apron. Tomoka with a sliding dropkick, but Portia blocks the Fisherman. Portia with a dropkick to the knees, followed by a basement DDT for a nearfall. Portia with right hands, but Tomoka comes back with a flying kick. Portia comes back with a spinning heel kick, both women down. The two go nose-to-nose and exchange forearms, then nail each other at the same time twice. Tomoka with an enziguri for a nearfall. Tomoka with an enziguri to the back of Portia’s head, but Portia avoids a clothesline. Portia grabs the SHIMMER Tag Title belt, but the ref catches her. Portia & the ref have words while Tomoka takes a swig of her water. Tomoka goes to spit the water at Portia, but Portia ducks and it hits the ref! Portia with shots to Tomoka, then Nicole Matthews runs out. Matthews goes to hit Tomoka with her SHIMMER Tag Title belt, but Kellie Skater runs out and trips up Matthews to stop her.

Both teams begin brawling with one another and when the ref comes to, he throws the match out.

No Contest

3G take advantage on the NINJAS, then multiple wrestlers come out to try and break the two teams apart, but to no avail as they continue brawling with one another. The NINJAS are pulled out of the ring as Skater wants a mic. Skater says that 3G had the NINJAS beat in New Jersey, then we beat you so bad yesterday that you had to get counted out. I beat Matthews today, but you two can’t run forever. I know that if we had one more shot against you two, we’d beat you for those SHIMMER Tag Titles. 3G’s got this! Referee Bryce Remsburg has a mic and says that after the actions of today, 3G’s has made some good points. So, on Volume 57, it will be 3G vs. the Canadian NINJAS for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles. And that match will be No DQ and No Count-Out as well. The NINJAS are not happy about this as they leave. 3G motion that they are coming for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles as they leave.

Yuu Yamagata vs. “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. “The World Famous” Kana vs. Ayako Hamada

Kana & Hamada hug, but then Mercedes & Yuu attack them. Yuu sends Kana off the turnbuckles while Mercedes with a series of stomps and forearms to Hamada. Mercedes stomps away at Kana while Yuu with forearms and stomps to Hamada. Big right hand by Mercedes knocks down Kana. Yuu chokes Hamada with her boot in the corner. Mercedes does the same to Kana. Mercedes & Yuu miss clotheslines and Kana hits Mercedes with a dropkick while Hamada hits Yuu with a flying back elbow. Kana & Hamada stomp away at Mercedes & Yuu in the corner. Mercedes comes back with a clothesline to Kana while Yuu is sent onto the apron and then knocked down to the outside. Hamada with a kick to the back of Mercedes’s leg. Kana & Hamada work over Mercedes now. Hamada with a slam, then Kana with one of her own. Hamada with another slam, then Kana does another one also. Kana & Hamada with a series of elbow drops to Mercedes, followed by a double elbow drop. Double boot to Mercedes by Kana & Hamada. Drop toe hold by Hamada, but Kana then hits a sliding kick to Hamada. Kana kicks at Hamada, then Mercedes with a basement dropkick. Mercedes & Kana now work over Hamada with a series of kicks. Yamagata is still on the outside just looking on as Mercedes & Kana continue to work over Hamada. Double suplex, then Mercedes with a sliding kick as Yamagata pulls Kana to the outside. Yamagata breaks up Mercedes’s pin attempt and begins to shot instructions to Mercedes. Kick combination by Yuu & Mercedes knocks down Hamada. Now its Kana who is looking on out on the outside. Yuu with a chinlock, but Hamada avoids a Mercedes kick and it catches Yuu. Kana is amused by this as Yuu is upset with Mercedes. Kana pulls Yuu to the outside while Mercedes with forearms to Hamada. Mercedes misses a clothesline and Hamada hits a thrust kick for a nearfall. Hamada calls for a powerbomb, but Mercedes counters out with a facebuster. Kana goes to break up the pin, but elbow drops Hamada. Mercedes with chops and forearms to Kana. Brainbuster for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Kana as Mercedes with more forearms. Kana comes back with a series of strikes. Mercedes blocks a wheelbarrow and hits another facebuster. Yuu in and she hits a slingshot double stomp. Yuu & Mercedes shove one another, then exchange forearms. Mercedes with a big right hand and Yuu wants a timeout. Yuu extends her hand and Mercedes shakes it. Mercedes grabs Hamada, but Yuu accidentally hits Mercedes. Yuu & Mercedes then hit a double boot to Hamada. Hamada comes back and uses the ropes to hit a double arm drag. Mercedes & Yuu miss a double clothesline and Kana wipes them out with a top rope crossbody. Yuu avoids a Hamada spinning heel kick and Mercedes slams down Kana. Yuu with a Codebreaker to Hamada, then Mercedes with a double underhook suplex to Kana, but Yuu breaks up the pin. Yuu backs off from Mercedes, who then hits Hamada with a tree slam for a nearfall. Mercedes is getting frustrated as she goes for an Indian Deathlock. Mercedes drops backward, but Kana nails her from behind. Kana then locks Mercedes in the Octopus while Hamada is still tied up. Yuu with a sliding dropkick to Hamada, then applies a Camel Clutch and now everyone has a submission locked in, but no one gives up. Kana & Yuu release their holds and Hamada & Mercedes go to the outside. Kana & Yuu with a strike exchange. Yuu with a kick to the leg, followed by a sliding kick. Both avoid each other’s kicks, then Kana hits Yuu with a head kick. Yuu comes back with an enziguri. Mercedes heads up top and shooshes the crowd. Mercedes with a missile dropkick to Kana, but then Hamada with a missile dropkick to Mercedes. Hamada knocks Yuu off the turnbuckles and all the way to the outside. Hamada heads up top and WIPES OUT EVERYBODY with a moonsault!!! Crowd chants for Hamada as everyone is stopping one another from getting back in the ring. Yuu sends Hamada into the barricade, then Kana does the same to Mercedes. Hamada & Mercedes then sent over the barricade and into the front row by Yuu & Kana. Yuu & Kana get back in. Chain wrestling between the two, then Yuu with a right hands. Kana misses a clothesline, but hits a spinning back kick. Sliding kick for a nearfall. Yuu comes back with an enziguri and a big boot for a nearfall. Kana slips out of a suplex, but Yuu avoids a head kick.

Yuu rolls up Kana for a nearfall, then Kana counters it and gets the win before Mercedes & Hamada can get back in to break it up.

Winner: “The World Famous” Kana by pinfall

Hamada raises Kana’s hand afterwards, then Mercedes raises Yuu’s hand. Hamada & Kana play to the crowd, then Mercedes & Yuu do the same. Everyone leaves the ring as the crowd gives them all a big ovation.

The music of Re-Generation X hits as Allison Danger makes her way to the ring. “Thank You Danger” chants by the crowd. Danger has a mic and says those chants are gonna make her cry and I’m a man, damnit! So, I have to follow that last match, seriously, who booked this? So, as you guys know, this next SHIMMER taping is my last. Its OK, Prazak put on Twitter that I will have a bigger role backstage and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a legally binding contract. So they asked me who I wanted to face in my final match. So I wanted to face Hamada, however, I cannot give Hamada the one-on-one match that she deserves and what you fans deserve, which is one of the reasons I’m retiring. But, we talked to her and I said that I want Leva by my side for this last match because she has been my partner for years, I love that girl more than wrestling itself. Hamada, please pick someone from the back and we’ll do a tag match. But, I think you guys will be happy with who Hamada picked because it is a fellow SHIMMER original. So, SHIMMER Volume 57, Re-Generation X for one last time, Leva Bates and Allison Danger versus my legend, Ayako Hamada, with Cheerleader Melissa by her side. So coming up, Melissa is going to defend her title and I wish her & Kalamity the best. But, 57, this is where you are gonna see me in the ring one last time. Thank you guys for coming out!

“The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Crowd chants for Athena before the bell. Madison wants streamers thrown for her, but no one does so. Athena asks the same thing, but Madison throws her t-shirt at her. Athena with a go-behind, but Madison with a side headlock takeover. Athena counters out with a headscissors. Madison bridges out and gains a 1 count. Madison with a front chancery, but Athena gets out. Athena with an armbar, but Madison gets to the ropes. Madison with a gut kick and a side headlock. Athena gets out and works over Madison’s arm. Madison gets free and takes down Athena before gaining a nearfall. Madison with a chinlock, but Athena bridges backward to gain a 1 count. Madison keeps the chinlock applied, but Athena gets out and applies a Stranglehold. Madison bites Athena’s arm to get free and gains a nearfall. Madison with an armbar, but Athena counters out with a headscissors. Madison applies her own headscissors, but both fight out of each other’s holds. Madison asks for some water, but the ref says there is no water break. Madison with a headbutt and a step-over takedown. Madison goes back to the arm while also applying a headscissors. Athena flips out of it and applies her own armbar. Madison grabs at Athena’s hair, then blocks a hiptoss. Athena blocks a hiptoss, but then Madison sends Athena onto the apron. Athena comes back with a trifecta of armdrags sending Madison to the outside to re-group. Athena knocks Madison off the apron and goes for a dive, but Madison catches her with a forearm. Madison then pulls Athena to the outside. Madison drops her body weight across the back of Athena, then drives her back-first into the barricade. Madison does it a second time, then sends Athena back in the ring. Madison gains a nearfall. Madison with a series of back clubs, but Athena avoids a charge and hits a dropkick. Madison avoids the back handspring slap and hits a back elbow. Madison hiptosses Athena onto the apron, then kicks her in the back, sending Athena off the apron and crashing into the barricade. Madison sets to dive, but Athena moves away from her. Madison instead hits Athena with a baseball slide. Madison wants a faster count from the ref as he begins his 20 count. Madison kicks Athena back down to the outside, then has words with the ref. Madison brings Athena back in, then hits a Russian Leg Sweep into a seated Octopus Stretch. Crowd wills on Athena as she drops backward to get a nearfall. Exchange of pins between the two for nearfalls. Madison with a forearm and a stomp. Athena fights back, then avoids a head kick by Madison and rolls her up for a nearfall. Madison comes back with a knee strike for a nearfall. Athena sent off the turnbuckles multiple times. Madison with a series of kicks to the back, then chokes Athena. Madison gains another nearfall. Headbutt for another nearfall. Madison calls for the Brainbuster, but Athena slips out. Athena runs into a back elbow, but avoids a head kick. Athena with a savate kick to the ribs, but Madison avoids an enziguri. Madison catches another kick, but Athena with a headscissors takeover. Athena with a kick to the leg, followed by a basement forearm for a nearfall. Athena goes to head up top, but Madison grabs her leg. Madison grabs Athena out of the corner and hits a Wheelbarrow Suplex for a nearfall. Madison is starting to get frustrated as she goes for Hellbound, but Athena counters out with a DDT!! Athena makes a cover, but Madison is too close to the ropes. Athena hooks both legs, but Madison kicks out! Athena calls for the O-Face as she heads up top, but Madison stops her with a big head kick. Madison sets Athena up facing the crowd and goes up with her. Athena blocks the Spider German with elbows, but Madison comes back and this time hits the Spider German! Madison makes a cover, but now its Athena who is too close to the ropes. Athena slides under Madison’s legs and hits an STO. Athena heads up top, but Madison avoids the O-Face.

Madison hits Hellbound for the win.

Winner: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles by pinfall (Hellbound)

We see video on the Jessicka Havok-Serena Deeb rivalry.

Return Grudge Match: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok vs. “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb

Serena comes out through the crowd, heads up top and nails Havok when she turns around with a missile dropkick. Serena with a big overhand chop and a forearm. Serena with another overhand chop as the crowd chants for her. Serena stomps away at Havok in the corner, sending Havok to the outside. Serena goes out after Havok and hits another overhand chop. The two exchange chops on the outside until Serena hits a series of them. Back in, Serena peppers Havok with jabs, followed by a big right hand. Gut kick, but Havok catches Serena off the ropes with a big boot. Havok with a kick to the back, then sends Serena sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Havok with a running boot in the corner, followed by an overhand chop. Havok with another running boot in the corner, then chokes Serena with her boot. Serena avoids a third running boot and Serena gets on Havok’s shoulders. Serena goes for a Victory Roll out of the corner, but Havok counters with a Buckle Bomb! Havok again chokes Serena with her boot in the corner. Havok with a running facewash, followed by a second facewash for a nearfall. Havok starts to get frustrated as she unloads with left and right hands from the mount. Commentary mentions Serena’s past head injuries as Havok gains another nearfall. Camel Clutch applied as Havok also bites at Serena’s forehead. Havok goes for the Chokeslam, but Serena counters with an armdrag, sending Havok to the outside. Serena with a baseball slide, but Havok grabs Serena off a crossbody attempt and drives her back-first into the ringpost. Havok lifts up Serena and hot-shots her throat-first across the barricade. Serena sent into the barricade ribs-first, then rakes her back. Serena fights back, but Havok throws her back in the ring. Havok talks trash to Serena and slaps her. Havok with a kick to the leg, followed by a head kick. Basement elbow for a nearfall. Havok chokes Serena in the ropes, then gets in the face of the ref. Serena fights back with forearms, but Havok with a big forearm to knock her back down. Havok again goes for the Chokeslam, but Serena counters it with a DDT! Serena goes to the middle rope, but Havok catches a rana and drives Serena into three top turnbuckles in a powerbomb variation. Havok tries for the fourth turnbuckle, but Serena counters and sends Havok to the outside. Serena leaps off the apron and wipes out Havok with a rana! That move fired Serena up as she sends Havok back in. Sassy Stephie & Mademoiselle Rachelle head out to ringside, but Serena wipes them out with a crossbody! Havok takes advantage with kicks to Serena and sends her back into the ring. Havok goes for the Hav-O Driver, but Serena slips out.

Serena goes off Havok’s blind side and nails her with the Spear for the win.

Winner: “The Deebious One” Serena Deeb by pinfall (Spear)

Serena celebrates her win afterwards and yells out that this is her house.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity vs. Cheerleader Melissa (c)

Dueling chants for both women as the bell sounds. Lock-up and a break as neither woman could move the other. Another lock-up and Melissa with kicks to the leg, but Kalamity shoves her down. The two exchange words, then Melissa wants a knucklelock, but extends her arm up high to mock the height differential between her & Kalamity. Kalamity responds with a toe kick, a clothesline and a back elbow. Another clothesline for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Melissa counters out and works over Kalamity’s arm. Kalamity counters into a side headlock, but Melissa fights out. Melissa goes for 2 shoulder tackles, but Kalamity does not go down. Melissa with a dropkick to the knees, followed by a shoulder tackle. Melissa stomps away and chokes Kalamity in the ropes. Melissa continues to stomp away and choke Kalamity in the corner. Back club, followed by a series of forearms. Melissa tries for a slam, but Kalamity falls on top of her for a nearfall. Kalamity with a running kick to the back, but Melissa avoids another kick. Melissa with a knee strike, a big boot and a DDT to Kalamity for a nearfall. Melissa chokes Kalamity from the mount, then does so with her shin. Melissa rakes the face of Kalamity against the mat, then drops her body weight across Kalamity’s back. Kalamity sent off the turnbuckles, then Melissa kicks Kalamity in the corner while on the turnbuckles. Melissa with a series of knees to the ribs, followed by a boot from the apron. Back in, Melissa gains another nearfall. Back clubs, but Kalamity drop toe holds Melissa into the ropes. Kalamity goes for Shotgun Knees, but Melissa moves out of the way. Melissa pulls Kalamity to the outside, then rams the steel steps multiple times into Kalamity. Melissa then grabs Kalamity and CURB STOMPS HER INTO THE BARRICADE!! Crowd is not happy with the champion. Kalamity fights back, then hits a running forearm, sending Melissa into the barricade. Melissa fights back with chops, then whips Kalamity hard into the barricade. Melissa traps Kalamity in the ring mat on the outside and begin unloading with stomps. Melissa breaks the ref’s count and kicks Kalamity in the back as the crowd continues to boo at the actions of the champion. Back in, Melissa locks Kalamity in a Cobra Clutch as the crowd wills on Kalamity. Melissa shakes Kalamity around a rag doll in the Cobra Clutch. Ref checks Kalamity’s arm three times and it stays up on the third attempt. Kalamity bridges backward and gains a nearfall. Melissa leaps onto Kalamity’s back to apply a sleeper multiple times, but Kalamity drives her into the corner multiple times, then drops backward, crashing down with all of her weight onto Melissa. Kalamity gains a nearfall. Kalamity lifts up Melissa, but Melissa counters out with an Octopus, however Kalamity reaches the ropes. Melissa heads up top and hits Kalamity with a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Melissa with the 10 punches in the corner, but Kalamity avoids a running forearm and sends Melissa into the corner. Kalamity with a basement elbow in the corner for a nearfall. Melissa comes back with more forearms, but Kalamity with a slap. Melissa with a slap, then unloads with back clubs and stomps. Melissa chokes Kalamity again in the ropes, but Kalamity blocks the Air Raid Crash. Melissa slips out of the Kalamityville Horror and hits a series of kicks to the back of Kalamity while grabbing her hair.

Air Raid Crash for the win.

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Melissa celebrates her title retention, but the bigger story is Melissa’s newfound aggressiveness that the crowd has not become found of. Crowd gives Kalamity a nice ovation as she leaves to close out the volume.