Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 2/6/14

The Final Impact
February 6, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s show was up and down for me again and the crowd didn’t feel as lively which is more than likely a result of a crowd sitting nearly 5 hours of a TV taping.

MVP was really good tonight and I really like his one liners. He’s witty and extremely charismatic, and the very subtle tease of “like minded individuals” coming together to invest with him was interesting. Now, this could be just to try and fill in a plothole on how a wrestler, even a very wealthy wrestler, could buy a large enough stake in a company to gain some power or it could be something they use later to introduce another investor. I know that between TNA and WWE I’m getting very sick of the power struggle storylines so I hope this stuff truly comes to a close at Lockdown and they just put someone else in the authority figure role as an unbiased Commissioner or whatever.

Aries and Zema was actually really fun despite being short as hell and those two could put on a heck of a match if given time. Hopefully they don’t just blow that off and we get to see them again in the future.

The Monsters Ball was insane and really entertaining. That was how a big man vs. smaller wrestler is supposed to go story telling wise. I don’t think I’m going to like seeing Abyss without the mask though, it just doesn’t look right. The mask fits the monster character to a T in my opinion. We’ll see where it goes though.

Bully Ray is so awesome, man. This dude goes from quoting Motley Crue in a promo to quoting Coolio. I love subtle things like this and I’m really digging this new character. Sorry it had to be you Curry Man.

Samoa Joe as the bad ass, beat the hell out of everyone character is when he at his best and he is at his best right now. In the ring and out of it and TNA is booking him strong as hell.

Chris Sabin’s promo was the most entertaining promo he ever cut to me. He was a complete asshole but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Joe and Roode was okay while it lasted but just not enough time, those two have had great matches in the past but they need time to do so properly.

Angle really has to be commended for working, let alone working as well as he is, on one leg. EC3 FINALLY showed a little mean streak in him and I liked it.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Bully or Sabin
– Match of the Night: Monsters Ball (***)
– Overall Grade: B

Until next week… PEACE!
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