Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 2/20/14

The Final Impact
February 21, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

Another really news heavy show but also some damn good wrestling last night. I have to really brag about the Main Event though.

I have given Gunner a lot of crap over the years as being lame or boring, or just a meathead but he has improved drastically over the last several years. That was above and beyond his best match to date and Magnus was really on it. They told a really solid story in the match with the “technical wrestler” mat wrestling and trying to keep things slow and methodical on the ground while the power wrestler tried to speed things up and use his strength. Magnus used more chain wrestling than I’ve ever seen from him especially early on, and they didn’t overdo it with the false finishes. They wrestled each other at the TNA live event I went to in Dothan, AL in January and I was pretty impressed with it then but this match was a lot better. They didn’t throw a million guys out there interfering for Magnus this time but the one guy that actually interfered in the match actually is leading to something with Storm’s turn. That finish was really, really nice and caught the fans by surprise in attendance it seemed. Good stuff.

The Wolves/Bad Influence was really fun but just a little teaser at what these two teams can do. I need that feud in my life, give it to us TNA! I’m a sucker for tag team wrestling almost as much as I am with high flying/X-Division so this could be awesome.

MVP’s promo with Magnus was solid to open the show and thankfully Dixie let them do the talking.

Aries sounds like he is going to be a part of Team MVP to round it out while Roode really hasn’t gave any insight on his team other than saying Bad Influence had to prove themselves. I’ve heard that Bad Influence may actually face Great Muta & Sanada at the PPV so it might be Bro-Mans instead since he said he wants the “best” and they are the Tag Champs.

TNA is making Samoa Joe look like the damn bad ass he should. I don’t like the idea of the tag champs getting beat by one guy but it’s not like they got squashed either. Joe just came out looking vicious.

The stuff with Roode was a nice twist and I like the desperation that it shows in Dixie Carter. She would be willing to give up 10% of her company to get rid of MVP and it makes sense too, better to lose 10% than 100% (or 50% as is the story right now). Storm’s turn also makes things interesting with their verbiage earlier in the show, could this be foreshadowing a Beer Money reunion in the future. Imagine The Wolves vs. Bad Influence vs. Beer Money at BFG?!

The Street Fight was fun but not great, Gail looked like she legit busted her nose open on a chair shot.

Sam Shaw is playing this creepy character so well and the thought of him vs. Mr. Asshole in a feud could be interesting.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Bobby Roode
– Match of the Night: Magnus vs. Gunner (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: A

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