Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 5/22/14

The Final Impact
May 23, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

MVP’s boys pretty much took over Impact on Thursday night and they need a name bad, which I’m sure is going to have many people complaining. I had no problem with it primarily because they are trying to get over this group as a dominating group in TNA. As a result there wasn’t a ton of great in ring action which sucks but I enjoyed several of the segments. They have installed EY, Aries and The Wolves as the automatic rivals for this group, and let’s not forget about Samoa Joe if and when he gets back. Joe can say that MVP was keeping him from TNA rather than him just not showing up. The beat downs on The Wolves were really great, especially the Spear on Davey. Maybe they are setting up Lashley and King as a team for a shot at the belts at Slammiversary? Hell, they could even toss Joe and Aries as a team in there in a 3-Way. They involved Bully in it this week but just to further the stuff with Dixie and EC3. I’m not sure how this thing with Dixie and MVP is going to play out.

Angelina and Brittany’s match was okay but they need to do more to get Brittany and new knockouts more involved.

Willow and Magnus was way too short but I do like what they are doing with Magnus and Bram. Jeff Hardy is being extremely misused right now.

I really enjoyed the fight between King and Edwards, they made it more like a match than just a fight but it was still far more physical than a typical match.

Aries and MVP had another good match but just too damn short.

I’m not sure I’m going to like where this thing with Gunner and Shaw is going. I don’t really care for the story though it makes sense with Gunner’s military history.

Storm and Anderson’s drinking competition was okay but was pretty obvious where it was going from the start.

Lashley vs. EY was a pretty fun match but again obvious ending.

If I had to suggest what the rest of the card for Slammiversary would be I would say The Wolves vs. King & Lashley (maybe Joe and Aries put in there as a 3-Way if Joe comes back or even a 4-Way with Bro-Mans involved too), Storm vs. Anderson, Gail vs. Angelina, a multi-man X-Division match, and then obviously MVP/EY and Bully/EC3.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: King & Edwards
– Match of the Night: Lashley vs. EY (**)
– Overall Grade: C-

Until next week… PEACE!

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