Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 6/12/14

The Final Impact
June 13, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

Thursday night was some of the most mind boggingly horrendous booking I’ve seen in a long, long time in my opinion. Where in the world to start? Okay, first off you have your World Champion lose CLEAN a few days before a big PPV, what the hell? Not to mention give the PPV’s Main Event away for free in a throw away match regardless of whether it was a non-title match or not. What the hell are you even thinking there? Then EY gets to pick a stipulation so he picks a Cage Match to keep Lashley and King out of the match, yeah because that worked well for Samoa Joe just a few months ago didn’t it? Where is the logic whatsoever there, how would Eric Young’s character not realize this? Why would he not just pick a stipulation where it is a Lumberjack Match or a match where everyone is barred from ringside? The lack of logic hurts my head.

They used the entire show to hype up the Main Event for Slammiverasry which is good that they want to put that much focus on that match but they did so by ignoring several matches. Hell, they didn’t even mention the X-Division Match and I really shouldn’t be surprised. No X-Division wrestlers have even been on the show since Bram squashed Tigre Uno.

I enjoyed the promo with Bram and Magnus and love Bram’s intensity but again where is the logic in having Bram and Abyss just be in their respective partners corner? This is just stupid, just make the damn match a tag team match.

I love the aggression and intensity Lashley has shown since his heel turn and the story they told with EY’s back all night was simple but effective. I just think going this “win two of three matches” thing was the route to go here let alone a few days before the show.

I cannot stand The Menagerie, I’ve given a chance and it just sucks. The stupid lighting and carnival music during the entire match is just the icing on the sh*t cake there. That whole match/segment was cringe worthy to the 100th degree.

Bully and EC3’s segment was pretty entertaining minus the sappy stuff from Bully and that match should be pretty solid.

Great Knockouts Match with tons of action, I’d like to see that match without the stupid commercial break. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this thing with Madison and Brittany goes.

The Main Event was fine while it lasted but again the booking just blows my mind why you would do that match with the PPV days away let alone have MVP lose on purpose (yes I understand the “logic” there is that he is so cocky especially with EY’s injury that he didn’t care if he lost but it’s still stupid).

I’ll be covering “Slammiversary” live here on as well as Twitter on Sunday.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Bram/Magnus
– Match of the Night: Knockouts (**1/2)
– Overall Grade: D

Until next week… PEACE!

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