FEATURE: Jason Namako recaps SHIMMER Volume 59

SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 59
June 16, 2014
Taped on: October 19, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commentators: Dave Prazak, Portia Perez
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Miss Natural vs. Thunderkitty

Thunderkitty comes out without her usual robe and flower in her hair as Portia Perez stole those things after their match on Volume 58. Chain wrestling early. Portia says that she won Thunderkitty’s robe at Volume 58 and she kinda needs it because its cold in Berwyn. Test of Strength ensues, then Thunderkitty with an armdrag into an armbar. Natural with a gut shot in the corner, followed by a hiptoss. Thunderkitty comes back with her own hiptoss. Thunderkitty with a shoulder tackle. Natural with another gut shot and a running knee to the head for a nearfall. Big chops by Natural, followed by a corner clothesline. Natural with a dropkick in the corner, but Thunderkitty fights back with chops in the corner. Natural with a series of right hands, then a kick to the back and a rolling neck snap. Big back club and an overhand chop by Natural. Thunderkitty avoids a charge, Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Natural with a series of knees to the ribs and a big clothesline for a nearfall. Forearms by Natural, then catches Thunderkitty off a crossbody attempt and hits a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Thunderkitty fights back, then slips out of the Natural Disaster and applies a Sleeper. Natural slips out and hits a butterfly suplex into a butterfly lock, but Thunderkitty gets to the ropes. Thunderkitty avoids a right hand and locks back in the Sleeper. Natural tries to roll out, but Thunderkitty maintains the hold.

Ref checks the arm three times and Natural is out, giving Thunderkitty the win.

Winner: Thunderkitty by submission (Sleeper)

Four Corner Survival: Melanie Cruise vs. “Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. Su Yung vs. “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie

Saraya & Su and Cruise & Von Eerie pair off to start things off. Von Eerie with headbutts to Cruise, but Cruise with shoulders to the ribs. Von Eerie slips out of a slam and hits a kick to the back, but Cruise pops right up. Von Eerie off the ropes, but Cruise with a big boot. Su breaks up the pin. Von Eerie & Su double team Cruise, but Cruise with a double clothesline, knocking Saraya off the apron in the process for a nearfall. Saraya with kicks down low to both Von Eerie & Su. Cruise catches a Von Eerie kick and takes Von Eerie down. Su sends Saraya into the barricade on the outside. Su locks Saraya in Yellow Fever on the outside, but she can’t win the match on the outside. Cruise goes for the Spine Splitter, but Von Eerie slips out. Von Eerie with a headbutt to Cruise, Saraya with slaps to Su on the outside. Von Eerie with a springboard crossbody on Cruise for a nearfall. Saraya pulls Von Eerie off a pin, then hits a series of strikes to Su in the corner. Von Eerie with chops to Cruise in the corner. Cruise fights back, but Von Eerie with a running boot. Saraya with a kick down low to Su, then breaks up another Von Eerie pin. Cruise sends Von Eerie into Saraya and those two begin brawling with one another. Cruise & Su with stereo roll-ups on Saraya & Von Eerie for nearfalls. Saraya brings Su to the outside, but Su unloads with a series of chops. Saraya fires back with a HUGE slap on Su. Von Eerie heads up top and hits a crossbody on Cruise for a nearfall. Von Eerie breaks up a Saraya pin and the two begin brawling again. Everyone begins breaking up the other’s pin attempt on each other. Von Eerie with a spinning backfist and the Dead Raising to Su for a nearfall. Saraya with kicks to Von Eerie & Cruise, then Cruise breaks up a Saraya pin. Cruise hits a Tombstone on Su. Saraya sends Cruise to the outside, then Von Eerie breaks up a Saraya pin and sends her to the outside.

Von Eerie pins Su for the win.

Winner: “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie by pinfall

Saraya extends her hand to Von Eerie afterwards, but Von Eerie goes after her and the two continue brawling with each other on the outside and fight to the back.

“The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm vs. Veda Scott

Before the match, Storm grabs a mic and says that her name is Nikki Storm, I am the best wrestler in the GALAXY!! I have wrestled all over the universe and you people are lucky that I came here to Chicago. You people should be kissing my feet!! You people should be worshiping me!! There should be a Nikki Storm Day!! People keep saying to me “Nikki Storm, are you nervous about SHIMMER?” SHIMMER Women Athletes should be nervous about unleashing Nikki Storm on their roster!! This is what I am gonna do, Nikki Storm is gonna stand here with her arms out and you people will give me a standing ovation!! Crowd boos loudly at Storm. Storm bows at them.

Storm attacks Veda from behind before the bell and slams her head into the mat repeatedly. Storm works over Veda’s arm and yells out “WHO’s THE BEST!!” Storm switches to a side headlock and takes Veda down. Veda gets out with a headscissors, but Storm with a kip-up. Drop toe hold by Veda into a front chancery. Storm drives Veda into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the ribs. Veda takes Storm down and gains a nearfall. Storm with a big forearm and locks in a cravate. Snapmare, Storm gains a nearfall. Back rake, but Veda fights back. Storm drives Veda into the corner again, but runs into double boots. 2nd rope clothesline by Veda for a nearfall. Storm regains control on Veda, then calms herself down. Camel Clutch applied, Veda gets to the ropes. Storm asks the ref if she has til 5 to break in America, then apologizes. More forearms by Storm, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Veda. Gut shot by Storm, then yells out “WHO’s the BEST WRESTLER IN THE GALAXY?” Storm takes down Veda and “accidentally” stands on her hair. Another back rake as Storm acts like she is a cat. Veda fights back and sends Storm repeatedly off the turnbuckles.

Springboard bulldog by Veda. Running back elbow and a basement crossbody by Veda in the corner for a nearfall. Veda calls for a Tornado DDT, but Storm blocks out of it. Veda slips out of the Perfect Storm, Mind Trip for a nearfall. Veda yells out if Storm is nervous yet. Storm blocks the Saito with knee strikes.

Perfect Storm by Storm for the win.

Winner: “The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm by pinfall (The Perfect Storm)

Storm leaves as it looks like her nose is busted. Veda leaves to an ovation from the crowd.

Sassy Stephie & “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh w/Mademoiselle Rachelle vs. Santana Garrett & Savannah Summers

Santana & Nevaeh start. Santana takes down Nevaeh early, but Nevaeh goes to work on her arm. Santana uses her agility to reverse out, but Nevaeh blocks a side headlock takeover and takes down Santana. Stephie in, but Santana with a snapmare and a running kick for a nearfall. Savannah in, running forearm in the corner on Stephie. Savannah takes down Stephie and applies a seated full nelson. Ref is with Santana, allowing Nevaeh to break up the submission.

Nevaeh in, chokes Savannah in the corner. Ref is with Santana again, allowing Rachelle to choke Savannah on the outside. Edge O’Matic by Nevaeh for a nearfall. Stephie in, snapmare and the Scissor Stomp on Savannah for a nearfall. Nevaeh in, double suplex by Nevaeh & Stephie for a nearfall. Savannah fights back with forearms, but Nevaeh with a big forearm for a nearfall. Nevaeh with right hands from the mount, then taunts Santana. Stephie in, shoulders to the ribs of Savannah in the corner. Savannah sent off the turnbuckles multiple times. Stephie taunts Santana, but Savannah comes back with a jawbreaker. Stephie stops Savannah from making the tag, but Savannah kicks her off.

Nevaeh & Santana get the tags in. Spinning headscissors by Santana. Handspring elbow in the corner, then a rana out of the corner. Jackknife pin, but Stephie breaks up the pin. Savannah in, forearms to Nevaeh. Nevaeh catches Savannah and hits the Gem City Driver. Santana knocked off the apron, then Rachelle keeps Santana at bay by grabbing her legs.

Stephie & Nevaeh with a double spinebuster on Savannah for the win.

Winners: Sassy Stephie & “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh by pinfall (Double Spinebuster)

Stephie & Nevaeh celebrate their win afterwards.

We see how Portia Perez cheated to beat Thunderkitty at Volume 58, then stole Thunderkitty’s ring jacket and flower afterwards.

Portia Perez (wearing Thunderkitty’s ring jacket & flower in hair) vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Portia yells out before the match that she won Thunderkitty’s things fair and square. MsChif does her famous scream at Portia before the bell. Portia says she wasn’t ready. MsChif with another scream. Portia gets herself ready, but walks right into another scream by MsChif. Portia rakes MsChif’s eyes and goes to remove the top turnbuckle pad. Another eye rake, then Portia removes the pad. MsChif blocks it, but Portia with a roll-up for a nearfall. Gator Roll by Portia, but MsChif gets free and goes to work on Portia’s arm. Stranglehold Backbreaker applied by MsChif. Roll-up by MsChif for a nearfall. Portia with a front chancery applied. MsChif gets out and goes to a side headlock. Portia gets out and applies a full nelson. MsChif counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Portia takes MsChif down and applies a hammerlock. MsChif reverses out, but Portia counters out with a headscissors. MsChif tries to bridge out, but Portia keeps the hold maintained. MsChif gets out with another scream that sends Portia to the outside. Portia goes to run, but MsChif ducks down to hide. Portia doesn’t know where she is, until runs right into another scream by MsChif. Portia tries to crawl into the crowd, but MsChif pulls her back in. Portia tries to get back in, but MsChif stops her and hits a big chop. Back in, Portia crawls back out to the outside and hits a headbutt. MsChif blocks being sent into the ringpost and sends Portia into it face-first. Back in, Portia again removes the turnbuckle pad. Portia slips out of the Descreator, but MsChif with a boot for a nearfall. Portia slips out of the step-over facebuster and locks in the Just Facelock. MsChif counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. MsChif runs into a back elbow, but blocks a superkick and this time hits the step-over facebuster for a nearfall. MsChif again blocks being sent into the exposed turnbuckle and shoos Portia off. MsChif tries to send Portia into the exposed turnbuckle, but Nicole Matthews runs out and distracts the ref. This allows Portia to pull out MsChif’s legs from the middle rope, sending her face-first off the exposed turnbuckle.

Ref turns around and Portia pins MsChif for the win.

Winner: Portia Perez by pinfall

Afterwards, Portia puts on Thunderkitty’s ring jacket and flower, then Matthews puts MsChif’s ring jacket of chains on Portia and the NINJAS leave together, stealing another item of ring gear. MsChif comes to and the ref tells her what happened. Ref helps MsChif to the back.

Kimber Lee vs. “The World Famous” Kana

Kana comes out with zombie-style facepaint and the JWP title belt. Crowd chants for Kana before the bell. Both women exchange leg kicks early. Kana with a kick to the back and a head kick that sends Kimber to the outside to regroup. Back in, Kana with a side headlock takeover. Kimber pulls at Kana’s hair, but Kana switches to a Fujiwara armbar. Kicks to the arm by Kana, but Kimber comes back with leg kicks. Rapid-fire strikes by Kana, followed by a series of chest kicks. More rapid-fire strikes by Kana, but Kimber comes back with a jawbreaker. Bulldog for a nearfall. Series of kicks to the back by Kimber, but Kana catches one and hits a release German, folding Kimber in half!! Sliding kick by Kana, then disrespectfully kicks at her. More chest kicks by Kana, but Kimber catches one and slaps her!!

Series of forearms by Kimber, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Kana with a boot, then goes for a cross armbreaker, but Kimber clasps her hand to block it and gets to the ropes. Kimber blocks another German and hits her own release German, folding Kana in half for a nearfall. Kimber yells out in frustration. More chest kicks by Kimber, but Kana catches one and hits a big slap! Kana avoids a slap and hits a release German, but Kimber fires up! Kimber with another release German, but Kana KICKS OUT AT ONE!!! Kana with another series of leg kicks, a kick to the back and a HUGE head kick to Kimber. Kimber fires back with chops, but Kana yells out in anger each time! Kana with a series of forearms and more leg kicks. Kimber with a head kick, Kana with a spin kick, but Kimber with another head kick that takes Kana down. Sleeper with Body Scissors applied by Kimber, but Kana grabs the leg and applies a modified Ankle Lock, Kimber gets to the ropes.

Kana with boots to the head, but Kimber with more leg kicks and a head kick. Kana then answers with her own series of leg kicks, followed by a big head kick! Strike exchange between the two, Kana gains advantage. Kimber with a running forearm, but Kana with a running back elbow and another release German. Kana spits at Kimber and re-applies the cross armbreaker.

Kimber tries to get out, but Kana switches to a double armbar and Kimber taps.

Winner: “The World Famous” Kana by submission (Double Armbar)

Kana leaves, then the crowd gives Kimber an ovation, chanting for her as she leaves.

“The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok vs. Leva Bates (dressed as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games)

Leva comes out as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video game, complete with THE BOX!! Leva is announced as being from Konami Studios, makers of the Metal Gear Solid video game. At a weight of over 64 bits. Leva wants a handshake, but Havok spits in her hand. Both block each other’s strikes early. Jackknife Pin by Leva for a nearfall. Havok with a series of forearms, but Leva with a spinning takedown into a Fujiwara armbar, Havok gets to the ropes. Havok with a gut kick, a front kick and a running boot.

Havok stomps away at Leva in the corner. Havok with 2 running facewashes in the corner. Havok goes to complete the trifecta, but Leva comes back with a kick. Divorce Court, then Leva heads up top, seated senton for a nearfall. Dropkick sends Havok into the corner, then Leva with the delayed double knees for a nearfall. Leva charges in, but Havok catches her with a urnangi from the corner. Crowd wills on Leva by chanting “Snake.” Havok with a side slam for a nearfall. Camel Clutch applied by Havok, along with a series of crossface shots. Havok grabs the box and brings it into the ring, then Leva grabs it and hides in it. Havok asks Leva if she is hiding and Leva says “yeah, that’s the point.” Havok then kicks at the box with Leva inside it and says “I found you!” Lifting Full Nelson applied by Havok. Killer Combo by Havok for a nearfall. Leva fights back, but Havok knocks her back down and says “homie don’t play that.” Slap exchange, then Havok with a big one that knocks Leva down. Havok pulls at Leva’s hair, then has words with the ref. Backbreaker into the backbreaker-style submission. 2nd backbreaker into the submission, crowd wills on Leva. Havok goes for a third, but Leva counters out with a spinning headscissors.

Front gulliotine choke applied by Leva, but Havok fights out. Havok goes for a suplex, but Leva counters and locks in a Sleeper. Leva says “she is sleepy” and tries to “shhh” Havok to sleep, but to no avail as Havok gets out by driving Leva into the corner. Havok runs into double boots, but blocks another seated senton with the Hav-O Killer, but Leva kicks out! Havok can’t believe it! Crowd chants for Leva. Leva slips out of the Hav-O Driver and hits the Shirnaui for a nearfall. Havok goozles Leva, but Leva fights out. Dropkick to the knees and a basement DDT for a nearfall. Leva sets up for the Superhero Kick, but Havok blocks it and hits the Hav-O Driver. Havok stands on Leva’s chest for the pin, but LEVA KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Havok again can’t believe it as the crowd chants for Leva.

Havok goozles Leva and hits the Demon Slam for the win.

Winner: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok by pinfall (Demon Slam)

Havok stands tall over Leva afterwards and celebrates her win.

We see video from the time limit draw that Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews had at Volume 58.

“The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Eagles has ring announcer Kevin Harvey announce that she is fueled by Starbucks, because its better than stupid Tim Hortons. Yim has the ref check Eagles before the bell and the ref finds 2 FORKS within Eagles’s ring attire. Eagles takes Mia down early. Eagles backs Mia into the corner and armdrags her down into an armbar. Mia counters out with a headscissors. Eagles locks in her own headscissors to get free, then turns over to put more torque on the hold. Mia gets free and goes to a side headlock. Eagles takes Mia down to a knee and bites her hand to get free. Eagles works on Mia’s arm, then takes her back down and gains a nearfall. Drop toe hold, then Eagles pulls back on Mia’s arms, but Mia gets to the ropes. Eagles wants a Test of Strength and Mia obliges. Eagles has control and hits a gut kick, then stomps on Mia’s fingers. Eagles wants another Test of Strength, then says she will not wrestle until they do another Test of Strength. Mia is reluctant this time, but eventually obliges. Mia this time with the gut kick, but Eagles avoids her fingers being stomped. Mia with a dropkick, then an armdrag into an armbar. Eagles takes down Mia, then drives a knee and a splash onto the arm of Mia. Keylock applied by Eagles. Mia fights out with leg kicks, then takes down Eagles back into the armbar. Eagles pulls at Mia’s hair, then hits a knee to the ribs. Eagles misses a clothesline and Mia hits a rana, followed by a looping stomp to the back that sends Eagles to the outside. Mia with a head of steam and wipes out Eagles with a tope suicida! Mia goes for the running apron kick, but Eagles blocks it, gets Mia in the Electric Chair and sends her face-first off the apron!

Eagles with a chest kick, then brings Mia back in. Eagles gains a nearfall. Eagles with a knee and a kick to the back. Seated surfboard applied. Crowd wills on Mia. Eagles with another kick to the back and takes Mia back down with both feet planted against Mia’s back. Eagles almost pins herself, so she switches to a chinlock with a body scissors. Eagles then switches to a Japanese Stranglehold with the Body Scissors. Crowd wills on Mia. Eagles with a headbutt to the back of Mia’s head. Eagles runs into double knees by Mia, then Mia locks in her version of the Tartanula. Mia heads up top, but Eagles swats away her attempt at a missile dropkick. Eagles with another knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Eagles with more kicks to the back, followed by a big one for a nearfall. Eagles with double knees in the corner, followed by a running Yakuza Kick, but Mia bridges out of the pin. Mia off the ropes, but runs right into another kick by Eagles for a nearfall. Dueling chants for both women. Eagles with a lifting Full Nelson, but Mia counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Eagles with a clothesline for a nearfall. Eagles with a series of chest kicks, then chokes Mia with her boot. Mia avoids a clothesline and takes down Eagles, then hits a basement dropkick for a nearfall.

Mia goes for the Package Piledriver, but Eagles blocks it. Mia with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Eagles goes for a tree slam, but Mia counters out with a dropkick. Another dropkick by Mia, then she heads up top, but Eagles stops her with a big boot. Eagles grabs Mia out of the corner and hits a Brainbuster, but Mia kicks out! Mia fights out of Hellbound with elbows, but Eagles blocks a wheelbarrow move with a wheelbarrow suplex for another nearfall. Eagles is getting frustrated. Series of strikes by Mia, ending with a spinning backfist. German for a nearfall. Mia heads up top, but Eagles stops her. Eagles goes up with Mia and hits the Spider German, but MIA KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Eagles can’t believe it! Eagles grabs one of her forks, but the ref stops her. Eagles then puts the other fork into her kickpad while the ref puts away the first fork, but Mia avoids a head kick. Eagles again slips out of the Package Piledriver and hits a fork-assisted head kick!

Hellbound by Eagles for the win.

Winner: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles by pinfall (Hellbound)

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Made In Sin (“The AK-47” Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) vs. 3G (“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) (c’s)

Made In Sin are announced as at a total combined weight of 897 pounds, due to the muscular density of pure class. Made In Sin grab the title belts before the bell, thinking it was a present from the ref. Then, the two teams argue over who will take what corner of the ring, with Skater saying “We got this……corner.” Finally, the match begins with Allysin & Nakagawa starting. Nakagawa avoids Allysin early. Allysin stops Nakagawa sliding under her legs, but Nakagawa takes her down. Allysin with an amateur takedown, but Nakagawa gets free and applies a front chancery. Allysin works over Nakagawa’s arm, but Nakagawa reverses out. Allysin gets out with a snapmare into a chinlock. Nakagawa gets free and goes to a front guillotione choke. Allysin rolls through it and gains a nearfall. Made in, but Nakagawa with a series of armdrags and dropkicks. Skater in, series of kicks by 3G. Made goes to the outside, but Allysin stops a Nakagawa dive with a hip attack from the apron. Made gains a nearfall.

Nakagawa sent off the turnbuckles. Allysin in, kick to Nakagawa. Made In Sin double team Nakagawa, then Allysin chokes Nakagawa in the corner with her boot. Half crab applied, crowd wills on Nakagawa. Nakagawa is able to reach the ropes. Made in, series of forearms to Nakagawa. Crowd chants “Trailer Made” at Made, who responds with a big chop. Made rakes Nakagawa’s face against the top rope, followed by a series of stomps. Allysin in, stomps away at Nakagawa. Allysin draws in Skater, allowing Made to choke Nakagawa. Allysin knocks Skater off the apron, then Made in Sin with a necktie kick combo on Nakagawa. Skater sends Made to the outside, then hits an atomic drop on Allysin. Inside cradle by Nakagawa for a nearfall. Allysin stops Nakagawa from making a tag, Made tags in. Looping stomps by Made, then rubs Nakagawa’s face against the mat. Made drops her body weight across Nakagawa’s back multiple times. Nakagawa sent off the turnbuckles, Allysin tags in. Snapmare into a seated surfboard. Crowd again wills on Nakagawa. Nakagawa fights out and hits a snapmare, but Allysin catches the cartwheel dropkick and locks in the Stretch Muffler. Made knocks Skater off the apron, but Nakagawa gets to the ropes. Series of leg kicks by Allysin. Allysin trash talks Nakagawa, followed by a slap. Samoan Drop, but Nakagawa pops right up. Nakagawa hits her own Samoan Drop, but Allysin pops right up! Nakagawa with a shot to the throat of Allysin and Made comes in, yelling that Allysin is choking. Made tries to help her partner by doing the Hemlich maneuver, but all it does is allow Nakagawa to hit a dropkick and tag in Skater.

Running forearm and a clothesline by Skater to Allysin. Back elbow to Made, then a hiptoss and a leg drop to Allysin for a nearfall. Allysin slips out of the International Incident and hits Cut-Throat, but Nakagawa breaks up the pin. Allysin knocks Nakagawa off the apron, Made tags in. Made in Sin go for stereo kicks, but Skater ducks and they kick each other’s legs. Head kick by Skater to Made. Nakagawa with a Fisherman and Skater makes the pin, but Allysin breaks it up. Allysin drags Made to her corner and tags in. Allysin goes for Full Throttle on Skater, but Nakagawa breaks it up and takes Allysin down.

3G hit the Hangover on Allysin for the win.

Winners and STILL SHIMMER Tag Team Champions: 3G by pinfall (The Hangover)

3G celebrate their title retention afterwards.

“The Riot” Nicole Matthews vs. Hikaru Shida

Matthews has the ring announcer announce before the bell that she is not fueled by Starbucks because she doesn’t drink that hot garbage. Matthews questions the ref, saying that Shida has a weapon and its clearly safe being at ringside when Shida could hit me with it, which the crowd cheers for. Chain wrestling early. Shida with a side headlock takeover, Matthews with a headscissors, Shida kips up. Exchange of leg sweeps for nearfalls, then Shida grabs the kendo stick and Matthews backs up. Shida with forearms, then Matthews ducks out to the outside to regroup, saying she is preturbed because Shida tried to hit her with a weapon. Chase ensues, then Shida grabs her and hits a series of back clubs and a kneelift. Back in, Shida stomps away at Matthews. Snapmare into a seated surfboard, with Shida driving her knee against the back of Matthews’s head. Kick to the back, then Shida with more stomps in the corner. Dueling chants for both women. Matthews avoids a charge and hot-shots Shida across the top rope.

Matthews with a series of back clubs and rakes her boot across Shida’s face. Shida sent off the turnbuckles. Matthews chokes Shida with her boot in the corner. Matthews has words with the ref, then hits a snapmare, followed by a kick to the back and a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Back elbow, then Matthews locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Crowd wills on Shida. Shida is able to reach the ropes. Side slam by Matthews for a nearfall. Matthews calls for the Brainbuster, but Shida blocks it. Shida counters out with a suplex, both women down.

Matthews slips off Shida’s shoulders, but Shida comes back with a rana. Running knee in the corner by Shida for a nearfall. Matthews catches a kick and hits a rolling elbow, then dropkicks Shida to the outside. Matthews with a head of steam, but Shida stops a dive with a big forearm. Back in, they exchange strikes with Shida gaining advantage. Overhead backbreaker by Shida for a nearfall. Matthews comes back with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Matthews goes for the Vancouver Maneuver, but Shida blocks it and hits an enziguri. Shida with a Power Driver for a nearfall, but Matthews rolls backward and gains a nearfall. Shida rolls back forward and gains a nearfall. Shida charges and goes for the 3 Count, but Matthews pulls the ref in front of her and Shida nails the ref with it! Shida tries to revive the ref as Matthews grabs Shida’s kendo stick. When Shida turns around, Matthews LAMBASTS her in the head with it!

Ref comes to and Matthews pins Shida for the win.

Winner: “The Riot” Nicole Matthews by pinfall

Matthews celebrates her win afterward as Shida slams her kendo stick down in anger over what happened.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/Pegaboo

Mercedes attacks LuFisto as LuFisto comes out to make her entrance. The two brawl around ringside, with Mercedes hitting a series of big chops. Exchange of strikes, then in the ring, LuFisto with a flying forearm and a Codebreaker. Running basement dropkick for a nearfall. LuFisto unloads with right hands from the mount, then Mercedes fires back with some of her own. LuFisto with a kick to Mercedes, then sends her off the turnbuckles. Series of shoulders to the ribs and a big chop by LuFisto. Series of headbutts to the injured shoulder of Mercedes, then LuFisto with Kobashi-style chops in the corner. Mercedes comes back with a running forearm, a running boot and a hestitation dropkick in the corner for a nearfall. Mercedes hits the Three Amigas for a nearfall. Mercedes chokes LuFisto in the ropes, then hits a running boot to the head from the apron. They fight on the apron, with LuFisto hitting a leg kick, then a series of shots to the head of Mercedes, followed by a chest kick that sends Mercedes to the outside. LuFisto then wipes out Mercedes with a rolling senton off the apron! Mercedes drives LuFisto back-first against the apron. Chest club and a big chop by Mercedes. Chop exchange, then they head back in. Mercedes hot-shots LuFisto across the top rope, then hits a draping swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mercedes stomps away at LuFisto in the corner, then places her up top and hits a big right hand. Mercedes goes up with LuFisto, but LuFisto blocks a superplex. LuFisto with a headbutt knocking Mercedes off the turnbuckles, then hits a Top Rope Codebreaker, both women down. They get to their feet at the ref’s 6 count, then exchange strikes again. Mercedes with a big right hand and a series of big chops in the corner. Mercedes charges, but LuFisto catches her and hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckles. LuFisto hits the Cannonball, followed by a running facewash in the corner for a nearfall. LuFisto heads up top, but Mercedes avoids the diving headbutt. 2 Backdrop Drivers by Mercedes, but LuFisto counters the Fisherman’s Buster with an inside cradle for a nearfall.


Winner: “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto by pinfall (Burning Hammer)

LuFisto celebrates her win afterwards.

We see video of what happened at Volume 58 involving Cheerleader Melissa, Leva Bates, Allison Danger & LuFisto.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: “The Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. “The Future Legend” Cheerleader Melissa (c)

Melissa with an amateur takedown early. Armdrag by Matsumoto, then exchange of leg sweeps for nearfalls. Matsumoto with a side headlock, but Melissa does not go down off a shoulder tackle. Two more times and again, no one goes down. Melissa then takes down Matsumoto by the hair, but Matusmoto comes back with a shoulder tackle. Snapmare and a double kneedrop. Dropkick for a 1 count. Matsumoto with a series of back clubs, followed by a chop. Another chop, but then Melissa with an overhand chop. Melissa with a shoulder tackle and then stomps away at Matsumoto. Slam and 2 snap elbow drops for a nearfall. Unique submission hold applied by Melissa while also slapping Matsumoto on the back of the head. Melissa gains a nearfall. Melissa chokes Matsumoto in the ropes with her boot, then stomps away at her in the corner. Series of gut shots in the corner, followed by a running forearm for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Matsumoto, but Melissa with a series of back clubs. Melissa runs into double boots, but as Matsumoto goes to the middle rope, Melissa with a right hand that knocks Matsumoto off the ropes and all the way down to the outside. Melissa sends Matsumoto into the barricade, then face-first off the apron. Melissa breaks the ref’s count, then grabs a chair and throws it at the arm of Matsumoto. Melissa grabs a batch of streamers and chokes Matsumoto with them, then paintbrushes her with the streamers. Melissa seats Matsumoto on the chair and continues to paintbrush her. Matsumoto gets up from the chair and throws it at the head of Melissa! Matsumoto sends Melissa into the ringpost, then off the apron. Back in, Matsumoto heads up top and hits a missile dropkick. Avalanche in the corner, followed by a sit-out gourdbuster by Matsumoto for a nearfall. Matsumoto heads up top, but Melissa slams her off with a back suplex. Melissa with a series of leg kicks, but Matsumoto catches one. Melissa blocks the Backdrop Driver, but Matsumoto blocks the Air Raid Crash. Melissa with a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash, but Matsumoto slips out and heads out onto the apron. Matsumoto hot-shots Melissa across the top rope, then heads up top, but Melissa stops her. Melissa heads up top with Matsumoto and hits a series of back clubs. Superplex by Melissa, then heads back up top, but Matsumoto stops her. Matsumoto goes up top with Melissa and hits her own superplex. Crowd chants for Matsumoto. Strike exchange, Matsumoto gains advantage. Melissa blocks a spinning backfist and both hit forearms and clotheslines to each other at the same time. Matsumoto with a rolling elbow, but Melissa with a clothesline, both women down. They get up by the ref’s 6 count. Matsumoto slips out of the Air Raid Crash, hits a gutbuster. Matsumoto goes to the middle rope, double kneedrop for a nearfall. Melissa blocks the Backdrop Driver again, but Matsumoto with a big forearm. Melissa again blocks the Backdrop Driver, but Matsumoto with a rolling elbow. Melissa blocks a forearm, but Matsumoto slips out of the Kudo Driver. Melissa with a knee to the ribs and an axe kick to the back, followed by the Curb Stomp.

Melissa this time hits the Air Raid Crash for the win.

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: “The Future Legend” Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Melissa attacks Matsumoto afterwards and goes for the cross armbreaker, but LuFisto runs out and makes the save. LuFisto & Melissa brawl in the ring until multiple referees and attendants come out to break the two up. Ring announcer Kevin Harvey then announces that it will be Cheerleader Melissa vs. LuFisto for the SHIMMER Title in the main event of Volume 60! Melissa goes after one of the refs, then LuFisto breaks free and the two brawl once again with one another to end Volume 59.

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