Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 6/19/14

The Final Impact
June 19, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

The best way I can described Thursday’s Impact was honestly what “TNA” stands for: “Total Nonstop Action.” It almost felt like that old “crash TV” concept of things happening constantly. TNA has done this in the past and it just felt like too much all at once being thrown at you but I was just flat out entertained. We have to talk about the title change right off the bat obviously, that is one part I just don’t get. I mean the booking works and it all makes sense, everything but the fact that it happened just a few days after a major PPV. They did this same thing after Lockdown when EY won the title. You are not doing yourselves any favors in terms of convincing fans to buy PPVs when you constantly do major title changes on free TV AFTER the PPV.

MVP was absolutely on a roll tonight on the mic and I have to say that I really think when he finally decides to hang up the boots, a manager is what he needs to be. He was passionate and his intensity was really awesome.

The opening match with EY and King was okay while it lasted but could have been so good if they had time especially after the great match King had with Aries at the PPV.

The Triple Threat however WAS given time and they absolutely tore the house down. It was 100% a spotfest but it was entertaining as hell just like the Ladder Match was at the PPV. Abyss was just kind of an extra body while Hardy took all the bumps and had all the major spots in the match for his team. With that said now we have several viable tag teams when there really was none. Aries and Joe looked damn good as a team and the series of matches they could have with The Wolves could be special. Bram and Magnus are a great, physical old school type of team that I really am looking forward to seeing more of. Abyss and Willow feels more temporary and with the Hardy Boyz reuniting at the NYC tapings that seems obvious.

It’s great to see Taryn Terrell back and she is automatically put in there with BP. I’m assuming we are going to see a tag feud between BP and Terrell/Gail while Madison and Brittany continue their thing so we can have some fun stuff there.

Dreamer’s promo was great tonight and I’m pretty sure a lot of TNA fans were nodding along as he spoke, but damn does he have to cry in every promo? The swerve at the end with Dixie kicking him in the balls was expected but damn well planned. She is playing up this bitch role to the fullest and seems to be enjoying it.

The Main Event was okay while it lasted but disappointing at the same time after we all saw EY, Lashley, and Aries tear the house down at Slammiversary. This makes me feel like they planned on MVP beating EY at Slammiversary all along so instead they are just plugging Lashley into that spot. I’m fine with that and I’m really okay with it if MVP is going to be his mouthpiece. Lashley gives us a lot of really fresh match ups in the main event, especially with Roode. It was great to see Roode back and the reaction was great for his return.

TNA really frustrated me in the last few weeks with what I thought was bad booking and just bad shows, but Slammiversary was really great and I really enjoyed tonight. There is a ton going on and with the NYC tapings coming up which are absolutely loaded things are really getting interesting right now.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: MVP’s rants/Dixie and Dreamer
– Match of the Night: Triple Threat (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

Until next week… PEACE!

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