Adam Martin gives his review of WWE Money in the Bank 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 PPV Review
June 30, 2014
By: Adam Martin of

The fifth annual WWE Money in the Bank PPV was presented on Sunday night in front of a hot crowd in Boston, Massachusetts at the TD Garden. The black cloud looming over the show was the potential spoiler of a leaked poster for the upcoming SummerSlam PPV on 8/17 featuring John Cena and Brock Lesnar. WWE had the image pulled by Amazon, only to issue an email campaign with the same poster dropping more hints.

Regardless of the poster, the event was to feature the first time ever a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion would be crowned in a “Money in the Bank” themed ladder match along with a secondary ladder match to crown a new briefcase winner with some new and old familiar players in the mix.

Below are some of my impressions from the show on Sunday night.

Sorry internet, John Cena was the only logical choice

I get it, the internet doesn’t like John Cena. You don’t like his t-shirts, his attempts at comedy on the microphone or his “Five Moves of Doom.” Guess what? When injuries happen in WWE (and boy they do) you need to switch gears and go with what works. Given the roster of talent involved in the match, you would be hard pressed to convince me someone else should have pulled the titles down on Sunday night in Boston.

Roman Reigns? Too soon.

Randy Orton? Maybe, but not the best choice right now.

Sheamus? Not right now in his current role.

Cesaro? Far too early.

Bray Wyatt? Another strong maybe.

Alberto Del Rio? No way.

Kane? Pass.

Everyone involved worked hard and told a great story. With Daniel Bryan gone, The Authority needs a new thorn in their side and that appears to be John Cena. If Brock Lesnar is The Authority’s answer for Cena going into SummerSlam, why on earth would anyone not want to see that? Do you not remember how explosive and real the Cena vs. Lesnar confrontation was at Extreme Rules back in 2012? If not, do yourself a favor if you have a WWE Network subscription and dial that one up again. With Lesnar ending the streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 on his side and wanting some revenge for his loss against Cena, why not?

Rough night for Layla, Summer Rae and Fandango

The build made sense. It played out nicely on WWE television. But oh boy, the result of the actual match fell really flat. The hot crowd in Boston just wasn’t interested and that translates pretty loudly to a viewer watching at home. It happens.

Rusev continues to be scary impressive

Sunday was another example at how great the character of Rusev (with Lana) continues to improve every week. Having a great opponent in Big E also helps dramatically, especially when it looks like two trains colliding with each move. The ending sequence with Big E trying to fight back in the Camel Clutch only to have no choice but to tap out was great. 

Rybaxel is just…meh

What a difference a year has made for Ryback. WWE definitely cooled down on “the big guy” in a big way. Curtis Axel is another guy I find taxing to watch on WWE television. It’s not that the guy doesn’t know what he is doing. The presentation is just so bland. And what on earth was he wearing on Sunday night? They just exist at this point on the roster.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose shine in Boston

What a “Money in the Bank” contract ladder match that was. It easily out did the main event (granted the people involved were expected to out do it). Just some insane bumps by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in this match. If you didn’t see it, go out of your way. It was that good. Ambrose clearly has the WWE crowd behind him right now. Really fun chaos.

Other things that happened on Sunday night

Adam Rose is still a fun character and his entrance could even make the most depressed person smile. Honestly, if you don’t smile, you should. This is pro wrestling. It isn’t a sport. Enjoy yourself, have fun! Damien Sandow as Paul Revere screaming, “The elbow is coming!” nearly killed me. Sandow is at least keeping entertained during his run.

Paige is a really good wrestler so please don’t get my criticism wrong. Outside of that, her presentation is extremely flat. Naomi to me has her beat in overall presentation. They really need to figure out where they want to go with Paige’s character and fast. I’m literally wondering why I should even care what happens to her character.

The Usos were crazy over in Boston and have turned into a really fun tag team act.

Overall impression

Good show from WWE and worth going out of your way to check out if you missed it live.

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