Adam Martin reviews WWE Battleground 2014

WWE Battleground 2014 PPV Review
July 20, 2014
By: Adam Martin of

The second annual WWE Battleground PPV from Tampa is now in the books and the stench of last year’s show in Buffalo was still quite strong among the internet wrestling community.

Probably the most memorable aspect of Battleground last year was the power going out shortly before the start of the main event and the vicious complaints about the finish of said main event.

Well, it can only get better from here right?

Creative finishes were a success on Sunday night

The main event finish found a way to keep Roman Reigns credible and to keep things rolling with John Cena as champion. The Miz sneaking in at the last second to win the Battle Royal was fun. Finding a way to give Rusev another victory while still protecting the sudden momentum of Jack Swagger worked out great.

Hats off to WWE tonight for understanding that despite this being a transitional show in the middle of the summer just before SummerSlam, you can still have fun.

Chris Jericho: please slow down

Chris Jericho needs to slow down. You won’t hear any qualms from me about his in-ring work. The guy is still in great shape and can go. However, when he tries to take every one of his opponents though an Iron Man like pace it becomes hard to get invested.

The ladies (AJ Lee and Paige) had a problem with this tonight as well. Granted, they had a rough night. It happens.

The Usos and The Wyatt Family knock it out of the park

What a great move by WWE to position this tag team match as the opener. Was it a little spotty? Sure. Who cares. When you have big men like Erick Rowan and Luke Harper keeping up, it works. The Usos have become an insanely popular tag team success for WWE. To think these guys have been part of the roster since 2010 and really didn’t start to click until the last year is baffling.

Building more intrigue for Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

While I’m sure people were disappointed that we didn’t get to see Ambrose vs. Rollins tonight, WWE made the right call in holding off on this. The build on television has been great and dangling the carrot a bit more is fine. No harm, no foul. It only makes me look forward to the next “official” showdown at one of the biggest shows of the year next month in Los Angeles.

Overall impression

It wasn’t a great show from WWE. If you missed it, you probably didn’t miss much. Regardless, it was fun for the three hours it lasted. Battleground, like last year, is doomed to be a transitional show. Now we begin the build for SummerSlam.

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