Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 7/3/14

The Final Impact: Destination X
August 1, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

Destination X was absolutely the two most entertaining hours of wrestling on free TV all year in my honest opinion, and the sad part is that in the grand scheme of things in this week it won’t matter because all anyone is going to continue to talk about in coming weeks are the rumors about TNA’s TV contract. That negativity looms over the positivity of the product that TNA is putting on right now and it is a damn shame. This is the only time I am going to address this whole thing until we at least know something for sure. The TMZ story looks to have been BS with SpikeTV even coming out and saying that they are still in negotiations with TNA. With that said the thought of TNA losing their TV deal is a very real possibility and in that case TNA’s future looks very shaky at best. My biggest problem is that absolute glee and enjoyment I have seen by so many wrestling “fans” in the last week in the thought of TNA going out of business. I am sorry but that is just flat out pathetic and to take joy in the fact that hundreds of people may be unemployed is something a scumbag would do. You hate TNA, fine do not watch it. I have never understood the people that want so bad for TNA to go out of business. Why? You hate TNA that bad? That is just ridiculous. Now let’s move on.

I was disappointed that the show started off with a promo from Dixie rather than just getting right to business in the ring, but Dixie’s trolling of the old ECW fans is actually getting pretty funny. What better way of trolling the ECW faithful than bringing in guys that were in the WWE version of ECW and calling them “real ECW stars.” EC3 was very good in his role and I love Rhino playing the stooge. Bully Ray and his boys rebuttal was even better and the passion that Dreamer and Bully displayed was awesome.

Has there been a better opening match in all of wrestling than the one that we had at DX?! The Hardyz looked like they hadn’t lost a step as a team and the chemistry these two teams displayed was absolutely incredible considering they had never faced each other. That was the best tag team match I’ve seen on TV and I’m putting it on my list of “Match of the Year candidates” and it is the best TV match TNA has had this year. The crowd was super hot and fell for every nearfall down the stretch, but they didn’t overdo it with nearfall after nearfall and false finishes either. Just great damn tag team wrestling and I am all for the Hardy Boyz remaining together for awhile. They could really help rebuild the division, along with 3D as well, in the way that TNA is rebuilding the X-Division.

How do you follow up that crazy match, with another insane match with Low-Ki, Zema, and Manik. All three guys busted their asses and pulled out some insane spots. Some of it did look a little overly choreographed but I love lucha libre so that stuff will always appeal to me. They also didn’t overdo it with a ton of high spots which was surprising and after all the dives we saw in the previous match not doing a ton of dives in this one made sense. How awesome was that foreshadowing with Ki and Joe backstage as well? That could have just been foreshadowing of Joe returning to the X-Division or what I hope is that it foreshadows a feud between the two. Those two would put on some incredible matches, like they have in the past elsewhere.

Brian Cage absolutely stole the show in his match. Boy, that guy is impressive and his strength combined with his athleticism could add a hell of a lot to the X-Division. Sanada turning heel really didn’t show up on Thursday night. He didn’t show any added aggressiveness that I was hoping he would and hopefully he will in the future. Storm’s promo was excellent and I’m wondering if all this talk of “Revolution” may be the start of a group he is trying to put together?

Joe/Homicide/Tigre was awesome but I wish Tigre would have been given more of a chance to shine. He was the high spot guy in the match was Joe and Homicide showed off their offense as well. Joe’s return to the X-Division is going to be fun, and they are truly rebuilding this division. Currently we have Joe, Sanada, Homicide, Tigre Uno, Manik, Zema Ion, Crazzy Steve, and Low-Ki with the ability for them to bring Aries, Richards, and Edwards in the fold as well. Hopefully Brian Cage gets a deal as well and they continue to add more depth.

Lashley has proven his recent great matches are not a fluke. Yes, he has had some great guys to work with of late but he is really showing off as the “Destroyer.” TNA is doing an amazing job building him up as well. The fans seemed to get annoyed with Lashley slowing the pace down at one point which is understandable after all the fast paced stuff we saw on Thursday, but they really got into it down the stretch. They told a simple but effective story with the much smaller Aries trying to take out the bigger Lashley’s leg and using his speed to hit and run. Lashley then took control and used his power to beat Aries down. Once again Lashley actually used his head to win the match avoiding a big high risk from his opponent (much like Hardy’s Swanton to the outside) to win the match which was great. Just a great way to finish off a damn great night of action.

If you watch any Impact all year long, watch Destination X.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Team 3D/Dreamer
– Match of the Night: Hardyz vs. Wolves (*****)
– Overall Grade: A+

Until next week… PEACE!

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