Josh Boutwell previews TripleMania XXII

AAA “TripleMania XXII” iPPV Preview
August 17, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico
Preview by: Josh Boutwell of

AAA returns to global iPPV (and traditional PPV in Mexico) tonight for the very first since last years disastrous attempt at iPPV last year. In 2013, no one was able to watch “TripleMania”, myself included, after the stream died almost immediately and never returned. AAA is back with a different service provider and a stacked card with a reduced PPV price to try and regain viewers.

Atomicos Match
Aerostar, Jennifer Blake, Mascarita Sagrada, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Super Fly, Sexy Star, Mini Abismo Negro, & Mamba
Typically AAA opens major shows with special Atomicos Matches (8-Person Tag Team Matches) and “TripleMania” will be no different. Typically these Atomicos Matches combine a high flyer, an exotico (cross dressing luchador), luchadora (female), and mini (midget or small person) randomly thrown together to have a wild match. This time around there is at least a little story here as Aerostar and Super Fly are in the middle of a long standing feud. Aerostar and Super Fly started in AAA together as part of the high flying team Real Fuerza Aerea, and when Aerostar returned earlier this year to form his new faction Los Cadetes del Espacio, with youngsters Ludxor & Venum, it was expected that Super Fly would team with the group. Super Fly instead attacked his former partner and made it very clear he wanted no part of this group. The two have been going at it ever since and they are expected that this feud will lead to a Mask vs. Mask Match at some point. It is a travesty that the exciting AAA Minis Champion Dinastia is not a part of at the very least this match on the card.

AAA Cruiserweight Championship & AAA Fusion Championship Unification
Cibernetico (Elimination) Match
Daga (c) vs. Ricochet vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Joe Lider vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Jack Evans vs. Bengala vs. Fenix vs. Australian Suicide vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. Angelico
This one has had one of the weirdest builds on the card but will probably be the best match of the night. Originally months ago Daga was scheduled to defend the title in a very similar styled match at a TV taping, but he missed the show and instead it was made a #1 Contenders Match instead. Aerostar won this match and then yet another “#1 Contenders” styled elimination match was held at the following TV Taping and Bengala (Ricky Marvin under a mask) won that one. So it was expected that either Aerostar and Bengala would face off in a final #1 Contenders Match or that the title would be up for grabs in a 3-Way, but then Fenix got in on the fun and changed things. After pinning Daga in a trios match Fenix wanted to get in on the eventual title match and agreed to put his Fusion Championship on the line as well. Daga agreed and then the match was announced and Aerostar was completely left out while a slew of other contenders were added some of which were involved in the original “#1 Contenders” Matches and lost. Jack Evans is the only former Cruiserweight Champion in the match but one of the top high flyers in the entire world has also been added to spice things up. Current Dragon Gate Open the Freedom Gate Champion Ricochet was added to the match and he is rumored to be taking part in AAA’s upcoming United States show so it will be interesting to see how he is used here. Fenix’s AAA Fusion Championship will be unified with the Cruiserweight Championship following this match. This match features some of the absolute best high flyers in the world (plus Joe Lider randomly) and should be unbelievably exciting despite the wackiness it took to get here.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
Fabi Apache (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
Fabi and Canadian luchador Taya Valkyrie have been feuding for quite some time and now Fabi has a chance to actually defend her title which she hasn’t done a whole hell of lot of since she won it back in 2013 (literally twice I think). Valkyrie has really been progressing as an in-ring performer since coming to AAA and having been trained by Lance Storm that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Fabi is still one of the best female wrestlers in the world so this should be a pretty solid match.

Mask vs. Hair Steel Cage Match
Blue Demon Jr. vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Electroshock vs. La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman
Another match pitting guys that thrown together with not much story other than Jeff Jarrett hates Mexicans and Mexicans hate him. Blue Demon Jr. is making his return to AAA here since relinquishing the Latin American Title which Chessman now holds. The last man left in the cage will have his head shaved or mask removed.

Copa TripleMania
4-Corners Match
Myzteziz vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Cibernetico vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.
This is yet another match pitting guys randomly thrown together in, and it will be for a randomly created title likely just to give Myzteziz a trophy. This is Myzteziz, the original Mistico/Sin Cara, first major show for AAA since his in-ring debut and he has been treated like the major star you would expect since coming to the promotion. Perro Aguayo Jr. is one of his most heated rivals during his career, along with Averno, which I’m expecting the match to come down to. I think we are heading towards an eventual Myzteziz vs. Perro Hair vs. Mask Match that we should have got years ago in CMLL. Cibernetico and Wagner have been traded barbs at each other ever since Wagner returned to AAA last week in a surprising move. Wagner and Myzteziz could be an intriguing feud in the future as well.

Mask vs. Hair Match
Psycho Clown vs. Texano Jr.
This is by far the most built up match on the card and should be a fun climax to this rivalry. Texano has held the AAA World Championship since the end of 2012 and is by far the longest reigning World Champion in AAA history (his title reign has been over 600 days while the next closest was Jeff Jarrett at 274 days). His most heated rival has been Psycho Clown of the Psycho Circus and this rivalry began way back in the spring when Texano’s El Consejo faction was feuding with the Psycho Circus. Psycho Clown looked to win the World Title at the June “Verano de Escandalo” but a crooked referee helped Texano retain his title. Now, titles are not on the line and it is all about the ultimate match of respect between luchadors. The Mask vs. Hair or the Lucha de Apuesta. Both of these luchadors are still relatively young (both having debuted in the early 2000’s and remember luchadors start very young typically especially second or third generation stars which both of these guys are) and both come from long lines of luchadors in their families. Texano’s father is the legendary El Texano and Psycho Clown is a part of the historic Brazo family. He is the son of Brazo de Plata aka Super Porky and pretty much all of his brothers and cousins are luchadors including CMLL’s La Mascara (his cousin). Both are bigger than most luchadors (both over 6’1” and around 230 lbs. and muscular) and are likely two of the luchadors to carry lucha libre into the next decade.

Alberto del Rios Returns to Mexico
After his very controversial firing from WWE it was almost immediately announced by WWE that former World Champion Alberto del Rios would be coming to AAA at “TripleMania” and will be working for AAA as El Patron. El Patron started his career in AAA as Dos Caras Jr., the son of legendary Dos Caras, before leaving for CMLL where he became a huge star in Mexico and then signed with WWE. His career comes full circle as he returns to where his career began.

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