The Final Impact
August 27, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

That Tag Team three way is the definition of why I love pro wrestling and I have to say kudos to all six of those guys! They tore it absolutely up and went pedal to the metal the entire 15 minutes or so they were out there. It wasn’t perfect and given more time it could have been even crazier but it was the first match in what I expect to be a series of insane matches. It’s almost depressing to think that this series may not see a conclusion with Davey Richards’ leg injury and Bully’s contract issues.

The opening promo from MVP was excellent, I love the old school just trash a crowd heel promo and he is great at it. The match was a pretty good match story wise with Dreamer having a shot because of it being a hardcore match while Lashley tried to keep it in the ring and on the mat. He even broke the kendo stick at one point to show he doesn’t need nor want the weapons. I think it was a bad decision to do it the week after a hardcore themed show however. It was just another chance for Lashley to look dominating and in that sense job well done.

Roode and EY had a solid double babyface style promo and it is cool sometimes to just see two guys going at it because they both want to win the World Title to show how important that belt is to the wrestles. Sometimes that gets lost into the “hate” feuds.

The X-Division match was fun as hell and another nonstop, free for all type match. The X-Division has definitely been picking up steam since the NYC tapings started.

Aries and Sanada had a fun but short match and I’m not sure how I feel about this Great Sanada character. I’m THRILLED that he’s finally being more aggressive and actually showing a mean streak that a heel is supposed to however. While I’m fine with The Great Sanada being kind of a parody of Great Muta and him mocking his mentor it still reminds of Kiyoshi and how TNA tried to make him a Great Muta clone and it failed. When you see Sanada now you will automatically think of Muta which is not necessarily a good thing. I do like where I think this feud is going to go though.

Terrell and Madison had some really sloppy moments and it just wasn’t good compared to the Knockouts Matches we have seen as of late.

EC3’s recent mean streak has been nice to see and his character continues to develop. The match was just okay but it was all about the beat down for EC3 in terms of the story of his character.

TNA continues to be entertaining as hell and I am going to enjoy while it lasts, but the final thing I have to talk about is Chris Melendez. You hear a lot of crappy, scummy things that go on in the wrestling business but this Chris Melendez story is one of the awesome things. He has a great story and I have to say kudos to Mr. Anderson and Team 3D for making his dream come true and for TNA to give him a shot. Now it is time to see what he can do.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Melendez’s debut and MVP/Lashley
– Match of the Night: Hardyz vs. 3D vs. Wolves (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

Until next week… PEACE!

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