Recap of SHIMMER Volume 60 DVD

SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 60
November 8, 2014
Taped on: October 20, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commentators: Dave Prazak, Portia Perez
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Before the first match, Nikki Storm gets the mic and says that all you people are in love with Nikki Storm. You people want the Nikki Storm t-shirts, her 8x10s, her 5x7s, her 1x5s, her 2.14, you want it all. I am undefeated in SHIMMER action. My record will go down as flawless as Mr. Perfect. I will be as dominant as Bill Goldberg. I will go down in the record books as important as Andre the Giant. Now, we tried this yesterday and it did not work. I am going to put this microphone down and I am going to put my arms out in the air and you people will give Nikki Storm a standing ovation. Storm poses, but the crowd boos.

“The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm vs. “The Punk Rock Ragdoll” Heidi Lovelace

Heidi backs Storm into the corner and breaks clean. Storm yells at Heidi “how dare you, the audacity?” and shoves Heidi. Storm misses a clothesline, but stops Heidi on the middle rope with a back club. Storm brings Heidi out of the corner on her shoulders, but Heidi counters with a Victory Roll for a 1 count. Storm sent into the corner by Heidi, then Heidi hits a one-legged dropkick. Heidi with a chop, then blocks a hiptoss by Storm and takes her down. Storm rolls out onto the apron, but hits Heidi with a shoulder to the ribs. Storm goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip, but Heidi rolls through and hits a basement dropkick for a 1 count. Heidi goes for a crossbody, but Storm rolls out of the way.

Storm drives the back of Heidi’s head repeatedly into the mat. Headbutt to the ribs by Storm to Heidi in the corner, followed by a shoulder to the ribs. Heidi fights back with gut shots, but Storm with a back club for a nearfall. Storm with a back rake, followed by a double sledge to the ribs. Storm drives the back of Heidi’s head again off the mat. Heidi fights back with more gut shots, but Storm with another back club. Commentary references that Heidi reminds them of a young Serena Deeb. Storm drives Heidi’s face repeatedly into the mat. Storm says that she is the best. Heidi fights back again with gut shots, but Storm with a knee to the ribs. Another shoulder to the ribs of Heidi by Storm in the corner. Snapmare takeover by Storm, head and arm lock applied, crowd wills on Heidi. Heidi gets to her feet and counters out with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Storm knocks Heidi back down, then drives her face again off the mat. Storm has words with referee Andy Long, then hits a gut shot and another headbutt to the ribs of Heidi in the corner. Shot to the throat of Heidi by Storm in the corner. Storm places Heidi up top, then hits a series of chest clubs. Storm goes up top with Heidi, but Heidi knocks her off the ropes. Heidi then hits Storm with a 2nd Rope Crossbody.

Heidi with a clothesline and a back elbow to Storm. Flying clothesline by Heidi for a nearfall. Storm comes back with a gut shot, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Storm yells to referee Andy Long that it was a three count. Storm goes for another neckbreaker, but Heidi slips out and hits a gut kick, followed by a Fameasser for a nearfall. Heidi heads up top and hits the Frog Splash, but Storm kicks out! Heidi can’t believe it! Heidi goes back up top for another Frog Splash, but Storm moves out of the way!


Winner: “The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm by pinfall (The Perfect Storm)

THOUGHTS: Good, solid opener between these two. Storm’s persona and shtick is perfect for an opener to get the crowd instantly into the show. Heidi was the perfect babyface for Storm in this match and performed very well here as a sympathetic babyface that the crowd can get behind. This being taped in October 2013 was right before Heidi broke out into one of the up and coming female workers out there this year, but even here, you could see the potential she had to become just that. Nice way to start off the show.

“Monstrous” Melanie Cruise vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Crowd chants for Mia as the bell sounds. Mia avoids Cruise early. Mia goes for a waistlock, but to no avail as Cruise reverses and throws Mia down. Cruise taunts the crowd, who chants for Mia again. Mia trips up Cruise and locks her in a bridging Indian Deathlock. Cruise tries to reach the ropes, but Mia traps her arm. Mia with a front chancery, then switches to an inverted cross armbreaker. Cruise power cleans Mia up and powerbombs her down to get free. Cruise with a back club, then chokes Mia with her boot in the corner. Shoulder to the ribs by Cruise, but runs into a boot by Mia. Cruise charges again, but Mia catches her and locks in the Tarantula in the ropes. Mia brings Cruise out of the corner while on her back and hits a Code-Red for a nearfall. Mia heads up top, but Cruise catches her on the way down and hits a spinning Urnangi for a nearfall.

Cruise stands on Mia’s throat, choking her. Cruise stomps away at Mia, then piefaces her while talking trash. Cruise pulls back on the arms of Mia in the ropes with her foot against Mia’s back. Cruise has words with referee PJ Drummond, but it allows Mia to roll up Cruise from behind for a nearfall. Cruise with a double sledge to the back, then rubs Mia’s face against the mat. Cruise with another stomp, then locks in a chinlock with Mia’s legs tied up. Crowd wills on Mia. Another stomp by Cruise, but Mia fights back with gut shots. Cruise with another back club, then continues to talk trash to Mia. Cruise goes for the Tombstone that she used on Volume 59, but Mia counters out with a satellite headscissors.

Mia with a trifecta of running dropkicks to Cruise and fires up. Mia heads up top and hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Mia goes for the Package Piledriver, but Cruise counters out with a back body drop. Cruise goes for a tree slam, but Mia blocks it, then fights out of the goozle with gut shots and leg kicks. Cruise with a big forearm, but Mia hits her with a springboard Tornado DDT.

Mia heads up top, Firebird Splash (450 Splash) for the win.

Winner: “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim by pinfall (The Firebird Splash)

Mia celebrates her win afterward.

THOUGHTS: Nice big vs. small style match these two worked. Cruise was way more animated and interactive with the crowd here than in any of her previous outings, which was a piece that was missing from her overall package. Although it worked big vs. small, liked that Mia used the fact that while not as tall as Cruise, she is tall in the sense that she could pull off moves like the Code-Red and attempt for moves like the Package Piledriver. The Firebird Splash finish was executed perfectly, which was good to see for Mia since that move hadn’t come off as smoothly for her in previous outing. Very impressed by how well this match turned out.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews Thunderkitty about her match tonight with Saraya Knight. Thunderkitty says she isn’t afraid of nothing. Saraya Knight, I know you’ve fought women, I know you’ve fought men, heck, you’ve probably even fought grizzly bears and I’m willing to bet you have probably tamed all of them. But, you will never tame Thunderkitty.

The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) vs. Mary Lee Rose & “Crazy” Mary Dobson

This is Dobson’s SHIMMER debut. Dobson is from the Mid-West and is more known for doing deathmatches in recent years, but has done a tour of Japan in 2013 and has recently competed in SHINE.

Cherry & Rose start. Cherry with a side headlock takeover. Rose counters out with a headscissors. Cherry gets free, but Rose with a side headlock takeover of her own. Cherry pulls at Rose’s hair, then Rose works over Cherry’s arm. Cherry with a toe kick, then works over Rose’s arm. Rose regains control and locks Cherry in a full nelson. Rose with an armdrag. Rose with a running uppercut in the corner, followed by a running hip attack. Basement step-up enziguri by Rose, Kimber tags in, but Rose with a drop toe hold. Dobson in, knucklelock to Kimber, then shows off her agility by doing an Arabian backflip off the ropes. Running knee by Dobson in the corner. Dobson goes to the apron and hits Kimber with a knee to the ribs, but Kimber comes back with a clothesline.

Kimber chokes Dobson in the ropes, then drops her body weight across Dobson’s back. Cherry in, stomp to Dobson for a nearfall. Double sledge to the back by Cherry, followed by a series of back clubs from a front chancery. Dobson gets free and fights back with a series of forearms, but Cherry grabs Dobson to prevent her from tagging in Rose. Cherry with a series of chest clubs to Dobson from the mount. Dobson sent off the turnbuckles, Kimber tags in. Cherry with a running elbow to Dobson in the corner, followed by Kimber with a clothesline. Kimber with a snapmare and a series of Victim Kicks to Dobson. Dobson fights back with a headbutt, Rose tags in.

Rose with shoulder tackles to both Kimber Bombs, followed by clotheslines to both of them. Rose sends Cherry to the outside, followed by a dropkick to the knees of Kimber. Back senton across the back of Kimber by Rose, followed by a series of stomps. Dobson heads up top, but Kimber avoids the split-legged moonsault. Kimber hits Rose with the Lickedly-Split Jawbreaker.

Kimber Bombs hit the Detonator (Codebreaker/Release German combo) on Rose for the win.

Winners: The Kimber Bombs by pinfall (The Detonator)

Kimber Bombs celebrate their win afterwards.

THOUGHTS: While this was a good showcase for the Kimber Bombs, it seemed like Rose & Dobson were a step off here. Dobson did well on the babyface selling, but her offense definitely showed that it needs some seasoning. Also, I didn’t feel like Rose is someone that is comfortable working babyface, felt forced to me and it seemed that she is more suited on the heel end of things. Solid stuff from the Kimber Bombs, but it just didn’t come together for Rose & Dobson.

Backstage, Amber Gertner interviews LuFisto about her SHIMMER Title match against champion Cheerleader Melissa tonight. LuFisto says that there are a few things in a person’s life that can change the course of it, whether if it’s their health, love, or career. For Allison Danger, a stroke ended her career and she had to stop doing what she loved the most. Unfortunately, there are some people like Cheerleader Melissa who enjoy other people’s demises. You can add Leva Bates and Hiroyo Matsumoto to that list. Tonight Melissa, its payback time. Obviously, you don’t care about health or love, so I’m gonna take away from you the only thing that matters, the SHIMMER Title. My name is LuFisto, I am the female Wolverine of pro wrestling and your next SHIMMER Champion.

Before the next match, Saraya Knight grabs the mic and calls one fan an idiot. Crowd does the “YES” chant. Saraya says she will leave and will not come back, so keep your pathetic mouths to yourselves. Crowd does the “NO” chant. Saraya says that what you people need to realize is that when you shout and scream at me, I don’t care. I don’t have a problem with it because none of you bother me. I will take great delight in enjoying my food before I eat it and any one of you here can be something that I can eat. So, you all just keep your pathetic mouths shut. I don’t want laughing, I don’t want cheering, I don’t want anything because I control you, you do not control me. So, keep your mouths shut, keep your hands by your side and if any of you so much as cheer me or whoever is coming out next, I swear to God I will beat the crap of that person, then take great delight in doing it to any one of you. So, if anyone wants to try me, be my guest, jump over the barrier and let me play with you.

“Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. Thunderkitty

Before the bell, Saraya yells for the sound guy to turn Thunderkitty’s music off, then tells the crowd again to shut their mouths. Saraya says to Thunderkitty that she has heard a lot about her. I heard that you are quite the little wrestler. The difference is between you and me, darling, is I’ve done technical submission wrestling since I was 18 years old. Some fan makes a quip about that being back in 1938, to which Saraya says to the fan that later on, he is gonna die. Saraya says that what she is gonna do to the delight of all of you is that she is gonna wrestle Thunderkitty and she is gonna enjoy every single submission so much that I might just keep you in it after the bell rings. I’m gonna enjoy this.

Saraya backs Thunderkitty into the ropes and breaks clean. Saraya with an eye poke to Thunderkitty, followed by a hair-mare. Saraya taunts Thunderkitty, followed by another eye poke. Another hair-mare by Saraya, followed by a basement dropkick. Saraya taunts the crowd, followed by a back heel trip to Thunderkitty. Wristlock applied by Saraya, while biting at her fingers when referee PJ Drummond is not looking. Thunderkitty reverses out and applies a head and arm lock. Saraya counters out by taking Thunderkitty down, then continuing to bite at Thunderkitty’s fingers. Thunderkitty gets to her feet, then counters out of a Samoan Drop by Saraya with an armdrag into an armbar. Thunderkitty yells at Saraya “how do you like it?” as she continues to apply pressure with the armbar. Saraya gets out, but Thunderkitty hits her with a Monkey Flip. Chinlock applied by Thunderkitty, but Saraya gets out and takes Thunderkitty back down. Keylock applied by Saraya, but Thunderkitty counters out with an armwhip back into the chinlock. Saraya counters out with a headscissors, then uses the ropes for leverage behind referee PJ Drummond’s back. Referee then catches Saraya, forcing her to break the hold. Thunderkitty leaps onto Saraya’s back, trying to lock her in the Sleeper, but Saraya takes her down and hits a low kick. Another low kick by Saraya in the corner, followed by a series of gut shots. Running low hesitation dropkick by Saraya in the corner. Crowd wills on Thunderkitty. Saraya with a soccer kick to the ribs of Thunderkitty, followed by another eye poke and a slap. Thunderkitty slaps Saraya back, then the two exchange slaps back and forth. Saraya with another low kick to Thunderkitty.

Bridal Rocking Horse applied, Thunderkitty submits.

Winner: “Sweet” Saraya Knight by submission (The Bridal Rocking Horse)

Saraya breaks the Bridal Rocking Horse just before the count of 5 afterwards so she doesn’t get DQ’d. Saraya has words with a fan as Portia Perez leaves commentary for her upcoming match. Saraya grabs the mic and tells Thunderkitty to go the back, calling her a silly cow. Saraya says that twice a year, she comes to this hell-hole and twice a year, she cannot wait to go back to England where people don’t stink, don’t live in caravans and have hot & cold water, I love it. But, what I don’t like is disrespect and yesterday, Christina Von Eerie, you showed me disrespect. Von Eerie comes out to ringside as the crowd does the “Oi!” chant. Saraya says that Von Eerie showed her so much disrespect yesterday that now, I’m all eaten up inside, I can’t get rid of these feelings and they’re not love, darling, I just wanna rip your head off. Are you game? Do you wanna come and play with me? Is that what you want do, Christina? OK, we’ve got one more show going this weekend. How about, if you are willing to accept my challenge, we’ll do it in 3 Stages of Hell? But, let’s do it the British way. What we’ll do, we’ll do it in the best of 3 stages. The first stage will be first one to a pinfall. The second stage will be first one to a submission. If you beat me 2-0, we don’t go into the hardcore and that’s what the last stage will be, if we go Even Steven, I’m gonna smash the hell outta you. So, are you game for the 3 Stages of Hell, or are you gonna wuss backstage like the Yank that you are? Von Eerie says she wants it, I accept.

THOUGHTS: Lot to digest here. First off, even to this point in SHIMMER, Saraya Knight is one of the most, if not the most, entertaining act in the company. Her interaction with the crowd before, during and after her matches is so spot-on and organic that it keeps your eyes glued to the TV on what Saraya is gonna do or say next. Secondly, the match with Thunderkitty was yet another match that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it came across. The technical matwork in the first half was not monotonous at all, in fact, would say it was very interesting. Thunderkitty got to show off a new range for her character, with showing a lot of babyface fire and bringing the fight to Saraya, while Saraya got to do what she does best, her British-style of wrestling along with a bunch of textbook heel work. Saraya had kind of gotten away from that structure of match in her SHIMMER title run, but since losing the title, she has gone back to this structure of match, which I think suits her much better and the matches have come across a lot better since then. Finally, the post-match angle with Von Eerie to set up their match at 61 was extremely well done and it brought the hate and intensity that this feud has shown since it began at Volume 55. Looking forward to the 3 Stages of Hell match between Saraya and Von Eerie now even more because of the set-up for it, the match between Saraya and Thunderkitty did a lot of things for both and finally, Saraya has gotten back to what brought her acclaim she had in 2012. All-around, a home-run segment.

Veda Scott joins commentary for the next match.

“The AK-47” Allysin Kay vs. “The World Famous” Kana

Allysin is announced as weighing at 453 pounds, due to the muscular density of pure class. Kana is wearing clown-style facepaint for this match. Kana extends her hand as the bell sounds, but Allysin refuses. Kana instantly with a flying armbar, but Allysin blocks it by clasping her hands. Kana switches to an arm triangle, then goes for a double armbar, but Allysin gets to the ropes and rolls outside to regroup. “Kana’s gonna kill you” chants by the crowd. Back in, Allysin is upset that Kana is following her and stands by the ropes, saying she will stand there for the rest of the match. Allysin then rolls back outside to stall, saying she will tell the crowd when they will see wrestling. Kana gives chase to Allysin and stalks her back into the ring. Allysin wants a Test of Strength, but Kana responds with a leg kick. Exchange of leg kicks between the two, then Kana works over Allysin’s arm. Allysin gets out with a snapmare, but Kana goes back right to the arm. Series of reversals between the two, then Kana locks in a Fujiwara armbar. Kana floats over, gets a 1 count. Kana goes to the mount, then locks in a cross armbreaker, but again, Allysin blocks it by clasping her hands. Allysin gets free, but Kana with a gut kick. Series of slaps and kicks by Kana in the corner. Kana with more leg kicks, but Allysin with a series of forearms. Allysin catches a head kick and locks Kana in a Stretch Muffler. Kana gets to the ropes.

Allysin with a leg kick, followed by the Spiked Bra Avalanche in the corner for a nearfall. Allysin then makes Kana humble by locking her in a Camel Clutch, while rubbing off the facepaint on Kana’s face and smearing it on herself. Crowd wills on Kana. Strike exchange, Allysin gains advantage with more leg kicks. Allysin stomps away at Kana in the corner, then chokes her with her boot. Series of gut shots by Allysin in the corner, then presses her boot against the ribs of Kana. Allysin chokes Kana with her boot again as the crowd again wills on Kana. Another strike exchange, but Kana catches Allysin with another flying armbar.

Allysin again blocks it by clasping her hands, but Kana switches to a Triangle. Ref checks to see if Kana’s shoulders are on the mat, counting them down for a nearfall. Allysin tries to power clean out, but Kana keeps her down until Allysin gets to the ropes. Kana with kicks to the back of Allysin, followed by a series of stomps. Allysin with a gut kick, but Kana slips out of Full Throttle and hits a slap, a spinning backfist and an overhand shot. Allysin avoids the spin kick and hits a kick to the arm, but Kana with a spinning back kick to the ribs. Running sliding kick by Kana for a nearfall. Basement head kick by Kana for a nearfall. Kana off the ropes, but Allysin catches her with a head kick. Running Samoan Drop by Allysin for a nearfall.

Kana Lock applied by Kana, Allysin taps.

Winner: “The World Famous” Kana by submission (The Kana Lock)

THOUGHTS: Good match, but I felt that these two have a better match in them for a future outing. Lots of strikes, lots of submission work, which both are known for, but I felt that with a couple of minutes shaved off, this match, has a hard-hitting sprint, could have come across a lot better. Both are very good workers in the ring, so this is not to demean them in any stretch of the imagination, I just think that with another chance up at the plate, these two can deliver an even better match than what we got here. It was good, but I got a feeling that these two have it in them to make their next go-around not just good, but great.

We see video highlighting Portia Perez’s stealing of Thunderkitty & MsChif’s entrance attires after her wins over them at Volumes 58 & 59.

“The Canadian Ninja” Portia Perez vs. “The Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto

Portia comes out wearing Thunderkitty’s ring jacket and flower in her hair, as well as MsChif’s chained entrance attire.

Portia eyes Hiroyo’s entrance attire and Goujira mask as the bell sounds, but Hiroyo tells her not to touch. Hiroyo then puts on the Goujira mask and scares Portia. Crowd chants “Matsumoto, Godzilla, Destroy!” for Hiroyo. Hiroyo shoves down Portia while wearing the Goujira mask. Hiroyo wants a Test of Strength and with one hand, muscles Portia down, then shoves her down again while still in the Goujira mask. Portia complains to ref that she did not sign up to wrestle a dinosaur. Referee PJ Drummond tells Hiroyo that she can’t wrestle with the mask on and Hiroyo takes the mask off. Hiroyo takes Portia down, followed by a snapmare into a Dragon Sleeper. Portia bridges out and snapmares Hiroyo down into a seated surfboard. Hiroyo counters out and pulls back on Portia’s arms. Hiroyo with a side headlock, but Portia gets out, then sweeps out Hiroyo’s legs, but gets no count on the pinfall attempt. Hiroyo does the same thing for no count on the pin attempt and we have a stalemate. Portia again eyes Hiroyo’s entrance attire, then rakes Hiroyo’s eyes. Hiroyo then again scares Portia with the Goujira mask, sending Portia to the outside. Portia goes to the back, then comes back out and tells the referee to get Hiroyo to promise she will not use the Goujira mask. Hiroyo says she promises she won’t use the mask again. Back in, Portia says that she isn’t a thief, she is Canadian. “Repo Woman” chants by the crowd directed at Portia. Hiroyo with a gut kick, a slam and double knees to Portia. Hiroyo with a dropkick, then Portia begs off. Portia sends Hiroyo to the outside, then hits her with a forearm and a chop.

Portia chokes Hiroyo with her boot against the barricade. Portia sends Hiroyo face-first off the steel steps. Back in, Portia gains a nearfall. Hiroyo rolls to the outside, but as she goes back in, Portia rolls outside. Portia plays cat & mouse with Hiroyo, then says she promises she’ll let Hiroyo in. As Hiroyo gets back in, Portia kicks the ropes to crotch her. Portia chokes Hiroyo in the ropes, then takes a streamer from her ring attire and chokes Hiroyo with it. Portia gains a nearfall. Portia slips out of a slam and hits a throat shot, but Hiroyo avoids a corner charge.

Hiroyo catches Portia’s boots in the corner, then drapes her across the middle rope and hits a series of knees to the ribs, followed by an avalanche. Side slam by Hiroyo for a nearfall. Hiroyo goes for the Hiroyo Stone, but Portia counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Inside cradle by Portia for a nearfall. Hiroyo misses a clothesline, then catches Portia off a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam. Hiroyo goes for the Backdrop Driver, but Portia counters it with a bulldog for a nearfall. Portia goes for a wheelbarrow maneuver, but Hiroyo counters with a back suplex. Hiroyo goes to the middle rope, but Portia avoids a Vader Bomb and hits a basement dropkick. Portia grabs the Goujira mask and puts it on Hiroyo sideways. As the referee is with Hiroyo, Portia removes the top turnbuckle pad from one of the corners. Referee catches her, but as he is fixing it, Portia removes the top turnbuckle pad from another corner and sends Hiroyo into the exposed turnbuckle.

Portia pins Hiroyo for the win.

Winner: “The Canadian Ninja” Portia Perez by pinfall

Afterwards, Portia leaves with Hiroyo’s Goujira mask, although she leaves behind Thunderkitty’s flower, which Hiroyo puts on. A sad Hiroyo leaves without her mask.

THOUGHTS: Fantastic pallet cleanser of just pure shenanigans here. First off, let the records show that Portia Perez wrestled a Goujira mask for 3 solid minutes. Let’s get that out of the way. Secondly, you got one of the most dastardly heels in SHIMMER against arguably SHIMMER’s most pure babyface, so with that you have an almost instant recipe for success. Third and final, I think with all the character work Portia brings in her matches, people tend to forget that she is a good worker. The pure wrestling stuff she did with Hiroyo was very well done and you tell that if this was just a straight-up match, Portia could hang with Hiroyo and that is a pretty sizeable compliment for Portia. Just a lot of fun and a nice kick-off for the big second half that is to come.

Backstage, Jessicka Havok says she is looking for her next challenge, so SHIMMER needs to throw me somebody who is gonna be actual competition. Give me someone that I can sink my teeth into. Give me someone that will actually put up a fight.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Santana Garrett

Santana works over Mercedes’s arm, but Mercedes takes her down and goes after Santana’s leg. Santana with a front chancery, but Mercedes counters out and locks her in a Crossface. Mercedes switches to a front chancery, but Santana gets free and goes back to the arm. Mercedes reverses out, but Santana uses her agility to regain control. Mercedes with a slap to the ribs and shoves Santana down. Santana with a knucklelock, then runs up the ropes and hits a lucha armdrag. Japanese Armdrag by Santana, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Santana with a gut kick, then goes for a wheelbarrow maneuver, but Mercedes counters with a wheelbarrow suplex for a nearfall.

Santana sent off the turnbuckles, then Mercedes with a series of chest clubs and stomps in the corner, followed by choking Santana with her boot. Big chop by Mercedes in the corner, followed by an eye poke. Santana comes back with a guillotine-style hammerlock, but Mercedes counters out with a powerslam. 22-second delayed suplex by Mercedes for a nearfall. Mercedes has words with referee Andy Long, then unloads with right hands from the mount on Santana. Santana again sent off the turnbuckles, then Mercedes with a series of shoulders to the ribs in the corner. Another big chop by Mercedes, then she places Santana up top and hits more chest clubs. Mercedes runs into a boot, then Santana with chest clubs of her own. Santana with a crossbody, but Mercedes rolls through it for a nearfall. Big right hand by Mercedes, but Santana slips out of a slam and hits a satellite headscissors.

Strike exchange, Santana gains advantage. Mercedes misses a big boot and Santana with La Mistica on Mercedes, specifically on Mercedes’ long-standing bad shoulder. Mercedes counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Soccer kick to the ribs by Mercedes, followed by 2 big right hands and a double chop. Mercedes catches Santana going up & over and hits a whiplash slam, then locks Santana in a Boston Crab. Santana gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Santana counters with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Jackknife Pin by Santana for a nearfall, followed by a big chest kick. Santana goes for the Shining Star Press, but Mercedes moves out of the way.

Mercedes this time hits the Fisherman’s Buster for the win.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Mercedes celebrates her win afterward, then the crowd gives Santana an ovation as she leaves.

THOUGHTS: Another solid match here and that’s about all I can say about this. Good stuff from 2 solid workers.

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Sassy Stephie & “The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh w/Mademoiselle Rachelle vs. 3G (“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) (c’s)

Nevaeh & Skater start. Nevaeh with a waistlock, but Skater takes her down with a drop toe hold into a chinlock. “Skater’s got this” chants by the crowd. Nevaeh gets out and works over Skater’s arm, but Skater takes her down and applies an armbar. Nevaeh takes down Skater and applies a spinning toe hold. Skater kicks Nevaeh off, front chancery applied. Nevaeh gets out and goes back to work on Skater’s arm. Skater counters out with a snapmare into a Dragon Sleeper. Nevaeh reverses out into one of her own, but Skater gets out with a knee strike back into the front chancery. Nevaeh counters out with a release Northern Lights. Skater with a side headlock, but Nevaeh with a leg sweep for a nearfall. Skater with her own leg sweep for a nearfall and we have a stalemate. Stephie & Nakagawa tag in. Stephie drives Nakagawa into the corner, then drives her posterior into the ribs of Nakagawa repeatedly. Stephie with a forearm, but Nakagawa with a flying hip attack in the corner, followed by a running dropkick. Assisted dropkick by 3G to Stephie, but when they go for an wheelbarrow assisted splash on Stephie, Stephie gets her knees up on Nakagawa. Nevaeh comes in and misses one clothesline on Skater, but does not miss the second try.

Stephie with a series of back clubs to Nakagawa. Nevaeh in, back club to Nakagawa, then has words with referee PJ Drummond. Big chop by Nevaeh in the corner, followed by a snapmare and a rolling neck snap to Nakagawa. Nevaeh knocks Skater off the apron, then hits Nakagawa with a running sliding clothesline for a nearfall. Stephie in, double sledge to the back of Nagakawa. Snapmare by Stephie, followed by the Scissor Stomp for a nearfall. Nevaeh in, back club to Nakagawa. Front chancery applied by Nevaeh, crowd wills on Nakagawa. Nakagawa fights out, but Rachelle trips up Nakagawa. Nevaeh gains a nearfall. Stephie in, double STO by Stephie & Nevaeh, but Skater breaks up the pin. Nevaeh with a snap suplex on Skater, then floats over into a front guillotine choke, while Stephie applies the same hold to Nakagawa. Nevaeh breaks, as she is not the legal participant in the ring. Nakagawa gets to the ropes. Inverted Lightning Spiral by Stephie on Nakagawa for a nearfall. Stephie avoids the step-up enziguri by Nakagawa, but Nakagawa with a gut kick. Nakagawa goes to tag Skater in, but Rachelle pulls Skater off the apron behind the ref’s back. Chinlock applied by Stephie on Nakagawa. Nevaeh in, gut shot to Nakagawa. Another big chop by Nevaeh, Stephie tags in. Series of shoulders to the ribs of Nakagawa by Stephie. Snapmare into a seated double chickenwing by Stephie. Crowd again wills on Nakagawa. Nakagawa gets to her feet, but Stephie with a gut shot. Nevaeh in, gut kick to Nakagawa. Nevaeh takes down Nakagawa and gains a nearfall. Nevaeh stomps away at Nakagawa, then taunts Skater, attempting to draw her into the ring. Front chancery applied by Nevaeh, crowd again wills on Nakagawa. Nakagawa blocks a suplex, but Nevaeh with another gut kick. Nevaeh off the ropes, but Nakagawa catches her with a flying kick, then finally tags in Skater.

Skater with clotheslines to Stephie and back elbows to Nevaeh. Skater lifts up Stephie, allowing Nakagawa to hit her with the step-up enziguri, followed by a facebuster by Skater, but Nevaeh breaks up the pin. Nevaeh sends Nakagawa to the outside. Nevaeh with a belly-to-back facebuster to Skater, followed by Stephie hitting a running basement Northern Lariat for a nearfall. Nevaeh in, but Nakagawa stops Stephie & Nevaeh from hitting the double whiplash slam on Skater. Nakagawa sends Stephie to the outside as Skater starts the Skate & Destroy on Nevaeh. Skater goes to finish the combo, but Rachelle hops up on the apron to block her path. Rachelle slaps Skater, then holds her for Stephie. Stephie goes for a Spear, but Skater moves and Stephie accidentally hits Rachelle, sending them both to the outside!

3G hit Nevaeh with the Hangover to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL SHIMMER Tag Team Champions: 3G by pinfall (The Hangover)

3G celebrate their title retention afterwards.

THOUGHTS: Very good tag match with such a simple and easy-to-get-into structure. Opening matwork from Skater & Nevaeh was very well done and it shows the continued improvement from Nevaeh over the past year. While most teams who get a very long control section may not be able to find enough things to do before the comeback, Stephie & Nevaeh, with a 6-minute control section on Nakagawa, did a very good job at keeping things interesting, all the while centering around working over a specific area of Nakagawa, her ribs. The fact that both Stephie & Nevaeh are very animated and interactive with the environment they work in also helps, as well as how under-rated both Stephie & Nevaeh as your old-school heel style of worker. Nakagawa did a good job on the babyface selling and Skater showed a lot of fire on her comeback. This was also by far, the best performance of Rachelle in SHIMMER as a manager. Always finding something to do in a sneaky and heelish manner to help Stephie & Nevaeh, while never staying in one place that some managers fall into the trap of being stationery during the match before its their time to get involved. Rachelle has showed improvement on the manager end over the last year, beginning to get more & more involved in Stephie’s matches and the payoff at the end, where Rachelle got accidentally knocked off the apron leading to the finish, was very satisfying for the crowd to see the heel manager get theirs. One of the best matches on this volume and something I feel looking back, will become a hidden gem as there wasn’t that much play on this match from the live crowd after this set of tapings. Hats off to all 5 women on 5 grade-A performances.

Before the next match, Madison Eagles grabs a mic and says that as it was said previously, I have not been beaten since I lost my precious. But, I am the best in the world, not Cheerleader Melissa. So, I will take on anyone in the back who thinks they can beat me, male or female, cuz I will be the winner, FOREVER!!!

Jessicka Havok’s music hits and she comes out to answer the challenge.

“The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

Eagles is announced as being undefeated, even without the use of Ninja weaponary. Eagles has a fork when the ref checks her, but Eagles removes it from her attire and puts in the ref’s back pocket. Then, when he goes to check Havok, Eagles grabs the fork and puts it back in her ring attire.

Havok backs Eagles into the corner and breaks clean. Eagles grabs the fork out of her ring attire and goes to jab Havok with it, but Havok blocks it. Referee Andy Long takes the fork from Eagles, allowing Havok to rake Eagles’s eyes, saying if Eagles cheats, I cheat, that’s how it works. Havok with a series of forearms to Eagles, but Eagles slides out of a whip and rolls up Havok in an inside cradle for a nearfall. Front chancery applied by Eagles, but Havok counters out and goes to work on Eagles’ arm. Eagles gets out and pins Havok for a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied by Eagles, but Havok gets out with a gut kick. Front chancery applied by Havok, but Eagles gets out and goes to work on Havok’s arm, pulling back on it while driving her feet against the shoulder of Havok. Havok gets to her feet and unloads with stomps to get out. Leglock applied by Havok, but Eagles grabs at her hair. Trailer Hitch applied by Havok, but Eagles gets to the ropes. Havok with more forearms to Eagles, but Eagles slides out to the outside and trips her up. Havok kicks Eagles off and into the barricade. Havok grabs Eagles by the hair and drags her onto the apron. Havok catches a kick by Eagles and hits a gut kick, but Eagles blocks a suplex on the apron. Both women then nail each other with big boots at the same time and both crash down to the outside!

Dueling chants by the crowd for both women as the ref begins his 10 count. Series of chest kicks by Eagles to Havok against the barricade. Havok catches one and drives Eagles into the barricade. Series of chops by Havok to Eagles, but Eagles avoids a big chop and Havok’s hand smashes against the barricade! Eagles with a series of chops, then breaks the ref’s count. Back in, Eagles stomps away at Havok from the apron. Series of looping shots from the mount by Eagles for a nearfall. Series of knees to the ribs by Eagles, chinlock with body scissors applied. Havok bridges backward and gains a nearfall. Havok kicks Eagles off, but Eagles with a stomp to the back, then a series of flying stomps to the ribs using the ropes as a slingshot. Havok fights back and stomps away at Eagles in the corner. Havok with 2 running facewashes in the corner, but Eagles charges at Havok in the corner before she went for the third and hits her with a running Yakuza Kick. Eagles runs into a boot by Havok, but catches her coming in with a chest kick. Series of forearms by Eagles, then counters a slam attempt with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Roll-up by Eagles for a nearfall. Havok blocks a backslide attempt by Eagles, but Eagles with a kick to the shoulder. Havok with a head kick, then when they try to nail each other with another kick, both fall backward and crash down to the mat.

Referee begins his 10 count and both women get up by the count of 6. Strike exchange from their knees, then Eagles with a headbutt. Eagles with more chest kicks to Havok, but Havok avoids a head kick. Eagles then hits the head kick on the second try for a nearfall. Eagles calls for the brainbuster, but Havok blocks it, hits a front kick, then hits a running Mafia Kick for a nearfall. Havok fires up, but Eagles slips out of a slam and drives Havok into the corner. Series of forearms by Eagles, then she places Havok up top. Havok kicks her off, but Eagles with another running Yakuza Kick in the corner.

Eagles lifts up Havok from out of the corner and hits Hellbound for the win.

Winner: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles by pinfall (Hellbound)

Eagles celebrates her win afterward while Havok complains to the ref that she kicked out before the count of 3. Crowd gives Havok an ovation as she leaves.

THOUGHTS: Another very good match between these two, but in comparison to their SHINE 9 match 6 months prior to these tapings, I felt this one was slightly below the SHINE match. Eagles is one of the best female workers in the world, period, at this point and another good performance and match on the growing resume of Havok. Liked the different dynamic in the opening with Havok & Eagles trading matwork, which Havok showed that she can do and in a solid manner, bringing more range to her repertoire and not be ham-fisted as just solely a brawler. Intensity definitely picked up with the brawling on the outside and the match became a fun sprint at that point. Finish was very well done with Eagles hitting Hellbound and just BARELY keeping down Havok, who kicked out right after the 3 count. This was able to keep Havok protected in a good manner as Eagles gets a big win, while at the same time, Havok looks strong by Eagles, one of SHIMMER’s top workers, just barely being able to squeak a victory by her. Good stuff here, but because their SHINE 9 match was so damn good, this falls underneath by the slimmest of margins.

We see video from Volume 59 when Nicole Matthews defeated Hikaru Shida after hitting her with Shida’s own kendo stick.

Kendo Stick Match: “The Riot” Nicole Matthews vs. Hikaru Shida

Shida’s kendo stick is hung above the entrance way, whoever grabs it first can use it as a weapon legally. Matthews is announced as weighing 64 kilos, without an extra ounce due to concealed forks.

“Shida’s gonna kill you” chants by the crowd directed at Matthews as the bell sounds. Shida quickly goes to grab the kendo stick, but Matthews stops her. Matthews with a back club, then goes for the kendo stick, but Shida stops her. Matthews sends Shida into the corner and hits a chest club. Matthews goes for the kendo stick again, but again Shida stops her and knocks Matthews down. Shida goes for the kendo stick again, but Matthews again stops her. Shida trips up Matthews, but Matthews with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Matthews blocks a hiptoss, backslide for a nearfall. Inside cradle by Shida for a nearfall. Roll-up by Matthews for a nearfall. Oklahoma Roll by Shida for a nearfall and we have a stalemate. Matthews goes again for the kendo stick, but Shida stops her and takes down Matthews with a hair-mare. Shida twists the hair of Matthews and hits another hair-mare. Shida keeps a hold of Matthews’s hair, pulling at it. Shida stomps away at Matthews, then locks Matthews in a Boston Crab. Shida then switches to a half crab. Shida grabs the hair of Matthews, then breaks the hold. Double sledge to the back of Matthews by Shida, followed by another stomp. Shida goes for the kendo stick again, but Matthews again stops her and takes Shida down. Series of hair-mares and Victim Kicks by Matthews, followed by a back kick. Matthews then makes Shida humble by pulling back on her hair in a Camel Clutch, while taunting her. Crowd wills on Shida. Matthews again goes for the kendo stick, but Shida stops her again and slams Matthews off the top rope. Slam by Shida for a nearfall. Forearm by Shida in the corner, followed by a running knee. Matthews avoids another corner charge and hits a rolling elbow. Running forearm in the corner by Matthews, followed by a running dropkick. Running chest kick by Matthews, then she goes again for the kendo stick, but Shida stops her just before Matthews grabs it. Shida sends Matthews into the barricade, then stands on her throat. Another stomp by Shida, then sends Matthews face-first off the apron. Matthews with a gut-shot, then sends Shida face-first off the apron. Chest kick by Matthews, then chokes Shida with her boot against the barricade. Big chop by Matthews against the barricade, then sends Shida into the barricade. Matthews sends Shida face-first off the steel steps, then chokes her against the barricade while taunting her. Strike exchange, Shida gains advantage. Shida catches a shot by Matthews and hits her with an overhead backbreaker. Shida goes again for the kendo stick and this time is able to grab it.

Shida now can use it legally as a weapon in this match. Shida nails Matthews in the back multiple times with the kendo stick. Shida goes for another shot with the kendo stick, but Matthews blocks it by holding up a steel chair. Matthews blocks more kendo stick shots with the chair, then nails Shida in the ribs with the chair. Matthews goes for another chair shot, but Shida blocks it with the kendo stick, sending the chair flying out of Matthews’ hands. Shida with another kendo stick shot, this time to the ribs of Matthews. Back in, Shida runs into a boot by Matthews, then Matthews chokes Shida in the corner with the kendo stick. White Russian Leg Sweep by Matthews using the kendo stick. Matthews then locks Shida in a bridging Indian Deathlock while at the same time, choking her with the kendo stick! Matthews with a kendo stick shot to the ribs of Shida, then hits a neckbreaker using the kendo stick for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Shida. Shida avoids another kendo stick shot by Matthews and hits a step-up enziguri. Another kendo stick shot to the ribs of Matthews by Shida, but Matthews avoids the 3 count. However, Shida nails her with a running knee to the back of the head for a nearfall. Shida then suplexes Matthews onto the kendo stick for a nearfall. Shida goes for the 3 Count again, but Matthews blocks it with the kendo stick. Matthews mocks Madison Eagles and calls for the brainbuster, then hits Shida with it onto the kendo stick for a nearfall. Shida avoids another kendo stick shot and the stick bounces off the ropes and back into the face of Matthews. Leaping knee by Shida for a nearfall. Shida grabs the kendo stick and DRILLS Matthews in the head with it!

3 COUNT!! 1-2-3!

Winner: Hikaru Shida by pinfall (3 Count)

Shida stomps Matthews again afterward, then celebrates her win. Madison Eagles then comes out to ringside and mocks Matthews for losing.

THOUGHTS: Once the kendo stick stuff got going, this was a very good, but very brutal, match between these two. Another sensational outing from Matthews on her ascension up the card, while Shida, on her first weekend in SHIMMER, is quickly getting a lot of traction as one of SHIMMER’s top Joshi performers. Lots of innovation here with the kendo stick, especially the assisted Muta Lock that Matthews did. Finishing kendo stick shot that Matthews took was vicious and she earned her weekend’s paycheck on that one because man, not many others would sign up to take a kendo stick shot across the forehead. Huge recommendation for this match.

We see video on how we got to the main event SHIMMER Title match between champion Cheerleader Melissa and LuFisto.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/Pegaboo vs. “The Future Legend” Cheerleader Melissa (c)

“New champ” chants for LuFisto before the bell. LuFisto charges at Melissa as the bell sounds and they slug it out. LuFisto gains advantage, hitting a series of shoulders to the ribs, headbutts, gut shots and right hands to Melissa in the corner. LuFisto avoids a corner charge and nails Melissa with a right hand. LuFisto heads up top and goes for a missile dropkick, but Melissa sidesteps her, sending LuFisto crashing down to the mat. Melissa goes for an elbow drop, but LuFisto moves out of the way and rolls out to the outside. LuFisto grabs Melissa and swings her into the barricade! Crowd chants “one more time.” LuFisto sends Melissa into the barricade, hits an overhand chop, then breaks the referee’s 10 count. LuFisto with a series of gut shots and a chest kick to Melissa, but Melissa fights back. Melissa with a series of gut kicks, followed by a series of back kicks. LuFisto with another overhand chop, followed by a series of forearms to Melissa. LuFisto again breaks the referee’s 10 count, then hits Melissa with a back club. LuFisto again sends Melissa into the barricade, then charges, but Melissa avoids the charge, causing LuFisto to crash into the barricade.

Melissa now breaks the referee’s 10 count, then stomps away at LuFisto, followed by nailing her with a fan’s soda can across the back. Melissa presses LuFisto’s face against the barricade, then sends her into it. Melissa again presses LuFisto’s face against the barricade, then again breaks the referee’s 10 count. Melissa chokes LuFisto with a piece of streamer, then sends her into the steel steps. Melissa sets up the steps, then again breaks the referee’s 10 count. Melissa places the steps on top of LuFisto, then kicks at the steps repeatedly. Back in, Melissa gains a nearfall. Melissa with a stomp to LuFisto for a nearfall. Seated surfboard applied by Melissa, along with knees being driven between the shoulderblades of LuFisto. LuFisto breaks free and hits a series of gut shots. LuFisto with a shoulder tackle, but Melissa does not go down. LuFisto starts to go back off the ropes, but Melissa takes her down by the hair. Melissa stands on the throat of LuFisto and walks across her. Melissa stomps away at LuFisto, then chokes her in the ropes with her knee. Melissa stands on the second rope in the corner and repeatedly kicks at LuFisto. Series of back clubs by Melissa, but LuFisto fights back with gut shots. Another stomp by Melissa, then she locks LuFisto in the Kondo Clutch. LuFisto gets to the ropes to force a break. Melissa with more stomps to LuFisto in the corner, followed by a chest club. Running elbow in the corner by Melissa, then she taunts the crowd. LuFisto avoids another corner charge, then hits Melissa with a running forearm.

LuFisto with the Cannonball in the corner, then hits Melissa with the Dirty Facewash, sending Melissa to the outside. LuFisto goes onto the apron and wipes out Melissa with the Cactus Jack Crack Smash! Back in, LuFisto gains a series of nearfalls. Chinlock applied by LuFisto. Melissa fights out with elbows, then hits a shoulder tackle, but LuFisto does not go down. Melissa starts to go off the ropes, but LuFisto gives Melissa a taste of her own medicine by taking her down by the hair. LuFisto gains another nearfall. Melissa fights back with a series of forearms, but LuFisto hits her with a release German. Melissa then hits a back suplex, but LuFisto pops right up! Melissa misses a clothesline and LuFisto hits a Tiger for a nearfall. LuFisto off the ropes, but Melissa catches her with a Samoan Drop. Strike exchange, then they slug it out. Both go off the ropes and nail each other at the same time with running forearms. Melissa goes again for the Kondo Clutch, but LuFisto kicks her off. Strike exchange from a seated position, followed by a boot exchange, LuFisto gains advantage with a basement head kick. Melissa runs into a back elbow, but then stops LuFisto on the turnbuckles. Melissa gets LuFisto on her shoulders, but LuFisto counters with a reverse rana for a nearfall. We see that because of the back elbow from LuFisto, it busted Melissa wide open above the right eye. Melissa is bleeding profusely as LuFisto goes for the Burning Hammer, but Melissa blocks it. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crash, but LuFisto counters out with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Melissa charges, but LuFisto takes her down and locks Melissa in a Crossface. Melissa crawls and is able to reach the ropes to force a break. LuFisto goes for a German, but Melissa fights out with a low kick. Melissa with a big slap, but LuFisto nails her with a spinning backfist. LuFisto goes again for the Burning Hammer, but Melissa slips out.

Melissa this time hits the Air Raid Crash to retain the title.

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: “The Future Legend” Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Afterwards, Melissa goes to the mount and chokes LuFisto with both hands. Kana runs into the make the save and goes after Melissa, but then Mercedes Martinez runs in and goes after Kana, knocking her down. Mercedes helps up Melissa and gets out of the ring. Mercedes leaves with the bloodied Melissa as Kana helps up LuFisto to end SHIMMER Volume 60.


THOUGHTS: Good main event that really picked up the intensity after Melissa was accidentally busted open. SHIMMER has had people get busted open before that was not accidental, but its ironic that an accidental cut could very well go down as being the most memorable when it comes to that. Outside brawling between these two was very well done as these two are known brawlers, while at the same time, continues to get across Melissa’s new heel persona. False finish with the Crossface was a good way to tease LuFisto possibly winning the title before succumbing to the Air Raid Crash, although I did feel that the finish was rushed due to Melissa’s cut, it seemed like they had to quickly shave off a few minutes because the Air Raid Crash kinda came outta nowhere. While I think that, I actually think it helped the match because after the cut, the finishing sequence was a good, chaotic sprint that works well for someone who is very fast-paced like LuFisto. While the main event was not on the level of the prior 2 matches, it did a good job at setting the table for the 2/3 Falls these two would have at Volume 62 in New Orleans this past April.

Overall, SHIMMER 60 took some time to get going, but once we got to the second half of the show, the pace and intensity of the matches really picked up and the matches between Eagles/Havok, Matthews/Shida, the Tag Title match and the main event definitely earn a recommendation from me on the DVD.

Best Match: 1) 3G vs. Stephie/Nevaeh, 2) Matthews/Shida, 3) Eagles/Havok

Best Performances: 1) Nevaeh, 2) Saraya Knight, 3) Nicole Matthews

Will be back next week with a review of SHIMMER Volume 61, featuring Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

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