Recap of SHIMMER Volume 61 DVD

SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 61
December 1, 2014
Taped on: October 20, 2013
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Commentators: Dave Prazak, Veda Scott
Recap by: Jason Namako of

“The Gem City Queen” Nevaeh w/Mademoiselle Rachelle vs. Santana Garrett

This is Santana’s final match up to this point in SHIMMER as after these tapings, she signed with TNA in early 2014 and is now under the Brittany persona.

Chain wrestling early. Roll-up by Santana for a nearfall. Commentary mentions what happened at the end of SHIMMER 60 with Cheerleader Melissa being cut open above her eye in her match with LuFisto and being currently at a medical facility in Berwyn, getting stitched up. More chain wrestling between the two. Nevaeh takes down Santana and gains a nearfall. Santana with a bridging hammerlock to Nevaeh, but Nevaeh counters out. Nevaeh drops her body weight across the arm of Santana multiple times, gains a nearfall. Santana goes up & over Nevaeh, Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Jackknife Pin by Santana for a nearfall. Inside cradle by Santana for a nearfall. Santana with a series of forearms, followed by a handspring elbow in the corner. Nevaeh avoids a corner charge, then as Santana goes onto the apron, Nevaeh hits her with a STO on the apron!

Back in, Nevaeh slams Santana’s face repeatedly into the mat, gains a nearfall. Nevaeh with a forearm, misses a clothesline, but hits it on the second try for a nearfall. Front chancery applied by Nevaeh, crowd wills on Santana. Santana fights out with gut shots, but Nevaeh catches a kick and hits a spinning back elbow for a nearfall. Nevaeh is beginning to get frustrated. Edge O’Matic by Nevaeh for a nearfall. Nevaeh with forearms from the mount on Santana, gains another nearfall. Santana sent off the turnbuckles, Nevaeh with a series of chops. Santana comes back with a back elbow and a rana from out of the corner.

Santana with 2 flying clotheslines and a Monkey Flip from out of the corner on Nevaeh. Nevaeh blocks another Monkey Flip by Santana and places Santana up top. Santana fights back with back clubs, Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Nevaeh catches Santana off the ropes and goes for the Gem City Driver, but Santana slips off and drives Nevaeh down by the back of her head.

Shining Star Press by Santana for the win.

Winner: Santana Garrett by pinfall (Shining Star Press)

Santana celebrates her win afterward.

“The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok vs. “Crazy” Mary Dobson

Havok wants a knucklelock early, then slaps Dobson across the face, but it only fires Dobson up. Havok misses a clothesline and Dobson with a series of headbutts, followed by a spinning headscissors that sends Havok to the outside. Dobson with a head of steam and wipes out Havok with a tope suicida! Havok comes back with a gut kick and a boot to the face. Chest kick by Havok, followed by a big forearm. Havok lifts up Dobson in a Stretch Muffler and then swings Dobson into the barricade!

Havok lets out a primal scream, then throws Dobson back in. Leg drop by Havok for a nearfall. Havok with a forearm, then blocks a wheelbarrow move by Dobson and locks her in the Hanging Full Nelson. Havok then switches to a Half Nelson Backbreaker, followed by completing the Killer Combo with a clothesline. Dobson fights back with gut shots, but Havok with a back club. Forearm and a shoulder to the ribs of Dobson by Havok in the corner. Havok with a slap, but Dobson avoids a corner charge. Dobson stomps away at Havok, then starts the 10 punches, but Havok slips out and kicks out Dobson’s leg, sending Dobson crashing down to the mat. Crowd wills on Dobson. Havok with the 2 running facewashes in the corner, then chokes Dobson. Havok then completes the trifecta of running facewashes to Dobson. Boston Crab applied by Havok. Dobson refuses to submit and Havok breaks the hold. Crowd again wills on Dobson. Havok with another boot to the head, then goes for a suplex, but Dobson counters it with a DDT for a nearfall.

Havok goozles Dobson, Harlot Slayer (Sit-Out Chokeslam) for the win.

Winner: “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok by pinfall (The Harlot Slayer)

Havok celebrates her win afterward, then the crowd gives Dobson an ovation as she leaves, chanting “Please Come Back.”

We go backstage with a promo from the Kimber Bombs. Cherry Bomb says to Kimber Lee that she doesn’t know about her, but I am really feeling good about this tag team we got going together. Kimber says that she is too and we are on a winning streak. Cherry says its a super winning streak and tonight, we have a shot at the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles. Kimber says that this streak is gonna keep on going because let’s face it, bombshells like us are gonna make those titles look good.

“The Angel of Death” Angie Skye vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

This is Skye’s SHIMMER debut. Skye is known for her time in NCW Femme Fatales and also made an appearance earlier this year for WSU.

Mia extends her hand as the bell sounds, but Skye slaps it away. Skye works over Mia’s arm early and hits a leg kick. Skye takes down Mia, then presses her foot between Mia’s shoulderblades. Mia reverses out and hits some leg kicks of her own. Exchange of reversals, then Mia gives Skye a receipt by pressing her foot down against Skye’s shoulderblades. Mia with a series of armdrags, but Skye avoids a third and stomps Mia. Skye piefaces Mia and paintbrushes her. The two go nose-to-nose, then Skye hits a split jawbreaker for a nearfall.

Skye with a running knee to the ribs of Mia in the corner, followed by a running hip attack to the head of Mia. Mia sent off the turnbuckles, then Skye hits a Final Cut variation for a nearfall. Skye with a chop to the back of Mia, then the two exchange chops from their knees. Skye gains advantage with a series of forearms, then chokes Mia. Skye chokes Mia in the ropes with her knee against Mia’s back. Skye chokes Mia again in the ropes, then mocks the crowd willing on Mia. Mia fights back, but Skye with a back club and a chest kick. Mia fights back again and the two exchange strikes. Mia gains advantage, hits a snapmare, followed by a Victim Kick for a nearfall. Skye rakes the eyes of Mia, then chokes her again, this time in the corner. Mia misses a clothesline and Skye hits a STO for a nearfall. Skye is getting frustrated, screaming in Mia’s face. Skye with a series of stomps to the back of Mia, then locks her in a surfboard with more stomps to the back before driving Mia face-first into the mat. Skye avoids a corner charge by Mia and drop toe holds her into the middle turnbuckle. Skye with Shotgun Knees to the back of Mia in the corner. Skye places Mia’s head against the middle turnbuckle and hits a running dropkick to the posterior of Mia, which jams her head against the middle turnbuckle. Skye goes for a Killswitch variation, but Mia blocks it. German by Mia for a nearfall.

The two exchange strikes from their knees, Skye gains advantage with a series of forearms. Skye misses a clothesline and Mia hits a spin kick for a nearfall. Mia goes for the Package Piledriver, but Skye slips out. Skye with a series of leg and chest kicks to Mia, but Mia catches one and lifts Skye up. Sit-out Powerbomb by Mia for a nearfall.

Mia heads up top, Firebird Splash to Skye for the win.

Winner: “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim by pinfall (Firebird Splash)

Mia celebrates her win afterward.

We go backstage to a promo from SHIMMER Tag Team Champions 3G. Kellie Skater says that we have to win one more match and we walk out of this SHIMMER weekend still the SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. I hear that on Volume 61, we are taking on the new team of Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee. Well, they’re young, they’re talented, but we are 3G, we are international wrestlers, we are the SHIMMER Tag Team Champions and most of all, we got this! You girls think you are bombshells, but we are about to drop a bomb on you, yeah!

Taylor Made vs. Thunderkitty

Thunderkitty calls Taylor “Trailer Made” before the bell. “Trailer Made” chants by the crowd directed towards Taylor. Taylor backs Thunderkitty into the corner and breaks clean. Thunderkitty with a side headlock, Taylor pulls at the hair of Thunderkitty. Thunderkitty with a side headlock takeover, Taylor grabs at Thunderkitty’s eyes. Taylor fights out with a gut shot, but Thunderkitty regains control. Taylor with a hammerlock, but Thunderkitty runs around the ring and eventually sends Taylor to the outside to get free. Thunderkitty goes out after Taylor and gives chase, but Taylor draws Thunderkitty back in and hits a basement dropkick for a nearfall.

Taylor stomps away at Thunderkitty, then pulls at her hair. Taylor sends Thunderkitty into the corner, then Thunderkitty says that at least her hair is not a weave. Taylor unloads with a series of forearms to Thunderkitty, but Thunderkitty avoids a corner charge and rolls up Taylor for a nearfall. Thunderkitty with a gut kick, inside cradle to Taylor for a nearfall. Thunderkitty locks Taylor in the Sleeper, but Taylor drives Thunderkitty into the corner to get free. Taylor with a gut kick, then rakes the eyes of Thunderkitty. Taylor taunts the crowd, crowd wills on Thunderkitty. Chop exchange ensues between the two, then Taylor with a leg kick. Sole Food by Taylor for a nearfall. Taylor misses a clotheline, but counters another Sleeper attempt by Thunderkitty with a jawbreaker. Taylor locks Thunderkitty in a Spinning Toe Hold, then drives Thunderkitty’s face into her chest for a nearfall. Taylor chokes Thunderkitty with her boot in the corner. Taylor with a forearm and a chop, but Thunderkitty fights back with a series of chops. Taylor with a gut kick and a back club, followed by more forearms in the corner. Taylor goes for a running Ace Crusher, but Thunderkitty slips out, sending Taylor crashing to the mat.

Thunderkitty with a clothesline, a drop toe hold and a running basement dropkick for a nearfall. Thunderkitty slips out of a backslide attempt by Taylor, locks her again in the Sleeper, then adds in the body scissors.

Referee Andy Long checks the arm three times and Taylor is out, giving Thunderkitty the win.

Winner: Thunderkitty by submission (Sleeper)

Afterwards, Thunderkitty wakes Taylor up and celebrates her win.

We go to a promo backstage from Madison Eagles. Madison says that she has been undefeated since I have come back from losing my precious and tonight, not only am I facing Kana, who I have beaten before, but I am also facing Shida and I applaud her for beating a Ninja at her own Ninja skills. But in the end, its just another 1-2…..and I’ll get the 3.

“The Riot” Nicole Matthews vs. “The Punk Rock Ragdoll” Heidi Lovelace

Before the match, Matthews comes out wearing a Madison Eagles t-shirt and a cup of Starbucks coffee. Matthews takes off the shirt, puts the shirt on the floor, then pours the entire cup of coffee on the shirt!

Matthews with a side headlock, but Heidi counters out and takes Matthews down into a back bridge. Matthews regains control, but Heidi uses the ropes to reverse back out. Matthews takes Heidi down and locks in a surfboard variation, before switching back to the side headlock. Heidi reverses out with a side headlock of her own. Heidi with a shoulder tackle, then hits an armdrag into an armbar. Matthews counters out with a headscissors, but Heidi quickly gets to the ropes. Chain wrestling between the two, then Matthews goes back to the side headlock. Matthews now with a shoulder tackle, then front flips off a drop down by Heidi, but Heidi with another armdrag. Heidi with a wheelbarrow armdrag, then when Matthews tries to block a Monkey flip, Heidi falls back on the ropes as a slingshot to gain momentum and take Matthews over with the Monkey Flip. Heidi goes for another wheelbarrow move, but Matthews counters it by hot-shotting Heidi throat-first across the top rope.

Matthews chokes Heidi in the ropes, then with her boot in the corner. Matthews with a back elbow, then locks Heidi in a seated surfboard, crowd wills on Heidi. Heidi fights back with gut shots, but Matthews drives her face-first against the mat repeatedly. Matthews with a chop to Heidi in the corner, but Heidi avoids another and hits chops of her own. Matthews then comes back by raking the eyes of Heidi. Matthews catches Heidi going up & over, but Heidi uses her legs and drives Matthews face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Heidi charges, but Matthews drives her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Heidi avoids 2 running forearm attempts by Matthews in the corner and knocks her down.

Heidi with 2 Polish Hammers, followed by a step-up enziguri on Matthews for a nearfall. Matthews misses a clothesline and Heidi hits a release German for a nearfall. Matthews comes back with a savate kick to the ribs, followed by a Brainbuster for a nearfall. Matthews goes for the Vancouver Maneuver, but Heidi counters out with a roll-up for a nearfall. Heidi with a series of forearms to Matthews, followed by a Codebreaker. Heidi heads up top for the Frog Splash, but Matthews hits the ropes to crotch Heidi. Matthews grabs Heidi from out of the corner and hits her with a Spiral Buckle Bomb!

Vancouver Maneuver by Matthews for the win.

Winner: “The Riot” Nicole Matthews by pinfall (Vancouver Maneuver)

Matthews celebrates her win afterward, then Veda Scott leaves commentary to help prepare Christina Von Eerie for her upcoming 3 Stages of Hell Match with Saraya Knight. Crowd gives Heidi an ovation as she leaves.

We go backstage to a promo from Hiroyo Matsumoto. Hiroyo says that Portia stole her Goujira mask. Portia makes me angry. I cannot come back to Japan with no Goujira mask. I need, I need, I need! I want the match. I will destroy Portia!!

Before the match, Nikki Storm has a mic and says let’s play Q & A with Nikki Storm. Yes & no answers only, please. Is Nikki Storm the most beautiful female on the planet? Crowd says no. Is Nikki Storm the best female wrestler in the Galaxy? Crowd again says no. Here’s an easy one just to finish off. Will Nikki Storm still be undefeated in SHIMMER by the end of tonight? Crowd once again says no.

“The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm vs. Leva Bates (dressed as Han Solo from the Star Wars movies)

Crowd chants for Leva as the bell sounds. Storm then yells out that Star Wars sucks. Leva pulls out her gun and Storm backs off. “Han Shot First” chants by the crowd. Storm charges at Leva as the bell sounds, but Leva catches her with a roll-up for a nearfall. Leva then says she knows why Storm wears tights, its because she doesn’t shave her legs. Storm charges again, but Leva with a drop toe hold and an elbow drop to the back of Storm. Leva with a running kneedrop to Storm, who then rolls out onto the apron. Leva charges, but Storm catches her with a shoulder to the ribs. Storm goes for a Sunset Flip back in, but Leva blocks it and hits a leaping Meteora to Storm, sending Storm to the outside to regroup. Storm then grabs Leva’s Wooki she brought out to ringside and slams it repeatedly against the steel steps. Leva grabs Storm by the hair, but Storm hot-shots Leva across the top rope.

Back in, Storm drives Leva face-first against the mat repeatedly. Storm gains a nearfall. Storm with a back rake, a forearm and a back club. Leva kicks Storm off, but Storm with a basement running forearm for a nearfall. Storm stands on Leva’s hair, but Leva rolls her up for a nearfall. Storm knocks down Leva, then hits a snapmare into a head and arm lock. Crowd wills on Leva. Leva fights out with gut shots, but Storm with another forearm. Storm with a headbutt to the ribs, followed by a chest club and a throat shot. Storm taunts the crowd, then says again that Star Wars sucks before choking Leva in the corner. Leva says that Storm sucks, then Storm with more forearms to Leva in the corner. Storm drives the back of Leva’s head against the mat. Leva fights back with a gut kick, followed by a Pedigree for a nearfall.

Leva with a delayed roundhouse kick in the corner, followed by the delayed Shotgun Knees. Leva heads up top, Mushroom Stomp to Storm for a nearfall. Leva heads back up top, but Storm avoids another Mushroom Stomp. Storm lifts up Leva for the Perfect Storm, but Leva counters out with a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Storm with another forearm, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Storm is starting to get frustrated, but then calms herself down. La Magistral by Storm for a nearfall. Storm goes for the Perfect Storm again, but Leva fights out with elbows. Leva goes for the Superhero Kick, but Storm blocks it and hits another forearm. Storm places Leva up top and hits another chest club, followed by a chop. Storm heads up top with Leva, but Leva comes back with a series of back clubs.

Leva hooks Storm, Limit Break (Pepsi Plunge) off the top for the win.

Winner: Leva Bates by pinfall (The Limit Break)

Leva celebrates her win afterward while Storm crawls to the back after suffering her first loss in SHIMMER.

Miss Natural vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Crowd chants for MsChif before the bell. Natural with a side headlock, followed by a spinning side slam for a nearfall. MsChif with a headscissors, but Natural gets free. MsChif with a short-arm clothesline. Forearm exchange, Natural gains advantage. Series of knees to the ribs by Natural, followed by another forearm. MsChif comes back with a series of headbutts, but misses a clothesline and Natural hits a back suplex. MsChif rolls out onto the apron, then Natural nails her with a clothesline.

Natural sets up the steel steps and drives MsChif face-first off of them. Natrual goes for a delayed suplex onto the steps, but MsChif counters out with a DDT onto the floor! Back in, MsChif gains a nearfall. MsChif with a series of back clubs, then hits Code Green for a nearfall. Natural comes back with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Natural drives MsChif into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the ribs. Northern Lights by Natural for a nearfall. Natural unloads with right hands from the mount, followed by a stomp. Natural goes to the middle rope, but MsChif kicks out her leg. MsChif goes up with Natural and goes for Obliteration, but Natural knocks her off the ropes. Natural heads up top, big splash to MsChif for a nearfall. Natural with a swinging Urnangi for a nearfall. Natural is starting to get frustrated. Natural stomps away at MsChif, then sends her throat-first into the middle rope. They head outside, where MsChif drives Natural down to the floor. MsChif hits the series of double stomps to the back of Natural in the corner from the apron.

Back in, MsChif goes for the Descreator, but Natural slips out. Natural goes for the Natural Disaster, but MsChif slips out of that. Natural slips out of another Descreator attempt, but MsChif counters another Natural Disaster attempt with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Natural with a facebuster to MsChif for a nearfall. Natural goes up to the middle rope, but MsChif stops her. Natural fights back, but MsChif with a series of back elbows and sets Natural up on the middle rope.

MsChif heads up with Natural and this time hits her with Obliteration for the win.

Winner: “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif by pinfall (Obliteration)

MsChif celebrates her win afterward.

We see video from Volume 60 when Portia Perez cheated to defeat Hiroyo Matsumoto and then stole Hiroyo’s Goujira mask afterwards, adding to her collection of things Portia has stolen from other wrestlers.

Volume 60 Return Match: “The Canadian Ninja” Portia Perez vs. “The Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto

Hiroyo quickly goes after Portia as the bell sounds. Hiroyo unloads on Portia with right hands, then takes back her Goujira mask and places it in a different corner. Hiroyo with a double sledge to the back of Portia, then takes back MsChif’s entrance attire from off of Portia and places it in the same corner. Hiroyo with a gut kick and a big chop to Portia. Another chop by Hiroyo, then she finally takes back the robe of Thunderkitty and places it in the same corner. Hiroyo goes to fold up the robe, but it allows Portia to nail Hiroyo with a series of back clubs. Series of standing switches, then Hiroyo with a forearm, but as she starts to go off the ropes, Portia sweeps out her legs with the use of Thunderkitty’s robe.

Portia with a series of double sledges to the back of Hiroyo, then goes to remove the top turnbuckle pad, but the ref stops her. Hiroyo stomps away at Portia, then goes up & over and catches Portia coming in with a side slam for a nearfall. Hiroyo misses a clothesline and Portia hits a Flatliner for a nearfall. Another double sledge by Portia, then she grabs the Goujira mask and whips Hiroyo with it. Portia chokes Hiroyo in the ropes, then rolls her up for a nearfall. Basement dropkick by Portia, followed by more double sledges to the back. Portia taunts the crowd. Hiroyo fights back with gut shots, but Portia with another double sledge to the back. Chinlock applied by Portia as she taunts Hiroyo. Crowd wills on Hiroyo. Hiroyo gets to the ropes, but Portia stomps away at her. Forearm and a chop by Portia, followed by a snapmare and a dropkick to the back for a nearfall. Portia goes to remove the top turnbuckle pad again, but again the ref stops her. Portia with a right hand to Hiroyo, but Hiroyo goes onto the apron and hot-shots Portia throat-first across the top rope.

Hiroyo heads up top, missile dropkick to Portia for a nearfall. Hiroyo goes for the Hiroyo Stone, but Portia blocks it with elbows. Strike exchange, Hiroyo fires up, but Portia catches her with a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Portia goes for the Superkick, but Hiroyo avoids it. Hiroyo goes for the Backdrop Driver, but Portia blocks it with elbows. Hiroyo with a Polish Hammer variation for a nearfall. Hiroyo goes for the Backdrop Driver again, but Portia holds onto referee PJ Drummond’s shirt to block it. Hiroyo with a back club and charges, but Portia shoves the referee into the way, causing Hiroyo to lay him out accidentally with an avalanche! Portia with a throat shot, then removes the top turnbuckle pad from one of the corners. Hiroyo grabs Portia and goes to send her into the exposed turnbuckle, but Nicole Matthews runs in and nails Hiroyo from behind. Hiroyo sends Matthews into Portia, but the Ninjas with a double gut kick. Ninjas go for a double team on Hiroyo, but Hiroyo counters it and hits the Ninjas with a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX!! Hiroyo goes for the Backdrop Driver again, but Portia stops it by raking the eyes of Hiroyo. Portia goes to send Hiroyo into the exposed turnbuckle, but MsChif & Thunderkitty run in and stop Portia from doing so. MsChif & Thunderkitty each with a forearm to Portia, then Hiroyo sends Portia face-first off the exposed turnbuckle!

Backdrop Driver by Hiroyo, referee comes to and Hiroyo gets the win.

Winner: “The Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto by pinfall (Backdrop Driver)

Hiroyo, MsChif & Thunderkitty celebrate Hiroyo’s win afterward while Matthews helps Portia to the back. MsChif & Thunderkitty reclaim their entrance attire that Portia stole from them and they leave as Hiroyo continues to celebrate her win and reclaim her Goujira mask.

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: The Kimber Bombs (Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee) vs. 3G (“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) (c’s)

Kimber & Nakagawa start. Kimber with a toe kick to Nakagawa, followed by a forearm. Nakagawa with a toe kick of her own, but Kimber drives her down by the hair and gains a nearfall, then Nakagawa bridges out of the pin and nails Kimber with a dropkick. Kimber misses a clothesline and Nakagawa with another dropkick. Kimber puts Nakagawa on the brakes, then runs over and tags in Cherry, who is not happy about being tagged in. Skater tags in, Cherry misses a clothesline and Skater with a dropkick, followed by slam. Spinning back kick to the knee of Cherry by Skater, then Skater with a suplex to Cherry for a nearfall. Nakagawa comes in and 3G with a double hiptoss and sandwich basement dropkicks to Cherry for a nearfall. Skater off the ropes, but Kimber with a knee to the back of Skater from the apron, allowing Cherry to hit a knee to the ribs, followed by a running swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Cherry with a series of back clubs to Skater. Kimber in, stomp to the back of Skater. Skater sent off the turnbuckles, then Kimber shooshes the crowd and hits a series of big chops. Skater fights back with chops of her own, but then Kimber with an eye poke. Kimber with a snapmare and a Victim Kick to Skater for a nearfall. Skater sent off the turnbuckles, Cherry tags in and stomps away at Skater, followed by choking her with her boot. Cherry with more back clubs to Skater, then hits a clothesline in the corner for a nearfall. Cherry mocks Skater trying to tag in Nakagawa and hits a kneelift. Skater again sent off the turnbuckles, Kimber tags in. Kimber Bombs with running forearms to Skater in the corner, then Kimber rakes the face of Skater against the top rope. Kimber taunts Nakagawa, drawing her in so that the Kimber Bombs can double team Skater, choking her in the corner. Cherry in, stereo leg kicks by the Kimber Bombs, followed by a double bulldog for a nearfall. Cherry with a double sledge to the back of Skater, then sends her again off the turnbuckles. Crowd wills on Skater. Cherry runs into a boot by Skater in the corner, causing Skater to go out onto the apron. Skater with a forearm to Cherry, but Cherry hot-shots her throat-first across the top rope, sending Skater to the outside. Kimber stomps away at Skater on the outside, then sends her back in while Nakagawa runs over to help out Skater, but to no avail. Cherry gains another nearfall and is starting to get frustrated. Skater fights back with gut shots, but Cherry with another back club. Kimber in, gut kick to Skater. Kimber chokes Skater in the ropes. Skater tries to fight back again, but Kimber regains control. Cherry in, double sledge to the back of Skater. Cherry slams Skater face-first off the mat, then locks Skater in a hammerlock while sitting on Skater’s back. Crowd wills on Skater again, but Cherry drives her back down to the mat and gains another nearfall. Skater blocks a suplex by Cherry and hits one of her own, both women down.

Kimber & Nakagawa get the tags in. Kimber misses a clothesline and Nakagawa nails her with a step-up enziguri. Nakagawa with a step-up enziguri to Cherry, then hits a Fisherman on Kimber for a nearfall. Skater with a head kick to Kimber and a kick to the knee, then Nakagawa with a running basement clothesline, but Cherry breaks up the pin. Skater stomps away at Cherry and sends her to the outside. 3G goes for the Hangover on Kimber, but Kimber avoids it. Cherry gets back in and sends Skater to the outside. Kimber with a gut kick to Nakagawa and the Kimber Bombs hit the Detonator (Codebreaker/Release German combo) on Nakagawa, but Skater runs in and breaks up the pin at the last possible second! Cherry with a dropkick to the knees to Skater, followed by a running basement forearm. Kimber sets up Nakagawa next to Skater, then tells Cherry to go up top, which Cherry is reluctant to do. Kimber mocks 3G by saying that we got this. Kimber goes up with Cherry and goes to superplex her onto 3G, who are still down, but they take too much time setting this up, allowing Skater to stop them. 3G then powerbombs Kimber down off the turnbuckles, while at the same time, Kimber superplexes Cherry down, but there is no one in the pool as Cherry hits nothing but mat!

3G this time hit Kimber with the Hangover to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL SHIMMER Tag Team Champions: 3G by pinfall (The Hangover)

3G celebrate their title retention afterwards. Crowd chants for 3G as they leave.

We see video from Volume 60 and how the Christina Von Eerie/Saraya Knight 3 Stages of Hell match was made, which is NEXT!

3 Stages of Hell Match: “Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie

This match will be consisted in 3 five-minute matches, British Rounds style. First fall must be won by pinfall. Second fall must be won by submission. Third fall, if necessary, will be consisted under Hardcore Rules. If a fall is not reached in each five-minute match, it will be ruled a draw.

“Oi’ chants for Von Eerie before the bell. Saraya charges at Von Eerie as the bell sounds and the two go at it. They go down to the mat and Saraya gets a 1 count. Von Eerie takes Saraya down, but then Saraya gains a nearfall. Saraya backs Von Eerie into the ropes and pulls at her neck in the ropes. Saraya takes Von Eerie down again and gets another 1 count. Saraya with a gut shot and a kick down low. Von Eerie fights back with a series of right hands, but Saraya blocks a pin attempt and hooks Von Eerie in a body scissors. Von Eerie kicks Saraya off, then hits a knee strike. Von Eerie with a chop in the corner, a snapmare and a Victim Kick, but Saraya gets to the ropes before a 3 count. Von Eerie unloads with forearms from the mount. Headbutt by Von Eerie for a nearfall. Saraya with a series of gut shots and a right hand. Knightmare applied by Saraya, but the ref tells her to break as Saraya can only win this fall by pinfall. Backslide by Saraya for a nearfall. Von Eerie with a back suplex for a nearfall. Leg Clutch by Saraya for a nearfall. Roll-up by Von Eerie for a nearfall. Von Eerie with another roll-up, but Saraya grabs the ropes. Von Eerie gains another nearfall. Saraya with a gut kick, followed by a running side slam for a nearfall. Von Eerie with a gut kick and a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Saraya with a boot to the head as time expires for the first fall.

Time limit expires on the first fall, ruled a draw.

Saraya quickly locks Von Eerie in a Camel Clutch while also pulling at Von Eerie’s mohawk as this fall can only be won by submission. Crowd wills on Von Eerie with the “Oi” chant. Saraya breaks the hold, then grabs a pair of brass knuckles from her jean shorts. Von Eerie with a series of gut kicks as referee Andy Long removes the knucks from the ring. Cobra Clutch applied by Von Eerie and she takes Saraya down. Von Eerie adds in the body scissors along with the Cobra Clutch, then sends Saraya to the outside. Von Eerie dares Saraya to get back in, but Saraya tells her to come get her. Von Eerie goes out after Saraya, but Saraya with a gut shot. Saraya goes onto the apron, but Von Eerie with a series of kicks down low, giving Saraya a taste of her own medicine. Von Eerie goes for an Apron Pedigree, but Saraya blocks it and backdrops Von Eerie on the apron! Back in, Saraya locks Von Eerie in the Bridal Rocking Horse, but Von Eerie reverses it and puts the Bridal Rocking Horse on Saraya. Von Eerie releases, then switches to a Bow & Arrow variation.

Saraya submits, giving Von Eerie the second fall.

Christina Von Eerie wins the second fall via submission (Bow & Arrow, Von Eerie up 1-0)

Saraya goes outside and throws in a bunch of weapons into the ring as this final fall will be under Hardcore Rules. Von Eerie nails Saraya in the head with something, then hits a series of forearms. Von Eerie chokes Saraya with a chain, but Saraya gets free and biels Von Eerie with the chain. Saraya with a series of knee strikes while dragging Von Eerie by the neck with the chain. Saraya goes to the middle rope and pulls back on the chain, choking Von Eerie. Saraya hot-shots Von Eerie across the top rope, then nails her in the head with a steel bucket multiple times. Saraya grabs a staple gun, but Von Eerie stops her. Saraya nails Von Eerie, then grabs a $20 dollar bill from a fan and STAPLES IT ONTO THE FOREHEAD OF VON EERIE!! Saraya asks for another dollar bill and staples it again to the head of Von Eerie! Von Eerie is busted open from the staples as Saraya continues to staple her in the head. Saraya charges, but Von Eerie avoids her and Saraya goes head-first into the steel steps. Back in, Saraya with another kick down low and a slap. Von Eerie now with a kick down low, then hits another Victim Kick. Von Eerie removes her studded belt from her jeans and chokes Saraya with it, with the studs in the mouth of Saraya!

Von Eerie continues to pull back and Saraya finally taps, giving Von Eerie the win.

Christina Von Eerie wins the third fall by submission.

Winner: “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie (2 falls to 0)

Von Eerie celebrates her win afterward.

“The Punisher” Madison Eagles vs. “The World Famous” Kana vs. Hikaru Shida

Eagles comes out with her coffee-soaked t-shirt that Nicole Matthews poured coffee on earlier and very upset about it. Eagles yells at the ref before the match to bring Matthews out here so she can kill her for doing that to her shirt and the ref refuses. Eagles is announced as being the only remaining undefeated former SHIMMER titleholder on the roster. Kana is not wearing facepaint for this match.

Eagles & Shida get into a shoving match as the bell sounds with Kana making peace. Eagles pulls out a fork and yells that she is gonna fork Shida, but referee PJ Drummond stops her from doing so. Kana then pulls out a spoon from her top. “Spoon” chants by the crowd. Shida then grabs her kendo stick. Eagles goes outside and pulls out a broom from underneath the ring, which scares Kana. Shida then smacks the broom away with her kendo stick. Eagles avoids a kendo stick shot by Shida, but Kana nails her in the head with the spoon. Eagles takes down Shida, but then Kana again nails her in the head with the spoon. Kana & Shida double team Eagles, hitting a double back elbow and a drop toe hold/basement dropkick combo. Shida holds Eagles in a Camel Clutch position for Kana, but Kana instead nails Shida with a flying kick.

Eagles with a gut kick to Kana, then catches Kana off a leapfrog and slams her down. Eagles with an armdrag, then the two exchange sweeps and nearfalls. Kana with a Fujiwara armbar applied to Eagles, but Shida throws the kendo stick at Kana to break up the submission. Crowd chants for Shida. Shida with a series of forearms to Eagles, but Eagles catches her and drives Shida into the corner. Eagles runs into a boot by Shida, then Shida nails Eagles with a running high knee. Eagles blocks a suplex by Shida, but Shida catches a kick and takes Eagles down. Shida goes to lock Eagles in a bridging Indian Deathlock, but Kana stops her. Kana then with an Octopus to Shida while Shida has Eagles’ legs tied up. Strike exchange between Shida & Kana, Kana with a spinning back kick to the ribs. Shida with a forearm to Kana, but then Eagles with a forearm to Shida. Kana & Shida then with a double dropkick to Eagles.

Shida misses a forearm and Kana with a series of leg kicks. Shida then catches a kick by Shida, lifts her up and hits an overhead backbreaker. Shida goes for the 3 Count on Kana, but Kana blocks it, then Shida blocks a sliding kick by Kana. Kana avoids another basement running kick by Shida, but then Shida nails her with a running basement knee to the back of the head for a nearfall. Kana blocks a suplex by Shida and hits a spin kick, but Eagles breaks up the pin by grabbing Kana and nailing her with a back suplex. Eagles stomps away at Kana, but then Shida nails Eagles with a missile dropkick off the top, while at the same time, splashing Kana for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Shida avoids a head kick by Eagles and rolls her up, but Kana breaks up by rolling up Shida, but then Eagles breaks that up by rolling up Kana for a nearfall. Kana reverses the pin attempt on Eagles for a nearfall that Shida breaks up. Eagles with a series of leg kicks to Shida, followed by a head kick. Eagles heads up top, but Shida stops her. Shida heads up top with Eagles and hits a Super Rana, but Kana breaks up the pin. Shida with a series of forearms to Kana, but Kana with a spinning backfist. Eagles loads up her boot with her fork and nails Kana with a fork-assisted head kick.

Hellbound by Eagles to Shida for the win.

Winner: “The Punisher” Madison Eagles by pinfall (Hellbound)

Eagles removes the fork from her boot afterwards to avoid the ref seeing it, then celebrates her win. “Please come back” chants for Shida as she leaves.

We see video from the main event of SHIMMER 60 between Cheerleader Melissa and LuFisto for the SHIMMER Title where LuFisto cut open Melissa above the eye with an errant elbow. This will be the first volume in SHIMMER history that Melissa will not be wrestling on after a streak of 60 consecutive volumes due to Melissa having to go to the hospital to get stitches.

Mercedes Martinez makes her way to the ring and grabs a mic. Mercedes says that there is a lot of things that are happening here in SHIMMER. We all know that Melissa got busted open by LuFisto, that I do not condone. Right now, as Melissa is getting stitched up at the hospital, I’m gonna do things our way. So LuFisto, you wanna fight? I got clear instructions for some revenge on you from Melissa, so come out on now, hunnita, cuz tonight is gonna be a No Time Limit, Falls Count Anywhere Match.

LuFisto’s music hits and she runs out from the back, hopping the guardrail and goes after Mercedes as the bell sounds for our main event.

Main Event in a No Time Limit, Falls Count Anywhere Match: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto

LuFisto unloads with right hands and kicks to Mercedes at the entranceway. LuFisto sends Mercedes face-first off the apron, then drives her into the barricade. Series of forearms by LuFisto, then she sends Mercedes into the crowd. LuFisto chokes Mercedes with her boot. Mercedes fights back and unloads with chest clubs to LuFisto, followed by a big boot that knocks LuFisto out of a chair. Mercedes gets a 1 count. LuFisto fights back with chops, but Mercedes with a right hand and a chop. They head back to ringside and Mercedes sends LuFisto back into the ring. Spinebuster by Mercedes for a nearfall. LuFisto sent off the turnbuckles and Mercedes with another right hand. More chest clubs by Mercedes to LuFisto in the corner. Mercedes with a series of gut shots to LuFisto, followed by a running forearm. Mercedes goes to the bottom rope and repeatedly hits LuFisto with boots to the head in the corner. LuFisto comes back with a roll-up, a backslide and La Magistral to Mercedes for a series of nearfalls. LuFisto with a crossbody to the back of Mercedes as Mercedes was draped across the middle rope. LuFisto traps Mercedes’ arms in the ropes and pulls back on them with her foot pressed against Mercedes’ back. LuFisto repeatedly kicks at Mercedes’ head from the bottom rope, then goes out onto the apron and hits a running front kick that sends Mercedes to the outside. LuFisto gains a nearfall. LuFisto sends Mercedes into the barricade, then hits a big overhand chop. Mercedes tries to run into the crowd and LuFisto gives chase. Mercedes with a right hand to LuFisto while standing on a chair. Mercedes stomps away at LuFisto, then gains another nearfall. Mercedes sends LuFisto head-first off a chair, but LuFisto fights back with more gut shots and chops. LuFisto slams Mercedes on the floor for a nearfall. LuFisto places Mercedes on a chair and unloads with 10 punches while standing on the chair, then bites Mercedes’ forehead. Series of kicks by LuFisto, then she presses against Mercedes’ arm against the chair.

They head back to ringside with LuFisto placing Mercedes by the barricade. Series of chops by LuFisto, but then Mercedes sends her into the barricade and nails her with a running boot. Mercedes gains a nearfall. Crowd wills on LuFisto. Another big chop by Mercedes, followed by a right hand. LuFisto blocks a suplex and suplexes Mercedes at the entranceway. LuFisto sets up the steel steps and sends Mercedes face-first off of them. LuFisto charges, but Mercedes moves and LuFisto crashes into the steps, ribs-first. Mercedes gains another nearfall. Mercedes grabs a chair from underneath the ring and nails LuFisto across the back with it. Mercedes throws the chair into the ring and brings LuFisto back in as well.

Mercedes stomps away at LuFisto, then sets up the chair and seats LuFisto on it. Mercedes with more chest clubs, then goes off the ropes, but LuFisto drop toe holds her face-first onto the chair! LuFisto with a running boot to Mercedes, who was seated on the chair, for a nearfall. LuFisto heads up top and goes for a diving headbutt, but Mercedes moves out of the way. Mercedes grabs LuFisto, says “this is for you, Melissa!” and hits LuFisto with Melissa’s Curb Stomp for a nearfall. Mercedes can’t believe it! Mercedes sets up the chair and places LuFisto up top, followed by another right hand. Mercedes goes up top with LuFisto and goes for a superplex onto the chair, but LuFisto fights out of it with a headbutt, trapping Mercedes in the Tree of Woe. LuFisto heads up top, GHETTO STOMP to Mercedes!! LuFisto gains a nearfall and now she can’t believe it! LuFisto calls for the Burning Hammer, but all of a sudden, Cheerleader Melissa runs in and nails LuFisto in the head with the SHIMMER Title belt. Melissa stands over LuFisto and says to her “10 stitches, you dumb b***h! Do you really think 10 stitches is gonna keep me away from here?” Melissa slaps LuFisto, then Mercedes sets up the chair.

Fisherman’s Buster on the chair by Mercedes for the win.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster on a Chair)

Melissa & Mercedes celebrate Mercedes’ win afterwards and stand tall over the fallen LuFisto to close out SHIMMER 61.


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