Adam Martin reviews WWE RAW for 3/2/15

WWE RAW Review
March 3, 2015
By: Adam Martin of

After a solid Fastlane PPV and a fun post-PPV RAW last week, WWE was looking at the start of a solid four weeks to hype the biggest show of the year in Santa Clara.

Standards around this time of the year should be high. WrestleMania is in 26 days. The pressure is on and WWE appears to be on a good track albeit a few bumps.

Roman Reigns opens and closes the show

It’s smart by WWE to let Roman Reigns show off his offensive. It isn’t smart to let him talk for long periods of time. His leap over the top rope was impressive. Reigns walking us through Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble wasn’t. That spear on Rollins coming off the top rope looked great. Reigns botching another line is just flat out uncomfortable. Limit the talking on the end of Reigns and this next three weeks may not be so cringeworthy.

Hot potato with the Intercontinental Championship

I’m really enjoying the storyline with people stealing Bad News Barrett’s WWE Intercontinental Championship. R-Truth was very entertaining on commentary. Dean Ambrose was fun in the ring. Luke Harper intimidating Truth worked. Dolph Ziggler getting that customary smart mark pop in New Jersey played out wonderful. Toss in some Daniel Bryan “YES” chants and you have what looks to be a fun ladder match on 3/29.

WWE, John Cena take advantage of the smark New Jersey crowd

John Cena was walking into hostile territory in New Jersey last night and WWE knew it. From his promo accentuating the hatred from the boo birds to Stephanie denying his entry into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, everything was entertaining. Rusev telling one of the biggest WWE stars of all time “no” for the second week in a row is working. We’ll get Cena vs. Rusev at WrestleMania, but the ride to get there sure is fun so far.

Jon Stewart low blows Seth Rollins

I know the customary thing to do on the internet is to complain loudly about another celebrity appearing on WWE television. I get it and it’s never bothered me. This is one of the most watched shows on cable every week (other wrestling media ignore this for some odd reason) and it makes sense for things like this to play out for added publicity. Stewart spoke well and his limited physical interaction with Rollins worked. Smile everyone.

Paul Heyman delivers yet again

Heyman is continuing to show his value as a performer for WWE week in and week out with his promo on Monday night. His ability to express the importance of something is not overlooked on this end and with a very rough presentation from Reigns on the microphone, Heyman’s involvement will be key in the remaining weeks leading up to WrestleMania 31. Plus, it was fun to play off Lesnar showing up at UFC 184 this past weekend.

Quick thoughts

The Miz commercial wasn’t funny. Swing and a miss, WWE.

The visual of Bray Wyatt setting a casket on fire was extremely well done.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Natalya, The Usos and Naomi all work very, very well together.

#AxelMania is running wild and I’m still enjoying it. Good for Axel.

Triple H playing with the emotions of Booker T was a fun segment.

AJ Lee got a nice reaction for her return. Here’s to hoping she stays interesting.

Overall impression

WWE has had pretty good run of RAW episodes the last two weeks. WrestleMania season is here and I have no problem keeping standards high. The focus for the card seems to be on track. Now they just need to keep this pattern going for another three weeks.

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