The Final Impact
March 6, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

The best way I can describe tonight’s Impact is just a great, fun night of in-ring action! We had some really solid wrestling along with some good storyline progression and promos. This was one of the better episodes of Impact, along with Lockdown, since coming to Destination America in my opinion.

The promo between BDC and Galloway was solid and yes Galloway was pandering to the crowd big time but I liked the fan interaction he had. King and Galloway put on a really good TV match but my complaint for that was how they just tossed Galloway into the ring nonchalantly in his in-ring debut for TNA. That was super lame and really added nothing to it but the match itself was really good and I think Galloway can do some awesome things in TNA.

Bram and Matt Hardy had a solid match as well and the interaction between Bram and Storm backstage was interesting to say the least. Those two characters could end up clashing at some point in what would be one of the more intense feuds we’ve seen in awhile. Neither one of them would even have to turn babyface either, that kind of rivalry could work with two heels just beating the piss out of each other. I don’t think Bram is going to join The Revolution though, but I could be wrong.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 put on a hell of a promo duel there and I really enjoyed both of them. Their feud has been relatively entertaining throughout even if it has been drawn out a bit (likely due to EC3’s injury more than anything).

The Kong-Terrell match was pretty much done to set up a 3-Way also involving Gail and the tease between Gail and Kong possibly rehashing their rivalry was very welcome. I think everyone would love to see those two feud again, but it doesn’t have to involve the Knockouts Title so it gives them an out to keep the belt on Terrell and letting her feud with someone else like maybe Havok while Kong and Gail beat the piss out of each other some more.

The Revolution/Wolves match was really fun, fast paced tag team wrestling. All the interference was to be expected but they did everything well involving Matt Hardy and the others. Those team teams work really well together and I would love to see them in a 20 minute match going all out.

They set up the 3-Way really well all night with the video packages along with the tease of a fight between the three early in the show. The 3-way itself was awesome with all three guys working hard and putting out a great effort. Angle is a monster with those suplexes, the ten Rolling German Suplexes was just crazy, and they continue the EY-Roode rivalry with the finish along with set up what should be an incredible first time ever match between Lashley and Angle (hard to believe they have never faced each other) and one that I am damn sure looking forward to as an early match of the year candidate if they give them time.

My biggest complaint for the show was the stupid, horrible, dumbass decision to air a commercial (twice mind  you)  hyping up the Angle-Lashley match two weeks from now during the show spoiling the Main Event for later. Why in the hell would anyone, whether it was TNA or Destination America’s decision, think that is a good idea? Such a stupid decision.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Spud/EC3
– Match of the Night: Angle-Roode-EY (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

Until next week… PEACE!

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