3/21 ROH TV: Fun, frenetic main event

Jason Namako’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV Review
March 25, 2015
Review by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Well, it looks like I will finally be getting the opportunity to do a weekly TV review, along with the weekly recap, of Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV as my back catalog of wrestling viewing has finally been caught up with. Will also be doing weekly reviews of the other shows I cover on Wrestleview in Lucha Underground and NXT and you fine folks will see those starting this week as well. So, without further adieu, let’s get to the inaugural Ring of Honor TV review, shall we?

Jay Briscoe-Jimmy Jacobs put on a fun, frenetic sprint of a main event

This was a really good main event between two Ring of Honor veterans for the top prize in the company. Loved the storytelling in this of Jacobs being the guy who constantly feels overlooked when it comes to title shots, finally getting one against the dominant champion in Jay Briscoe and throwing out every piece of arsenal in his playbook to win the one title that has eluded him throughout his time in Ring of Honor, the Ring of Honor World Title. From busting out every signature move in his playbook in succession, to the Inward Ace Crusher on the floor, to the Super Contra Code, Jacobs threw everything he had at Jay Briscoe, who while dominant, has recently been seen has somewhat vulnerable as champion, but nothing got Jacobs that elusive win in this match.

The tease of Jacobs walking out on the match after hitting the Super Contra Code, questioning whether or not he could actually win the title, then firing himself back up after staring at the Ring of Honor World Title belt, was a very cool visual. In the end, Jay retained the title, but the post-match of Jacobs adhering to the Code of Honor for the first time since the Decade faction was formed last year was a big moment and was a nice stamp on what will imminently be the end of Jacobs’ tenure with Ring of Honor as he heads to greener pastures.

Very good main event, great storytelling, go check this out.

DALTON CASTLE, nuff said

Dalton Castle made himself into someone people will have to keep their eyes on in one night with his segment with Jay Lethal and subsequent match. Everything about Castle, from the entrance, to the promo challenging Lethal, to his facial expressions, to Lethal just giving a look of puzzlement, was right on point on this show. The match itself to me was secondary from Castle’s standpoint as he had already succeeded in what he set out to do in showcasing to a new audience his “Peacock” persona.

If Castle is gonna be used as a regular for Ring of Honor going forward, that’s nothing but a real, positive move for not just Castle, but for Ring of Honor as well to get a very likable persona in their mid-card. Good stuff here.

Who is the best champion in Ring of Honor? Looks like we will soon find out

Much like I mentioned in the review of the 3/13 Ring of Honor “The Conquest Tour: Milwaukee” VOD, after months of teasing it, it looks like we will be seeing soon a collision course between World Champion Jay Briscoe and Television Champion Jay Lethal to determine who is the best champion in the Ring of Honor and that, to me, is the best direction Ring of Honor can go about things for their next PPV in June, Best in the World in New York City. Another subtle tease of that occurred on this show with Lethal first not accepting Castle’s challenge, but Castle goading him by saying that he would then challenge Jay Briscoe since he is a REAL champion.

Quite simply put, Jay Lethal is having the best title reign of any champion in pro wrestling today. His re-birth last year into this heel persona, very 1980s NWA Champion Ric Flair-esque, has been nothing sort of sensational. The chemistry with Truth Martini and the additions of muscle in J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak into the House of Truth have given Lethal the one missing piece he needed to become a bona-fided superstar. I was dead wrong about how I felt the Lethal heel turn would work with Martini and boy am I happy that I was wrong because Lethal’s work over the last year has been the best in his career.

The booking of making Lethal & Jay Briscoe as being two dominant singles champions over the last year and now heading into this collision with one another has been very well-done by Ring of Honor and I cannot wait to see whenever their big-time match takes place.

Other notes from this week’s TV

* Roderick Strong continues to be on a tear, with a good match against Bobby Fish. Strong is another one who is putting on some of the best work of his career from an overall standpoint in both Ring of Honor and other promotions Strong is currently in.

* Slowly, but steadily, we are continuing the build-up to the reveal about who is behind the Knights of the Rising Dawn faction. The stuff they have done so far has been very unique and intriguing, looking forward to the reveal whenever it takes place.

Overall, with a very good main event with a great story, a breakout performance by a new figure and the continuing of exposition towards the next big-time Ring of Honor PPV main event, Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV this week was a very effective and fun hour of professional wrestling.

Go check out it out this Thursday (3/26) for free over at http://www.rohwrestling.com/tv/

Best Match: Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs
MVP: Jimmy Jacobs

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Will be back next week with another Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV review. Also, be sure to check out this week’s inaugural reviews of NXT and Lucha Underground, as well as reviews upcoming for the 3/14 Ring of Honor “The Conquest Tour: Chicago Ridge” and maybe even some reviews from the world of independent wrestling!

‘Til next week, I extend my hand to you all for a cyber Code of Honor, have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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