The Final Impact
March 27, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

TNA is just flat out fun right now, that is as easy as I can describe it. I had a chance to go back and watch Ultimate X and Angle-Lashley from last week, since I missed them due to technical difficulties, and they were awesome. TNA follows that up with another hellacious match between Storm and Hardy plus some solid mic work and a fun Six Man Tag Team Match. Since really the summer of last year TNA has been really good, actually the best they have been in years in my opinion and I really hope they don’t let up any time soon.

The opening promo between Hardy and Storm was really solid and Hardy’s intensity was nice to see with him being off TV for almost two months. Jeff taking out the members of The Revolution throughout the night was a nice touch and the fight between he and Koya was crazy. Four beer bottles to the head being needed to take Koya out definitely doesn’t make him look like a chump by any stretch of the imagination.

Spud-Ki was okay but Ki pretty much dominated 90% of the match. I know that they are playing up the “underdog” role for Spud but he needs to get in more than he is getting right now if they want him to be taken seriously. The promo between BDC and Galloway after the match was really good stuff especially from King and MVP.

Kong and Brooke looked like it was just going to be a squash match for Kong but Brooke started getting in more offense than I expected. The big thing though was the spot at the end with Kong destroying Taryn Terrell through a table. It is going to be interesting to see if Terrell can ever truly get the better of Kong like Gail Kim was able to back in the day.

The promo between Angle and all the potential challengers was nice, and though I don’t think Aries needs to rush into cashing in his shot any time soon I think it is nice to see them make sure we all remember that he has his shot. Everyone was really good and it led nicely into the six man tag which was fun, especially the double team offense from Aries and Roode. They were awesome as the Dirty Heels team and I though that they didn’t even scratch the surface with them as a team. With The Wolves likely out for quite some time with Eddie Edwards’ recent injury it could be a nice time to see those two come back together for awhile, the offense they would put together as a babyface team would be insane. Roode-EY from a few weeks ago should have been the end of their rivalry, I don’t understand why they need “one final battle” but hopefully it is good nonetheless.

Bram and Magnus had another nice brawl and I am really looking forward to their match next week. It should be pretty brutal and intense.

I loved the visual of Hardy screaming at Storm through the cage and how intense both men looked. That is the way it should be headed into a rivalry finish match between two hated rivals. Hardy SHOULD want to destroy Storm after he did what he did to Jeff and then what he also did to Matt. The match itself was top notch with both guys busting their asses and bumping like crazy for each other. I was really interested to see how Jeff was going to get around their being a roof on the cage so he couldn’t do his usual big spot (or two) off the top. He did so by hanging off the ceiling and doing an insane Frankensteiner and then the finish where he swung back and forth off the ceiling into a Splash for the pin. I thought the finish was very original and a good way to end a great match. Jeff Hardy is insane and he never disappoints in these times of matches.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: The World Title situation
– Match of the Night: Hardy vs. Storm (****)
– Overall Grade: A

Until next week… PEACE!

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