7/2 Smackdown: This show had it all

Dustin Holland reviews WWE Smackdown for 7/2/15

WWE Smackdown Review
July 3, 2015
By: Dustin Holland of Wrestleview.com

With Battleground being two weeks away, I was expecting a “filler” type show much like we have been accustomed to lately. Smackdown has become a great set up show for Pay Per View and Special Events, but usually they wait until the week of one of these types of events to pull out all the stops.

This week was surprising though. This show had it all. Quality matches, well timed promos and good fan reactions. This was the type of show that would typically air on a Thursday before a PPV. This is two weeks in a row of quality Smackdown shows. The only thing missing is the act two of a lot of rivalries that don’t typically work Smackdown tapings. If we had more Orton, Lesnar and Authority appearances, I feel the show would really gain more appeal from those who have previously given up and quit watching.

Old Friends

My favorite match of the night was Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose. The matches they had in the past were some of my favorites last year. The intensity that these two bring with every move is by far what draws me in. Whether they are hitting the ropes or laying on haymakers, it is intense.  The match on Thursday showed me once again why I miss that feud. They drew me in. I even hit rewind to see the DDT from Ambrose one more time. He sells that move more than any current superstar on the roster. He makes it look like a finisher again every time he hits it. The fact that this match ended in a clean pin fall by Wyatt shows that both competitors are expected to take it to the limit every night. If this match would have ended in a disqualification, not only would I have been upset, but that live crowd would have been lost for the night. It’s not too often that you get a “This is Awesome” chant during the first match. These are the kind of matches that are making ROH and other wrestling outlets become more popular. They are letting the in ring action take the lead and leaving the storyline aspects to be played out behind the scenes instead of in the ring.

Fighting Champion

My opinion of Ryback as Intercontinental Champion has completely changed the last few weeks, not because I refuse to listen to the Miz or Big Show speak, but because he is out there fighting as the champ instead of promoting movies and other outside entities. While he is lacking in microphone abilities, his in ring performances are top notch. Lifting men twice his size and stomping around the ring is no easy task for any man. He showed how good of a technical wrestler he can be even with a man of Mark Henry’s size looming about. He could have a pretty good run as champ if they don’t give the title to Miz and pull the carpet out from under him like they do so many times.

Quick Thoughts

* The match between The Ascension and PTP is a perfect example of one of those “filler” matches I was referencing earlier. It had nothing to do with what is going on in the tag team title picture and showed how much work The Ascension needs to become a top team in the WWE. They may need to go back to NXT and get some extra in ring work.

* It looks like Ziggler and Rusev will be primed for a summer series of matches to determine the rightful “man” of Lana. The Rusev in ring promo where he called Summer, Lana was pretty entertaining though.

* Bray Wyatt’s promos need some fine tuning. I see what they are trying to do with the kidnapping angle, but it will have to become more action than speaking if they want me to stay interested.

* R-Truth is great comic relief in a sometimes dry program. It’s always good to have a “clown” character and I hope he embraces it because it may be his only ticket to staying around. That being said, being a funny clown is better than being “just a clown” and that is Adam Rose. He needs some rebranding and fast. It is a waste of great talent to have him stuck in that gimmick.

* The Divas match happened.

* Rollins and Reigns had an ok match. The angle at the end with Rollins leaving Mercury in the ring to be beat down was a good image maker for him going into Battleground. Reigns actually looked good also. The attitude he has carried the last few weeks into the ring has made him a more watchable Superstar to me.

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